Coffee Break: Dorothy Flex Pump

This pump from Michael Michael Kors is getting awesome reviews. It comes in the pictured olive suede as well as taupe suede, black leather, and black with a gold star pattern. I always like olive with navy and/or cobalt, but that’s me. It’s $98.95 at Nordstrom, available in sizes 5–11. (Oooh, note that Amazon has lucky sizes available in other colors, including — be still my heart — a purple suede.) Dorothy Flex Pump

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  1. Anonymous :

    Just a rant – I’m so tired of all the ills of society being blamed on mental illness. I know there are areas where improved treatment is needed but I get tired of it being the excuse/scapegoat for everything. Signed, someone with bouts of severe depression who contributes to society.

    • I see it as our modern culture’s answer to the age old question, “Why do bad things happen in the world?” Since we’re a post-Christian culture, we don’t blame evil or sin anymore. We look for scientific reasons, like mental illness, and cling to that instead.

      We’re also in the USA, land of gun rights. Pro-gun groups are going to change the narrative to ANYTHING other than, “Hey, if we didn’t have access to military-grade weapons designed to wipe out a battle field…”

      • Metallica :

        +a jillion

      • Yes. I agree! And it’s enraging that Republicans point to mental illness as the cause, but then have worked to take away coverage for mental health from the Affordable Care Act, along with maternity care and other items they deem non-essential.

        There was an article in the New York Times today that talked about how gun violence compares between countries, cities, towns, and regions. It doesn’t have to do with mental illness rates. It is correlated to rates of gun ownership.

        • Anonymous :

          Exactly. I would be better with the “well, this is a mental illness problem” if there was a companion statement of “so let’s make mental health services affordable and available to everyone.” But they don’t want to do that. No gun control and no health care so I guess we’re just all supposed to use “thoughts and prayers” to keep ourselves safe. The lack of providing of ANY kind of solution enrages me almost more than anything else. We’re really going to do absolutely nothing about this?

        • Anonymous :


          The most gun-violent cities in the US are the ones with the strictest gun laws (or, until Heller, outright gun bans) – DC and Chicago.

          If you remove about four cities from the American gun violence equation, all of which have insanely strict gun laws, you end up with lower rates of violent crime than other countries. This is a gun BAN problem, not an NRA problem.

          Know your facts.

          • Anonymous :

            Know your facts indeed.


          • New York has stricter gun laws that Chicago and lower homicide rates. This stat on Chicago and DC simply isn’t true.

            Also, you can’t just remove cities from the equation… that’s not how stats works.

    • Also, say these shootings are all a result of mental illness … don’t you think that means there’s a problem with mentally ill people being able to get GUNS? I. Do. Not. Understand.

      • I think the point is that access to guns is being left out of the equation. We have no more mental illness here than in any other developed western countriy and our spending on treatment is parallel, but we have more mass shootings than anywhere else. There is a great article in the NYT about this today. Some stats of note: according to a 2015 study, only 4 percent of US gun deaths were attributable to mental illness; and we make up 4.4 percent of the world’s population and yet we own 42 percent of the world’s guns. That last bit is absolutely insane to me.

        • Never too many shoes... :

          CNN states that the US has 5% of the world population and 31% of all mass shootings IN THE WORLD between 1966 and 2012. This only includes incidents where more than 4 people died and does not include either gang-related killings or incidents where multiple family members were killed.

          I am leget terrified by that statistic.

          • Anonymous :

            Are you leaving out mass shootings done by governments? Because I’m pretty sure when you factor it in, it wipes out US gun crime.

            There’s a reason we have a Second Amendment, and it’s so we don’t all get lined up and shot, which, you know, happens.

          • Anonymous @ 9:56 – are you really serious? When was the last time that any western democracy lined up and shot its citizens? Like I get that there are some bad governments out there but do you sincerely think it’s the second amendment keeping you from dealing with that? First of all, whatever guns we can legally own are no match for the weapons that the federal govt has. Second, after the US, the country with the highest gun ownership is Yemen. Yes, Yemen, that bastion of human rights and benevolent govt.
            The reason we have the second amendment is way more complicated, and not all positive.

