GIVEAWAY: Win a Lo & Sons Bag of Your Choice!

lo sons giveaway heatherI’m thrilled to bring you guys a giveaway today — one lucky reader will win a Lo & Sons bag of your choice.
I’ve written before about my love of Lo & Sons bags for working women (I even Instagrammed my own OG bag on one of my last trips), and so I’m excited about the new heather grey material for both OMG and the OG (pictured). It’s still lightweight and durable, but it has a subtle new texture and style; of course I love the happy blue lining.  If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, it’s a family business started by Helen Lo and her two sons, Jan and Derek.  Each bag is the epitome of thoughtful design — pockets galore, a travel zipper/sleeve to help it stay put on a rolling bag, and more. (They have really fun videos on their site showing how much stuff the bags hold, too!)  The new heather OG is $295, but note that the original nylon designs are on sale right now for $236 (20% off) as part of the brand’s summer sale.

Update: The giveaway is now closed; thank you to everyone who entered!

lo sons giveawayThe Rules: Comment on this post (including your email address in the “email address field”), telling us where YOU’D wear your new bag.  One winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 1, chosen by Kat and; the winner will win one free Lo & Sons bag of your choice.  You must include your email in the email address field so you can be contacted by Kat in the event you win the giveaway. Your information will be held in confidence by Corporette® pursuant to The Corporette® Privacy Policy, and you will only be contacted by Kat in the event you win the giveaway.  Please note that, due to legal reasons, this contest is only open to adult residents of the United States. The winners will have one week to respond to Kat to claim their prize or a new winner or winners will be chosen.

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  1. I would wear my new bag on every business trip.

  2. I would love to have a new bag for my upcoming trip to Italy!

  3. Bags for Men! :

    How cool that Lo & Sons designs bags for men, too!

  4. to haul all my books and papers to teach class!

  5. To work and the gym, every day.

  6. I’d use it to commute to and from work and on work travel!

  7. I’d love to wear it when we go to Napa for a friend’s wedding.

  8. What a great giveaway. I would carry the OG everywhere…to work, vacation, business trip..
    But it would be especially perfect for a holiday cruise.

  9. I would love an overnight bag for quick trips to LA and Vegas!

  10. to the office and traveling!

  11. Where would I wear it? Where my sister wears her beloved Lo & Sons bag (which she purchased after I told her about all the rave reviews here at Corporette): at work, on work trips, and on sisterly weekend getaways!

  12. I’d use the Pearl for weekends!

  13. To work, because I like to haul EVERYTHING.

  14. KateMiddletown :

    Weekend trips where I have to pack Thursday night and leave Friday immediately after a full day and have to pack snacks for the kiddo and also have to look relatively chic toting around my entire life like a turtle.

  15. I love my OMG bag! I would wear it to work and for work trips! I also love the little Pearl bag and would carry that one just about everywhere!

  16. I would carry the OG on my long commute and all my business trips.

  17. First date night since baby!

  18. I would take my new bag with my to haul all of my gym stuff AND my work stuff (laptop, lunch, odds and ends, bobs and bits)

  19. I’d take it to work and on trips… very nice bag!

  20. I have a business trip to Tanzania in a few weeks that includes a rough overnight transit. I would wear my Lo and Sons bag with black skinny trousers and a structured knit top to stay warm on the plane but also to roll off that flight and straight into my conference looking totally chic and not too fussy!

  21. I’d love to wear the bag to work. I’m in need of a great new work bag!

  22. I would wear it to work!

  23. TheGoodWife :

    On my hour commute to the office because I need a big, organized bag to carry my lunch, workout clothes, makeup, and work to and from everyday, and to the gym/errands/travel on the weekends!

  24. I would wear it to my new law job!!! I could put all the essentials I would need!

  25. Nearly everywhere. So practical.

  26. I would love to have a purse like that for our European trips! Zippers and pockets are so helpful in keeping prying fingers out.

  27. Work! Love these bags.

  28. I would take the bag to work and on business trips. I love that Lo and Sons bags are lightweight but so well-made and with lots of organization.

  29. I travel internationally for work and you’d better believe this bag would be globe trotting with me :)

  30. KS IT Chick :

    To work most days.

  31. I would wear it to work and, yes, I do need to carry 16 tubes of lip goo (sticks, balms, glosses) back and forth everyday, in addition to shoes, lunch and files, so the size is perfect.

  32. I’d take it back to work when my maternity leave is over!

  33. To work!

  34. I would wear it to Court to keep me organized!

  35. On my hour-long walking commute!

  36. Does “everywhere” count as an answer? Because EVERYWHERE.

  37. I’d use it for really promising first dates :)

  38. On all of my vacations! (where my Pearl already goes!)

  39. I would wear it to and from work (and pretty much everywhere else my pump needs to come with me)!

  40. I’d wear it on a weekend trip to the mountains….looks perfect for that!

  41. On work trips to the UN in Geneva!

  42. I would take it to work with me on my walking commute!

  43. On the metro! Work trips, day trips, anywhere. :)

  44. I criss-cross the country a LOT for work–I would carry the OG from DC to Iowa… to Colorado… to Alaska… and back! It’s the perfect carry-on bag.

  45. I want one of their cute cross-body bags to take on my trip to Europe.

  46. I love my OG bag, and have found the customer service at Lo & Sons to be amazing. I would carry my new bag to work every day — it holds all my paperwork and notebooks, lunch, and commuter coffee mug perfectly.

  47. Out of Place Engineer :

    I would take it to work everyday. My previous bag was stolen & I am still searching for the perfect replacement!

  48. Seattle Freeze :

    Oh, I’d carry this bag to work, for sure :)

  49. Every single day! Perfect for walking to work & stuff some gym clothes in!

  50. I’d use it for my volunteer pro bono activities!

  51. In House Lobbyist :

    I would take it everywhere – work, travel, vacations! I have been wanting one for years! Thanks, Kat!

  52. Everywhere I need a workhorse carry-all, I’d take this with me! Traveling, errands, hauling work home…

  53. I would use this everyday, for work, yoga, and definitely for traveling.

  54. This would be my workhorse everyday gym/life/work bag! I’d go everywhere I go, during the week.

  55. I’d make this the bag I take to work daily, since it’s lightweight and will hold my laptop, lunch and everything else I take to work.

  56. To work!

  57. Anne Larkin :

    The bag would never leave my side. It could go from gym to meeting to weekend flight.

  58. I’d definitely use the bag for an upcoming jaunt through New England!

  59. Must be Tuesday :

    This would be great for work, and to haul my change of clothes for yoga after work.

  60. I would have to decide between the OG and the OMG, and would take it on business trips, vacations, and local day trips.

  61. Lawyer Costume :

    I would take mine everywhere! It would be my everyday bag.

  62. Junior Attorney :

    Work, travel, get-togethers where I have to drag my laptop…pretty much anywhere, these bags are gorgeous!

  63. Anon Worker Bee :

    On all my business trips and to the office

  64. I would wear my bag to work and on any business trips! I love the functionality of the bag!

  65. I absolutely need this for all the traveling for depositions I will be doing soon!

  66. I’d wear it to work and probably take it on vacation too!!

  67. Upcoming business trip to Guatemala!

  68. Im boring so I would just take the OMG to work with me every. single. day!

  69. Lyra Silvertongue :

    To travel to Disney World in the next few weeks!

  70. Coach Laura :

    To work, the gym and on any car/plane/boat trip! Love these bags!

  71. I have never used one so I’m not sure how good they are but I would wear as my everyday bag if they are as good as their reputation.

  72. I’d take mine on a weekend trip!

  73. I’d wear my new bag to work everyday and on every trip. Love L&S bags!

  74. My daily bag!

  75. I’d carry it daily – for work trips or my regular commute.

  76. Oh man! I just moved and have a much farther, public transit commute to work now (as opposed to my quick walk before). I’d love a gym bag/work bag to transport everything in one instead of two bulky bags every day!

  77. Would take it on business trips!

  78. I love the Pearl, that would go into my rotation of bags I wear on a daily basis. I love the Claremont too, and would use it to take all my camera gear on my upcoming trip to Thailand.

  79. I’d wear it to the gym, on weekend trip’s to the boyfriend’s parents’ place, and on the global business seminar I’m attending!

  80. I’d combine work and gym clothes for my daily commute (already have and love the pearl for weekends)!

  81. Senior Attorney :

    I’d wear my new bag on my upcoming vacation in Quebec!

  82. Rogue Banker :

    To the interviews I’ve got coming up in the next month, and with any luck to the new job I’ll land afterward!

