Deal Alert: Early Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Early PicksEarly Access to The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just started for cardholders! If you’re unfamiliar with the sale, do check out our guide — the 411 is that fall merchandise is being marked down early, for a limited time; prices will go back up after the sale ends. I’m going to be poking through the sale in more detail later this morning, but I pulled out some early picks from the sale catalog that I liked for work… Readers, what are you liking in the sale this year? Are you excited for anything in particular?  What do you think of our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Early Picks?

Updated 8/3!  

Pictured at top:

  • beige pump (five colors!), now $80; will be $120 after the sale ends
  • black bootie, now $105; will be $158 after the sale ends (four colors)
  • black tote (a new twist on a classic, in multiple colors!), now $129; will be $198 after the sale ends

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Early Picks for Work

Pictured above:

  • green merino cardigan (NINE seven colors!), now $50; will be $79 after the sale ends
  • ruffle skirt, now $59; will be $89 after the sale ends
  • plaid pants, now $149, will be $228 after the sale ends
  • a mixed stripe popover blouse (great layering piece for fall!), now $150; will be $229 after the sale ends
  • investment suit from Boss – blazer now $395; will be $595 after the sale ends; pants now $184; will be $275 after the sale ends

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Early Picks Great Laptop BagAnd one more early pick from the sale because it’s kind of a great deal: this classic tote with removable laptop sleeve. It’s $284 in the sale right now, but will be $428 after the sale ends. Available in black and a pretty Atlantic blue. Oh, and I just found this merino wool sweater blazer for $164 and love it (not pictured).

Ladies, what are you excited to get at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year? Stay tuned for a more complete roundup later today!


  1. Anon in sv :

    Currently reisisting the Boss purple suit but I may cave. Jacket, dress, skirt. Do we think that’s too weird for major federal court cases?? So much good Boss and it’s starting to sell out already in 0.

    Always in love with the Armani jersey. Someday. Ha.

    Bummed the Classiques suit doesn’t have a skirt. Bought the black and white “suiting dress” but didn’t see a jacket??

    Bought the Lafayette 148 Amalie Finesse long sleeved full skirt dress to try on in store. The site says best for apple or straight figures, but I’m a pear. It’s so pretty… but probably will get returned.

    Almost no pumps. Bought the Tory Burch ones (yay block heels) but I’m not keen on that giant logo. Tons of booties.

    Lots of asymmetrical things. Got the Halogen coat and the Caslon sweater.

    Way too much cold shoulder stuff.

    • I bought the Boss purple suit skirt and jacket, but not the dress. If the suit fits and some other purchases don’t, I may go back and buy the dress. The color is beautiful, but I’m not sure I can pull off eggplant dress + eggplant blazer, so I would wear them as separates anyways. FWIW, I don’t think the suit is too weird for federal court cases, unless the color turns out to be brighter than what’s displayed on my computer.

    • Not too weird for federal court, especially if it’s a trial and one of several suits you’re wearing. That eggplant is a gorgeous (but muted/conservative) color on my computer screen.

      I wish the cold shoulder trend would shrivel up and die.

    • I think the color is great for federal trials — interesting but conservative. My only hesitation is the cut of the skirt. I think the curved seams will make things too curvy (for me — probably not a problem on a straighter figure).

  2. Grilled cheese :

    Someone talk me into/out of the Tumi Voyager carry on. I know Tumi has a great reputation (and I have a well-loved shoulder bag) but the material seems so light that it must be too good to be true! Anyone have this bag? Is it the carry on of my dreams? I typically travel 2 nights, 3 days for work…will it fit a 2 outfits, toiletries, and workout clothes and shoes?

    • It’s a great bag. I have that and a Briggs & Riley, and like the B&R slightly better, because of one feature–it has a mesh panel that zips out of the outside front to hold a jacket, which is just so incredibly clutch for Winter travel.

