Coffee Break: Jonnie Hobo Bag

Kooba JonnieI’ve posted the Kooba Jonnie bag before, but I really do think this is a classic with a slight rock and roll vibe, and at the prices I’m seeing around the web — around $250 for a $500 bag — it also seems pretty affordable. I’m a fan of the teal at Zappos (pictured; $249), but note that it’s also available on sale for $99-$290ish in “dragon fruit,” tangerine, limon, sand nubuck, apricot, rose, rose gold, the light purple “acai,” and chartreuse. Kooba Jonnie



  1. Sorry for the immediate TJ, but has anyone tried the Target-brand Spanx?

    • I’ve tried Assets tights and they are great. I didn’t see a noticeable difference between Spanx tightend tights and Assets.

    • I agree with NOLA on the Assets (Target) brand tights. However, I thought the actual shapewear in Assets ran much smaller than the Spanx variety. (Although maybe that was because the styles were different — I use the original spanx that are made of pantyhose fabric, and the Assets ones at Target were of a tighter and smoother fabric (more like lightweight bike shorts).

    • Wish I could say that I had, but I bought Target brand Spanx and never saw them again. I literally put Spanx in a bag at checkout and a week later, I realized I hadn’t seen them since and couldn’t find them anywhere. They’re probably at the bus stop by the Target or something.

    • marketingchic :

      They main difference is no “gusset”, which makes bathroom visits somewhat easier. If you are brave.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I’ve tried them. They were okay. I haven’t tried the real thing so I can’t comment on how they compare.

      • I’ve had Spanx and a drugstore brand (I just looked it up and it’s Shape Me, Smooth Me, which sounds just as unappealing as the word Spanx, but I digress). I honestly like the drugstore one better – it’s a little stretchier. I couldn’t find them in Rite Aid after a while, but I bought about 4 for $12 on eBay so I should be set for a while.

        I like the real Spanx too, just not paying $25 apiece.

    • I like Assets, and wear one size up from what their chart recommends.

  2. FOOEY! At the partnership meeting I was told that I NOW have to use a blackberry! They said that the iPhone is NOT professioneal enough for me and the firm. Now I have to carry 2 Devises? FOOEY! Now I will need a bigger handbag. I will ask for deimbursment.

    What do the other hive partners do? If I can show others that use iPhone’s then mabye they will overrule the decision. HELP!?!

    The new associate keeps stareing at me. It is a little creepey. I hope he does not turn into a lechh! DOUBEL FOOEY!

    • The solution is simple. Twerk your tuchus at the partners and get an iPhone waiver, but do not twerk your tuchus at your new ass-ociate unless you want to face a har-ass-ment claim, particularly if the new ass-ociate is married (or gay). It is not easy to be a partner these days! But kudos on making partner!

  3. Flying Squirrel :

    Reposting from morning thread to hopefully get more responses:

    TJ: Need Bay Area legal advice.

    It looks like we are going to need to fire/terminate our contract with our contractor…who is months behind schedule with no indication of any progress and has done shoddy work for the projects he’s worked on (none of which are complete).

    So far he’s willing to work with us on figuring this out, but we’d also like to understand our legal obligations and rights. Can anyone recommend an attorney (East Bay preferred if it makes a difference). KLG helpfully pointed out that we’re looking for someone who does construction law.

  4. Miss Behaved :

    I’m having a great day, not! This morning I discovered my prozac had disappeared when I went to take it. Searched all over for it. My apartment was cleaned yesterday. I have a contract with a nationwide company. Someone comes in every other week.

    I called this morning and calmly told them that my prescription med was missing. They said the manager would call back within the hour. She didn’t call back for 2 and 1/2 hours. The story is sketchy – something to do with bumping into a cabinet and the vacuum cleaner and not realizing it right away.

    Even if it’s true, why didn’t they call me as soon as they realized the problem? And what happened to the bottle? It was full. You’d think they’d notice all those pills on the floor.

    I also realized last month that other people in the building are paying much less to have their places cleaned…

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Wow that is awful. Does that mean they threw away the bottle too? That is unacceptable and I’d switch companies.

      The hard part is do you think you can get an early refill? I’m guessing Prozac isn’t as tightly regulated as narcotics but it still might be a pain. I hope you don’t get withdrawal symptoms with Prozac. I used to with others but I never tried Prozac so I’m not sure if it has the same side effect.

