Coffee Break: Guerrilla Girls Tea Towel

I recently went to the Whitney Biennial (I made it about 5 seconds into the virtual reality thing before I threw down my headset and walked away, but I loved this one) and was seriously pondering getting this tea towel in the gift shop, and ultimately decided against it because, well, $21 is a lot for a hot pink tea towel. Still: for those of you in similar fields where women face major historical barriers to success, I had to post — plus, hey, it’s pink, fun, and functional. It’s $21 at the Whitney (or the Tate, or through the Guerrilla Girls’ store). Being a Woman Artist Tea Towel


  1. Paging Wildkitten on attorney in DC :

    I responded on the other thread but I highly recommend Jeremy Rachlin in Bethesda to help you with your civil litigation suit. He’s very smart and nice and won’t nickel and dime you either. Best of luck.

  2. I’m going to Italy for the first time this summer! Any recommendations for where to shop in Rome and Florence? I don’t have a super high-end budget unfortunately and most of the shopping guides I’ve seen online have been at the $$$$$ price point. Grazie mille!

    • Whatever you buy – keep your receipts handy! Coming back into the US, customs wanted to see them to make sure I wasn’t bringing back “fakes.”

      • why would US customs care if personal purchases were fake?

        • Wildkitten :

          You can only bring in a certain value of personal purchases before having to pay for importing them.

        • IP infringement is also taken very seriously. I only really bought 1 thing, a Gucci purse (and they are way cheaper in Italy), and they wanted to see the receipt to prove it wasn’t a fake. Or I think they might have taken it.

      • I wish I had the budget for Customs to care about the clothes I was importing from Italy :)

    • There a lot of luxury boutiques and prices are good compared to the US (and you may also get 20+% tax refund on top of that), but there are plenty of more affordable options as well. Just head towards the main street and there will be a lot of options. They are originally spanish, not italian, but I like Mango, Zara and Massimo Dutti. Italians have a lot of lingerie, underwear and beachwear brands such as Calzedonia or Intimissimi. Florence has a lot of decently prized leather goods shops (nice gloves and bags) as well as pricier cashmere stores. Both Rome and Florence have a few Italian chains of affordable men clothing that I’d call business casual (chinos, shirts, jumpers, knit ties, casual jackets, casual suits, etc.). Doppelganger is one of them, but there are more.

      • Oh, and designer glasses and sunglasses outlets are all other. They have almost every designer brand, except for Chanel and prices are very competetive (at least compared with the rest of Europe, I don’t know about eyewear prices in the US).

  3. DH and I are expecting a baby boy in a few months. We are considering naming him after DH (John Smith, Jr.). One hesitation is that he is our second son– our first son is named after his grandfathers. Is it weird to name the second boy after his father when you didn’t name the first boy that? If so… is it so weird that we shouldn’t do it? Or just “it’s weird but who cares” weird?

    • Hard to imagine that anyone would care. Go for it.

    • Nope, my husband’s family is like that — my husband was given his father’s (and grandfather and great-grandfather) middle name and his little brother was given his fathers first name. He isn’t technically a junior because their middle names differ, but still.

    • Anonymous :

      I know a family where the 2nd son is Jr. There’s an occasional comment or confusion over birth order, but nothing negative. Both names have standard nicknames (think Will/Bill and Tom/Tommy), so frankly I don’t think most people even figure out that there’s a connection.

      In that family’s case, the oldest was also named after a grandfather.

    • Anonymous :

      I don’t think it is weird at all.

    • Ok I’ll be the dissenter. I think it’s weird. You do you, and don’t care what anyone thinks, and all that. But if you’re asking for opinions, I think it’s weird. At least in times past, “Junior” denoted the favorite son, the heir of the “heir and a spare”, etc. To do it out of order seems to imply you don’t understand the tradition or the rules and therefore you’re just doing it because it’s the easiest way to “honor” the family.

      Second from all of that, Junior is oddly patriarchal. You never hear of girls being a Jr to their mom. And likely the kids already have the dad’s last name, so there’s already a familial bond to the dad. Having the same first name (and middle) seems like overkill.

      Again. You do you. But you’re asking for anonymous comments.

      • I agree that it’s weird and it also suggests that your first child wasn’t good enough to get the Jr. designation, which is crazy I know but it could be perceived that way. What about giving husband’s first name as the middle name for the second child?

      • This was actually part of my husband’s and my premarital conversations about our expectations & deal breakers: I will not be birthing any Juniors. I decided that when I was 7; it has to be the only declaration about my hypothetical adult life I ever stuck to.

  4. Shelf bra tank :

    There was a recent discussion about shelf bra tanks, so I’m sharing that I saw one at J Jill.
    PERFECT SHELF-BRA TANK, 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

    Link to follow.

    • Shelf bra tank :

    • I saw some at Kohls the other day. Probably low quality, since nearly everything at Kohls is, but they could be good for sleeping.

  5. Wildkitten :

    Anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive attorney in DC to help me file a civil motion to get my dog back? Thanks!

    (Last post, I promise!)

    • No help, but I’m wishing you could pull an Elle Woods and say “I’m taking the dog, dumbass!”

    • Sorry I don’t have a rec, but in you hadn’t considered it, could you go to small claims court (No offense to your dog!) and do paperwork yourself?

    • There are a lot of good resources here:

      You could also seek help from the mediation center.

    • Wild Kitten, I am not sure if this could work, but you could go to the GW Family Justice Clinic and mention my name b/c the Director still could remember me from 2008 when I worked there for a couple of weeks b/f I got an internship w/the goverment. Your issue technicaly is a little off from the kind of family justice, but if I understand your issue correctly, your boyfreind took off with YOUR dog and broke up with you. Assuming you were haveing relations, I think this rises to a breech of promise for which you are entitled to recover the dog via a writ of REPLEVIN. I asked Dad, but he is of no help. He told me to tell you that he knows some goons in DC that could get the dog back, but it might involve making your boyfreind sing Sopreano, and that is NOT what is legal. FOOEY! Good luck, and I hope you get your dog back! YAY!!!

      • Wk, not to take anything away from how seriously it sucks that you have to deal with this and I hope it’s resolved soon, but the idea of you name dropping Ellen made me laugh. Maybe take her up on the goons offer

        • Wildkitten :

          I think she correctly identified what I need to file in court (writ of replevin) so she’s got something going for her. :-) It seriously sucks to have to deal with this but it’s also the most absurd thing ever so I am really trying to find the humor in it because I know it’s there.

      • Wildkitten :

        Ellen. I dumped him. He is just choosing to make it really clear that I made the right choice to DTMFA…

      • Senior Attorney :

        OMG WK! I so want you to go to the Family Justice Clinic and ask for the director and say “Ellen Barshevsky referred me.”

        I double dog (pardon the expression) dare you!!

    • Legally Brunette :

      Did you see my recommendation for Jeremy Rachlin? He’s really, really great.

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