  83. I’d use this for my daily commute on the metro — good size to carry a laptop!

  84. I’d wear it every day to work- just graduated and starting biglaw in a few weeks eek!

  85. Anon Boston :

    I would use it every day, to work and to the gym!

  86. Famouscait :

    I’d wear it on an upcoming trip to Virginia!

  87. LizzyinChicago :

    I’d “wear” my on my commute (in the basket of my commuter bike!)

  88. To the moon!

    Actually, probably everywhere because I hate to change bags.

  89. Starting a new job this Fall so would totally wear it to work!

  90. PurpYllGr :

    I would take it to ALL of my meetings and networking events. I would even take it dinner at a cute resturant.

  91. Where wouldn’t I wear it? It worked great for my trip to Miami a few weeks ago and I love it when school rolls around because it holds everything I need for work and to do school work on my lunch break.

  92. Brunette Elle Woods :

    I would wear it on overnight or weekend trips.

  93. I’d wear it on a Vegas getaway with my girlfriends and then on an everyday basis! I need a new fall bag!

  94. I would use it for work and travel! I walk to work every day so I need something super functional and durable, but still professional looking.

  95. Everywhere! Are you kidding me? That thing is beautiful! It’s stylish and functional, but not flashy. Just what I need.
    I’d use it for every day work, both in the office and when I travel. I also run a non-profit on the side which I travel for, so the bag would come with me to sponsor meetings, fundraising events, as well as when I go to the sites that the foundation focuses on.

  96. I’d wear it to work, because I’m like the girl in Breakfast Club that carries her entire life EVERWHERE.

  97. Allison Caldwell :

    Lo and Sons is my go-to work bag. I would use it M-F for my commute to my government legal job and for my workout attire!

  98. I would use it as my personal item whenever I fly.

  99. I’d wear it in the TSA line and watch while other travelers gawk over my awesome bag

  100. Breezyred :

    I could use a new travel bag–and gym bag. Maybe two are in order?

  101. I would use mine every day for work and all my kids crap!

  102. Meg March :

    To fly with, both personal and business trips. To those random days at the office where you just have more stuff than usual.

  103. I’d wear it to the gym and work every day.

  104. I would wear it to work and then to the gym. It looks it could fit everything!

  105. Labellion :

    I would wear it to work and on business trips. I travel a lot and always carry on.

  106. To work so that I no longer have an excuse not to pack my work out clothes to the office.

  107. I’d use this bag for every possible purpose — love it!

  108. I would wear my new bag to work definitely. That new grey color is gorgeous!

  109. On my trip to Hong Kong and South Korea!

  110. I’d use the pearl as my everyday crossbody!

  111. I’d take it to hearings and settlement conferences – holds plenty of files!

  112. I would bring mine to work & overnights!

  113. I’d put the bag in my bicyle basket for the ride to work.

  114. Allison W :

    I graduated in May and will be starting my career in consulting in a few months. I would love a Lo & Sons bag as I settle into the business traveling lifestyle.

  115. I'm Just Me ... :

    I would wear my Lo & Sons bag ..

    on a plane and in the rain,
    in my car, if I were going far,
    on the bus, without much fuss,
    on the Metro, since the bag is not retro ….

  116. I would carry it to work each day! I have a TT tote and love it.

  117. I’d use it on business trips! Perfect.

  118. I have been wanting an OMG for travel for ages.

  119. It would be the perfect bag for the subway, and I’d take it to work every day!

  120. Seventh Sister :

    I’d use it on a weekend trip to Palm Springs!

  121. Meg Murry :

    I don’t know which I’d want more – a Pearl for an everyday bag, an OMG for a work bag, or an OG for an upcoming business trip. I’d probably go with the OMG because I need a new work bag more than any of the others.

  122. To all the places with all the things

  123. I’d wear it on the subway (to the office every day) and on business trips!

  124. I would wear it during travel, for work, and for the gym!

  125. I’d use the new heather grey OG as my overnight bag for Board and Executive Committee meetings. Polished, professional, and won’t break my back. I love it!

  126. I carry my OG every day to the office and on overnight trips! I would love an OMG for every day use at the office.

  127. I’d wear it for my work travel season this fall!

  128. This would get daily use as my go-to work bag. My house rabbit sampled the straps of my already worn and well-loved work bag. I would be sure to keep this one out of the reach of curious pets.

  129. The real question is . . . where wouldn’t I wear it?!

  130. lost academic :

    I’d use this bag as I start my new job back in the private sector, new city, new firm, senior level position, everything changing and being new and professional! It’s a great motivation to focus on a different and better level of professional fashion for me.

  131. anneonomous :

    I’d use it for my weekly work trips.

  132. I would love to have one for carrying my laptop and essentials between offices and on business trips, and to bring as a carry on tote for weekends away. I love the textured heather gray color!

  133. I would wear this bag to work! Just got promoted, and am looking for a nice work bag.

  134. Diana Barry :

    Definitely work AND weekend trips!

  135. Everywhere!!! ??

  136. I would carry it to work everyday and for travel.

  137. I would take it with on all my trips!

  138. To work, everyday!

  139. I’d bring it on some upcoming weekend trips!

  140. I’d use it every day! My office is moving to a location where I’ll now be taking public transportation.

  141. I would carry it to court to replace the beaten up old charity-logo red canvas bag I use now (I work in legal aid and I’m broke).

  142. marketingchic :

    I’d wear it daily to and from work – maybe I could finally lose my multi-bag “bag lady” look!

  143. I would love to take it to Brazil in December—to show my colleague that I *too* can pack smart !

  144. I’d wear it everywhere!

  145. I would love (and need!) a bag that can go from work to gym, and this seems like the perfect one!

  146. I use my OG bag daily and its about 5 years old. Would love to new one to haul all my stuff to work.

  147. Jennifer FP :

    Work every day! And double duty for weekend trips!

  148. I’d wear it for my upcoming weekend beach trip on North Florida!

  149. Raechelle :

    This would be great for business trips and for my upcoming trip to Japan!

  150. LawyrkChk :

    I’d wear to work and business travel. Looks like the color goes with everything.

  151. I have a trip coming up tomorrow that I would have used this for! I’ve been looking at these for a while as a nice carry-on and laptop bag. I would wear it for work and travel.

  152. I would use this bag for all my work and weekend trips!

  153. I would wear it to work and out and about every day, stuffed with my school books.

  154. I would use my new Lo & Sons bag for the overnight business trips I have and even for short weekend getaways. They are about the perfect size even for those discount airlines that only allow you to bring one item with you!

  155. On oral argument trips in my new clerkship job!

  156. Clementine :

    I’d use it to schlep all my gear to work and baby’s gear to daycare!

  157. I’ve wanted an OG to carry when traveling forever.

  158. I would use my OG or OMG bag (can never decide on which I like better!!!) everywhere! I work full-time, am in an evening masters degree program, and try to make it to the gym too – this bag would hold my laptop, textbooks, and even still have room for spandex and sneakers!

  159. I’d wear my new bag on my upcoming babymoon in Costa Rica!

  160. Everywhere – work, gym, court, meetings, weekend trips, and as a carry-on for longer trips. The perfect bag!

  161. I would wear it everyday to work and the gym.

  162. definitely as a carry on for work trips!! Love it!

  163. I would bring it to my next business trip- either Detroit or Orlando this year

  164. I would love the OG for my frequent weekends trips to visit family.

  165. My new job means way more business trips. I could so use a new, professional bag to carry all my things!

  166. Would love the bag as a carryon for my upcoming trip to CO!

  167. Jubilance :

    I’d wear that bag on my upcoming trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai!

  168. I would carry it to work every day.

  169. This bag would be perfect for lugging around my laptop, iPad, lunch bag, and spare shoes to work every day, and I would looooove to carry this on my upcoming trip to Rome!

  170. To my new job!

  171. brokentoe :

    I do a significant amount of travel for my consulting business. Would love to trade in my old bag for a new Lo & Sons bag!

  172. I’d wear the bag to the football sidelines with the kiddos.

  173. I’d take it traveling!

  174. Overnight work trips to keep me organized.

  175. To work at the new job I’m hoping to land very soon!

  176. I would wear this with everything, especially to work to carry my lunch, work files, and laptop all in one lightweight bag.

  177. Work and upcoming travel!

  178. Sacheverell :

    I’d use this bag every day to be (and look) organized, and avoid carrying multiple smaller bags (which looks chaotic). But I’d especially appreciate it during conferences.

