Coffee Break: Charm Bilfold Wallet

Ferragamo Charm Bilfold WalletI originally was going to link to this lovely wallet, but then started looking and found this charming little charm billfold wallet.  Luuurve the purple saffiano leather, the fun charms, and the PERFECT size for making a lunch run (IDs, cards, etc).  It’s even a good price for a (very) nice gift for some lucky person: $165.68 at Farfetch, import duty included.  Salvatore Ferragamo Charm Bilfold Wallet

Farfetch has a ton of other Ferragamo items in that same purple, priced $192 and up, as does Bloomingdale’s (priced $276 and up).  If you’re looking for something more affordable, Last Call has this saffiano coin purse for $18, or this larger wallet for $40.



  1. SA-litagor :

    UNIQLO Threadjack – I’m obsessed with the site, but live somewhere without any stores. They have free shipping but not free returns, so hoping not to have to return any items. I’ve heard they run small, but how small? I’m an 8 / 10P in most brands (Gap, AT, Banana, etc). I’m 5’4 and 145 lbs, 34DDD. If I’m looking at sweaters, should I go L or XL? I’m normally a medium, and want a comfortable not tight fit.

    • Diana Barry :

      Definitely L, not XL.

      For reference – I am a 6-8, usually 8 on top, 5’8 and 32D, and I wear a M in Uniqlo, which is comfortable but not big, if that makes sense.

      • Wanderlust :

        +1. I have similar measurements to you, SA-litagor, and I wear a L in Uniqlo.

    • I don’t think it runs small, to be honest. It would run small if you were shopping in Japan, but in the American stores go by the size chart. I’m usually a 6-8 and I wear a small or a medium.

      • N.C. anon :

        I can’t speak to the sweaters, but I got two button downs in size small (I’m usually a size 4: 5’4, 125 lbs) and wish I’d sized up. The fabric pulls slightly but noticeably at the chest and I am not busty by any means.

    • Not really helpful to the OP, I know, but Uniqlo actually runs large in Japan. People size down here.

  2. spamtest123

    (Sorry for the irrelevant comment, just following the tech-problem instructions.)

  3. Purple, pretty, pricy.

    • Probably pickup purse pruned in price.

      [Darn-it, couldn’t figure out how to do it without at least one connecting word.[]

      • Hey, tcfkag! That was so cool how you liked that hilarious gif of Lyssa being murdered over on the tumblr site! It’s so nice that you and your pals are taking such a principled stand against bullying.

    • Little. Yellow. Different.

  4. New DC Mom :

    Threadjack and repost from the Moms s!te (its a slow day over there):

    Are there mom/parent groups in DC? I am a new mom and maternity leave is getting a bit lonely. I would love to connect with other moms in my area (U Street/Columbia Heights) for walks, yoga, coffee. I have tried looking on DCUrbanMom and the CH listserv unsuccessfully. Any recommendations?

    • Not a mom and not in DC, but have you checked meetups? There is probably a moms group there!

    • Post to the Random Reader Rant or Revel on Popville and see what comes up – I seem to recall that there are quite a few new parents who look in there

    • What not go to a baby yoga class or baby massage class on your own and friend the other moms there? The breastfeeding center on K St has lots of classes (not just bfeeding). I think tranquil space and flow both have baby yoga. I did baby & me pilates on maternity leave and loved that. Didn’t know anyone at the beginning but very quickly formed casual friendships.

    • Anonymous :

      You could look for a PACE group.

  5. Brunch menu :

    I’m hosting brunch for about 10 friends (early 30s) and would like feedback on the potential menu: scones, yogurt cake, overnight baked french toast, hash browns with sausage, veggie quiche, bacon, mimosas and hot spiced cider. I’m wondering if it’s too carb and/or breakfast heavy. In general, do people come to brunch looking for healthy options or are they happy to indulge?

    • Anonymous :

      well, I think this is a know-your-friends situation, but for me, I’d vote for generally healthy with 1-2 indulgences would be your best bet. So I’d make enough veggie quiche for everyone to have some.

    • Maddie Ross :

      I think it’s a bit carb heavy, though it sounds yummy. I probably would cut done on at least one of the carb-centric items (the scones, cake or french toast) and add a fruit option or green salad (I love field greens with lemon dressing at brunch – so nice to cut the fat of eggs, etc.).

      • Baconpancakes :

        Greens with dressing is always fantastic when I go out to brunch, and I love it, but my friends rarely eat the salad if I serve it at home. I’d vote for the fruit, and cutting out at least either scones or yogurt cake, if not both.

