Thursday’s TPS Report: ‘Aubrey’ Wide Leg Pants

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. This week’s guest posts are from one of my best friends since college, who we’ll call Auntie M – read more about her here. – Kat

Amber Sun 'Aubrey' Wide Leg PantsI own these pants. I *love* these pants. I’m a curvy girl who used to live in Banana Republic’s ‘Jackson’ fit until relatively recently (I think BR changed the Jackson cut). As such, I’m constantly on the hunt for great, black wide-legged trousers, and these fit the bill. They fit me perfectly, just about everywhere. Flattering in the hips/rear area (snug but not bootylicious), comfortable in the waist (not constricting/pinching), and I swear, when I paired them with the right set of heels, my legs looked twice as long. Styling recommendations? They’re black pants! You know what to do. They’re $78 at Nordstrom. Amber Sun ‘Aubrey’ Wide Leg Pants

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  1. Looks like Nordstrom got a little photoshop-happy with the bootcut version:

    • Maybe they hired Gumby to model?

    • I need loose fitting pants because I have a large seat and legs. You people can sometimes be to cruel.

      • Who is being “to” cruel? I think the implication from above is that the model in the bootcut pant picture is unusually or unnaturally thin, especially as compared to the model in the wide-leg pant picture.

      • Hi Ellen! Maybe your seat and legs don’t fit well into women’s clothing because you’re actually a guy – have you considered that?

  2. Wow – and they’re machine washable!?
    Good recommendation. I would never have thought to order these because I don’t think they look very good on the model, and I usually figure if an item looks bad on the person advertising it, it probably won’t look better on me. But with the free shipping, I think I am going to break my wool only rule and order a pair. Love the recommendations for items someone has actually purchased or seen!

    • a passion for fashion :

      I feel the same way. In fact, with the exception of trina turk (because I know her pants fit me perfect) I never order pants from Nordstrom because they usually look so bad on the model.

      • I agree. Why, oh why, are the pants always so short on the model? This is a pet peeve of mine – drives me crazy.

    • Diana Barry :

      Yes – why is that? It must be something with the Nordstrom photographers bc I don’t really feel that way with photos of pants from other stores. Hrmph.

    • It looks like they put pants cut for a curvy/hippy woman on a pencil-thin model, which is why they don’t look good. They just sag on her.

      • MaggieLizer :

        I can’t understand why stores don’t hire models with the body shape/size that is most flattering for the clothes they’re trying to sell. There are plenty of clothes, like these pants or a lot of wrap dresses/tops, that look fabulous on curvy women but atrocious on smaller women. I usually end up looking at the plus sized models to see how something would actually look on me, even though I’m not a plus size.

    • One girl's opinion :

      It would help if the copy for these pants explained what size was being shown in the accompanying pictures. Especially when they cut off the top of the body and just show you the bottom, it’s hard to judge what the true proportions of the piece are.

    • Nordstrom pants often look bad on the model because they are not long enough for the shoes the model is wearing. Case in point, these pants.

  3. DC Kolchitongi :

    Immediate threadjack: I had a new hire screw up a document last night, and since I sent him home before I noticed the errors, I had to stay a few hours late to fix it. We have a meeting scheduled in an hour where I have to tell him what he did and chew him out. Truth be told, I’m not actually that annoyed with him since a) he’s all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and tries really hard, and b) let’s be honest, I did my fair share of this as a new hire — more than one manager had to stay late to fix my screwups! So this is totally karma.

    That said…. I don’t want to give him the impression that it’s not a big deal to make your manager stay late to fix your (basic and totally avoidable) screwups. I’m new at this whole ‘having minions’ thing and I’ve never had to chew someone out before. Can any more experienced Corporettes give me advice about how to effectively give negative feedback??

    • Tell him pretty much what you said in your first paragraph: he made mistakes, you didn’t notice them until after he had left, and you had to stay late to fix them. Also tell him that you expect him to check his own work and that this should not happen a second time. My usual attitude is that everyone makes mistakes; the key is whether they make the same mistake again, after it’s been brought to their attention. There’s no need to chew him out – just be matter of fact. Keep in mind that this is a learning experience for him; he will be better at his job if you give him this feedback.