  179. To work and weekend travel!

  180. I’d give it to my wife for her birthday. She would love this bag.

  181. I’d use this bag every day for work!

  182. I wear it to work, to the gym, to travel . . .

  183. Oh I’d take this to work, travelling….just about everywhere :)

  184. I’d use this bag for the gym and for travel!

  185. To the office and to workout every day!

  186. Greensleeves :

    I would wear the Pearl everywhere – to work every day, out to grab lunch, and especially on weekends while running around with the kids!

  187. I’d wear it to work, to court, on business trips, and on vacation! LOVE this bag!

  188. I would wear my Lo & Sons bag to my upcoming trips to Chicago, Santa Fe and everywhere else.

  189. I’d wear the bag to the demolition derby at my local county fair.

  190. I’d love the Pearl for the rest of the wedding “season” (so much travel for so many weddings) as well as for casual SF weekends!

  191. HoneyBadger :

    I would carry this every day to work /yoga/spin class and when I finally go to South Africa!

  192. I’d wear it to work – I love that it’s easy to use, yet professional enough for the office!

  193. I’d use it to replace my Chrome backpack and wear it everywhere! Work, travel, the gym, family….just everywhere.

  194. anonymama :

    I’d wear on the commute to work.

  195. I would totally use the bag for traveling! Looks like the perfect size for a carry-on.

  196. To same day fly-in fly-out business meetings!

  197. Commuting. Exciting, I know.

  198. I’ve had my eye on the OMG! I would use it every day for the gym and to work – it would be a big improvement over my current bag!

  199. I’d wear it to work. Every. Day.

  200. Anon in SV :

    EVERYWHERE, just like my beloved black OG.

  201. CB in ATL :

    Better question is where wouldn’t I take this bag? Its been on my wish list for over a year!

  202. I JUST got an OMG for my birthday, and just purchased a rhodes for my boyfriend for his. I have my eye on a Pearl for fall tailgates and football games.

  203. I’d wear it to work. So professional!

  204. Where to wear? While we’re walking, while we’re weekending, while we’re wandering, while we’re waiting, while we’re wiggling, while we’re winning, we’d wear this wear everywhere!

  205. I’d wear it to work.

  206. Work, of course!

  207. National_Anthem :

    To work… always at work.

  208. A great travel bag. I’d take it with me on my upcoming honeymoon to Jamaica! With an ipad slipped right in the side pocket.

  209. For work mostly, but also for when I travel.

  210. To work and the gym.

  211. I would wear it to work, especially on days that I’m traveling around to different courthouses!

  212. Keilexandra :

    I would take it with me to the Grace Hopper conference coming up this October :)

  213. I would definitely use this as a travel bag. Lots of trips coming up, and this would be great!

  214. I would wear it to work of course!

  215. I’d wear my new bag on my trip to San Diego in October. And every weekend that we go visit the grandparents.

  216. I would stop carrying around a free bag I got at a conference to work every day!

  217. I would wear it on vacation travel and short overnight trips. Such a good size to fit on airplanes but also carry so much! I need new luggage to fit the new restrictions for roll-aboards.

  218. Omgosh, EVERYWHERE! I hate checking in bags, so this would be perfect for traveling!

  219. I would take it on work trips.

  220. I’d use it to go to/from work, on travel, and *fingers crossed* at my next job interview!

  221. I would wear mine to work everday!

  222. I would wear my bag on my upcoming trip to visit my in-laws and use it as my work/gym bag. I’ve had my eye on one of these for so long!

  223. To work, so that my Claire Underwood fashion fantasies are a little less fantastic.

  224. I would love to have a new OG! I would use it as a work travel bag and it’s also a fantastic carry-on for trips with kids.

  225. I would wear to work and also on the weekends. I think it would definitely be my “everything” bag!

  226. MDallavalle :

    I’ve just finished my first year at a consulting firm after a number of years in the banking industry, and this bag would be a perfect companion on my (ever more) frequent travels for clients! Fingers crossed.

  227. SouthernLegal :

    Anywhere and everywhere!

  228. I would love this bag! I would use it for work, primarily, but also as a less “obviously-for-diapers” diaper bag!

  229. To visit my sisters in Chicago and NYC.

  230. To work everyday. Currently hauling three bags and it is not working for me.

  231. Midwest Mama :

    I would use this bag everywhere! I’m not someone who rotates bags often, and as a mom to a 4 year old, I could throw her stuff in there too while we’re out. Love this shade of gray and the material as well.

  232. To my gym and then to my office. Every. Day.

  233. Gail the Goldfish :

    I’d use it as an overnight bag for my frequent work trips.

  234. Kerry Martin :

    I’d wear the new OG bag to my office, on the metro, and on trips!

  235. Killer Kitten Heels :

    I’d wear it everywhere, of course, but especially on the plane on my upcoming trip to Iceland!

  236. I would wear the bag at my first post law school job!

  237. I would use it on my upcoming trip to Ireland!

  238. Wild Chicken :

    I could forget the stupid idea of buying a coat with lots of pockets to carry my stuff if I had this bag.

  239. To work and for travel!

  240. I’d stuff it full of all the files I take on my 1.5 hour commute (one way). They are gorgeous!

  241. Wear it to work, of course! I’ve been wanting one of these for years!

  242. I’d take it with me to Maine this fall!

  243. I’d wear it on my upcoming trip to Turkey, Croatia, and Greece. And to work when I return.

  244. I’d wear my new bag to work, to the gym, to court, to conferences — the better question is, where wouldn’t I wear it? :)

  245. I would use it every day for work…but also for upcoming holiday weekends to see friends and family…

  246. I’d wear it to work and on road trips to job interviews!

  247. I would carry it everywhere!

  248. I’d wear this beautiful bag commuting to my new job!

  249. In a box, with a fox…

  250. lawsuited :

    I’d use it every day for work, but on Fridays I’d forego the file folders and back it as an overnight bag so I can head up to our family cottage straight from the office without having to lug an extra bag along on my commute!

  251. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I’d take it to work– I work in nonprofit and use my laptop for work every day.

  252. Every week, I make the cross country trip from the north east to southern california for my consulting job. Once I make my 10 plus hour connecting flight journey, I traipse around a client site all week with no consistent desk or table. My bag is basically my desk/office/closet/suitcase all in one. I would use this beautiful OG every week to make my whole life a little more organized and a little more pretty! The grey is wonderful as well!

  253. I’d use it as an overnight bag and for gym clothes and for weekend trips.

  254. Josie Pye :

    I’d use The Pearl as my non-work bag…already have and love my OMG!

  255. i’d rock to my business school application campus visits across the country!

  256. I’d wear my new OG bag on every business trip. To visit my family in the UK and weekends away. I’d wear my new bag any chance I got!

  257. I would use it for my upcoming move from the US to China for work as well as while I travel between Shanghai & Hong Kong!

  258. Architect :

    I love my OMG. So, if I got to chose another bag it would be a OG to use as a overnight bag for a weekend trip somewhere fabulous.

  259. Cherry Scary :

    Travel, replace my worn-out work bag for fitness days, and for overnight trips to the SO’s place!

  260. I’d get the OMG for work!

  261. Would use an OG for weekend trips. So great!

  262. To the gym and then on to work!

  263. To class!

  264. To and from work/gym. I love that it can transition between each.

  265. Anon in TN :

    Business trips!

  266. Everyday work bag because mine is currently starting to fall apart!

  267. Bag lover :

    I would take this bag to work every day!

  268. To work/gym after maternity leave!

  269. To and from work (and especially on business trips!)

  270. I’d carry it on my long trip this fall to Asia.

  271. For my upcoming trip with the Sig-O’s family. Maybe I can hide in it during awkward moments.

  272. I’m starting a new job in a few weeks and need to up my bag game.

  273. I would use it for quick business travel—just throw everything in and GO!

  274. Every day! to work and back and forth!

  275. oh everywhere!

  276. To work and on weekend trips!

  277. To work!

    • Almost considered buying the Brookline tote yesterday, but didn’t take the plunge! Looking for a great structured bag that will fit my laptop and various purse items on my daily commute.

  278. Commuter in SF here – so it would be on my commute with me every day.

  279. I’d use the bag for work, the gym, and weekends out of town!

  280. Perfect bag for lawyers/court – that is where it would come with me!

  281. I’d wear it everywhere!

  282. I’d use it everyday on my commute to work. Plus an upcoming out of town weekend to the Cape!

  283. To law school!

  284. Carrie... :

    I’d wear it whenever traveling, and to work everyday.

    I work in a hospital, so being able to wipe my bag with a sterilizing wipe to clean is ESSENTIAL. And the zipper decreases the chance that someone will reach into my bag and steal my Armani sunglasses (again….)