      • You can easily fill another prescription even if insurance won’t pay. If it’s a generic, it’s fairly cheap even at full price. Don’t know how much the name brand costs. It’s not regulated like narcotics or stimulants.

    • That’s not just sketchy. It sounds made up. It’s criminal. I’d fire the company and report the cleaner to the police.

    • Change your locks.

    • Fire the company now and have them refund you the charge for yesterday’s cleaning. You can use that money to pay for the refill that won’t be covered by insurance.

  5. Becrushed :

    Hi ladies – thanks for the sound advice you gave me a few weeks ago regarding the man I hadn’t seen in 8 years, with whom I reconnected, who was coming to see me over the holidays. To make a long story short it was the most incredible experience of my life. We were immediately happy and comfortable and attracted to each other. I’ve never been so blown away. And the cherry on top is that he’s flying me across the country to see him next week!

    For those of you who are married or in serious relationships, how soon did you know it was “the one”? It seems crazy because I’ve only been re-connected with this man for a bit over a month, and we only spent ten days together, but everything already feels more right than anything I’ve ever experienced. Relatedly, tips for long-distance relationships?

    Thanks for your advice, o wise ones.

    • Flying Squirrel :

      DH and I started off LD (almost a year), and then had a LD marriage for a while.

      Starting off, I think the most important thing is to be up front about what you’re looking for out of the relationship (and relationships in general). Very early on (like first few weeks), we talked about the fact that both of us eventually saw marriage and a family in our future and were honest that we wouldn’t be even considering exclusive LD (which we were also up front about) if we didn’t have some kind of sense that the other person could be the one. Like you, we both knew each other as friends beforehand, but not well, so maybe that helped with the conversation. Now, neither of us considered that initial conversation a commitment to getting married, just establishing that we were both on the same page as far as what we were looking for. I think too often people start off LD where one person is more into it than the other, and the mismatch of expectations can make it really hard. What might be a red flag when you’re in the same place can be blown off as due to circumstance…so for us at least it was helpful to know that we were both pursuing the relationship for the same reasons even though neither of us knew where things would end up.

      Then you kind of just need to let things evolve as they will. We were both really into each other and in a place where we had some flexibility on schedules, so we made an effort to see each other as often as we could afford. And I will say, depending on distance and potential time differences, keeping up with an LD relationship can be really difficult b/c you have to carve out time (and sometimes sleep later or come home from an evening out earlier than you had planned). And we told each other everything. Stuff you might dance around in person, we just had to be up front about. “I’m annoyed with you because…”, “This thing you did/said hurt me..” etc. Obviously if things are going well saying the nice stuff is easy, but it’s important to say the hard stuff too. I was lucky at this time to have a pretty close and big social network that was also excited about now-DH, so my friends were supportive about having to schedule social things in a way that allowed me to get home to talk to him etc (or taking brief calls while we were out). I think it can be hard to continue to have your own social life where you are when you are LD, but I really think that helped me to be happier in my relationship since I wasn’t simultaneously lonely or anything.

      And I guess the other thing is that when you do see each other, try to make it special without overscheduling. So many plan one thing that’s fun, but otherwise leave time to just be together and do whatever.

    • To answer your question about how soon I knew, very soon. My husband basically came over for a second date and never left. Within a week I knew it was very different than any previous relationship and felt like I wanted to marry him, within a month or so we had articulated those feelings to each other. So I’m a big proponent of the “when you know you know” cliche.

      We were in a LDR for a good chunk of our relationship. My general LDR tips are:
      –Its a LOT easier when you have a definite end date, even if its years in the future. Once you are sure about this being a forever thing, agree on a date on which one of you will move.
      –Make sure you keep up your own, no-SO related life, whether its work, friends, family, pets, whatever. I’ve seen a few people fall into the trap of always waiting by the phone for the SO to call and that usually ends badly, especially when its only one person in the relationship doing that.
      –Try to visit as often as you can. If you can afford it, sometimes its fun to meet in the middle and have a vacation instead of just always visiting each other.
      –Communication is paramount, even more so than in in-person relationships.
      –Don’t sweat it. In my experience, long distance makes good relationships stronger and makes bad relationships collapse faster. If it breaks down because of distance, it almost certainly would have broken down eventually anyway.