    • You might have already gone in the meeting, but if not…
      1. you can show him his mistakes and explain why they were avoidable/how you thought it was clear that something was to be double-checked/etc.
      2. certainly tell him that you had to stay late to fix it
      3. tell him that on the next assignment you give him, you’ll be checking in more than you did on this one and that you expect that he come to you with questions

      He sounds like a go-getter, so I think this is enough to let him know what the problem is, ask him what happened that made this fall through the cracks and explain how it should be done. Perhaps encourage him to review his notes from the meeting, read your finished draft compared to the one he gave you and come to you later in the day with any questions b/c “I appreciate your attitude and enthusiasm, and this won’t be the last project we’ll be working on together.” I think that helps end on something positive.

      Good luck.

  4. PSA - Nordstrom shoe clearance :

    online (and maybe in stores too), up to 65% off. Lots of summer shoes (sandals etc) but also flats, pumps, boots.

    Didn’t see anything that worked for me but good luck to you!

  5. AnonInfinity :

    Tomorrow I find out if I passed the bar exam. Eep!

    I’m trying not to look at the clock every few minutes and add up how many hours to go in my head, but I can’t stop myself.

    • Good luck! North Carolina results were posted online yesterday, but the letters started trickling in last Thursday. I probably checked my mail six times each day. Really thought they would come Saturday (didn’t). KNEW they would be there on Monday (nope, but everyone else’s did). They finally came on Tuesday, and the relief was so great.

      Try and put your mind on something else, or these last few hours will be tortuous.

      • AnonInfinity :

        I take it you passed… Congratulations!

        I’m glad that in my state they just post a list online at a certain time. There is no waiting for a letter when everyone else has already gotten theirs. The downside is that the list is actual names rather than numbers, so everyone finsd out if you failed at the same time you do.

        • Thank you!

          And yes, I like the online posting system, but ours is also just names, and I don’t relish finding out at the same time. However, everyone is so concerned looking for their name, they aren’t going back to look for classmates just yet!

    • Westsidebee :

      Gosh, CA bar results don’t come out until November. The wait is torture.

      Good luck to you! Fingers crossed.

      • AnonInfinity :

        We are definitely lucky here with the turnaround. I guess it’s because not as many people take my state’s bar exam. I have a friend who took TX and their results come out in Nov, too. *shudder*

    • Oh, I remember how much torture the waiting was. Good luck!!

  6. Looking for commuting shoes :

    Are these completely hideous? These look plain, simple, and comfortable for commuting but I’m wondering if I could get away with wearing them with pants on days I decide to forgo heels. Thoughts? Please be brutally honest, I hate ugly shoes and avoid them at all costs. Looking forward to your comments, TIA!

    • AnonInfinity :

      I think they look kind of schlumpy. It might be the boxy toe that I don’t like. BUT! I do think they look super comfortable and professional. I just, personally, don’t like the square-toe look.

    • They look fine to me. I am very much not a fan of square toes, but if I saw you in these, I wouldn’t be like “omg the shoes! make it stop!”

    • One girl's opinion :

      Commuting only. They look too much like men’s shoes otherwise – and with the total lack of embellishment i think the flat surface would stand out more. But, a perfectly decent commuting option.

    • no. those are ugly, stay away. you can do better.

    • Good rule of thumb: if you’re questioning it like this, it’s a no. You’ll always have that little nagging “are these ugly” question in the back of your mind, regardless of whether they are actually ugly (not really).

      • Great advice. If you’re going to shell out money, make sure it’s for something that you feel good about. Otherwise, you’ll never end up wearing it.

    • Brutal honesty — they’re awful. Mannish in a bad way, and just really frumpy. I think you can find something equally comfortably that will be less depressing (I might be projecting, but I get depressed when I wear stuff like this). That said, if you wear them with pants, they won’t be that noticable.