    • I had it and loved it for weekend personal trips- I don’t think it’s tough enough for weekly business consultant style travel.
      If you don’t stuff it absolutely full of stuff, the top isn’t exactly flat, so you may have a hard time balancing a bag on top- even one with a suitcase handle sleeve like the lo and sons bags.

      • But it’s will definitely fit the things you’ve named above- I used mine for weeklong trips answer was fine. I have since moved to an away carry on- at that price point, and since it’s less delicate, I’m less hesitant about gate valet checking on CRJ’s.

  3. I was pretty underwhelmed by NAS, especially on the shoe front–I don’t do booties, and there were a ton! I will probably do my usual stock up on undies and tights and call it a day!

    • KateMiddletown :

      Next year (I say that b/c my gal is booked up thru the sale), find a shopper and let her know how much you have budgeted/what you want to invest in during the sale. I tell my lady I want a new suit and a few cute seperates for work and she sets me up in a fitting room w/ whatever I need. She knows the way things fit so I don’t screw around with Caslon and Halogen/juniors sized items.

      • I’m a tall, and I so most Nordstrom clothes don’t fit me, except a few brands (or short-sleeved things–I’m short-waisted so I can wear regular stuff). I wouldn’t want to waste a shopper’s time.

        I am always disappointed in Nordy’s Tall offerings, but I have a good friend from b-school who is a VP of Strategy there, and she says they will never, ever carry a lot of Talls because it doesn’t make sense financially. Sad panda. I have been shopping for shoes there since I was a crazy size a child (had size 10AAAA feet by fourth grade!), and am so glad they carry my giant Size 12 shoes!

        • So sad about the talls selection not getting better any time soon — it seems like at the places that offer tall lengths (AT, BR, J Crew), those are always the lengths that sell out first. Clearly there are a lot of us!

        • KateMiddletown :

          I’m tall-ish @ 5’10” but Classiques is typically tall enough for me (I wear a 10.) All the dresses are the real problem – I love the knit Eliza J etc. but can only wear the midi- ones that are in fashion right now.

          • I’m 5’10 too and agree on Classiques, but the waists on Ted baker, tahari, Eliza j, and Vince Camuto are always way too high on me.

            I’m annoyed that items that are available at J crew in tall are never carried at Nordstrom’s.

  4. I know there are so many great deals to be had, but I just can’t with buying fall clothes when it’s 99 degrees out with 80% humidity!

    Though, this would be a good time to stock up on socks, bras and undies. Any favorites from other ‘rettes? Especially for socks — I’m looking for those little footie things that actually stay on my giant feet!

    • Weirdly, the only ones that have worked for me are the mens ones from the Gap. I guess enough men go “sockless” now that they finally decided to make bigger sizes.

    • The Natori Feathers bra is popular for a reason – I couldn’t believe how much better my chest looked compared to my old bras!

      • Anonymous :

        That bra is legit life changing.

      • CleverGal :

        Trolling the sale for decent professional looking maternity items to wear at work (especially because they rarely go on sale). I’m going to be pregnant in Chicago, at my hugest when it’s freezing out.

  5. Sitting in my cubicle in tears today. Yesterday I received a call from a recruiter for a dream in house job that I recently applied for. Apparently, she wanted to tell me that while the hiring manager like me she needed someone more senior in the role, but she wanted to “keep me in the recruiting pipeline for other positions”. I long for the days when potential employers just shot you a canned rejection letter. I am 44 a perma-temp and live with a cat. Suicide is really starting to look like a good option.

    • Maudie Atkinson :

      Please go see a doctor immediately and tell them you are feeling this way. Professional disappointment is totally understandable and valid, but your reaction suggests you are not well. There is no shame in getting help.
      Also, if you feel comfortable, please post what city you are in. I’m sure someone can recommend a place you can get help.