  285. I’d wear it to the gym. This would be perfect for barre class!

  286. On job interviews and hopefully someday to client meetings. :)

  287. I would get the smaller size for a cross body

  288. I’d take my bag on overnight trips during these last weeks of summer!

  289. Miz Swizz :

    To class and everywhere else.

  290. Business trips and weekend getaways!

  291. chickie brewer :

    I need this I always have tons of stuff to bring with me to work!

  292. I’d wear it from work to the gym at lunch and on trips!

  293. I would use it for the gym! Love these bags:)

  294. Would love to use one of these as my new work bag!

  295. Id wear it throughout the weekend of my sister’s wedding, including shlepping the baby around for th various wedding-related events!

  296. I’d wear my bag on my daily walk to and from work!

  297. Squirrely :

    I have a business trip to Mexico this fall – I would love this bag to help me organize for the flight!

  298. Like nearly everybody else, I’d wear mine to work. I start my first job as a real attorney on Monday!

  299. Whitney Gibbs :

    I would definitely bring mine to work!

  300. I’d wear it to work.

  301. I’d wear this bag on business travel and for everyday commuting!

  302. To the office. To bill more hours!

  303. I’d bring this bag home for the holidays!

  304. I’d use the bag for everyday work, and for weekend trips, such as my upcoming work retreat to the mountains!

  305. I would take it to all the places when doing all the things.

  306. I would love to take the new heather grey OG on my daily commute on public transit. It’s the perfect neutral for my wardrobe, and the multiple handle options and pocket diversity would be great for schlepping stuff.

  307. I’d love to be able to take it on my upcoming vacation!

  308. I would use this bag everywhere I go! Every day to work down in DC, then on my lunch breaks around McPherson Square, and last but not least, out for happy hour in downtown Bethesda, MD. This bag looks amazing and very versatile, perfect for my busy and social life!

  309. Everywhere, of course.

  310. Everywhere!

  311. I would wear it everywhere! I just got engaged last month, it would be perfect for the honeymoon!

  312. I’d use it for work, for the gym, and for travel!

  313. I’d wear mine on the daily train commute and to off-site meetings!

  314. Jennifer Bontrager :

    I think i would use it for everything. Going to work, going to the kids football games, traveling, and even to the beach.

  315. Kristine Harper :

    I’ve been looking for the perfect black dome bag for work!

  316. I’d bring it with me when I go to TwitchCon to talk about copyright law :)

  317. Carol Margolis :

    I’d take this bag everywhere, especially on all of my global travels.

  318. Everywhere! The office, the client, the plane, the gym…

  319. I would wear mine to all the work-related conferences I have to attend!

  320. Diane Lockhart :

    I would wear the Brookline along with my Pearl (which I carry everywhere) on a business trips since I travel from my regional office to the main office frequently.

  321. I’d use the OG for commuting and as a gym bag.

  322. To trial…and beyond!

  323. I’d take it to New Zealand for our upcoming trip and then keep using it for work!

  324. On the plane for my first-ever trip across the Pond to visit my best friend in France! A long plane ride requires a bag equipped with reading material and snacks! :)

  325. I would take this bag to Court. As a Public Defender I am also carrying many cases. One as stylish as this would add a spring in my step.

  326. To work every day!

  327. Chicago Bean Accounter :

    I’d use it as a carry on when flying, carry it to work on the days I have to carry more than normal, and to the gym sometimes!

  328. Genevieve :

    I would take the OMG (or more likely, the OG, since it’s a wee bit bigger) not only to work, but especially to my friend’s wedding in Chicago… since I have to fly straight back to work the next day! I’m in love with the purple.

  329. I’d wear my bag on my upcoming trip to Japan. There are great airplane friendly models.

  330. On my next vacation to Asia!

  331. I have been eyeing this bag, and would wear it to work every day!

  332. I’d wear mine to work, but I dream about using it for travel!

  333. Karen Fitzgerald :

    I’d take that bag on my 50th birthday trip (location still be to determined)!

  334. I really want a one for work travel! So much travel lately

  335. I would wear this bag to work and out with friends. It’s a great bag! So versatile!

  336. I carried my OG bag all over Japan, and it was the perfect travel accessory. I’d love to pick up the Weekender and the Pearl as well. These bags are so expertly designed they will go anywhere you do!

  337. Terri White :

    I’d wear my bag to MBA informationals and hopefully throughout my MBA program (assuming I’m accepted). I’m in a career transition and have to look more “serious” than I have had to in my artsy, non-profit career thus far. A professional bag would be a great first step in that direction.

  338. It’s time I got a new basic bag, so I could see myself carrying it practically everywhere.

  339. I would wear my Lo & Sons bag everywhere: work, weekend trips, overseas trips, and to class when I teach Jazzercise!

  340. To work everyday!

  341. I’d take it on upcoming weekend trips to Denver and Vegas!

  342. I actually JUST bought the OMG back (in black and camel) for a recent around-the-world trip. It worked beautifully, and I’d love to get the smaller OG bag for more everyday use. These bags are the best!

  343. I would wear it to work everyday, as I have a lot to carry there, and to my outings after work as well!

  344. Aw man…the OMG and OG would be great for work and travel, but the Pearl is a gorgeous little bag you can bring everywhere.

  345. I would wear this bag to my new job every day. I just got out of law school and start in a month. I’ve been saving up for a Lo & Sons bag to carry to work!!

  346. with my new baby!

  347. Mushakelicious :

    I would wear this bag everywhere, everyday, to elevate my fabulousness.

  348. I’m active duty military and carry a bunch of things, I’d wear it to work everyday!

  349. I’d carry it to the gym and then on to work!!

  350. To the gym! To motivate me to actually go!

  351. I would wear my new bag to work everyday! Sadly I have been carrying an Athelta shopping bag because my old bag recently died and I haven’t found a replacement yet. I think the O.G. bag would be perfect! I know it is for overnight, but I think it looks good enough to carry as an everyday bag. Please pick me!

  352. Work travel

  353. I’d use it for day trips and weekend trips to Philly and NYC!

  354. anon prof :

    I’d take it to the ballpark every weekend and several week nights. I lug a lot of stuff to do while my kid plays/practices.

  355. Sierra Delta :

    To meet my new granddaughter — you can’t introduce style to tiny infants too early!

  356. First I’d take it on my honeymoon in a couple of weeks!!!! Then I’d use it to carry my stuff to the office every day.

  357. Trans-Siberian Railway adventure.

  358. This bag is A-MAZING. I would seriously wear it everywhere – to work, dropping kids at school, on weekend trips, on business trips – it’s perfect for so many reasons. I’m LOVING this bag!

  359. to the office, to an elementary school meeting, for a lunch date with the hubby…it’ll be a workhorse!

  360. Lisa Reynolds :

    I would wear my new bag in the airport while traveling for work!

  361. Overnight business Trips to Washington, D.C.

  362. I would wear my Lo & Sons bag to work and networking happy hours in the DC metro area! Like my favorite blouse or pair of pumps, I feel more confident knowing that I am wearing accessories that complement my style. The Lo & Sons bags are sleek and professional while being durable and stylish. The bags are perfect for a young professional woman in DC – with multiple pockets for commuting shoes, a blazer, a laptop, and business cards! As a federal government worker, a Lo & Sons bag has been on my personal wishlist for a while, but my law school student loans apparently have other plans for my budget!

  363. To work and on short weekend trips.

  364. On business trips, weekend getaways, to the gym and daily coming and going. Terrific bag!

  365. I would wear this to work, on business trips, to the gym… and everywhere in between!

  366. Work all the way!

  367. To work!

  368. I would wear this to work (walking commute every day) as well as frequent business (air and car) travel.

  369. I would wear it on the subway, to the gym, shopping, on road trips, and out to dinner! :)

  370. Business trips where I’m carrying way too much stuff to avoid checking a bag!

  371. I would wear my new bag to work on my first day back from maternity leave!

  372. I’d wear it on my weekend trips to California to visit my long distance boyfriend.

  373. I’d wear it on vacation.

  374. christineispink :

    to work, the gym, and travel!

  375. I would wear it for my new job!

  376. To work everyday!

  377. I’d love to use the OG as my daily work bag! It would make toting my laptop, planner, and other daily essentials easy and so much more stylish!

  378. Every work trip!

  379. I would love to use the Lo & Sons bag to take to work and back every day on my commute — it would fit my Thermos of coffee and my full change of clothes with room to spare!

  380. I would definitely carry this Lo & Sons bag to work every day! Perfect size for commuting

  381. Pat Gardiner :

    I would use it for work every day!