      • Second to the comment about pants – you could “hide” them with pants for commutes.

        I can’t say that I think they are terribly ugly… but rather just blah. If I saw you walking down the street in these, I would not gasp in disgust. I probably wouldn’t even notice these shoes, truly. However, I agree with other posters that you could probably find a higher level of comfort with a much greater aesthetic appeal in other shoes. I’d keep looking if I were you.

    • You can do much better than these.

    • No, no, no. People sing the praises on Ecco, Naturalizer, and Sofft for commuting. I personally love Danskos. You can definitely do better!

    • a passion for fashion :

      I’m with the others in saying that you could do better.

      On a semi-related note, I just purchased and started wearing the dr scholls gel inserts for high heels — and I love them! They are clear and thin, so as not to add bulk and make the shoe too tight, and they have this gel arch thing that is way comfortable. I believe they are meant for shoes 2 in and higher. I currently have them on in a pair of 4 in heels (the classic black manolo). These shoes were actually pretty comfy for a 4 in heel, but now they are wonderful. they run about 10 buck for a pair of inserts, and Im buying them for a bunch of shoes.

    • Makeup Junkie :

      I think they would work if you have tiny feet. Otherwise they look like JROTC shoes

    • I love them – menswear inspired shoes are very on trend, and so much more comfortable than pointy toes. But I think a 1 1/4 heel is too high for commuting, personally.

    • I have Donald Pliners that are very similar and I end up wearing them a lot in the winter, very comfortable and sleek looking with pants (though, sadly, not awesomely stylish). And someone commented they work with tiny feet – I’m a size 10 and they work fine with boot leg pants, just not with skinnies. Now I’m not a Laboutin girl anyway, but I like them.

    • Since you asked: no, no, no. They look too orthopedic for anyone under the age of 80. Make that 85.

    • I have some shoes similar to this, but I never wear them to work. Mine are purely for non-work days when I am running errands and have a ton of walking to do. I think they would be OK for commuting, but only with pants, and if it were me I would change shoes when I got to the office.

  7. I got these pants at the nordstorm anniversary sale for about 40 bucks. It definitely has a good fit for pear/curvy shaped women. I also got an Amber sun black skirt, once again very good fit as I have larger thighs with smaller waist.

  8. Recent law grad :

    Tall Corporettes I need your help! I just graduated law school and am starting my legal career. I own one great skirt suit from Jcrew that I used for all my interviews. Now that I’ll be working in litigation, I need to get a few more suits. I need at least a 34.5″ inseam and my arms are long too. My Jcrew suit is a 2 tall but they’ve changed their sizing since last year. Now their 2 talls are big on me and would need substantial tailoring. Can anyone please point me in the direction of a store with good suits for tall women? TIA!

    • I have come to rely on Banana Republic for skirt suits. I don’t know of any other stores that sell skirts in tall sizes (which I always found puzzling…one who needs long pants would also need a longer skirt, no?). The Limited is okay for pant suits–they are made from cheaper fabric so they don’t look quite as sharp as a good quality wool, but they work for everyday purposes. For reference, I am 5’8-9 with long limbs (6′ wingspan) and I am able to wear long pants/skirts with regular jackets at both Limited and BR.

    • Hey there! I am 5’10” with a 36″ inseam (for flats, yeesh). My go to places for suits are Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. I used to love J Crew too and have a few suits from there from previous seasons, but will no longer purchase suits from them as their skirts tend to be too short and their suit pants are now unlined. Good luck!

    • Not sure if you specifically mean suits to wear to court, but otherwise, Zara tends to work for me (33″ inseam, 5’10,” long arms) and they seem to be cut on the slim side.

    • Diana Barry :

      Try Theory – I don’t know how long the pants are – maybe 35″? – but I always have to have them taken up (I take a 33″ or 34″). They have suits at the outlets too.

      • Ditto on the Theory rec. At your size, I think that might be the best bet. Many of their skirts are cut very long, as are their pants. Plus, they should have room to let the hems out if needed.