      • Thank you for the concern. It’s not just this job, I have been working as a legal contractor for SINCE 2102 and no one will give me a break. I am doing substantive work here – compliance, contracts ect not document review. No matter how well I interview “they” always have a PC excuse readily at hand not to hire me. The truth is I am female, too old, not from a favored ethnic group, and not from an Ivy League school. Frankly, the only help am looking for at this point is a “how to” manual on how to do the deed in the least messy way possible.

        • Call a suicide hot line or go to the emergency room

        • In-House in Texas :

          Please don’t give up. I was in similar shoes. Didn’t go to a reputable law school and I’m a minority in my 40s. I worked for the govt for 10+ years but had to get out. So I took a quasi-legal job for a big company working in their compliance group. I LOVED that job, and that help me get into a traditional legal in-house position at another company. I just needed that exposure to corporate compliance. You can do this! Please get some help as others have suggested. Sending hugs!

      • Agreed. This goes deeper than the job. See a doctor, a therapist, a pastor/minister/etc (if you’re religious). Where there is life, there is hope. You are worthy.

    • +1 to Maudie Atkinson. Please reach out for help.

    • Aunt Jamesina :

      I’m sorry you didn’t get the job you wanted. Please get help! I’ve been where you are and it’s so, so hard.

    • Please talk to someone and get help. There is no shame and you are worth it! I’ve been in your shoes and needed help to get on an anti-depressant. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255

    • S in Chicago :

      Just a quick note to say I’ve totally been there. I remember doing a video interview, going in for a meeting with the team and hitting it off with of them, having HR call me back and begin talking details of timing for start and and then being given a 5 min phone interview with the head of the department who had been dealing with a last-minute personal crisis on the morning I met with the team. About 5 min. after that called ended, HR called to tell me they weren’t proceeding. Like–really? How bad did I suck on that call? You couldn’t at least give the dignity of waiting a few hours to tell me? I don’t know if automated is any better. A dear friend got an auto rejection on Thanksgiving and was totally crushed. I know it can feel impossible when you’re in the miserable process of job hunting, but FWIW I am in a total unicorn job right now and count my lucky stars that the earlier opportunity hadn’t worked out. I wouldn’t be where I am now, where I’m much more involved in strategy than I could have been and have complete ability to work from home whenever I please. The friend with the T-Giving blow-off is equally happy where she is now. She’s working for a much larger and more prestigious company in a higher role than the one she received the holiday rejection from (just goes to figure–it’s truly sometimes right timing, right situation). Anyway, hang in there. It may feel really isolating at times, but no one loves the interviewing process. It’s just set up to be kind of soul crushing I think.

    • I’m sorry you got this bad news. I got some good advice from someone on this site that careers are long; they have highs and lows. Two years ago I ended a 7 year bad streak, which I thought was going to last forever. Please don’t give up. Getting the interview means you’re doing something right!

    • Stop, you are a wonderful person! Do not worry, either you will find your dream job. Today is a bad day, and we all have them. Tomorrow will be a better day for you. Keep your chin up, as you have the POWER of the HIVE behind you!

    • Please go to a doctor/ call a friend/ hug your cat.

      A lot of us (probably all of us) have been in crappy career situations. I’ve gone years where I’ve felt completely hopeless. It is just a job though. It doesn’t define you.

  6. First time that I walked away with an empty cart. The suits I liked didn’t have pant and skirt options, dresses and skirts with top to bottom back zippers and oh so much crushed velvet. The discounts aren’t that great either.

    • I can’t seem to add anything to my cart. Getting timed out. 8:30am west coast time.

      • Twice I’ve put items in my cart and then got an error message and an empty cart. I guess today I’ll save some money.

  7. Also underwhelmed. I’m surprised that most of what’s on the sale seems to be identical to previous years. There really are almost no new cuts or styles. The closest thing, I guess, is that there are more block heels. But I feel like I already own most of what’s shown.

