Suit of the Week: Classiques Entier

Classiques Entier Zola TweedFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

I’ve been eyeing this suit for weeks now for a possible Suit of the Week candidate — but now that it’s hit 40% off (and with a great size selection, still), it’s too good not to post. While colored suits aren’t for everyone, I love the texture and color depth for these tweed pieces, including the black banded trim. I could see each piece being a workhorse this season (tweed is huge for fall!) — and the pieces look lovely together. The jacket (Classiques Entier® ‘Zola’ Tweed Jacket) was $268, but is now marked to $160.80; the skirt (Classiques Entier® ‘Zola’ Tweed Skirt) was $168, now marked to $100.80. Nice.

Classiques Entier® 'Zola' Tweed Jacket Classiques Entier® 'Zola' Tweed Skirt



  1. Charlotte :

    I actually like the suit, but I would probably use each piece as a separate.

    Threadjack about kids’ birthday parties…. so I’m planning a party for my 7-year-old, featuring pizza and cake and maybe ice cream (for ease), and it occurs to me that one of the guests has allergies to wheat and egg. Has anyone here been in a similar situation (or is the mother of someone with food allergies) and who can give me some guidance as to what I can offer for him instead that won’t add hours of work to my schedule? Or any other advice? Am I overthinking this? Or do I let his mother (an acquaintance/friend) worry about this? Any advice is appreciated.

    • I’d ask the mother directly what are some good choices for him. I doubt she is going to ask you to create some labor intensive dish. I imagine she will appreciate your sensitivity and have some suggestions as to how they like to handle the situation.

      • +1 Also, I have to disagree with Maggie Lizer. I wouldn’t want to be offered salad and chicken while everyone else dug into pizza and cake! Maybe the mom knows of a bakery that also makes wheat-free items so you could get the boy a cupcake, and of a frozen pizza or other fun food he likes that he’ll enjoy eating with the other kids (but that won’t require you do to anything other than stick it in the microwave for a couple of minutes). I bet the poor boy often has to watch other people eat fun things he can’t have and I think it would be really thoughtful of you to provide something (not to mention being a great opportunity to teach your own kid about what it means to be a good host and make guests feel welcome!).

    • MaggieLizer :

      It’d be nice of you to offer some options for the child. Idk about kid-focused foods, but you could grab a salad in a bag (leave the dressing off), some pre-cut chicken breast strips (no breading, and it has to be real chicken, stuff with fillers usually has wheat), a veggie tray, and potato chips (regular ol’ Lays, not Cheetos or anything). If you don’t have gluten free dressing, you could ask his mom to bring dressing if they want it. Just be prepared that if you offer healthy foods a lot of the parents might want some too!

    • marketingchic :

      With a wheat allergy, the child’s parents are probably used to sending safe food and cupcakes along with the child to the party. That’s how I handle a lot of parties for my food-allergic kiddo.

      It would be a nice gesture to get ice cream the child can have along with the other kids – look for egg in the ingredients. I buy several Breyer’s flavors that don’t contain egg.

      Thank you for even asking about this!

    • anon-oh-no :

      my son cant do gluten, so we did an ice cream sundae bar instead of cake for his 6th birthday. It was a huge success. The kids loved being able to pick whatever toppings they wanted. I think this would work for egg allergy too.

    • I think this is nice of you to think about but I agree that the kid’s parent will probably take care of it (but agree that you should ask to make sure). Also, while having fruit and other things may be nice, so many things that are labeled “glutein free” actually aren’t that the parent may prefer not to risk it and just send the child with a pre-approved food. If the parents were sending food along, I would just try to add a fruit and veggie platter to round it out.

    • Charlotte :

      Thanks, everyone… the child’s mother actually emailed me about a half an hour ago about it, and we’re working it out. Apparently the pizza is fine (maybe he’s not allergic to wheat? I don’t know), and she’s going to bring him a cupcake. So apparently she always previews the food selection and makes adjustments as needed. Smart and thoughtful. Thanks again for everyone’s input.