  9. Wait…. whaaaa? I need styling recommendations!!!

    Auntie M, you are too funny.

  10. Wide legged pants somehow look awful on me. BR’s Martin fit is my holy Grail though….

    • bibliophile :

      Yeah, wide legged pants never work on me either. I’m tall and on the slim side besides my booty. The wide legged pants make my butt look strangely long. I prefer straight pants or a slim bootcut.

    • Anonymous :

      Same here–I look like I’m wearing parachute pants because I have to size based on my hips (the widest part of my body) and then my comparatively thin legs are just swimming in the pant legs. It’s especially attractive (sarcasm alert) on windy days, when the pant is blown tight against your actual leg and the excess material forms a giant tent around you that isn’t exactly the most aerodynamic way to walk into the face of a wind gust.

  11. Auntie M and others – if you liked BR’s Jackson fit, try the Curvy pants at Ann Taylor. I just bought the Petite Curvy Plaid Trousers and they fit like a dream. And they’re wool, and lined!

    • Here’s a link to all their Curvy styles:

  12. Just paid off another chunk of my student loans – what a great feeling!! I still have many (many, many) more to go but feels great!! Though I probably shouldn’t shop this month. Don’t tempt me Corporettes :)

    • That is great bb! Happy for you :) I am also still in the processing of paying mine off, and every little bit is such a great feeling!

  13. Anyone else hear about this?

    • It is the shirt at JC Penney that says, “I’m to pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me”


      • Yeah, the glorification of rude, greedy and vapid depresses me. But on the plus side, if anybody wants someone vapid for a girlfriend, that shirt’s an easy way to point her out.

        Semi-related: yesterday my daughter told me a seventh-grader got expelled for bringing marijuana to school. Supposedly he did it to impress his girlfriend. Gah.

    • My husband and I had a good laugh over that last night. The series of bad decision making that a shirt like that has to go through to be sold at a retailer like JCPenney (which I love, btw) is astounding. It says a lot about society.

      But, in the end, my husband and both agreed that the girls who would be allowed to wear a shirt like that probably have the kind of parents that will send them this message whether they have the shirt or not. And the kind of parents (like Corporettes and our husbands) who are horrified not only will not their daughters wear such a shirt, but send them good messages about being a strong woman. Not sure the shirt will actually change any girl’s life, but the selling of it started a good dialogue. I’ve seen it on a number of blogs now.

  14. Does anyone know if all of the Amber Sun pants are good for curvy girls, or just this cut? I see they have slim ankle pants, which I’ve been looking for. (And they’re on sale.)

  15. Thanks NYT for a fun start to the morning:

    “FORTY may be the new 30, but try telling that to your ovaries. With long brown hair and come-hither curves, Melissa Foss looks — and feels — fabulous at 41. “I’ve spent hours of my life and a lot of money making sure I was healthy, and that my hair was shiny, my teeth were white and my complexion clear,” said Ms. Foss, a magazine editor in New York City.

    So when it came to conceiving a child with her husband, a marketing executive, Ms. Foss wasn’t at all worried. After all, she noted, those same traits of youth and beauty “are all the hallmarks of fertility.”

    Fifteen unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization later, Ms. Foss now realizes that appearances can be deceiving. “I’d based a lot of my self-worth on looking young and fertile, and to have that not be the case was really depressing and shocking,” she said.

    . . .

    As a woman ages, the number of eggs in her ovaries, as well as the quality of those eggs, declines. By age 37, only 10,000 to 40,000 of the two million eggs a woman is born with remain, and a majority of those perish before ever being released, said Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, director of the Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell and co-author of the fertility guide “A Baby At Last!”

    . . .

    While each woman’s window of fertility is different (there have been rare cases of women conceiving naturally in their 50s), most doctors agree that by the time a woman is 40, her chances of getting pregnant each month are approximately 5 percent.”

    I need some chocolate.