    • I felt like I just don’t like all the new cuts and styles–bell sleeves, key-hole, cold-shoulder, ruffles everywhere. Then I already own something close to the more classic pieces. I bought the Boss gray suit to replace a Boss gray suit that looks identical. The previous Boss gray suit is 8 years old and has been a work horse, but it is showing signs of wear, which isn’t great for my interview/court suit.

      • Actually yes, that’s probably a fair point. I totally scrolled right by the bell sleeves and cold shoulder tops (because EWW, why will that trend not die!). I guess I should be happy though that my booties are “in” at least one more season.

      • KateMiddletown :

        Yep. I think I’ll be replacing my old Classiques grey watch plaid and that’s about it. (But that plum Boss one tho… unfortunately it sounds like everyone else likes it, so I’ll see it on every N shopper in town.)

      • anon in SV :

        Yep, I also scrolled past all the bell sleeves, cold shoulders, ruffles galore, random sheer insert tops, 90s-redux ribbed, and all those tunic tops designed to be worn with leggings. Which left a decent amount of boring workhorse clothing, which is what I actually need anyway.

  8. Diana Barry :

    Trying to check out and the webs*te keeps crashing. Grr!

    • The website crashed on me when I clicked “purchase,” but my order went through. Just FYI so you don’t double-charge.

    • I can’t even access the sign-in page. Harrumph.

    • Why do I even want to shop this stupid sale? I’ve been trying all morning to check out. Ugh.

      • Me too and six hours later, I’m done. I’ve been signed out repeatedly, had my basket emptied repeatedly, and the one time I accessed checkout it crashed. To h3ll with Nordstrom. Too annoyed to go back later. Today I saved money not spent.

    • So frustrating. This happens every year and you would think they’d work on their IT to prevent it. But no. I think they’re ok with it because it increases the mystique/urgency.

  9. I had the same thoughts…yawn.
    There are a few items I wanted to stock up on, but the site keeps freezing and crashing. I’m sure by the time it’s resolved, the items I would have wanted will be gone. Hrmph.

  10. I’m not not super impressed. Enough already with the ruffles and crazy sleeves! Those Halogen cardigans have been a real wardrobe staple for me (they hold up MUCH better than similar sweaters from Banana Republic or Ann Taylor), but they don’t have them in petite sizes this year. Maybe they’ll show up later?

  11. I really want the Bella Vita Posie Ghillie Oxford in dark brown. I’ve been looking at this shoe for a while but don’t have the money, and now its finally affordable, it is sold out. So sad :(

    • Anon prof :

      Check back every once in a while. They add things back as returns come in.

    • Aunt Jamesina :

      If you install the Shoptagr plugin on your browser, you can set it to alert you when your preferred color and size are back in stock (and/or on sale!). It’s dangerous :-)

  12. Foolish Fox :

    Can anyone recommend a couple of brands I could look at for blazers? I am an extremely busty hourglass and borderline plus size. I usually wear a 16, 14W, or occasionally 16W. I would prefer things that are not too boxy. A little nipped in at the waist is much more flattering for me.

    • Foolish Fox :

      It is a bonus if they are nordstrom brands I can get on sale, but it would be very helpful either way.

    • I have a similar body type and wear Antonio Melani at Dillards – their basic workwear pieces have been flattering. I haven’t looked at the NAS to see what options might work there.

    • Anonymous :

      Have you tried Lafayette 148? They tend to cut well for your figure, but definitely on the more expensive side.

      • Foolish Fox :

        Oo, those do look like they might work for me. Little out of my price range for now, but maybe one day.

    • I’m shaped and sized much like you, and I’ve had good luck at Talbots. They carry 14, 16, 14W, 16W, and even plus petite. Sometimes I’ll have to try on all multiple sizes of the same style to figure out which works best, but I’ve found some real gems.

      • Foolish Fox :

        Do you know offhand which stores carry the brand?

        • Amother cusp size hourglass here. I have only found Talbots at its own stores.

          Also consider Kasper, which does misses and plus sizes. I generally find the pieces at Macy’s or on Amazon.