  382. I’d carry it to job interviews this conference season!

  383. I would carry it to the gym, on my commute, to work, at conferences, for traveling, and to endless play dates with my toddler at the zoo, library, and museums.

  384. Jessica L. :

    I love bags that can do double duty! – the Claremont would be a wonderful day-to-day bag + vacation necessity!

  385. In The Pink :

    Everyday – it rains here alot!

    To the grocery store, all the drippings from the condensation and fresh veggies would roll right off.

    To the hardware and garden stores (all big box) – you never know when sawdust or a rogue sprinkler will hit you.

    To work – love the ease of putting things where they are easy to spot.

    Day trips, holidays, vacations, expedition trips – looks super for a carry on.

  386. I would love to take my Lo and Sons bag on my next vacation/business trip combo to Las Vegas for a conference.

  387. Office, gym, work travel, all of the above, but first on my flight to my best childhood friend’s wedding in my hometown (a little city on the other side of the country called Los Angeles) later this fall1

  388. To work, the gym, and on trips (perfect carry on? I think yes.)

  389. I am in law school as a 2L, so this I would carry this bag to class, interviews, and networking events!

  390. Anywhere and everywhere! I love when designers take the time to think through how an item would be used. This would a perfect diaper /work/ weekend bag!

  391. I would use this for my upcoming work travel — a two-city trip with a court appearance and meetings.

  392. I’d wear it to Cannes in October if I get this job I’m up for. Hope I win!

  393. I would definitely wear it on business trips and maybe weekend trips, too.

  394. travelingsales :

    I would take it with me on my next work trip and all the local offices.

  395. My Lo & Sons would join me on weekly travel trips across the country!

  396. I’d take my Lo & Sons bag to NAPA VALLEY!!

  397. On job interviews and hopefully to work with me soon!

  398. To my final year of grad school!

  399. Would wear it to work and the gym!

  400. I would use it for carrying all my work papers and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, to carry diapers, bibs, and other kids stuff.

  401. I’d wear it to work everyday

  402. I would wear this bag to work everyday. It can fit my laptop and lunch stylishly and comfortably.

  403. I would wear this bag to my brand new job as an Auditor! I just graduated from a Masters program and will begin full-time work in early September. I have been reading this blog to prep my wardrobe and mindset for my new professional career and this L&S bag would be a perfect way to start things off. My company provides each of us with laptops which we must carry around to various clients around town–I would love a stylish way to do so.

  404. I would take to the gym and while traveling.

  405. I would wear it work. I’m using a separate leather purse for essentials and a canvas tote now and I would love to upgrade!

  406. I would take my bag to the gym.

  407. Kim Henrichs :

    I would take this on a long weekend trip to Austin!

  408. Work and then the gym! Or a long weekend.

  409. Nolakitty :

    I would wear it depositions and trials.

  410. To work! I just returned to the office after maternity leave and it would be perfect for hauling papers back and forth.

  411. I would wear it to work, to the store, everywhere. I love all the pockets!

  412. Sarah Prins :

    To work!

  413. I would wear my bag on the commute to work so that I can switch out my backpack.

  414. Stormtrooper :

    Literally every where: office of course, barre class during lunch break/after work, traveling for depositions, to board meetings, for school meetings for my child, and on business trips. LOVEEEE

  415. hoping to win :

    Everywhere! I would rock it out at work. ?

  416. To work and for weekend trips to the beach!

  417. This would be perfect for short business trips! I bet I could fit all my needed stuff into one of their bags. And it would be heaven as a carry-on for international long-haul flights, which have an unfortunate tendency to lose my luggage!

  418. Future Professor :

    I would take the bag to all my faculty interviews!

  419. To work and to a short vacation to Ocean City!

  420. Work and the gym

  421. I’d show the bag the world!

  422. Punctuates :

    To the office, to the gym, to look more stylish while traveling.

  423. I’d take the bag on work trips and on upcoming vacations!

  424. Eager Beaver :

    I would wear the bag to the college wear I work as a part-time instructor. I’ve been lusting after one forever.

  425. I’ve been thinking that it’s time for a new daily commuter (train + walk). Maybe this is it?

  426. This would be perfect for a conference I am attending in September!

  427. I would use the bag every day! It seems like the perfect size to carry my laptop, lunch, work shoes, etc. into work everyday on the metro.

  428. To the gym and on trips!

  429. Ooh la la. A bag like this is gorgeous and utilitarian, perfect for my site visits where I must take laptop and files – plus a pair of flats!

  430. I’m going on a trip to England in two weeks and this would be *perfect*!

  431. I’ve three work trips in the next two months, plus a vacation planned to Europe. This would be perfect for both + everyday use.

  432. I would wear it everywhere, but especially on work trips! Love those bags!

  433. Everywhere!

  434. To DC and Texas when spending the weekend with my kids!

  435. To work and to Europe next summer!

  436. Probably everywhere! I’m working full time, but also doing grad school. It would be nice to have a bag that I can schlep back and forth and everywhere in between!

  437. I’d take it on my frequent business trips!

  438. I have a few business trips coming up, so this would be perfect. Would, also, be a great daily tote or gym bag

  439. I’d use it on my business trips and my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico! :)

  440. I’d wear mine on every weekend getaway, conference, and wedding weekend I go to!

  441. I’d wear it to my upcoming conference. And just about every other work day, like the one I have now.

  442. For all of my business travel

  443. I’d wear mine to work, of course!

  444. I would love the black w/ silver to wear to work everyday. So gorgeous.

  445. I would carry the bag to work each day and on business trips.

  446. I’ve wanted an OG forever! I would take it everywhere (work/gym) but most importantly I would take it with me on my trip to Ireland for my first marathon!!! Pick me!!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity

  447. Claire Beauchamp :

    I would bring it to class!

  448. Nylon girl :

    To work and on the road.

  449. OfCounsel :

    Pretty! I would use it as a weekender and to cart non-work stuff to work.

  450. I’d wear it to my brand new job I’m starting in September. It would scream class and confidence!

  451. I would wear it to work every day because I carry a truly insane amount of stuff.

  452. It would be my work bag and I’d look forward to taking it on trips. Nothing planned at the moment but I’m hoping for an anniversary trip in January!

  453. I would wear it to work at my super awesome startup – I work for a brand new museum being built from the ground up. I am constantly on the go and need a good bag that can handle my laptop, notebooks, chargers, as well as essentials for travel in and out of state. I have been coveting one of these bags!

  454. As a fourth year medical student, I would use it for work at the hospital and also all across the country traveling to residency interviews this year!

  455. I’d wear this as my non-diaper bag but I still want all my stuff bag!

  456. I would take my new bag on vacation!

  457. Pretty much everywhere! I saw my first Lo & Sons while picking my dog up from daycare, and oggled this other lady’s bag.

  458. i would haul my laptop to work at the courthouse everyday.

  459. I would wear it to work. I’m a lawyer who works for the government, so it would be helpful for carrying files to court and keeping my documents organized for trial.

  460. SF in House :

    I would love to use this bag when I travel for work (domestically and internationally) to avoid the dreaded bag sliding off the suitcase trouble.

  461. I’d use the OMG for work and for travel.

  462. Just started a new gig which requires more travel than ever….I would tote that Lo & Sons bag on all of those business trips (and for commuting as well!)

  463. I’d wear it to work when I travel from Boston to NYC!

  464. I would wear it to work and while traveling!

  465. I would take my new bag on weekend trips out of the city! Fall is coming and I am eager for the leaves!

  466. I would wear my bag to all the classes I teach!

  467. I’d take by bag to SC to visit a good college friend who I need some real-talk girl time with.

  468. Weekend in chicago!

  469. I’d wear the new bag to business meetings!

  470. I’d wear it to work!

  471. it would come with me to school every day!

  472. I would wear it to the hospital for work every day!

  473. I’d use the bag everywhere, work and play!

  474. cosi fan tutte :

    I would wear the OG to work, to my night classes in grad school, to travel, & to spend the last weekend of every month visiting my mother in her new home in the mountains. I just threw out my Lululemon duffle bag because of wear & tear and would be thrilled to have this as a replacement.

  475. To Houston for my next work trip!

  476. I travel so often now and have been looking at one of these for the longest time! I would bring this along for all my business trips, and probably even use it as an everyday bag since it’s so roomy and well-organized.