    • AnonInfinity :

      Why in the world is this in the Fashion & Style section? It seems like a medical issue.

      But also scary/sad.

    • Wow. I need a drink.

    • Is this really a surprising article? I am 31, and I eat well and exercise regularly and don’t drink/smoke. I feel younger, and I look good for my age. Not for one second, however, do I think that I’m buying myself extra years of fertility. I feel like the women in the article were a little naive…

      • No, I agree, it’s not surprising. I just don’t like to be reminded of this fact.

      • I agree with you, Anonymous. Who thinks that by bleaching her teeth or using a shine serum she’s going to be fertile? Naive is the right word.

      • I completely agree! Looking young and beautiful doesn’t make you more fertile!

    • Her quote in the lede baffles me. Sure, being young and hot is associated with fertility, but shiny hair/white teeth/clear complexion? It makes it sound like she did all that from the outside in. I mean, I can go get my teeth whitened and spray a ton of silicone on my hair, but it doesn’t mean… ergh, the logic implodes. I was expecting her to say she was confident she’d find the perfect mate at age 40 because she’d kept herself up.

      • (I’m actually more confused by the writing/editing than I am by her feelings.)

    • Ugh. Time to browse vacation homes in Puerto Vallarta, which is my life back up plan if I can’t get knocked up due to my withered old ovaries.

    • One girl's opinion :

      Crazy as it seems to some people, I do empathize with the notion that the constant campaign many of us wage to stay young-looking and healthy can get (consciously or subconsciously) convoluted and blur the lines around our concept of aging. It’s not that women need to take sex ed classes or “forgot” about the rules of fertility – how could we, when they are drilled into our heads from age 18? It’s just that everything we’ve done to make aging more enjoyable and less limiting won’t do a thing to change the biological principles governing fertility, and that’s hard to swallow.

      I do resent the idea that women are all “choosing” to have babies later and cavalierly frittering away years 20 to 35+ on selfish pursuits. Gimme a break. Most of us are working our butts off, getting advanced degrees, trying to get promoted, paying off debt, and generally trying to support ourselves and become functional, productive members of society. Not to mention seeking a mate with whom to raise a family, if we so desire. Having a kid earlier simply was not a responsible, reasonable option for many of us — or it simply would have traded one problem (fertility) for another (divorce, significant debt, who knows what).

      But I digress. It was an interesting article. I’ll be trying to beat the odds and conceive at 35, and if that doesn’t work, we will happily beat a path to the adoption agency. And I’ll still enjoy looking young, even if my ovaries say otherwise :)

      • for what its worth, i was able to conceive extremely easily at age 30+ and again at 33+. (literally, it took 1 mo and 2 mo of trying, respectively) Obviously that is not the case with everyone, and i feel lucky, but my point is just that having kids in your 30s can be possible without difficulty.

        • Still Trying :

          You were lucky. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for 3 years since the age of 30. Of my close law school friends, only 1 got pregnant without medical intervention. I still haven’t given up but absolutely hate when others flaunt that they had an easy go of it. I may slap the next person who tells me “it’s easy, just get the ovulation tests.”

          • Runnin for it :

            The more I hear about female fertility, the more it seems to me to just be luck of the draw and to have little to do with age. My older sister and her husband went through years and years of IVF treatments and miscarriages when she was in her mid to late twenties. She is now 33 and they are the proud parents of a two year-old daughter (their umpteenth IVF treatment finally worked) and a son born in February of this year (concieved naturally to their joyous surprise). I am so proud of her and happy that she did not give up after so many devestating disppointments.

            Don’t give up.

          • i wasnt trying to flaunt it. I thought I was clear in that I felt lucky that it was easy. And my point was just that we hear so much about how hard it will be for those of us who wait until our 30s, but its not always hard, so everyone should not be discouraged.

        • Diana Barry :

          I agree that it really varies, but on the average you are going to have more problems if you wait until you’re older.

          I also read (can’t remember where?) that getting pregnant for the second time tends to be easier, even if the first required intervention. This was true for me – for my first we needed clomid, then the second was on month 2 and now (knock on wood) we got it the first time!