      • HappyHoya :

        As someone with a serious food allergy, I so appreciate your concern for this child as your guest. When I was growing up, there wasn’t a lot of awareness, and it was pretty tough to enjoy social situations because of it. For children especially, it’s very difficult to feel like an outsider or in any way abnormal. So much of the time, there are fairly simple solutions and it’s just a matter of caring to know. While I don’t expect everyone to accommodate all the potential special diets out there, it really means a lot when people try to be inclusive. Thank you!

    • I am a mom of a child with allergies to egg and nuts (peanuts and tree nuts). Being included means a lot to kids of any age. If I were in your shoes, I would talk to the mom/caregiver of the food allergic child. Just being consulted helps the parent/caregiver manage the situation. Egg free ice cream is not too hard to find (generally the non-premium brands). I believe Turkey Hill is egg free (and some are wheat free) and their labeling is good. You can find gluten free pizza, but I would check with the child’s mom before you do that. If the child can have the ice cream along with everyone else, the parent of the food allergic child can probably send safe food. Best of both worlds–inclusion and safety and fun! And I agree with HappyHoya. You rock!

  2. My experience is that the parent of the allergy kid usually takes care of him/her. I’d let the parent know that you know that [kid] has allergies, you’re planning on serving x,y,z….does she have any suggestions as to what to serve [kid]? 9 times out of 10, mom will say–oh, don’t worry about [kid], I’ll send him with something he can eat…. For dessert, many of the allergic kids get packaged rice crispy treats as their substitute sweet (but YMMV).

    • +1

    • Anonymous :

      I would want someone to tell me if I said something that might be interpreted as offensive even if I completely didn’t intend for it to be taken that way, so I hope you understand that I don’t mean to suggest that your comment was at all mean spirited (because I’m sure it wasn’t), but referring to someone as an “allergy kid” is insensitive. An allergy is a medical condition. Applying a medical condition label to a person reduces them to being little more than their medical condition. It is dismissive of their humanness. This kind of labeling is especially troubling when applied to children. Language is powerful and I hope we can all agree that we should strive to avoid using language that is hurtful or degrading to anyone, and especially to children.

  3. Tax / accountant in Northern Virginia :

    Can anyone recommend a good tax preparer or accountant in Northern Virginia for help with a rental property there? I’m out of state now and it’s finally in the black, so I need someone just to do the VA aspect of the taxes. Thanks!

    • I am a CPA and just wanted to let you know that it isn’t necessary to get an accountant in VA soley based on the fact that your rental is there. I would recommend meeting with a CPA in person in your current city. A good CPA is able to accurately file returns in states other than the state they operate in. Word of advice – to keep your fees down I recommend making a spreadsheet summary of all income and expenses associated with the rental. I can’t tell you how many clients don’t understand why their tax return costs 3Xs as much as it should simply because they bring me a pile of crap.

    • I mistakenly reported your post, I’m not sure what that means.

      Also, you say above “I’m out of state now and it’s finally in the black, so I need someone just to do the VA aspect of the taxes”. I just wanted to point out that whether your rental is in the red or the black you should still be filing tax returns annually (both fed and state).

  4. Famouscait :

    I finally found a decent alternative to a Burberry quilted jacket, but need some help deciding on color:

    My climate is warm enough that I can wear it all winter to my business casual office. Purple is my favorite color, so I like the plum, but am a little concerned that it dresses-down the jacket. Would black or khaki be more appropriate? Thoughts?

    • Personally, I like the green.

    • LL Bean outerwear is great quality and made of lovely fabrics, but be prepared for it to run big.

    • I saw that jacket at the LL Bean store last time I was there and it looked really great – I’m considering it for myself.

      And if we’re playing what’s our favorite color – I’d go with the plum. But I don’t really think that outerwear needs to be all that formal for wearing to work – I mean, I doubt anyone cares whether the jacket you wear from the elevator to your desk is black or plum. But that’s just my opinion.

  5. anon-oh-no :

    I just bought this suit this morning — after Kat noted the sale in the TPS post, i took a look and found it. I think it will be fun for fall.

  6. Kat, all the comments keep disappearing, esp. in the last post. First all the early ones were gone, now all the later ones.

    • I think its because it went to two pages? I was confused by that too. Though if its a more general problem – then ignore me and carry on.