    • I think you need some plants (fruit, salad, something like that).

    • I would add a fruit platter. Your menu looks absolutely delicious but a little simple carb heavy for me. I am sensitive to simple carbs and so try not to eat too many. I’m happy to indulge at brunch, though. That would not be my issue. I could certainly find a delicious plate from your selection with the addition of the fruit. Also, know your friends. Sometimes groups of women create an atmosphere where everyone indulges, and sometimes they create an atmosphere where everyone pretends to eat like a bird and leaves hungry.

      ETA: A simple bowl of arugula or field greens dressed in lemon, olive oil and pepper would also be a nice addition/alternative to fruit and very little cost/trouble. Agreeing with Maddie Ross.

    • I think it generally looks good…I appreciate the savory options, as I personally hate it when there are only sweet breakfast options!

      I think you could substitute some more lunch-y options if it is later in the day (like, noon or later), but if it is relatively early, breakfast-y is probably fine.

      Suggestions–add fruit and coffee (if early), and if you want to simplify, you could probably cut out either sausage or bacon and one of the sweet options (scones, yogurt cake, french toast). If you are worried about carbs, perhaps do a frittata or 2 instead of quiche?

    • Brunch menu :

      Thanks everyone! I’m going to add fruit or salad, drop the hash browns and maybe switch the quiche for a frittata.

      Does anyone have a frittata recipe that they love? It would need to taste good at room temperature.

      • You could also add cheese to cut down on the carbs. Easy, usually popular, and bridges breakfast to lunch.

    • Yup, add a fruit salad and take out the yogurt cake. Definitely have coffee and tea available. Make enough quiche for everyone to have some.

    • I would only one want sweet thing, so either a scone, cake, or french toast, but it’s not bad to have a variety. Maybe some fruit to go with the cake or french toast, or a green salad to serve with the quiche?

    • Sounds yummy but I’d add some fresh fruit.

    • You may also want to change one of the meat options to turkey.

    • Agree with all the others: simplify!

      1 – Choose one of the three sweet/carb options
      2 – Choose bacon or sausage
      3 – Add fresh fruit and/or green salad

    • Must Be Tuesday :

      I agree with the suggestions to add a salad or fruit, and to have coffee available. I love Bloody Marys with brunch, and much prefer those to mimosas. A Bloody Mary can be served virgin as well, whereas a virgin mimosa is just orange juice. Consider adding Bloody Marys to menu?

      • Brunch menu :

        I don’t like bloody marys, which is why they’re not on the menu! I have a friend who loves them, so I’ll make that her responsibility if she asks what to bring (if not, we’ll go without).

    • I always indulge but I also have more protein options and always a fruit salad.

  6. Hair Coloring Novice :

    OK, this may be a question with an obvious answer, but I can’t find it! I recently had my hair highlighted for the first time at the salon and I love it. But 2 months in, my darker roots have really grown in, and are in a bit of an unattractive line. I need to make an appointment at the salon eventually, but I have a couple of questions:

    1. Do salons just rehighlight, or do root touch ups?

    2. Is there a type of highlighting that would cause more of a natural, ombre-eque effect when my roots grow in? Instead of the straight line? Like my hair had just naturally been bleached by the sun and now it’s winter? I would love to keep highlighting but realistically, I can’t afford the salon every 2 months.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Ballayage?

      • Anonymous :

        Agree. I get ballayage highlights 3 times a year. I just got complimented on my highlights last week and it’s been 2.5 months since my last hair appointment. It is also much faster than foil highlights. Traditional highlights plus a cut used to take me 3.5 hours and now I’m in and out in an hour and a half.

    • 1. My salon refers to the highlights as partial or all-over — I believe I alternate each appointment (2-3 months apart). The “partial” option is probably what you’re calling the rehighlight/root touch-up, but it’s not significantly less expensive at my salon than all-over coloring.

      2. I don’t know the correct terms, but my stylist highlights the same sections each time, which makes for a more natural look. Another option is to try to keep the higlighting closer to your natural color, as the growth will be less obvious.

    • Anonymous :

      1) My colorist doesn’t re-highlight the entire hair, she just covers the new growth.

      2) I think it depends on how dark your natural color is. Mine is light brown and I have to get my hair re-highlighted every two months or it looks terrible. It helps if you have them do the highlights really, really fine rather than chunky and in the winter I usually mix in a couple low lights to help the grow out factor (my work is busy in winter) and I like my hair a bit darker in the winter.