        • Randomized :

          I started trying in my mid twenties and could never get pregnant by any means. There are, unfortunately, a lot of us out there.

          My advise is to try when you are ready. The earlier the better, but nothing is guaranteed, not at 20, not at 30, not at 40, no matter how shiny your hair is.

      • Yup. I married early (at 21) and had kids (at 25 and 29) while doing a Ph.D. Now I’m 36, have two great, gorgeous kids and the advanced degrees and job in my field, but have matured in a significantly different direction than my partner. I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world, but also would never advise someone to marry as young as I did.

        No great answers here, sorry.

      • Pregnant 5 weeks with baby #2 at almost 37. There’s hope, ladies. These articles have the scary stories but there are reassuring cases too….

        • That’s true. My mom had me at 38! Married at 22, couldn’t get pregnant until 30, and went on to have 6 kids! Hopefully I’ll get her luck/fertility.

    • With all of the studies and information out there, how could she have missed that her chances of conceiving for the first time at 41 would be far worse than in her younger years? Nice hair, teeth and skin aside.

      • You know, I always assumed that the “35 year old deadline” was hyped up and intended to scare me and other women. It was not taught to me in any class I took, just sort of bantered about in the media. I could see how one could hear that line and think that it was an old wives’ tale or Focus on the Family scare tactic rather than a statistic until one starts actively paying attention. I did. I started actively paying attention after I got married. (We spoke with our financial planner when we got married at age 28 and told her we had no plans to have children soon. Then I did my research, realized it was a real thing, and we told her at age 29 that we were starting to try. She asked us what happened, and I said “I finally did my research.”)

    • I read that with my yogurt & coffee this morning. Dick Cheney was on TV in the background talking about the importance of torture. It was not a good way to start my morning.

    • I have been talking about this with a few people this week. I am 34 but look a good 6-8 years younger. I am not interested in having children and when people say “Oh you will change your mind!” I always say “I am 34, how much more time do I have?” People will comment that I look younger, and I have to remind them that how old I look has absolutely nothing to do with fertility.

    • Westsidebee :

      Everyone just sees this issue so differently. When I was 27, I assumed I’d get KO immediately, in one month, just by tossing the pills and winking at DH. At 30, after 3 years of trying, I can easily be the bitter infertile. But I also know my situation is unique.

      Still, no one should really expect to conceive easily after 35. That’s pretty well known by now I think.

    • I think that it’s just so easy to put off, particularly with spending so much more time in school and careers, and you tend to “forget” that you’re not young anymore. I was 21 when my husband and I got married, and when people would ask about kids, we’d pretty much just laugh, “oh, maybe in about 5 years or so.” I think that we kept saying five years for the first five years of our marriage. Then I decided to go to law school (at 26). I did think about it; I remember agonizing that I would be spending basically the rest of my 20’s in school and that I would have to think about starting a family right after if I wanted to when I got out.

      Of course, now I’m out of school, I got hit hard by the recession and didn’t start my career in nearly the way that I wanted, and I’m 31 and a half. My husband would be over 40 by the time any kid starts kindergarden. I’m realizing that now, but there’s still that weird part of me that keeps thinking “Oh, in a few years; when we’re ready.” It’s so ingrained that it won’t shake out, no matter how much science says otherwise.

      • Exactly this. Two lawyers, met in law school. I was 25 when we married, and had already graduated, but the last 7 years have been a blur. Babies were always something for the distant future (I am quite familiar with the “oh, maybe in 5 years” mantra). But now, at 33, I fear that the window is rapidly closing. I still don’t know if I feel any more ready than I did at 25 when we married.

    • I just turned 26 and after reading this, I feel slightly panicked!!! Ugh

      • MaggieLizer :

        Seriously. 27 and single here, and I really HATE reading things like this. Let’s talk about pretty shoes and purses!

    • Anon, the chocolate might actually help.