      • It was both. First they disappeared and then they disappeared differently, then after enough “refreshing” they appeared but on two pages. I am also having the comment number disparity issue again.

    • Also, I tried to post earlier and got a 504 error. Never saw that one before.

  7. Speaking of hosting, I need a vegetarian lasagna recipe for book club this week. Anyone got a good one? I’d like something I can prep the night before and stick in the oven after work.

    • I do but it’s at home. It’s been a while since I made it but it was very easy and delicious. I will try to post later tonight.

      • OK, it sounds like you’re in good shape with these other recipes but posting in case you want one more (and you can make this a day ahead):

        2 tb. butter
        3 tb. flour
        1.5 cups milk
        1/2 cup parmesan
        2 red bell peppers
        1 med. zucchini
        1 large tomato
        4 oz or so mushrooms
        6 uncooked lasagna noodles
        1.5 cups ricotta
        1 cup mozzarella
        salt & pepper

        Preheat oven to 350.

        Put the butter and flour in a small or medium saucepan and cook over med. heat, stirring frequently for ~ 3 min. or until it’s bubbly.
        Add 1/2 cup milk and stir till smooth. Add rest of milk and cook 7-8 min. or until it begins to boil. Remove from heat and stir in parmesan, season to taste with salt & pepper.

        Meanwhile, char the peppers on a stove burner until almost black on the outside. Peel off the charred skin with a paper towel. Cut in half & discard the seeds. Cut each half into 2-3 strips. (You could also take a shortcut and buy roasted peppers from the deli).

        Stem the zucchini, cut lengthwise into 1/8 inch thick slices. Cut the top and bottom off the tomato (discard) and cut the rest into 4 even slices. Slice mushrooms (1/4 inch thick or so).

        Spoon 1/2 of the sauce into the bottom of a square 8 inch pan. Cover with a layer of noodles. Arrange zucchini and spread 3/4 cup ricotta on top. Place peppers on top of ricotta and spread with 1/2 cup of sauce.

        Form another noodle layer and top with mushrooms. Spread remaining 3/4 cup ricotta over and top with rest of the sauce. Place tomato slices on top and cover with foil. (You can refrigerate at this point).

        Bake covered for 40 min. Uncover and sprinkle with mozzarella. Bake 10-15 min till lightly browned.

        Let stand 10 min. or so before serving.

        It’s really easy, though it sounds like a lot of steps when you write it out. This will feed 4-6 but you can double it if you want to do a big rectangular dish.

    • marketingchic :

      I made a spinach lasagna a few years ago from Cook’s Illustrated – it had a white sauce – it was unbelievable. You have to be a member to access their site, but googling might turn up the same recipe.

    • Anon in NYC :

      I’ve only made this in the slow cooker, but it was fabulous. I adapted it to suit my needs in terms of quantity of cheese (less), type of lasagna noodles (no boil whole wheat), etc. Here’s another variation of it:

    • Anon in NYC :

      My comment’s awaiting moderation, so I’ll try to revise my post.

      I’ve made this (in a slow cooker) and it was fabulous: I modified the recipe to reduce the cheese and I think I used no boil whole wheat noodles.

      Cooking Light has a slow cooker version too (google “pesto lasagna with spinach mushrooms”).

    • Veronique :

      Use your regular lasagna recipe, but layer roasted eggplants over the (meatless) tomato sauce. I also like to add veggies (onion, mushroom, carrots and kale are all options) to my tomato sauce when I make it.

      After trying it once, I now prefer “real” Italian lasagna, which uses bechamel sauce instead of the ricotta layer. My friends and I agreed that it was the best lasagna I’ve ever made and lasagna is one of my specialties. Even though my bechamel didn’t contain any cheese, it somehow made the lasagna taste cheesier and creamier than ever!

    • My favorite lasagna recipe is Fabio Viviani’s. He makes it with bolognese but you could easily substitute a sauce with mushrooms or spinach or other veggies. I love the fact that he doesn’t use ricotta or mozzarella. It is delicious!

    • SV in House :

      I used to make this spinach and pesto one a lot:

      Sorry for clicking “report” instead of “reply” at first!