    • Anonymous :

      Most salons will let you pay per-foil if you only want to do a dozen foils, to retouch the edges (think: your part and/or around your face). Also, when you get it done, speak with your stylist about how much you love it and want to continue, but need to figure out a more realistic plan. I had great luck speaking with a stylist the last time I got my hair colored — I just told her that I HATE how it looks when it’s growing out, so she did highlights and lowlights, and honestly it looked fine as it grew out.

      • I have never heard of paying by the foil. OP – typically you touch up highlights w a partial highlight. That’s also a way to go initially for less of a line at the roots if you’re doing highlights that are really different from your natural color. Talk to your stylist.

    • I only get the roots done and I go back every 6-8 weeks. It costs the same that it did the first time.

    • I alternate getting highlights and highlights-with-lowlights mixed in. The lowlights are very close to my natural hair color – just a tiny bit lighter – which makes the growth less obvious. They also help avoid the inevitable “I’ve been getting “highlights” for a year but now my whole head is this color” problem that can happen if you get fine highlights done, as there’s no way you hit the same strands every time. I’d guess you could stretch to every 4 mos.

  7. Poll! How much is appropriate to agree to spend on a boyfriend of 5 months? $100? I tend to go overboard and just curious what others spend.

    • Anonymous :

      Umm, for what? Dinner? Holiday gift? Milestone birthday?

    • What for? Assuming holiday if you are “agreeing” on it?

    • Hey, if you’re only paying $100 to rent one for five months you’re getting a steal (assuming he’s of decent quality).

    • Meg March :

      I think this is a case of know your relationship. My best friend and her boyfriend do lots of gifts (small ones, frequently, as well as bigger ones for birthdays/christmas/anniversaries/etc). But one of their big gifts would be very weird in my relationship. Both relationships are long-term (3+ years) and have about the same amount of disposable income, for what its worth. It’s just what works for you.

    • No rule here, just what feels right to you.

  8. Highlights take maintenance. Especially if they are dramatically different from your natural color. The closer to your natural / colored base hair color they are the better your chances of #2 because it all starts to blend together. Especially if you get multifaceted highlights.

  9. Thank you to everyone who gave me advice about home buying yesterday! I had the inspection today, it went well – no nasty surprises, just a few small things to be fixed. Hopefully the rest of the process will continue to go fairly smoothly!

  10. Not a lawyer :

    Need gift help TJ: A friend of a friend just helped me out BIG TIME (think, full $3000 refund on something that went wrong due to my error, no fault of the company). I’ve never met him, but want to send him a thank you note and gift. Any thoughts on gift?

    • I’d ask your friend.
      Otherwise, standard go-tos include nice bottle of wine, gift certificate for a dinner out, some kind of food gift sent to the office, etc.

    • Rogue Banker :

      One of the nicer Edible Arrangements sent to the office with a thoughtful note has worked well for me. The fruit doesn’t mess with anyone’s diet, the chocolate makes it still a ‘splurge’, and the note is the most important part. Plus, they’re really visually attractive (at least, until someone comes by and picks out every single strawberry *side-eyes one specific coworker*).

  11. I usually have a holiday party every year. I was considering doing an afternoon party this year, like an open house, because evening parties kind of stress me out. I’m thinking a hot chocolate bar, champagne punch, and lots of heavy appetizers and cookies.

    This will be the first year I have my own tree, so I was thinking about having an informal tree trimming and if people ask what to bring (no obligation, obviously), I could suggest a fun ornament for them to put on the tree.

    The crowd will be mainly 30somethings. Does this sound fun to you? Or should I stick with an evening party?

    • Sounds great. Day drinking is my favorite way to spend a weekend day.

    • Agreed! Can I come? ;)

    • I’d attend! Afternoon or evening. We’d all hang an ornament or two and then get drunk and eat too many cookies. You should consider adding mulled wine.

    • Sounds super fun! I’m in! :)

    • I think afternoon is the ideal mid 30s party time. People with kids can time it around nap time and those who still go out can make their own evening plans.

    • Wish I could invite you all! :) Seriously, thanks for the input. Sometimes I freak myself out needlessly about entertaining, and it always turns out just fine as long as there are friends and good food/drinks.

    • Sounds like a good time! If you’re looking for appetizer suggestions, my favorite is always baked brie with raspberry preserves wrapped in puff pastry.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I am super in! Sounds great!

  12. SF recommendations :

    I will be staying in Union Square for a few days. Anything that I can’t miss? Also any good recommendations for dinner with business clients- one steak place and maybe Italian? Both dinners are older gentleman that like “normal” food so nothing too foodie.