      • Becrushed :

        This is so helpful, – thank you. That is how I feel, like “I know” already! And it feels incredibly mutual. Wildly, we’ve already discussed the future together. He gets out of the military in October and wants to move to my city. We’ve even been jokingly apartment hunting and starting sentences with “well, when we move in together…”

        The point about keeping up with non-relationship stuff is so interesting and important. One nice thing was that while he was here, we went out with my friends several times. He was lovely to them and a big hit.

        Usually relationships seem to take months and months to develop, with game-playing and what-ifs and questioning what the other person wants. This just feels so right, so soon. Isn’t that terrifying?

        • Yep, terrifying but also amazing. It’s a great sign that he was wonderful to your friends and that they like him. So happy for you!

        • Not all relationships have to get all “what-iffy” and with you questioning whether he likes you. If he’s 100% clear that he’s into you, then that’s awesome. That’s how real men behave when they are crazy about you. :)

          It’s ok to know now. It sounds like you know. :)

          Good for you, girl. :)

          • My now husband and I were talking about moving in together about a month after the day we met. So, yeah, when you know you know!

    • After the very first conversation (long, because we just had so much to talk about) with the man who is now my husband, I knew I was smitten. After dating a few weeks, I knew I wanted to marry him. We dated happily for several years and have been married even longer. (I’m in my late 30s). What keeps it fun? The great conversations and shared interests. What’s the foundation? Shared values. Shared values are insufficient if you bore me; shared interests are insufficient to bridge the chasms of different values.

    • That’s great news becrushed. My DH started off long distance. For 2 years we were a plain ride away, and for 2 years a 2 hour drive away. I feel that we got to know each other better than couples who lived in the same city, because we spoke for hours on the phone. It was a big adjustment to live together but we quickly worked out the kinks.

    • hoola hoopa :

      My husband and I knew we’d have a relationship on our first (blind!) date. We knew we wanted to spend our lives together after about a month. We didn’t marry until two years later so that people (including us) wouldn’t think we were completely insane, but we easily would have done it after just a couple of months. Eight years later and we’re still very much in love and perfect for each other.

    • Olivia Pope :

      I knew very, very early that my husband was going to be my husband. We were engaged within nine months of meeting. We married a 13 months after meeting.

      My advice:

      1. Be honest about what you want and make sure he does the same. Do you want to get married at some point? Live together? Just say so! Make sure your long-term goals are aligned so you’re not just caught up in feelings.
      2. When you reach the point were you both realize that it’s not just feelings and you want to be together for good, go to counseling. My husband and I went to “pre-engagement counseling” within six months of meeting and a pre-martial class after getting engaged. It was good to have a neutral third party ask us probing questions so we could understand each other better. And it was nice when the counselor said, “You two are a great couple” at the last session. It wasn’t just in my head!
      3. We were briefly LD. Having a firm end date helps, even though my situation worked itself out early.

      • hoola hoopa :

        +1 to (1). We discussed the big stuff (kids, etc) early on and compared independently-written five-year life plans after a few months. We had both had serious relationships end after 5+ years, so we weren’t messing around!

    • The very first time I went out with my now husband (on a non-date) he looked at me a certain way. And I thought to myself, “Well, I think I am going to marry him.” I thought I was crazy, but within a couple of months, “I love yous” were exchanged. Intentions were very clear from the start. We dated for about a year and a half (some of which was long distance), and then married after eight months of engagement. We celebrate our fifth anniversary this week, and he is clearly one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

    • Joanna Toews :

      For me, very quickly. I had a big ol’ crush, he had a big ol’ crush, neither of us had good poker faces, and when we eventually started dating our friends were all, “FINALLY!”

      We did LD for most of our first year together, and being apart really hammered home just how well we worked together. Conversations on the phone would include lots of laughter and funny stories. We could talk about the serious stuff with relative ease. Having a solid end date REALLY helped.

      (A note: We really should have talked about expectations re. manogomy early in the LD game. ‘Nuff said.)

      Once we lived in the same city together, and I only spent one night in my own apartment over the next two months, it became very clear that we weren’t going to break up anytime soon. It was easier to do things together than it was to do them seperately. We respected each other’s opinions, made each other laugh, and talked out our differences immediately with minimal drama.

      … And that was how I knew! /opus

    • Congrats!!! I read your thread … it’s so exciting to see it all work out.