    • This is a spring vegetable lasagna, but I’ve made it a few times for dinner parties and it’s delicious.

    • Mountain Girl :

      We like this spinach lasagna:

    • One of my favorite Cooking Light recipes

    • I’ve made this one before and it’s GREAT and not that hard:

    • So many yummy choices. Thanks!

  8. I love suits with a fun twist!

    Suppose Anything Goes

  9. Plumbing question:

    Plumber came by last weekend to deal w/one issue. Then recommended that the DH and I swap out the shut-off valves under our sinks and toilets.

    These are original to the house, so about 20yrs old.

    There are about 10-12 valves to replace if we do this and the plumber quoted $1900 all in. I live in NJ where everything is pricey but this sounds like a crock of sh#t to me. Am I just being a miser? Separate from that, how long do these valves last?

    I just left VMs w/ competing plumbers to sanity check the # but does anyone have experience w/ this?

    • My dad say’s NOT to do this now. When he was living in the BRONX, he knew a plummer who told him that plummer’s when they do NOT have alot to do, sugest that you replace thing’s that do NOT need to b/c they want to make busness for themselve’s. My dad says shut off valve’s do NOT wear out unless they were aluminum, not copper. So tell your plummer that you will got advise from my dad, who knows alot about plumming and he said that you should NOT get it.

      I am heading home now and may have to post from my iphone tomorow b/c I will be with my dad and he does NOT like it when I use his MacBook Pro. Rosa will be there also with the kid’s and Ed, so dad should be in a good mood for a change. Yay!

    • Did he give a reason for needing to swap them out? Like you were going from the kind that you have turn (they have a knob) to the kind that pops out/in?

      I’m pretty sure that those are the kind of thing that don’t really get changed unless they are having issues or you are doing some other sort of work in that area. But to change them just because? Sounds like a way to run up the bill to me.

      • Thanks for the responses.

        1) I am hampered a tiny bit bc I’m picking this up from the DH. He was the one who had the conversation w/the plumber. I said”hi” and went outside to pull weeds, only popping in later when the plumber (part of a large company in several counties in NJ) left his estimate. I didn’t grill him then and there bc I assumed DH did.

        I was wrong. DH didn’t ask too many questions. (Ugh! A stereotypical behavior that the unsavory elements in my industry – investment management – has happily exploited.)

        But no matter, I will call the original plumber and extract some answers which had better be forthcoming, and had better make sense.

        2)Low mineral content in this part of NJ, thankfully.
        Also, the valves are turn-types (they have knobs). AFAIK, I see no reason to swap them out w/pop-in ones unless they are on the verge of failing. So again, I need to talk to the original plumber.

        3)One competing plumber called back w/ a$1250 estimate. Nothing’s decided yet, but I am starting to gather more data points.

    • I just bought an $80 replacement water valve for my washing machine, and had to drop about $250 for a separate plumbing valve not long ago, so I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. But if you shop around (or buy the parts yourself and just hire a plumber for installation) you can probably save some significant coin.

      How long they last depends what they’re made of and what your water quality is like. High mineral content tends to shorten the lifespan.

  10. I think this suit is great for variety, but almost a neutral. But omg does that jacket need to be tailored!

  11. Magdeline :

    What, if anything, do you so when you arrive home to transition from working mode to relaxing mode? Lately, I’ve found myself having a hard time forcing myself to relax, and I feel like by the time that I feel able to wind down, it is already time for bed.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Any of these work well for me:

      – a LGP
      – exercise
      – cooking
      – long walk with dog

    • I change my clothes and have a gin and tonic.

    • I use the last 5 min of my workday to prep for the next day – check my calendar, gather docs, whatever I need. Then the drive/commute home is my transition. I call someone to vent, I make a mental list of todos for tomorrow, I use the speech part of my phone to dictate some brilliant idea that I’m afraid I’ll forget. And then 5 min from home I focus on home. Something I’m excited to do that night, what I’m planning for dinner, where I’ll take the dog on a walk, something I want to ask my husband. Even what DVR’d show I want to watch. Then when I walk in the door, I am already in home-mode and know I’m prepared for the next morning.

    • Olivia Pope :

      I immediately change into comfy clothes. And I mean immediately!