  477. I travel full-time for work. I’m on a flight twice per week…this bag would be my carry-on for all my trips.

  478. One of these lovely bags (so hard to decide! leaning TT or Brookline) would be my new go-to bag for work and travel, hauling my laptop and essentials to and from the office as well as on the occasional work trip. Excited for this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  479. Only been admiring this bag for about a year and every time I travel I KNOW I would use it. Not only for my laptop and work necessities, but as a purse and diaper bag!! So amazing!!!

  480. Need a new bag to go with my new job!

  481. I would use the beautiful bag for my daily subway commute!

  482. Work, school and travel… seems like it would be perfect for almost everything!

  483. It would be perfect for work and travel!

  484. I would wear this bag to work every day and take it on business trips.

  485. I would wear it to work or for small trip

  486. I would use it for business and personal travel

  487. Seatown Gal :

    I would wear mine on the trip to New York that I’m planning. And probably most other days! Love!

  488. To work every day! Gorgeous bag for all seasons.

  489. I would wear this gorgeous bag to work because it looks like it can handle typical crazy Chicago weather and also to my next weekend trip to San Francisco!

  490. I would wear my new Lo & Sons bag on the Metra during my daily commute to my company’s new office in Chicago. And then, I would take it with me on trips to our Boston office. And I might even use it when I visit my brother, sister in law, and two young nieces in San Francisco. And if I have time, I’d like to take it on a vacation to Europe.

  491. New bag for a new job!

  492. Just promoted, so daily for work to lug around all the extra responsibility

  493. I’d take my new bag to bridge tournaments all over the U.S.

  494. purplesneakers :

    I would wear my bag on my upcoming trips to NYC and Miami. Since they’re both partly networking vacations, having a classy, stylish bag can only help!

  495. I’d carry mine to work every day and on my many Acela trips between DC and NY.

  496. Traveling to bf’s every weekend!

  497. To work- looking for a new bag to replace by trusty but dying tote

  498. I’d tote the OMG to and from client meetings at work!

  499. I would take the OG on long plane flights…..just itching to own it!

  500. Christina :

    I’m planning a trip to Iceland soon and would love this as my carry on!

  501. I’d love to take it to Europe in my business trip next month!

  502. I’d take it everyday to run my errands! Looks so useful!

  503. I would wear it to work, the gym, on transit and to travel! Love the new color – I’ve always liked the bag but wasn’t sure about the shiny material for myself. This looks perfect!

  504. SoCalTraffic :

    I would take my Lo and Sons bag to my upcoming trip to San Francisco in October :) Woo hoo UCLA and 49ers games bracketing exploring an awesome city :D

  505. Lynne in NC :

    This would be my go to bag for everyday commuting and my personal item while flying. I have a conference at the end of September and this would be THE perfect bag for me. Love the new Heather color and the Azure interior. It is challenging to find this color in accessories and the hardware is silver — even harder to find! Thank you for the giveaway.

  506. I would wear it for all too frequent business trips! Perfect for SFO-LGA.

  507. I would love to use this bag as my go to bag for work and my around the world traveling ;)

  508. Super cute bag! I could bring it anywhere!

  509. First, this bag would accompany me on my 3 week trip to Italy.After my return it would become my daily gym bag and my weekend trip bag.

  510. My next work trip to Asia

  511. I would use this bag as my everyday bag for commuting to work and carrying my grad school books

  512. I need a great bag to start my new job with! I commute to Manhattan so I need a bag big enough to carry my laptop (we can’t leave them at work for security reasons) but comfortable enough that I don’t get back pain!!

  513. To work! This would be great for my walking commute and would fit some of my gym gear.

  514. I would wear it everywhere! I need a bag to fit my things plus some of my daughter’s things so I can ditch the diaper bag!

  515. I will wear it to work and trips! light weight tote that holds a ton is the best!

  516. Would love this bag for my everyday work commute!

  517. I’d use it for work trips and as a semi-diaper bag! #newmama

  518. I would use my new bag for my upcoming trip to Pittsburgh, for commuting to work, for conferences…for everything!

  519. Deckled Edges :

    This would be great for a long day trip to my in-law’s place on state away. So lovely!

  520. I would wear my new Lo & Sons to and from work every day, and during my trip to Iceland and London next year! Love the heather gray. :D

  521. I am the crazy bag lady at work! So I would definitely use the OMG for my daily commute.

  522. I’d use mine to haul gym clothes to work every day for my daily commute. OR when I’m traveling for work or play, this would be the perfect bag in addition to my carry on!

  523. I would use it everyday at work and for overnight weekend trips.

  524. Literally everywhere–gym, work, happy hour…

  525. For overnight getaways with DH.

  526. I’d take it to the office!

  527. Heading to Riviera Maya, Mexico in November for our 30th anniversary — this would be a great carry-on bag for the trip!!

  528. I would use mine for the office and the gym. What a great bag!

  529. To work! It’s lovely!

  530. What an amazing giveaway! I’d take my bag on my upcoming trip to Australia! I’m a little nervous about the long flight, and I know being well organized will help!

  531. Out of town work trips.

  532. I’d use for every day work!

  533. I’d use it daily at work.

  534. I’d take it to work!

  535. I’d wear it everywhere. To/from work to/from professional organization meetings would have the most impact for me.

  536. I’d wear it to work every day, and in my dream life weekend trips abroad.

  537. To and from the office and court and around town with the baby.

  538. Katie Miller :

    I would wear my Lo and Sons bag with me everywhere I go. I’ve been lusting after one of these bags since you first started posting about them on this site!

  539. ElizabethN :

    I’d wear it with joy (as much joy as possible, I suppose) to the office each day, and I’d be tempted to convert it to a gym bag on weekends…but probably would find a reason to buy a second for the gym clothes!

  540. Perfect and professional! I would take the bag with me to NYC and Chicago plus wear it to and from the office when I have a gym class later that day!

  541. I’d start with my upcoming Chicago trip, and go from there.

  542. In House Counsel :

    I’d use my Lo and Sons bag to have a more streamlined way to carry all that I need for work or I’d get the camera bag for travel!

  543. On every business trip (and some personal ones, too!).

  544. I’d wear my new Lo & Sons to and from the office and on every business trip I take!

  545. I’d wear it for work, especially on event days when I end up carrying Everything Everywhere.

  546. I would wear my new Lo & Sons bag on every business/weekend trip I take!

  547. I would love to replace my everyday canvas tote with a Lo & Sons bag – I’d take it everywhere!

  548. I would wear my new Lo & Sons bag on all the work trips I have scheduled this fall! I love my black brookline I use now. I take it with me everywhere.

  549. Seems like the perfect travel bag! I would take it with me everywhere!

  550. I’d definitely wear my new bag on my forthcoming trip to NYC!

  551. I would take it on my honeymoon in October!

  552. I’d use this for all of my upcoming travel to stay organized AND stylish, from the plane straight to my meetings.

  553. I’d use it on weekend trips and at school. The gray is gorgeous!

  554. On work trips and weekends away!

  555. I would the OG all the time as a transport bag.

  556. I’d use it on work trips, which I have entirely too often…

  557. Definitely perfect for hauling my life around on the daily… I carry giant bags.

  558. Work trips and weekend trips!

  559. I would wear the bag to work and for the weekend trips I am constantly taking to attend friends’ weddings!

  560. Love this bag! I’d use it for work and travel!

  561. On my next work trip: Vancouver!

  562. To conferences where I’m usually the youngest attendee. Nothing says adult professional like a good bag!

  563. Everywhere! I’m not even kidding, I’m a writer and I need something that fits my laptop, notebook, pens, reading book, phone, chargers, shades, and a snack~

  564. It think everywhere! It’s formal enough to wear to top business meetings as well as informal enough for travel.

  565. To haul my gym clothes and shoes to work.

  566. On a vacation to northern Italy!

  567. It’s my traveling desk — I’d wear it everywhere!

  568. This bag is perfect for the businesswoman running the show! It’s sleek, professional, and functional (which I couldn’t say about most options on the market right now). I would love using it this fall as a student leader in my MBA program leading career exploration treks for first year students and on my own recruiting trips, so I could whisk in and out of airports and cabs while looking as smooth and confident as I like to think I do.

  569. I would take my Lo & Sons bag with me to court! Every lawyer needs a great tote.

  570. Perfect for a weekend trip to the Russian River! Or maybe to go to work. Maybe all the time!

  571. Where wouldn’t I wear it?! I wear a huge bag every day and would make this my go-to bag!

  572. To work and travel!

  573. I’d definitely take this bag everywhere, but it looks so particularly helpful for keeping everything together on long days where I’m working from the hospital while my husband receives treatment.

  574. I’d wear this to work and on shopping trips!

  575. To travel! The bags wear like iron (I have the OG), and I’d love to have a smaller bag that wears just as well to carry around during the day.