      I don’t have any advise that hasn’t already been said. Just that my hubs and I began dating (LDR) in high school, then almost 8 years later married. It was odd because I wasn’t focused on him being “the one,” but because it evolved into a much deeper relationship than with other boyfriends.

      Something about being on the phone or on an IM also helped the relationship … it was so much easier to share things that would be embarassing in person.

  6. So I finally bought some fleece lined tights (kushies[?] from Walgreens/Duane Reade). Am very toasty which is awesome but I’ve worn them just 3-4 times (washed by hand in between, of course) and they are already starting to look kind of grotty. Like there’s a bit of pilling on the heel from my boots and they attract fuzzies in places, etc. It’s not noticeable unless you look up close but it still bothers me. The first 1-2 wears they were perfect. Is this kind of deterioration normal??? I was set to buy a bunch more pairs because I love the warmth, but I really hate the look after the initial wear. Are other brands better?

    • hellskitchen :

      I buy them from TJMaxx. I will go home and look up the brand that I use right now that I love, but I will tell you which ones to NOT buy from TJMaxx – Steve Madden. They don’t stay up well and keep sliding down during the day. I have two pairs in this brand and they both don’t work well.

      • Also, unless you’re short, avoid the Ann Taylor brand. I’m pretty average in height/leg length, but they were pretty clearly made for someone at least half a foot shorter than me.

        I get mine from TJ Maxx (Maybe the Hue brand? I don’t remember). Mine do tend to get a little grotty, but so far it seems to be contained to areas that are covered by my shoes or skirt, so I haven’t worried too much about it. I’ve just been throwing them in the washing machine with everything else, though.

    • First Year Anon :

      Second time wearing my plush ones, and I noticed the same thing on my heel, by my achilles…WHAT? i didn’t walk around a lot or anything either. so disappointed!

    • Frugal doc..... :

      I have the same problem. Mine were bought on Amazon, about $10? I’m disappointed.

    • The Legale ones I got at TJMaxx are holding up well after a year. One of them has developed a small hole in the foot, but it isn’t growing and doesn’t show under boots. I may go old school and darn them.

      • I just bought Legale ones from TJMaxx and am wearing them for the first time. I washed them (cold water, hand dry) before wearing, but they have this almost chemical smell to them. Did yours have that, and did it go away with wearing and washing?

        • I didn’t notice any particular odors, no more than any new piece of clothing. Odd.

    • hoola hoopa :

      I recently replaced a pair that got a hole poked through them (thanks, kids!) with the ones from Walgreens and they are already piling etc. My previous pair were some no-name brand from a local walmart-ish store, so nothing special, but they held up really well through two seasons of heavy use.

      • Thanks for the commiseration! I will check out TJ Maxx and Legale to see if those work better. Fingers crossed. I went from, “this is the best thing ever” to a “eww, really?” in less than three wears which was a bit disappointing. Although with the current arctic vortex or whatever they’re calling it, I may just have to resign myself to spending $10 a week on a fresh pair just to get through winter. If I find a better option, I will report back.

        • I have the Legale as well. They definitely don’t look as lovely as they did after the first wear or so, but they have held up now for 3? 4? years with varying levels of wear. The elastic is mostly gone around the top and the seams are coming out, but they still stay up. They are a little worn around the foot area, but after 3-4 years and for $10, I’m fine with that.

  7. hellskitchen :

    I have read on the hive that Enzo Angiolini makes comfy heels but do you know if their boots are comfy? I bought a pair of their Ellerby boots online (link to follow) but don’t know anything about the brand. I am on a limited shopping budget right now so want to make sure I am getting something that will look good with work clothes and last long.

    • hellskitchen :

      These are the boots I got:

      • anon-oh-no :

        oh — those are the ones i referenced below. and they are even less expensive now! I wore them walking all over throughout the holidays and even wore them for four (long and hellish) travel days. great deal at $112.

    • anon-oh-no :

      i have a few pair of enzos — both flat boots and pumps. they are my go-to for inexpensive shoes. in fact, i recently returned a pair of $600 frye boots (which hit awkwardly on my knee) for a very similar pair of enzos that were $150. i love them.

      • hellskitchen :

        We must be twins. I too recently returned a pair of Fryes (on super sale though) because they were not TTS. And then got these Enzos. Thanks for your perspective – I am excited to get them now!