        • I completely agree. I was trying to say that even if we pretended for the sake of argument that the issue was truly mental illness, we’re not even attempting to actually address it because it would involve regulating guns, which apparently we are unwilling to do. The whole thing drives me batty.

      • I think I agree with ALL of these p’osts! Nut cases should all be instituionalised, Dad says, and he says it was b/c of deinstituionalisations that went on b/f I was born on Long Island that let so many of those nut cases out of instituion’s and out on to the streets where they can buy guns. That is why there are so many out there today, b/c alot of them procreated and you see the result of all that. FOOEY!

  2. Trench coat :

    Looking for a casual olive green or navy trench-like hoodie for west coast winters. Preferably less preppy than an actual trench coat. Has anyone seen anything they love?

    • Anonymous :

      I have one like this from Mountain Hardware. It’s like a cross between a field jacket and a trench, in technical fabric. It’s a couple years old, ,but maybe search that brand or a store like REI?

    • What about one of these? (not the write color but most like a trench-like hoodie) (maybe too preppy) (the fur trim on hood is removable)

    • So you need something heavy enough for winter that looks like a trench coat, is that what I’m getting? What part of the West Coast? What temperature range are you looking for.

      Also, do you have a size and price range to be aware of? Generally, I look for this sort of thing at REI or LL Bean, but can find some other options as well.

      Links to follow.

      • Personally, I really like Ellen Tracy outerwear and think this might be a good option, though there are a bunch in that brand that would work (there was a great olive one at Nordie Rack but it’s sold out.)

      • Marmot is another great brand and this olive green one is great.

        A bit expensive I guess, but they are really high quality.

      • Frack, I love this jacket. Cole Haan in both navy and what might be olive, though it’s called seaweed. Also it’s on sale. There’s a similar North Face in the suggested options too.

        • I have this cole haan coat- my mom got it for me at costco a few years ago. It’s not warm- but it’s amazing. It packs down small, dewrinkles quickly, looks professional, and keeps me dry. Holy grail item for me!

      • Last one probably, but this Michael by Michael Kors seems great and is also on a terrific sale. I have a Michael by Michael Kors leather jacket and the quality is really good.

    • Not sure what size you need but I like this Uniqlo one, which comes in both olive and navy.

  3. Watching this video clip right now. I love George Clooney. I love his response when he’s asked about running for a political office (13 min into the clip) – “I would hope that we can look around and find people who were much more qualified…” Why isn’t Amal Clooney American???? Sigh….

    • Anonymous :

      Not sure why Amal Clooney is qualified. Lawyers are a dime a dozen here already.

      • Anonymous :

        Yeah… she’s more qualified than Trump but so are most Americans.

      • She’s a respected international human rights lawyer with a superstar likable husband who would rock at campaigning for her, and they have tons of money. Like it or not, that star power matters – but she has substance as well. Considering the Democratic bench right now for who we’re going to run against Trump in 2020, I would gladly take a ticket with her at the top.

        • I don’t think being a human rights lawyer who lived in the US for law school and early career qualifies you for its presidency. Quite frankly, I think this notion that if you’re good at something you’ll be great at something unrelated is part of the problem that led to Trump and I don’t like it on the left any more than on the right. I’m a great lawyer, that doesn’t make me a great doctor or accountant or actress. If I want to get into politics, maybe I’d be great too but starting off at the top probably isn’t the way to go.

          There are tons of more qualified people – Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden… we don’t need celebrity spouses.

        • Yeah, but none of that stuff makes her more or less qualified than anyone else? Electable is not the same as qualified.