      • +1.

        Our good friends happen to be our neighbors. Whenever we hang out after work at each other’s apartment, we are always business casual above waist and sweatpants below waist.

      • lonestarlawyer :


        Then I make myself a snack and veg out on the couch and watch bad tv by myself for an hour before my husband gets home.

    • Orangerie :

      I try to get everything done for the next day before settling into relax/wind-down mode.

      Right when I get home, I change into sweats/pjs (or take a shower if I’ve come from the gym) and either iron my work clothes right away or hang them up on the back of my bedroom door to air out for a day before pressing. Then I pick and lay out my outfit for the following day, including placing the appropriate shoes by my purse and jewelry on my dresser. If I’m planning on working out the next day, I pack my gym bag and put it next to my purse and shoes.

      Then I go to the kitchen to wash the tupperwares I used for lunch that day and prep as much as I can for the next day’s lunch. After that I start making dinner and spend the rest of my evening relaxing by watching tv, reading, or catching up with a friend over the phone.

      • I am amazed at how organized some people are. I dont think I ever do the same thing on the same day (other than big-picture stuff – sleep, go to work) more than, say, two days a week.

    • Anne Shirley :

      I take my bra off and have a Taylor Swift singalong.

    • TO Lawyer :

      I pour myself a glass of wine if I’m going straight home after work and take a few minutes to sit on the couch and drink it while I figure out my next steps. (usually dinner…)

    • I try to escape the swarm of dogs and toddler long enough to change clothes. Then fix dinner/have some family time. So I don’t really get to relax until much later. Which generally involves an adult beverage and maybe a few minutes of conversation with DH.

    • Changing clothes. Adult beverage.

      Drop the work bag and start on dinner with DH.

      Talk about our days.

  12. Calibrachoa :

    Well, tomorrow is going to have an interesting fashion dilemma: I will be going straight from work to a retro gaming night at a punk pub.

    This is going to be interesting…

    • I feel like you need Lynne Stone’s reversible skirt and vest from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

    • So – is the wardrobe retro retro (like 50s) or retro punk (like 80s?) If its retro punk 80s – maybe switch out your skirt from work for some black leggings, find some leg warmers in a weird color, and throw on a leather jacket if you have one?

      Or skinny black jeans, big combat boots and a band t-shirt with the leather jacket….though I have no way you can make that work appropriate without just bringing the outfit in a bag with you to work.

      If its 50s retro, I feel like you’re on much safer ground with just throwing a blazer over an a-line dress for the day and then switching out the accessories before you go to the party.

      • Calibrachoa :

        There’s no wardrobe per se, it being a retro games night as in original NES, PS1, Dreamcast, etc – but it is held at a pub mainly populated by punks. (the punk isn’t dead, it just goes to bed at a reasonable hour type)

        I would be going for the black jeans and boots and top-switching approach if ot for the fact that due to me completely forgetting about this, I have o clean black jeans. *facepalm* the lack of doing laundry in my house in the past few weeks is biting me in a delicate area pretty hard here. So I am looking at my various dresses and pondering what can I get away with…

        • Brooklyn Paralegal :

          Late response, but if it’s a punk night, dirty jeans are totally acceptable.

          (Just kidding. Sort of.)

          Wearing a cute floral dress with boots is a very retro, nineties look. Channel some Kathleen Hanna/Bikini Kill fashion.

  13. My derm just recommended washing my chest 2X per day for acne. She recommended hopping in the shower at night (I normally only shower in the morning), which sounds like a big production to me. Does anyone have a less time-intensive alternative that won’t flood my bathroom?

    • Less time intensive than a 1 minute shower to wash only your chest?

      No, I don’t have anything less time-intensive than that.

      • really??? why the snark?

      • both the unnecessary snark and that I totally agree that it’s time intensive to shower, even if the actual under-the-water part only takes one minute.

        • +1 My boyfriend doesn’t understand why I dislike showering more than once a day (outside of work outs, etc.). It can involve putting the hair up, shower cap, etc., or washing and toweling/drying, plus applying lotion immediately after getting out, then finding another outfit that is clean and appropriate for whatever time of day it is, cleaning up whatever mess I make getting in and out of the shower, putting whatever I used post-shower away, blah blah. Perhaps I am lazy, but it’s just annoying if I am not actually stinky.