      I know this is politically incorrect, but carrying a few extra pounds is essential to fertility. Part of the problem (and I know it’s only part) is that women want to be a perfect size 0 or 2 and get pregnant easily.

      Have you ever seen fertility statues? They’re not size zeroes!

  16. I *have* to get off of the Tory Burch mailing list. I just love her clothes, but cannot bring myself to pay that much money until my student loans are paid down a bit more. Will I be more sad to never see the beautiful clothes, or to constantly be bombarded with beautiful clothes I cannot afford?

    • The constant bombardment is far worse, I think. No one has ever suffered for not seeing luxury goods they couldn’t afford anyway!

    • S in Chicago :

      I totally feel your pain. I just love seeing all those beautiful tweeds coming out for fall. Between the Tory Burch and Kooba sale emails I got this a.m. , I’m thinking maybe I need to stay out of my AOL mailbox until after Labor Day.

  17. Sorry for the threadjack, but I need advice. Tuesday night ragweed allergies hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve started on Allegra-D 12-hour and Flonase, which worked for me in the past. But I’m not feeling any relief this time. How do you get through the day, when you are utterly miserable and tired beyond belief because the “D” part of Allegra-D kept you awake? I’m sure all my co-workers are already tired of listening to my sneezing, coughing (thanks, post-nasal drip!), and near constant nose-blowing. Also, my apologies if that last sentence was TMI.

    • Fresh air and brisk, if brief, walks help keep me awake, though I know those aren’t always options. Caffeine doesn’t work for me because of rebound tiredness.

      In an emergency, I’ve stepped out of a meeting, gone to the restroom and run cool water over my wrists and put a cool, damp paper towel on my forehead.

      I hope you feel better soon.

    • found a peanut :

      I take regular Claritin and then take Sudafed separately. Claritin-D has 200 mg of pseudoephedrine and the Sudafed (or generic pseudoephedrine) pills you buy at the drugstore are 50mg. So you can take 4 a day and you’re you’re not like ZING! because the dose is more level throughout the day, or you can take 3 a day and still get the pseudo benefits without the sleeplessness. Just a thought.

    • I find half a tablet of Zyrtec in the morning sets me right for the day, with no noticeable side effects. The intensely annoying PND cough goes right away.

      Zaditor is great if it’s only your eyes that are bothering you.

    • Try Sinus Rinse or a Neti Pot on top of what you are already doing. I find that it really helps me when I am really having issues with sneezing/nose blowing.

      • Agree – the Neti pot actually gets the allergen out of your nose, which is crucial if you want to feel better.

      • I do have a neti pot at home. Used it a couple of times last night. But I feel like I must be doing something wrong. The saline really stings! It does feel great for a couple of hours afterward, though. I just seem to get congested again really fast.

        • If it stings you don’t have the proportion of salt to water right. It should be 1/4 teaspoon of iodine-free salt per cup of water. This will match the PH balance of your sinuses; anything significantly off from that will burn. Also, make sure your salt is iodine free.

    • Allegra doesn’t work for me. I’d take Zyrtec-D during the day (12hr) and Zyrtec regular at night if you need it. I also use flonase if I need it and Zaditor (same as Alaway and others) for itchy eyes.

      • Wow! Lots of recommendations for Zyrtec. My friend just suggested it as well (right after she told me I sound like I have cotton stuffed up my nose). I might have to give it a try. Last year with the Flonase I was often able to get by with just a morning dose of Allegra-D 12 hour and Flonase at bedtime. But for some reason my symptoms are much worse this year. I thought I knew what worked, but I guess I’m back to experimenting. Unfortunately, the only real “cure” is a killing frost. Since it’s 109F here right now, I don’t think that will happen any time soon. :-)

        • I like Zyrtec a lot too, although I use the CVS knockoff version as it’s much cheaper. My allergies aren’t horrible, so YMMV, but definitely works for me.

    • It helps me to stay ahead of it if I run an air purifier in my bedroom at night. Other than that, lots of cold water splashed on my face. Even if you don’t have a neti pot, you can still rinse your nose with a handful of water. It does help.