        • I feel like I come down on both sides of this, if that makes sense. Where, in the one sense, I don’t think Amal Clooney is a run-of-the-mill attorney and is more educated about international issues especially then many of the potential Presidential contenders on either side. She’s also well-versed in bureaucracy and political action; human rights law is more like being a politician than a traditional trial or business lawyer. A good deal of her advocacy involves advocating for positions and proposing policies and laws at the UN and other international bodies as well as governments all over the world, including the American one.

          On the other hand, I think if we’re learning anything (useful) about governing from this President, it’s that being successful and even being around politics doesn’t actually prepare you to govern. I know lots of people object to career politicians and how they’re in Washington’s pocket, but what other job do we give people because they HAVEN’T been doing it long? Governing (not campaigning or lobbying, but governing specifically) is a skillset and I think there’s a valid reason why we should elect people with experience doing it.

          Also, I’m not convinced that she’s really all that electable. Assuming she was a native-born American, she’d still be the daughter of first-generation immigrants, married to a Hollywood elite (which even a lot of independents would object to – not even considering that Clooney is currently already on the edges of the Weinstein scandal and could easily be dragged into it in one shape or form), from a religious background that many Americans would consider “weird.” Plus there’s the whole woman issue.

          None of this is meant as a slam on Amal, I love her. Her work is amazing and substantive and her advocacy for Syrian refugees, especially the Yazidi community is incredibly important. It’s just, I think, that the identity politics issues would sink her with way too many Americans to be truly electable. Which makes me sad.

  4. Conference newbie :

    Tips for salvaging the rest of my week at a bad conference? So far the group is very cliqueish and the talks are very shallow. My boss cancelled at the last minute, but there are a few folks here from my organization that I know slightly. Advice?

    • Go to the visible social events so you can get to know the people from your office and maybe network. THen skip the bad conference part and have a good workout, go shopping in the different city, watch a movie in your hotel room. Enjoy!

    • Ask questions as opportunities allow to force a deeper level of discussion as appropriate. And definitely go up one-on-one and talk to the speaker afterward about your questions on some of the deeper aspects. Some of the best networking can happen this way. Chances are the discussion is shallow because they are trying to appeal to broadest access but know much more than they are sharing. I’ve developed a great peer circle this way where we’ve made connections, kept in touch and now bounce ideas off of one another. And before speakers or during breaks between, be a little brave and turn to the person next to you and bring up some of the deeper issues not being discussed. I’ve had many card exchanges this way that again have led to some great networking. I can’t fathom just ditching to “go workout.” Opportunities to get out of the trenches and find out others’ experiences are so valuable. How rare is it you get to truly talk shop with folks freely? I’ve gotten so many great ideas on solving common challenges, coming up with new strategies/products or swapping samples of how we do X this way. I always come back with a gazillion ideas when a lot are simply “stealing” from other organizations or building on their approach to make it work for my organization/role. Would take me years to come up with some of these ideas on my own. And for the record, I’m a total introvert. It’s just that valuable a payoff that I push myself to do this.

      • Conference newbie :

        Thanks for the detailed advice, I can use it well at other conferences. I’ve been blown away, and disappointed, that speakers here seem to answer questions with, “I don’t know; this isn’t actually my field”…whah? Confidence of mediocre white men, is all I can figure

  5. My husband is a type-1 diabetic who has to carry a test kit, insulin, monitor and test strips with him at all times. In addition, at the office, he also carries a cell phone and his office badge and his wallet – so there is not enough pocket space for all of that. I have been looking for something professional for him (he’s a senior lawyer) that is smaller than a messenger bag to carry everything, because he feels a little odd carrying a messenger bag around the office- I thought maybe a deep pocket portfolio, or something of the sort? I thought with diabetes being a common condition, there might be something designed for this, but so far have struck out. If any Corporettes have suggestions for how they or their spouses handle, I’d really appreciate it!

    • Former Retail :

      This might be a little out there . . . .but i wonder if the leather zip-around Franklin Planner covers that we used to carry around 20 years ago (a) are still out there and (b) could be retrofitted? Maybe someone could sew in some elastic loops? Would that be big enough?