    • Must Be Tuesday :

      Figs in Beacon Hill. Really good pizza and pasta. They have some unusual toppings as options, but they have a lot of basic stuff too so a non-foodie wouldn’t be turned off and the food is great.

      • Must Be Tuesday :

        Somehow I misread as Boston. Please ignore my totally irrelevant suggestion.

    • Go to Zuni Cafe. It’s a San Francisco classic. A touch foodie (which you really have to have here, you can go to a steakhouse anywhere).

    • Harris’ for old-school awesome steakhouse. Acquerello for incredible traditional Italian, but only if you have an expense account. :D
      If not, other great Italian options are Farina, Plin, Delfina, Cotogna, SPQR, and Seven Hills. All slightly foodie but all have more basic options and all are delicious!

  13. Hair help :

    Dry shampoo recs for me?

    I have very straight, fine hair. It is easy to flatten, so I have to be light on all products. Trying to find something to absorb some of the oil without turning my fly away hair into a static filled mess. I guess I would use it on day 2 post-wash.

    • Lorelai Gilmore :

      I do not recommend the Suave dry shampoo, which I have and is totally pointless. I wish I had a good suggestion for you. (I have the same kind of hair and I’ve never found a product that works. I just wash my hair every day.)

    • Maddie Ross :

      I really like Psst., but my hair is different from yours it sounds like (fine strands, but lots of it, and wavy), so YMMV.

    • What color is your hair? My hair is a lightish chestnut brown, and otherwise similar to yours. I like Psst, or recently I got SG (I think Salon Grafix?) and it works well also. The only reason I ask hair color, is because both of the ones I use might give a grayish cast to hair darker than mine.

      • Hair help.. :

        Brown, with a range of natural highlights, including lots of lighter brown and greys (ouch). I’m going with it for now.

        • I’d probably try the Psst then. I liked Batiste, but it broke my scalp out (YMMV) and I absolutely hated the scent.

          I thought it was pointless until I started applying it differently. There are probably good tutorials out there, but I basically part my hair down the middle, spray (down) the (full) part, move over an inch to either side, spray the part, and move until I’ve done all around the front, then I usually split my hair from ear to ear and go that way down my scalp. Let it sit for about 3-4 minutes, and rub in with my fingers. This method has made dry shampoo “work” for my fine, limp, greasy hair. I used to always wash it every day, but now I can at least get a second day if I am running late or something.

    • Anonymous :

      I don’t understand dry shampoo. BUT if you have to do it, try Batiste.

      • Hair help.. :

        I hear you. I don’t like the idea of dry shampoo… I used to wash my hair everyday, but it takes me too long to wash/blow dry and would love to have some quicker days. Also, hairdressers in the past have pushed me to wash it less for hair health.

      • Why not?

    • Anon in NYC :

      My favorite drugstore brand is Psst, but my current favorite is Batiste. I’m not sure if you can find it in drugstores (they didn’t have it at the one by me), but you can find it on Amazon. It’s not heavy, any white residue is easily blended it, and the bottle lasts a while (a problem I have had with Psst is that it would only last about 3-4 uses). My hair is wavy/curly, so YMMV.

    • Baconpancakes :

      I love Not Your Mothers… Dry Shampoo. I have light blonde, very fine, sometimes wavy hair that also gets flat very easily if I wash it a lot, and using dry shampoo on day 2 and sometimes 3 lets my hair keep its moisture, so that even on day 1 I’m not as flat. Day 2 hair with a little dry shampoo looks fantastic, though.

    • I have your hair and I use Klorane dry shampoo. I get the kind in the non-aerosol container. It seems spendy, but a small bottle really lasts, unlike the aerosol cans from the drugstore, which seem to only contain like 3 applications.

      Bonus, you can dump the little bit of powder at the bottom of the bottle that won’t come out into the next bottle. No waste.

    • Redkin

    • Coach Laura :

      I have fine thin hair. I use Garnier. I’ve tried Batiste and it makes my hair gray-ish and dull. (I have medium brown with red highlights.) I tried Psst and it did nothing. Garnier smells nice.

    • I love Oscar Blandi (non-aerosol) and Drybar just came out with a great one that I picked up at Sephora. In a pinch I will also use regular cornstarch, but it isn’t ideal. I also have brunette hair and the gray/white tinge is an issue sometimes. I tried Bumble & Bumble’s brunette hair powder, and it comes off if you touch your scalp during the day.