    • Crossing my figures that they are. These are exactly what I’ve been looking for and just ordered a pair.

  8. Keeping up with our them of year-end reviews, how about some 2013 best/worst date stories? Or awkward/hilarious coworker stories. Those are good, too.

    I’ll start. Ever since Coworker A observe how much Coworker B’s 7-year-old daughter fell in love with me and spent all day at my desk, Coworker A has decided we are friends and “socializes” with me. Every day. He normally wears ear plugs. Awkward nerd engineer who is twice my age.

    • A particularly awkward, sweaty, and inappropriate neck-beard, basement-dweller type of coworker on my previous team, “Sean,” found out I was into some of the same nerdy things he was, and thought that meant we were immediately friends. Now, I’m not ashamed of my nerdy interests, but people still judge, particularly in the corporate world, and I prefer to “come out” as a huge nerd to the people I want to, when I want to. (I present perfectly normal, I swear!) Unfortunately, the team had a tradition of introducing each other to new team members by going around in a circle and sharing an interesting fact about a coworker (Hi, this is Bob, Bob likes fly fishing, he’s been with the company for three years, etc). Sean practically jumped out of his seat to volunteer to introduce me, and bounced up and down with excitement, shouting, “This is Anon! She PLAYS DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!”

      • “Introduce People With Thoughtful Details”

        This is hilarious.

      • Aw, your story, and Godzilla’s story above, both warmed my heart. It’s sometimes so hard for an awkward person to find a human connection.

    • Marie Claire :

      I had what I thought was a date until he asked if it was a problem that he had a girlfriend? He then proceeded to tell my about his girlfriend’s toes (which are apparently very beautiful) and said, “Ah, I always seem to fall for the same type of person because you are just like her!” I just sat there and thought, am I being set up, is this a joke I don’t get?

  9. Anyone use Nerium face cream? I’m debating ordering it because a friend has had good results with removing frown lines and wrinkles. It is about $100 a bottle and has some multiple level marketing built in but I don’t care if it works. Anyone had good results? I am 35 and am seriously considering Botox for my frown lines between my eyebrows.

  10. Baconpancakes :

    I’m taking over from Blonde Lawyer for the Post-Holidays Terrible White Elephant, so please let me know if you’re interested!

    Email me at baconr e tt [email protected] (sans spaces) if you have a hilarious or terrible holiday gift to contribute and want to join!

    Sadly, I gave the potholder featuring a babushka dancing with her latkes to Goodwill before I heard about the White Elephant, so no one will be getting that particular gift.

    • “the potholder featuring a babushka dancing with her latkes”

      Is latkes a euphemism for something here?

      • Baconpancakes :

        No, thank god. My mother is inappropriate, but she isn’t that appropriate. It was a babushka literally dancing around a kitchen with a bunch of anthropomorphic latkes.

        • That kind of sounds amazing.

          • Agreed. It sounds like the best potholder of all time, and I’m personally offended you didn’t offer it to your internet friends before donating it to Goodwill.

    • Killer Kitten Heels :

      So my terrible gift this year was a ceramic, pink, owl bank that is nearly a foot tall. For me. From my MIL. I’m nearly 30. I can’t even.

      • Def anon for this :

        My MIL gave me lingerie. Because I never had a bridal shower/bachelorette and she felt I must have missed out. It’s very sweet but DH and FIL were both mortified because, yes, we open all our gifts together. Oh and it is neither my style nor my size.

      • Workingmomz :

        My 5yo daughter would love that! LOL

  11. Jury Trial attire :

    I have my first jury trial as second chair and am now agonizing about skirt suit v. Pant suit, hose v. No hose, hair up v. Down etc. I’d love input. In the off chance anyone else in Jacksonville, Fl reads this, I’d also appreciate advice for that region in particular.

    • In GA, not FL, but I would go with skirt, hose, and hair sleek and out of your face and that you don’t touch (up or down is your preference).

    • Not in Florida, but I would say skirt v. pants is whichever makes you more comfortable as your performance is more important (caveat if you have a judge who cares, in which case wear the skirt). If skirt suit, hose. If pants suit, some form of sock/hosiery. Hair out of your face–I always pull mine back in court.

    • I have to say that questions like these make me glad that we robe for court! Takes a whole level of decision making off the table.