      • Same. Get yourself to a Talbots store and try on a bunch of things, both in Misses and Womens.

        Blazers/jackets that are meant to be open are helpful when you’re too busty for things to actually button, and zipper closures (ASL Tahari does a lot of these) are helpful for when you need something that closes.

  13. Just witnessed a shirt that was not only Cold Shoulder but Cold Armpit!

    Good grief, when is this trend going to end???

    • How does that even work???
      Send link- people need to know!

    • Foolish Fox :

      This shirt confused me.
      I like the front, but surprise in the back.

      • Ugh to this “different in the back” trend. you see a perfectly decent shirt and then realize- oops! this isn’t actually a full piece of clothing.

        • Foolish Fox :

          I have several shirts I like that have a split back, with a pattern underneath. I like those, but this is a useless shirt.

        • It reminds me of when I was in middle school and spaghetti straps were so popular, you couldn’t find a normal shirt. I’d walk out wearing one and my dad would harumph and say, “I hope you only paid half-price.” That’s about all the grief he gave me for it though.

    • Anonymous :

      Mildly related — I saw this iteration of Banana Republic’s best work shirt and shuddered. Please make it stop.

    • Aunt Jamesina :

      At least armpits (unlike shoulders) sometimes need to be aired out! Not that it makes it a good sartorial choice…

  14. Foolish Fox :

    Long cardigans seem to be in. Which I like personally, so I might snatch a couple up.

  15. Foolish Fox :

    Anything with the name “Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress” does not belong in the work clothing section. Just… no.

    • Anonymous :

      …seriously? Things like this make me wonder what the dress code is for the Nordstrom marketing department.

  16. White jeans :

    Are white denim bootcuts still stylish? I have a pair that fits well, but I haven’t been wearing for a while. Since the hip / waist fits, and since they are opaque, I wouldn’t mind having the tailor narrow them into straight legs. WWYD?

    • Anonymous :

      Bootcut anything isn’t stylish.

    • Thisperson1 :

      I don’t know about white, but you will have to pry bootcut jeans off my cold, wide hips…

    • I would wear them.

    • I had my (already 20 years old) white bootcut jeans tailored to skinny jeans by a good seamstress. Keywords: already 20 years old (quality) and good seamstress. I think bootcuts are fine though, FWIW.

    • I think they could be stylish as long as you wear them with heels (and they are the right length for heels). Plus, if bootcut works on your body, who cares whether or not it is “in”?

    • Country Biscuits :

      Agree with the others – they work for me, I wear with heels, they are summery.

    • White jeans :

      Thank you for your good suggestions. I’ve decided to keep the white bootcuts intact for now…if I don’t wear them at all this summer, I will narrow them in future.

  17. Wildkitten :

    So far all I am planning to get are moving comfort/brooks sports bras.

  18. Suggestions for basic high-waisted pencil skirts? (high enough that I can tuck in a button down shirt) I need one that isn’t black.

    • Jcrew Director pencil skirt in Super 120s wool. I have it in navy and it’s great for tucking in shirts and very flattering on my stomach pouch.

    • Calvin Klein pencil skirt. I have it in four colors and I’m thinking of getting it in a couple more. Sits at the natural waist. Very good quality for the price.

      • Anonymous :

        I have that skirt (with matching jacket) in 3 colors. It is terrific quality for the price, definitely bats above its league as far as suiting is concerned. If you’ve never tried it, highly recommend.

        • Paging skirts :

          How is the Calvin Klein skirt if you’re hippy? I’m petite, about 140 lbs, with fairly big hips and thighs.

          • Anonymous :

            Anon above with 3 CK suits, I’m pear shaped (definitely full through the hips and thighs) and the skirt fits great.

          • My hips are 38″ and I wear a 6P. I have a 9″ difference between my waist and hips and these fit me so well.

  19. Paging skirts :

    Thanks! Looking into ordering.

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