      Here’s my routine:

      -Spray it down my regular part and along my hairline
      -Pull my hair back, wash my face, do my makeup
      -Take my hair down, brush it out upside down, and blast it with the hairdryer to get the excess out (something my hair cutting friends have recommended over the years), and straighten it if necessary
      -Spray on some Bumble & Bumble tonic to address any grayness leftover

  14. I’ve mentioned before that I want to buy my first strand of pearls as a reward for myself, and I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts before I pull the trigger. For reference, I’ve never owned real pearls, don’t know anyone in real life who owns real pearls, have only ever seen real pearls from a distance. Everything I know about pearls comes from here and the pearl paradise informational section. That said, this is the necklace I’m thinking of:

    I guess I just want reassurance that this is a good buy, since I don’t really know what I’m doing. Also, would it be worth the extra $200 to buy the 16″ AAA quality? Or, if I’m going to spend close to $700, if there is something else that would be better for me to get.

    I’m sure I’ll wear whatever I get all the time, and I’ve been wanting a real pearl necklace for ages, I’m just a little overwhelmed by the options…

    • No idea.. but check this blogspot blog, passage des perles

      She has many posts on pearls

    • I don’t know much about pearls or the vendor you’ve suggested…. but I’d suggest consulting with a jeweler, if you can.

    • Oops. See my (accidentally stand-alone) comment below.

    • Read all about pearls at passage Des Perles. She highly recommends pearl paradise.

    • Mikimoto pearls are The. Best. (my grandpa gave me some!)

    • pearl lover anon :

      So I’d say you absolutely want to get AAA quality pearls instead of AA+ pearls. AA+ pearls won’t have as much mirror-like luster, may have some blemishes, etc. and since you’re spending so much, IMO they’re better bang for the buck. I’d also steer you away from Akoya and suggest the freshadama line at Pearl Paradise (great vendor btw)–high quality, AAA or “freshadama” (that’s their house brand for the best of the best freshwater) will be absolutely stunning, gem-quality and really a phenomenal value. I have two strands of the freshadama, white and pink, and think they’re fantastic. The only difference between akoya and freshwater in my mind is a) the price, b) AAA akoya will have a little more mirror-like luster, and c) the perception that akoya/saltwater = better pearls that originated from the days when freshwater pearls were potato-like and terrible. Really, if you saw both freshadama and AAA akoyas side-by-side, you’d see how fantastic in value the freshwaters really are.

  15. If you can, it would be a good idea to go to a couple jewelry stores (maybe one high-end and one not) to feel real pearls for yourself — weight, size, length, etc — before you decide what to purchase. You can also teach yourself the teeth-scraping test (if it feels like sandpaper, they are real — although some high quality fakes are nicer than low quality real pearls, but I digress). Bonus points if you are near a jewelry wholesale area (47th street in NYC or downtown LA).

    The necklace you’ve chosen is 7 mm pearls. How tall and big (or short and small) are you? How old are you? That will dictate what size you want. (The length is a matter of personal preference and your wardrobe.) For reference, I am 5’3″ and about 120 lbs. Size 4, mostly. Now (late 40s), 8 – 8.5 mm is about right for me. When I was in my 20s, 7 – 7.5 mm was about right. Also, you might consider whether you want white or black (actually, grey) pearls.

    The quality (AAA etc.) most likely relates to the shape (rounder = higher quality), uniformity (fewer divets = higher quality) and color (if white pearls, the whiter (not yellow) = higher quality). You will be able to see the difference if you go to a store and ask to look at some necklaces that are the same size pearls and same length, but are different quality pearls and different prices. Put them on top of a white piece of paper and compare what you see. Good quality necklaces also have a knot between each pearl (and, if you wear them daily, you will have to have them reknotted every couple years).

    Finally, you might consider whether you want a pair of earrings that match (or “go with” if you are not into matchiness) your necklace. Because pearls are organic, if you want a matched set, buy it now. You will have a very, very difficult time matching them later.

    Have fun and report back!

    • And I would suggest an 18″ strand. 16″ is short. You can always get a pearl shortener…it’s like a safety pin…to make your necklace shorter. The mm size you’ve chosen is good but a little bigger is better! Buy your earrings now. Even if you don’t wear them together, it’s nice to have the option. I usually wear my diamond studs with my pearls but my pearl earrings are my everyday go-tos.

    • Thank you for the detailed response. I will go to a jewelry store and check some out before I pull the trigger on anything. I really appreciate the advise!