  12. Equity's Darling :

    I just googled someone at another comapny I’m working with on something (I needed to find a fax number), and the first thing that popped up is her pinterest board. And this is why I use nicknames for all my social media.

    I find this sort of great, because I love pinterest, but it’s also weird because I feel like I just glimpsed into her personal life. And it was the first hit, above her linkedin and work profile, so she’s obviously an avid pinner.

    • I’m not sure how I feel about this. Yes, it’s weird to think about business associates in a personal context, but then again, people have lives. If she’s not pinning anything offensive, I’d forget about it pretty quickly.

      • Equity's Darling :

        Her boards are actually really fun and full of cute home, craft and travel things!

        She pins things I would want to follow , but I know that’s a terrible idea, so I’ll just continue to think she’s awesome. I’m already a fan of her, and now I think her taste is great, so it only made me like her more.

        • hoola hoopa :

          I agree with you both. Our network at work sometimes doesn’t play well with blog readers and pinterest so if I open them they sometimes open to coworker’s pages and it feels strangely… intimate? even though no one has had anything remotely inappropriate or shocking, it feels strange to see into their life without them knowing. Mostly it’s boring recipes or whatnot, but for example I now know that one childless coworker watches several infertility blogs.

          Sadly, I set up my pinterest account under my real name. And it is one of the first things that pops up when you google my name. Oh well!

          • Wannabe Runner :

            I would feel creepy about this.

            One of my facebook friends has a 4yo son. She posts about him on facebook constantly. She and I are casual friends in person, but we are both on facebook a lot.

            At a restaurant recently I was there with my husband. I saw a little boy run between the tables. I told my husband, “Oh, there’s Elijah. He’s 4. His parents are ABC and DEF. He was a fireman for Halloween. He just helped his dad build a bookshelf last week, but it doesn’t match their other tables, but his mom is ok with it. ….” and many other details of the little kid’s life.

            I creeped myself out. Then said hi to his mom.

    • East Coast Anon :

      I once searched online for contact info for someone from my HOA. The first result was an old newspaper article about someone with the same unique name (I’d never seen the last name before) who murdered a relative teenager. The person was punished and released at 21. The murder happened about 20 miles away from where we currently live.

      • It could be a cousin the person you know. But still seriously disconcerting.

        • East Coast Anon :

          Exact same first and last name, just the last name was new to me. I eventually met the person who seemed okay. I couldn’t keep the article out of my head though.

    • Pinterest has an option you can check so that you won’t show up in Google searches. When I interviewed for my current position, I realized I was friends with the with one of the interviewers wives. I had never met him and had to admit that I knew they were married from facebook. I got the job so I must not have creeped him out too badly.

  13. Anon. for this :

    Is it ever appropriate/expected to respond to notification that you’re no longer in the running for a position you’ve been in the running for? I’m in the middle of a discouraging job search, and I’ve had several positions where I never find out what happens to my application until I hear news of someone else in the position (or ever). I’m starting to really appreciate being notified, especially when the contact (usually email, sometimes phone), takes their time to explain why they made the decision. I would never respond to a form email where I only submitted an application, but when I get an email about a position where I went through several round of interviews, should I reply to thank the sender for their time and for letting me know? I’m not sure if this would be polite or annoying (especially if they sent out a bunch of these emails at once).

    • I think it is ok to say that you appreciate the feedback and appreciated the opportunity to interview. I don’t think it is required though (so if you don’t do it, don’t beat your self up over it.)

      • hoola hoopa :

        Agree. It definitely can’t hurt and IME a short and polite note can potentially help.

    • I think it would be nice, and I might even include something like “please keep me in mind if you have any other opportunities open up.” I think if the person took their time to reach out to you, it is gracious to acknowledge their message and you really never know what it could lead to if, say, in a few months time something else pops up. I once interviewed for a position I didn’t get but on the basis of that interview was referred to a different part of the company for a similar position which I was then offered. I know job searching is frustrating but try not to let it get to you. I am sure something great will turn up!

      • Seconded. This is how I got my first job out of college (early in my senior year I interviewed for something I did not get, graduated without a job, and randomly got a call from the company when they realized I would be great for a different position). Also, a few months ago I was offered a job that I interviewed for a few years ago and did not get (it was the same job I had interviewed for, not a different position). I didn’t take it this time around, but these things happen. You never know when it will pay off to be nice/friendly/keep yourself on someone’s radar.

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