    • I suppose you could just use those face wipes on your chest but I love night showers. Besides the fact that it really makes more sense to shower before you get into your bed with all the dirt of the day on you, it’s really relaxing and I sleep much better after a nice, warm shower. I think it’s like anything else – seems like a big production at first, but quickly becomes routine (and it doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes and I wash while I’m in the shower so that saves time on that, too).

      • That should be “wash my face” in the last line. Obviously everyone washes in the shower.

        • Shower Cap! So dorky, but makes the quick shower easier, because your hair doesn’t even get wet. But I also do sponge/washcloth ‘wh0re’s baths’ over the sink all the time. Just have to really LEAN over the sink to not get water everywhere.

          • I wash my hair every morning so I just tie my hair in a bun and it keeps it dry enough, but shower caps are great if you want to preserve your hairdo. The ones with the terry lining are the best!

      • I’d guess the derm has recommended special soap to go along with this so a face wipe may not cut it.

        I either make a mess of the sink/floor or just jump in the shower. The former more when it’s too cold in my apt to get totally undressed. Either way, good luck, I don’t think 2x a day has actually cleared up my acne at all.

    • chest sponge bath with a washcloth?

      • Veronique :

        +1. Wet skin with washcloth. Soap up. Wipe off with wash cloth, rinse washcloth and repeat. Follow with alcohol free toner (love Thayers witch hazel) if you’re concerned about not fully removing soap residue.

        As some of the other posters have stated, sweating (from working out) and hair conditioner can sometimes cause me to break out on my cheat/back.

    • Orangerie :

      I don’t think it has to be a big production if you use a shower cap to avoid getting your hair wet and only wash the targeted area. Sometimes I like to rinse off quickly before bed and it takes less than 3 minutes.

      • I got the Biore daily cleansing cloths and use them on my chest and face at night when I’m getting ready for bed – they take about 20 seconds. They’ve been working well!

    • I normally shower in the morning but exercise after work, so I like to take an abbreviated shower at night. I usually just put my hair up in a bun and throw on a fabric headband. I wash my face and rinse off, avoiding putting my head directly under the stream. The whole process takes maybe 2-3 minutes and my hair doesn’t get too wet.

    • springtime :

      I find body acne responds better to more frequent washing than face acne. Neutrog*na’s acne body scrub is great.

      K-padi’s comment below- I usually wash my back after i put conditioner in my hair. seems to get the excess off so it doesnt clog pores.

      Also I find spritzing with rubbing alcohol keeps it clear. that wouldn’t require a shower.

      • Skin is a funny thing. What works for some doesn’t work for others–I too used to wash my back after applying conditioner. :-)

  14. Group dinner in NYC? :

    I’d like to get a group together 10-15 for dinner in NYC with good food without getting shoved out the door, having to yell to hear each other, and entrees ideally under $20 (since with drinks + group apps, it tends to get to $30-$40)

    Any recommendations for places within Manhattan?

    • Anonymous :

      tribeca – blaue gans, UES- uva, east village – ippudo if you make a reservation in the morning.

    • Anon in NYC :

      Cuba on Thompson Street could be a good option.

  15. Isn’t this just an extension of the myths surrounding facial acne?

    My best friend in the world was plagued w/ face acne for years and a few derms had the temerity to suggest that it was a hygiene issue and recommended more frequent face washings which did NOTHING.

    • Oops. Got a Posting too fast error message and trying again put the reply in ythe wrong place.

      Argh. This was meant to be a reply to Huck.

    • It depends on the issue, I guess. My face breaks out if soap even touches it on a weekly basis but is clear if I only rinse my face in the shower. My skin is so extreme that make-up doesn’t make me break out but washing the make-up off with soap does. But, when I was weightlifting/crossfitting, I’d get clogged pores on my body if I didn’t shower with soap at least twice per day (one shower after the workout and one in the morning).

      One thing to consider is the shampoo or conditioner you are using. I switched to a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner when I realized that conditioners were clogging pores on my shoulders and back. No problems with the 2-in-1 or when I skip the conditioner.