  576. To kick a$$es at my corporette job.

  577. I’d love to wear this to work. My old work bag is just too roomy, and things like lipstick, pens, and keys end up everywhere. This looks like the perfect size.

  578. Would definitely wear this bag to my grad school classes. Just enough room for a laptop, books, and the other necessities.

  579. I’d use it to tote a change of clothes between my jobs with different dress codes!

  580. It would be great for work and travel!

  581. I would wear my new bag for travel- it looks perfect for packing everything on overnight trips. And I’d use it for long days at the office when I go to the gym after. This bag is so versatile!

  582. This would be my new everyday bag. Raising a newborn in the city means I am constantly juggling my purse and the baby’s diaper bag. It would be so nice to have a bag big enough to condense everything into one.

  583. Work

  584. It would be so nice to have the Lo and Sons OG bag to travel back and forth to work!

  585. I would definitely use it for commuting every day.

  586. I’d wear it while traveling.

  587. I would wear my Lo and Sons bag to every client appointment, office meetings, networking, and family events! I’m excited to win!

  588. To daycare, to work, to gym!

  589. Perfect for work! Big enough for gym.

  590. I would use this for school

  591. Vacation because it’s so practical. But honestly, everywhere!

  592. Planespotter :

    The Lo & Sons bag is perfect work and play. It would for sure replace my existing handbag with it. I’ll throw in a little clutch to pull out for errands and it would keep all my everyday “stuff” so well organized!

  593. I’d use it all the time – I need a new bag to schlep baby stuff around. Who knew how much stuff you have to haul when you leave the house with a little one!

  594. to the office and traveling!

  595. I would wear this bag when going to conferences!

  596. Wanderlust :

    I’d wear my new bag to my NEW JOB that I start next week!

  597. I would wear this bag to work and on business trips.

  598. I would bring my new bag on travel to all my oral arguments!

  599. I’d wear it on my two mile walk to work at my university.

  600. In addition to wearing the bag everyday for work, it would come with me to a conference in Vancouver. Also since I also deal with daycare drop off and pick up, I can finally put my kiddo’s snacks in their own compartment so I don’t accidentally grab Cheerios instead of a pen :/

  601. i’d wear it to work and hopefully on new job interviews!

  602. I would wear it to work – it looks like it would fit in well at the office. :)

  603. I just received and converted my beautiful leather bag to the OMG one. Big difference in weight. Good organization features.

  604. To work, of course!

  605. I’d carry the O.M.G. everywhere. To work, to the gym, out of town. It has such a great shape.

  606. I would wear my black pearl with gold hardware and camel interior to a romantic cliffside restaurant during my vacation in Capri where I pretend to be a socialite trying to get away from it all.

  607. Business overnight trips, now that I don’t travel 4 days every week!

  608. Business trips, weekend trips… I’d probably use it all the time, actually.

  609. As a medical student in a long-distance relationship, I’d use it to carry my books and medical instruments to class/clinic daily and for weekend trips to see my SO!

  610. I’ve been wanting the black OMG for over a year but this new heather one also looks amazing . I recently graduated college and started a new job. This bag would be my everything. I would take it to work and then the gym, it would be my constant travel companion home and to friend’s weddings.

  611. I would wear it going to and from meetings with all the things I have to carry. Laptop, phone, water, notebook…the list goes on.

  612. I’d wear it for every airplane trip!

  613. Ashley Hurley :

    I’d use my bag for work!!

  614. Christina :

    It would go everywhere as a cute, functional diaper bag!

  615. I would be replacing my worn out handbag + reusable-bag combo! (unprofessional, I know..)

  616. To my new professor job!

  617. I’d wear it for my next work trip (San Diego!).

  618. Great bag! I would use it for traveling.

  619. Getting me to the gym after the office (anything will help)

  620. I would get a ton of wear out of this, but especially for my first 2-week work conference coming up in Korea! (eek!)

  621. I would use this as my every day work bag. I could probably even fit my lunch bag in it, so I could stop carrying a separate tote bag for that and looking like a weirdo bag lady!

  622. I would bring this bag everywhere with me. It’s perfect for work, a workout, or a vacation!

  623. I’d wear it to work at my new job!

  624. I have upcoming work in the Netherlands and Australia, and these bags look like a perfect solution for business travel!

  625. Finally replace my everyday bag that is so worn and that I had been searching for over a year for a replacement.

  626. anonomatopoeia :

    …for my honeymoon to Italy!

  627. I would wear it to work. Every day.

  628. I’d use mine for last minute weekend getaways to Atlanta that seem to be happening more and more often.

  629. CharleneD :

    I would use this bag daily for work, as well as weekend trips!

  630. This bag would be great for my 1.5 hour commute!

  631. ElizabethCS :

    I would use this bag for weekend trips, and for when I have a lot to tote to the office! Thanks for the giveaway!

  632. I would use it to commute to work on the train. I am one of the brave souls using public transportation in Texas and I am always looking for a way to carry my heels back and forth since I wear tennis shoes or boots on the train. This bag looks PERFECT!

  633. I’d take it to and from work!

  634. Been burning the midnight oil at work lately; if I have to bring work home at night it would at least soften the blow to be able to tote it in such a stylish bag (instead of the utilitarian canvas tote I’m using now).

  635. Danielle Day :

    I’d wear it anywhere I want to look polished–so even if I discover banana fingerprints on my suit (true story) I’d still be considered professional!

  636. To work everyday!

  637. To work and the gym!

  638. Karen Blouin :

    To my next interview as I climb the corporate ladder!

  639. Everywhere! It looks so great for travel, and I think it’d make a great work bag too.

  640. to work everyday and travel

  641. Anywhere (almost), everywhere (again, almost)!

  642. To work, gym, family vacations, work trips…

  643. I’d wear it everywhere! Need a new bag that can go from work to gym to weekend casual.

  644. Samantha O :

    I’d love to carry this bag to my first day in court as a licensed attorney after I (hopefully) pass the Illinois bar exam! And then I’d carry it everywhere after that as well!

  645. I’ve read about dressing for the position you want, so I would retire my current discount store special and wear this right into my next promotion!

  646. I would take this bag EVERYWHERE! Work, home, shopping, library, travel. YESSS!

  647. I’d wear it when traveling for work to look sharp and stay organized, or at least look organized!

  648. Drea Jones :

    I would take my bag on my work day trips! Those 15 hours days with two flights are the worst and an easy access, attractive bag would make it that much easier.

  649. It is clearly the perfect purse for traveling–the pockets, size, shape–ideal!

  650. This is the perfect bag for everyday use (work, travel, errands)!

  651. ALL OVER AUSTIN as I go about my day being a transactional attorney and then my pro bono and other charitable work for animal welfare!

  652. Alycia T. :

    It’s the perfect day bag to include all your essentials to tackle every day. I’d wear it to work, to the grocery store, to drinks with the girls, to dinner with my fiance – everywhere!

  653. I’d take it to federal and state courts throughout NJ & NY!

  654. Love the Brookline for stowing my work laptop! Or the Pearl for weekends!

  655. I’d use it always! I don’t like switching bags — I look for ones I’ll be happy with for a long time.

  656. I’d rock that heather bag to work everyday. I’ve wanted one for years!

  657. I would wear my bag all around downtown Chicago — everywhere from the Daley center for court, to Fulton Market for lunch and drinks, to River north or the South Loop Financial District for networking events…as it definitely is THE perfect combination of style-meets-function!

  658. This would be perfect for transporting a laptop and other essentials while traveling.

  659. I’d wear it to my first business trip to Europe!

  660. This bag is stylish and functional! It’s big enough for my daytime client meetings, as it would help me to carry all necessary documents and my laptop, and structured enough to double as a stylish tote for going out afterwards or Saturday errands!

  661. I would pack it to stay with my daughter for her upcoming surgery. Thank you! I love these bags!

  662. I’d wear the bag every day to work.

  663. I would wear this to work and out and about.

  664. I would take the bag everywhere! It would be my go to work bag and carry on bag when I travel.

  665. I would wear my new bag EVERYWHERE because I don’t have one! Somehow I’ve managed my wallet, keys, phone, and water bottle on my person for years. I just started law school so more specifically I’d wear it to class, networking events, and interviews and I’d be able to carry much more than just the essentials! :)

  666. Elizabeth :

    I’d look so stylish at work!

  667. This looks like a perfect bag for my trip to Chicago this fall!!

  668. how about everywhere! I have one Lo & Sons bag and absolutely love it and get complimented on it all the time. Would love to add another to my collection!