    • Anonymous :

      Not sure how to describe this, but my husband has a leather pouch similar in size and shape to a makeup bag/pencil case that he uses to store toiletries when we travel. If it were me I’d probably stash that stuff in a larger clutch, which made me think of it. Maybe search leather pouch or leather pencil case?

      • Anonymous :

        It’s called a Dopp kit, and they are available on Amazon.

        • or barney’s on sale

    • leather pouch for men :

      I got good results g**gling “leather portfolio bag zipper”, including one at Old Angler Leather that I thought looked nice. They’re essentially portfolio-sized zipper clutches, so he could keep all of that stuff, plus maybe a legal pad or file folder, if he wants to sort of give the whole thing a gloss of “this bag is work related!”

    • So, my first idea was to keep it super simple and get a slightly more durable version of the expandable folders/folios we all carry around law firms all the time.

      Ala, this:

      • Or maybe something similar like this in leather (though I wish they had something to show how deep and wide it is.)

      • For something a little fancier, this J-Crew option is super gender neutral and would work.

      • Also, to give Etsy a shout out, you can find some great vintage (and non-vintage) accessories for men there. I like this vintage locking document holder which, frankly, I kind of want for myself now.

        Okay, last one, for now, let me know if you were thinking of something different. But I wouldn’t have looked twice at any man (or woman) carrying any of these around my former law firms.

      • Darn, my favorite one is in moderation, but you should check it out when it escapes.

        Also, I saw a bunch of nice neutral bags for men from Everlane (including a fanny pack I didn’t even hate) if he wants something more nylon or usable for travel or something like that.

    • MM LaFleur question :

      I’d look at the mark and graham commuter clutch and/or tech envelope in either cognac or black, so it doesn’t look too girly.

    • Anonymous :

      how about

      or the

      Murses for the win!

  6. Bye big law :

    Definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I feel sick. And everything just hurts. I finally got a job offer and accepted a couple days ago. I was going to give my notice at the end of this week but I just got assigned to a new project that would end before my notice period is up (meaning they likely won’t re-staff it). I’m tempted to give my notice today anyway.

    • Give your notice when you were going to give it anyway. Companies can deal, even if the timing is less than ideal.

      Sorry you’re feeling sick, and congrats on the job offer.

    • Anonymous :

      Give your notice and then take time off for being sick? Can’t normally do that in biglaw but now – why not? When you’re better and back in the office, do what you can; if you can’t finish, they’ll staff someone else.

      • Bye big law :

        I want to… I already got in trouble for taking sick time when I was secretly interviewing though. Don’t want to tank my reputation but this place is just so toxic.

    • They may decide not to staff you simply because they know you’ll be leaving- you won’t be around for any follow up, and sometimes law firms especially don’t want people handling files if they’re on their way out. They may even kick you out sooner (this seems rare, though).

      Give notice. It’ll feel soooooo good.

      -ex biglaw

  7. The statement sleeve – thought you ladies might enjoy this article:

    • Anonymous :

      This is good. I’m about the read the one on why pants don’t go to the floor anymore!

      • Lana Del Raygun :

        Right?!?! Winter is coming! Haven’t any designers heard of cold ankles? I wish I could just embrace this trend, since it’s so hard for me to find long-enough pants *anyway*, but I just can’t. Like, yay, now short people can suffer as I have suffered? No, let’s just bring back real pants.

  8. similar to uggs :

    Looking for shoes to keep feet warm, that don’t require socks, for a quick run to the mailbox or the grocery, once the cold/snow starts up. Not wanting to spend more than necessary since I assume they’ll get wet/snowy/slush-stained. Any recommendations?

    • Anonymous :

      Cheap knock off uggs.

    • Never too many shoes... :

      Kirkland brand ugglike boots from Costco for $40. I am on my 3rd pair, because they do get stained eventually, but that has taken me 10 years and is still less than a real pair…which I would never buy to seriously wear because they are fugly as hell.