  16. Paging Blair Waldorf (xoxo) – I found a leather pencil skirt that I *didn’t* include in my round-up for you last week but I feel like I should really share it with you – and all the rest of you lovely ladies – because it looks kind of awesome. [Link in subsequent post to avoid moderation.] Its from Zara – does anyone have it?


      Burgundy appropriate length pencil skirt with flattering seaming. I like.

    • ohnoyouarekillingme ;o)
      this is so great, and Zara’s price points are so doable for me, Must. Resist.

      • Right there with you! I like the idea of a colored leather pencil skirt. Must resist a trip to Zara…

      • Sydney Bristow :

        I really want it too! I was picturing buying a black leather skirt, but burgundy looks like a great choice too.

        • I think the colored leather makes it a bit more work appropriate. Black leather to me reads more “biker lawyer chic” whereas colored leather cuts that impression a bit.

          Does that make sense? (Possibly not – but its where my mind has gone.)

          • Sydney Bristow :

            That makes sense. I’m really just wanting to recreate the look of a woman I saw last fall. Black leather skirt and camel cowl-neck sweater. She looked amazing and would be fine in my office where many people take fashion risks. I want a burgundy skirt now as well though.

          • Sydney Bristow :

            I meant to add that it was a black leather that wasn’t very shiny. Not sure that makes sense, but if you think of leather as being on a shiny spectrum from suede to patent it was closer to suede without actually being suede.

      • I think this Zara would be great for you, zora.

        Tee hee.

  17. Oh and previous rec’s report back:

    I bought that Karen Kane dress from last Wednesday in wine, and it was GORGZH in person, the color is great, the fabric is just like the amazing Karen Kane jersey dress I already have. Unfortunately, it is going back for returns, because wasn’t as A-line as it looked, or as my other dress. The medium technically fit my top, but it was just thismuch too tight in my hips/tush, even with spanx underneath. :o( sadness. And, while I liked the cut of the ‘faux wrap’ in person, it was just a little bit too low for my high waist. So, if you are like me and are 1.5-2 sizes different between top and bottom, it probably won’t work. But for anyone whose has slightly less booty, rundontwalk and buy that dress!! Also, the neckline is more adjustable than it looks, you can arrange it to get a nice, but sensible v-neck.

    Now in GOOD news: I also finally pulled the trigger on the pull on stretch Karen Kane skinny jeans (Already Pretty has recommended them for years) and they are the MOST AMAZING JEANS I have ever encountered in my life. Now again, I am a pear, but the cut and the wide elastic waistband fit my pear shape PERFECTLY, absolutely no adjusting required. And, they make me look at least 10lbs lighter, are skinny enough to fit in short and tall boots, and are SO comfortable. And Already Pretty has reported that they are very durable in the long run, don’t stretch out, and hold up well after multiple washings. I think I am a convert, and I shouldn’t even tell you guys, because I want to go buy 5 pairs so that I never have a jeans crisis again! I did basically size down one from ‘younger’ brands, partly because they are so stretchy. I am in love, siiiggghhh!!!!

    • Two Cents :

      Good to know! Fellow pear here. Did you buy them at Macys or on the Karen Kane website? Is it the Laguna stretch skinny jean or is it called something else?

      • Got them at Nordstrom, here;

        They call them leggings, but that is really not fair, they are as thick as regular skinny jeans. And they make my butt look amazing! ;o)

        • Even so I’m not sure I can do elastic waist…

          • I always wear longer shirts with jeans anyway, so I’m not worried about it.

            They also have a bootcut version for those who aren’t into skinnies.

  18. We had a leak in our roof that caused damage to the ceiling. I didn’t even think of going through our home warranty until a collegue mentioned it and have already committed to the work. Feeling very doh!

    • East Coast Anon :

      Double check your policy for future reference. Not all warranties cover roof leaks.

  19. Question – Are pet insurance programs worth the money? I’ve heard that they are and that they’re not. Any anecdata? After spending $2000 on my dog this past weekend for emergency care, I’m curious.

