Deal Alert: Major Sales at The Outnet

major sales at the Outnet

I happened to check out The Outnet today and they are having MAJOR sales — lots under $100. I’ve done a bigger roundup below (after the jump), but just to give you an idea of how good the sale is, these are the stats on the items pictured above (lucky sizes only, of course, as well as final sales):

Lots of stuff from brands like Tibi, MarniJoseph, and Iris & Ink. Lots of swimwear and leggings, too. This $30 DvF scarf is also pretty great,

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  1. Ideas for Stress Relief/Self Care :

    I’ve learned I will be promoted to a senior leader in my company in the next few months, and should be receiving a considerable bump in pay. While I hope to use most of it to fund college tuition for children and retirement, I also know this job will carry also carry a ton of stress with it. Trying to decide if there is some life hack I should use the pay increase to fund, that takes the form of self care. Monthly massages? A personal trainer who comes to my house? Acupuncture? I have a house cleaner already, use a meal planning and shopping service, and get mani/pedis on the regular, so those are covered.. What is the single best thing you do to take care of yourself and alleviate work stress, that you would use a little extra cash to fund? All ideas welcome!

    • I have a weekly massage booked and I end up cancelling it about 2x a month so it works out to about twice a month. I work out a lot so it helps me for that and also for feeling good. For me, if I sleep enough and exercise I can handle just about anything. If either sleep or exercise goes away for more than a day or two, I get cranky and then overwhelmed. The other thing that I do for self care is exercise with friends — the ladies I swim and bike with (swim 5-6 am a couple times a week, bike a couple hours on a weekend day when I can) are my tribe and my friendships with them sustain me. Right now I’ve got some work stress, one of my kids is causing me a bunch of stress, and my mother’s dementia is getting worse and I’ve got to figure out how to handle her care situation. None of it is ideal but as long as I sleep and exercise I can stay more or less chipper and all goes pretty well. Congrats to you and good luck!

    • Anonymous :

      Ideas, I would like a position like this. Can you share with us how you were able to secure such a great job? This would also be helpful for those of us who are starting out without any real-life experience in the workforce. It would also be great to know if we have any kind of a chance at such a senior position of we do not have any connections. What if anything (outside of the ordinary) would you suggest we do to be considered for such a position? Please to give good advice to us! Thank you in advance!

    • I agree with monthly massages! They really help me through the stressful times, physically and emotionally.

  2. Thanks! I bought that DVF scarf.

  3. Gorgeous dresses!

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