      • can they be bought if you don’t have a Costco membership? Single and living solo so bulk buys don’t seem to make sense for me, thus no memberships to such places, but could use those shoes too!

        • Never too many shoes... :

          I don’t think so…but any member can take a friend shopping or order them online with free shipping. Do you know anyone with a membership?

          • Never too many shoes... :

            Oh, I lied. You can order them at but there is a small surcharge for non-members. And they are $30 US.


        • Lana Del Raygun :

          Do you have a a friend with a Costco membership? If not, make one, and then also stock up on Kerrygold butter when they have their Thanksgiving sale. :)

  9. Anonymous :

    Traveling to Minneapolis this week (Wednesday through Saturday) for work. Dinner and one other evening event; will be in taxis downtown and pretty much inside (staying at Meridien and everything within a 1-mile radius or so). Are wool dresses and flats fine, weather-wise, or will I need boots? Is a basic down parka OK, or should I bring a wool/dress coat? Any other suggestions, clothes- or otherwise, much appreciated. I’ll have some free time during the day. This is my first trip to MN!

    • You’ll be fine. The Meridien and most of downtown is connected by skyways — above ground indoor walkways, basically — so you could easily not go outside at all. I don’t recommend that, though. Down parka, hat/earband, and gloves will be more than sufficient. Have a great trip!

    • Most of downtown is connected by (indoor) skyways so you won’t have to outside much … boots are very common but you won’t look out of place in flats. Down parka should be fine as well. Minneapolis is very easy to get into from the airport (light rail) and there is so much to see and do downtown within walking distance of your hotel. The Walker art museum (short taxi ride) is worth a visit during the day if you have free time.

    • You won’t need snow boots (we don’t have any snow at this point) but you may want tall leather boots to wear with wool dresses/tights if you do plan on walking around outside….it’s mostly in the 30s here this week, but supposed to be pretty cold on Thursday (high of only 23). I’d just bring your down parka — people wear those everywhere here, even though they are casual. I second the recommendation for the Walker.

      • +1 to tall boots. +1 to parka. Honestly, I’m meh on the Walker, if it is was warmer I’d recommend the Sculpture gardens outside of the Walker (Cherry Spoonbridge). The Institute of Art is about the same distance (both will be a cab ride) and has a nice display/exhibit on a local (?) Frank Lloyd Wright house. There’s also the Mill City Museum down by the Guthrie theater (along the river, more walkable than either art museum), if you are looking for something a little more distinctly Minnesotan/Minneapolis related.

        • Mpls native :

          Or the American Swedish Institute. Sounds like their holiday decorations will be up by Saturday. Close to downtown. Great cafe and gift shop, too. :-)

    • Thanks everyone!

  10. Job searching :

    When you’re networking for a new job do you still give out current job’s business cards? Yes, right??

  11. Anonymous :

    I’m 6 months pregnant and have accepted that I need a new, larger coat to get me through the winter (upper Midwest, high temps have been in the 30s this week so wearing my peacoats unbuttoned isn’t cutting it anymore). This is likely my last child, so rather than buying a maternity coat that I’ll only wear for the next three months, I’m thinking of getting a gender neutral coat in a larger size that I can give to my husband for next winter. Any recs? i’m fine with something that looks like a sleeping bag, comfort is the priority at this point and my husband will wear anything that isn’t obviously made for a woman.

    • I think everlane has just come out with a unis-x parka knee length parka. Alternatively, have you tried any of his existing coats?

    • SF in House :

      What about eBay? A quick search showed several at < $50 (!94109!US!-1)

    • AnonLondon :

      Not sure if a US brand would have the same, but I got a great winter coat at Jojo Maman Bebe that has a zip out front panel, so it can be worn pre-, during and post-belly expansion. Maybe try looking for one of those? Mine is puffy, black and actually pretty cute (has a button on/off hood too) and has been awesome for dog-walking even though I’ve not needed the zip-in panel yet.

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