    • Anon in NYC :

      We got insurance for our dog (VPI?) in early 2013 after we spent about $3000 on surgery. In terms of the return, her injury is now a pre-existing condition, but we do get money back for other visits, vaccinations, etc. I believe we’ve now gotten back enough money from them that it has paid for itself for the annual total cost. If she were to need surgery again (not for the pre-existing condition), I believe it would be worth it. I have a friend who is a vet who has pet insurance for her dog. I have another friend who did not have insurance for her dog and wound up spending 15,000 on surgery, emergency care and all sorts of stuff (fortunately it was life-saving and she had the money).

    • Bewitched :

      We bought pet insurance through VPI for our rescue dog. It was about $275 for the year, but that did not include routine care, just emergency treatment. Within a week (I kid you not), the dog got free and ran out into the street and was nicked by a car. The insurance covered all of his emergency care, which was about $600 (sutures/anesthesia/meds), less a $250 deductible. I thought they would give us a hard time because the policy was so new, but they just mailed the check. Another friend of mine did not buy the insurance and her puppy ate a towel and needed surgery. So, I’m a convert to pet insurance-at least the major medical portion.

      • pet insurance :

        So you paid $525 to get $600 in benefits? That doesn’t sound like such a great deal…

    • My opinion is that it is a total [email protected] We debated it for our now 4 year old dog but skipped it. We put $300/ year in the bank so already have $1200 saved up in case of doggy emergency. Our dog has also turned out to be one tough cookie- he has a stomach of steel and has successfully digested things that would land most dogs in surgery (luckily, that was a puppy phase…). We tend to (for both people and animals) be more a wait-and-see versus rush to the vet.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      I have Pets Best after a high bill emergency visit (one ~$2K). The emergency visit I had is considered a preexisting condition if it recurs within one year (it hasn’t).

      I did a lot of research and found Pets Best was worth it. They paid out very quickly after I had to rush my dog to the vet a couple days after moving into a new place when the owner neglected to tell me he had put rat poison in all the crevices of the apartment (still mad. You knew I was moving in with a dog. WHY would you fail to mention that? Ugh) and were really nice about it (and it has now paid for itself a couple times over). Some companies didn’t seem worth the money but PetsBest and PetPlan actually appeared to be quite good.

  20. Calling NY rettes :

    Good friend starts big law job Monday. ALL Suits have been lost by movers. Recommendations on the best place for him to go tomorrow to get appropriate suit, with alterations completed by Friday afternoon?

    • Depending on where he lives and probably how extensive the alterations he needs are but the answers would vary. For breadth of selection, Men’s Wearhouse may work (plus I bet they have enough staff to handle the rush alterations).

      Otherwise I’d call Brooks Brothers and Jos. A. Banks and see if they can hit the deadline. Or Charles Tyrwhytt if he happens to be in NYC. He could also try Nordstroms, but since I think they send their alterations off-site, I’m not sure he’d be able to make it.

      Also – TELL YOUR FRIEND SORRY. That sucks.

    • Killer Kitten Heels :

      There’s a store at like 35thish and 6thish called Suit Supply that several male friends have raved about. I understand they do in-house alterations, although I’m not sure what their speed is.

      • Calling NY rettes :

        Thanks for these suggestions. He is in New York (as of this morning) so I will pass along the advice. Movers think they have located the boxes … in Asia.

  21. Anonymous :

    Has anyone had experience with West Elm furniture? I’m in love with some of their pieces, but I’ve never ordered from them before and don’t know much about the furniture’s quality/durability.

    • I can’t speak to their upholstered furniture, but I have two mirrored nightstands from there and I love them. Structurally they are still very sound after about 1.5 years use. The glass has scratched a little bit on the top, although to be fair I have not been very careful about using coasters, etc. One of them was broken in the box when it arrived (I ordered online), but I called customer service and they shipped me a new one in a few days, so it was pretty painless.

      I also have a duvet cover from there and some dishes. I love pretty much everything in the catalog.

    • I have two upholstered chairs. One of them had a flaw in the legs that was handled very smoothly with customer service. Seem to be wearing well so far.

    • Carrie Preston :

      I have a few pieces, it’s in the same category as pottery barn, crate and barrel, resto hardware. Nice but entry level.

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