  669. I would wear this beautiful bag on all trips, business or pleasure!

  670. I’d wear it to my upcoming vacation with the family to Miami beach – the OG bag looks like the perfect bag for hiding all the stuff a mom needs to carry and still travel in style!!!

  671. Cat O'Brien :

    Every day to the office

  672. izabelakc :

    I’d wear it to work, conferences and to cart the kids around.

  673. I’m wedding planning in another state right now. This would be perfect personal bag to go with my carry-on for all the flights I’m having to take.

  674. I travel for work a lot and this bag would certainly come in handy!

  675. I will wear my L&S’ bag to all my parties and business trips, including movie night outs!

  676. Ruthy Sue :

    I’d love to use it for my go-to work bag, and especially on my next trip to visit my dearest friends in New York!

  677. Trisha #2 :

    It would go to Seattle and Chicago in September alone, and Atlanta and Miami before the end of the year, among others. Between Arlington, VA and Washington, DC on a daily basis :)

  678. Looks like a great work bag!

  679. Pretty much everywhere and anywhere. As a busy career mom of 4, I have never had such an amazing, high end, yet practical, bag. This beautiful piece would be with me at business meetings, traveling, shopping, and even at soccer games. I LOVE when an item sparks conversations, especially with new people. I could see this unique bag sparking lots of, “cute bag, where’d you get it?”, from colleagues, friends, and the chatty Cathy I always seem to sit next to at a conference. Oh ya, this bag was made for me!

  680. To work!

  681. L&S bags look so roomy and organized! I’d wear my bag to grad school and then to work after graduation!

  682. I would wear the bag all through fall and winter here in Minnesota to keep everything dry and comfy warm.

  683. I’m on my second bag – each has lasted about 1.5 years (which is a record for me) and I’d love another!

  684. Weekend trips for everything, longer trips as my carry-on!

  685. i’d use this for weekend trips and when i have a lot to bring to work :)

  686. Treehugger :

    I’d wear it to work everyday!

  687. I’d use the bag on my anniversary trip to Hawaii, assuming my work doesn’t keep me from being able to go. In which case, I’ll probably just end up using the bag for work travel.

  688. I’d use the bag for grad school first, and during travel for job interviews.

  689. i would use it for conferences- looks like it would fit my laptop, pump and pump parts fairly easily!

  690. I’d love to use the bag for work!

  691. I think the OG would be the perfect commute bag for me – I’ve used plenty and even resort to using a backpack at times but I feel that this bag would really suit my needs.

  692. The OMG would be great for commutes and weekend trips.

  693. I would bring it on my trip to Napa with my new husband!

  694. I would wear it to my future interviews and hopefully new job! I’ve been on the hunt since December and am always bag-shy because I can’t afford something professional and sturdy, this would be the perfect solution/confidence boost!

  695. The real question is where WOULDN’T I wear it??? Love Lo & Sons!

  696. I would take it in the car, to a bar, on the streets wherever I are… I might not be poetic but I do know a great bag that would look amazing with everything when I see it!

  697. I date internationally and travel for work, so the OMG is my everyday bag. Unfortunately, my current model is nearing the end of its lifetime after two years of wear and tear.

  698. Anu Parvatiyar :

    From Paris to Puerto Rico to Abuja to back home in San Francisco, I’ve flown 75,000 miles so far this year, and there’s no stopping in sight. Working in global public health means you’ve got to be ready to go where the work takes you. I’m constantly on the hunt for functional, well-built bags that don’t scream “backpacker”. I’d love to take a Lo & Sons bag from a polio campaign in Kano (September) to a conference in Cape Town (November), and beyond.

  699. As a busy mom, with another one on the way, I’d use my Lo & Sons bag as a purse/diaper bag. A stylish way to keep everything organized and in one place!

  700. Elizabeth :

    I would wear it to my new job – which I start in a couple of weeks after 20 years with my current employer. I discovered while researching tips on going after executive level jobs, and feel like I couldn’t have achieved this without Corporette’s tips and confidence boosters!

  701. This would be the perfect bag for court!

  702. I would take it to Capitol Hill to lobby on behalf of science!

  703. I’m heading to Scotland for my honeymoon and would love to take a lightweight bag!

  704. Audrey Cheng :

    I’d wear it while traveling!

  705. I’d wear it out with friends on our upcoming staycation in Washington DC!

  706. AssociateInDC :

    I’d bring it on my weekend trip to NYC in October!

  707. I’d wear my bag to Pilates during my lunch break

  708. Ooh, I’d wear it on my girls’ trip to Bermuda!

  709. Philanthropy Girl :

    I’d wear this lovely thing to seminars and conferences!

  710. Gorgeous! I’d wear the bag to work… to put all my extra stuff in and still look put together!

  711. I would wear it to any future settlement conferences.

  712. To and from work in my bike basket!

  713. For work and play!

  714. I’d take it to work so I can quit carrying multiple bags and looking like the crazy bag lady.

  715. Midwest in house :

    Everywhere! To work and for short weekend trips.

  716. I would take my bag on business travel so everything could stay organized.

  717. Jennifer T :

    To work and finally to the gym to make my new year’s resolution happen in September.

  718. I would wear the bag to work. I’ve recently been promoted into a job which provides a laptop and work-from-home so I need an adorable bag to carry back-and-forth with!

  719. On my honeymoon in Austria and France.

  720. I’d wear it to law school and to the gym!

  721. I would wear it when crushin’ the competition in court!

  722. To work, to work I go!

  723. I would commute to and from work with this bag, and attend conferences and seminars.

  724. The OMG seems like it would work for both my commute and for family adventures with our preschooler on the weekends.

  725. I would take the bag to a work conference in Cancun in October!

  726. every day to the new job I hope to get this fall?

  727. During the week I would rock this bag to work, carrying all my teaching supplies. On the weekends, I would rock it as a diaper bag/purse.

  728. I would wear it to work, on trips with and without the kids, and to the gym.

  729. Karen Wilkins :

    I would wear it to work through the week and as a combo purse/diaper bag on the weekends.

  730. I’d wear to work and the gym now and France next year.

  731. Jennifer H :

    I would wear it to go to museums, antique/flea markets and vintage stores.

  732. I’d wear this to and from choir rehearsals. So few of my bags can hold an over-sized folder or score.

  733. This would be a great overnight bag, or carry-on for business trips. All the compartments mean I can bring “my life” with me!

  734. To job interviews! And hopefully to the job I would get while carrying it.

  735. I would wear it to the first day at my new job on Sept 14th!

  736. Mrs. Jones :

    I would wear my new L&S bag to run errands and travel better!

  737. Business travel!

  738. The perfect carry on bag for my overpacking tendencies!

  739. I’d wear my bag to school!

  740. I’d carry it on my business trips!

  741. Ronnie NY :

    I’d wear my bag to work every day. Perfect!

  742. To work…I have a long commute and haul EVERYTHING. I’d also wear it on weekend trips!

  743. I travel between offices during the day and ONE of these great bags will replace the three I carry

  744. Where wouldn’t I wear this?! I have the Catalina by L&S and it comes with me on every weekend trip already! So excited to see a non-nylon version of their classic OG & OMG bags! They really are perfect.

    I travel for work a lot and love that these slide over the handle of a suitcase for a pulled-together and stylish look.

  745. Work travel: perfect for trips where you have a tight connection and must have everything with you.

  746. As a law student, I’d use my new Lo & Sons bag to carry my books and papers to class!

  747. to work daily!

  748. I would take the omg or og to work, because I carry everything in my purse.

  749. Would love to have the OMG for my next adventure!

  750. OMG to work and gym, every day!

  751. I would take it to work each day and then to the gym afterwards, putting the gym clothes in the side pocket that expands in the inside of the bag.

  752. To work everyday, and for travel!

  753. I would use this bag everyday to tote my work stuff, lunch, and workout gear for the gym after work.

  754. I’d use it for the everyday commute, but I’d love it for business travel!

  755. I would wear it on the plane every week, since I travel frequently for business. It is the perfect travel bag!

  756. I’m a full time MBA student, so I would love one for classes and traveling.

  757. This bag would come in handy as I travel to visit family in the West, Europe, and Africa.

  758. I’d use it for work as I dream of using it for travel!

  759. I just started a job that’s going to involve business trips, so it’s probably perfect timing to get one of these bags to take on long-haul flights.

  760. To spin class/training for the long winter months. Would make me happy every time I saw it!

  761. I’d use it for work and travel as I have many business trips coming up!

  762. I’d use it for the business travel I’m doing this fall!