    • Former 3L :

      Ack! Don’t do the D! I have insanely terrible ragweed allergies. My regimen is Allegra REGULAR (180 mg), 2 pills a day (morning/bedtime), plus 2 squirts of Flonase in the morning, plus Actifed as needed. If you need to, supplement your Allegra with real hardcore Sudafed (the D in Allegra D), but stop taking it around 2 or 3 pm. (I’m relatively lucky because I don’t have a ton of side effects from this particular cocktail, so your mileage may vary. Also, I prefer the Actifed to the Sudafed as a supplement because the Sudafed ONLY helps with congestion, whereas my primary symptom of disgustingness is the runny nose (read: I once scared a history teacher in high school by clear-cutting my way through an entire fresh box of tissues in one 45 minute class period). I deeply, deeply feel your pain.)

      ALSO: I’m on Allegra now after a brief period on Claritin (after which it stopped working) and many happy years on Zyrtec (after which it stopped working, sob). I would totally recommend trying Zyrtec if the Allegra is not giving you any relief. Again, AVOID THE D. If you really need pseudephedrine, supplement your main med with Sudafed.

  18. Heatheresq :

    Threadjack: Does anyone have this Talbots suit yet? How is the fit (the pants look painfully high-waisted)? Anyone have experience in tailoring down a waist? There is only a side-zipper so I imagine you could tear that out, drop the waist and put a new shorter zipper in.

    • You could re-use the zipper, just drop it down the needed inches.

      • Heatheresq :

        And I could cut out the extra waist line issues?

      • Katharina :

        I tried this on last weekend. The pants are indeed high-waisted. With the right tailor, bringing down the waist should not be a problem.

  19. lawyer-in-training :

    I need to gush a little to get out the excitement… I’m a rising 2L in the middle of OCI and I just accepted an offer at an amazing firm (my number 1 choice)! Because it is early and in this economy not everyone has this opportunity, I’ve had to hush up around my peers about it. Honestly, I am just so SO happy. The opportunities are amazing and I really fell in love with the people at the firm. Yay!

    • Congratulations! That’s so great! Feel free to gush here since you can’t really do it with your peers… although I’m sure in the coming days more of your friends will get offers and then you guys can celebrate. :)

    • AnonInfinity :

      Congratulations!!!! What a happy day.

    • Westsidebee :

      That’s great news! Gush away!

    • Yea! Make sure you now IMMEDIATELY cancel any other interviews you have scheduled. I had someone cancel a 9:45 a.m. interview the night before. Needless to say I was not pleased to find that out when I was rushing to get in to the office by 9:30 to prep.

    • yay! I am also a rising 2L and have my callback with my number #1 firm in the morning. Here’s hoping I get as lucky as you!

  20. how would you style this boden cardigan? :

    Would love ideas on styling this cardigan! I’m thinking navy or grey would look best (or black, of course), but am hoping that fellow corporettes may be able to help me come up with some less boring combinations! It’s the Boden palazzo cardigan, in the “antique brass” color, which in reality is more chartreuse than brass.

    • Cute cardigan. I don’t know if you’re still reading this but brown, rust, red, orange, maroon would all go nicel with the antique brass color, as well as your creams/ivories/whites.

  21. Does anyone have a working asos promo code?

  22. I had to share this Stella McCarney lace jumpsuit for a laugh:
    According to NM: “Put your tired LBD back in the closet because you’ll be wearing this Stella McCartney lace jumpsuit instead.” Marked down 50% to $2,407. Who would buy (or wear) such a thing?

    • It’s like every current trend rolled into one! Pleats, lace, mesh, jumpsuit, black and white, cropped legs – it has it all!

    • Well there is only one size left, so I’m guessing people bought the others. This is pretty similar to the jumpsuit on project runway the other week!

    • I didn’t even notice that it’s almost sold out. Wow.

    • AnonInfinity :

      But what if I put a cardigan over it? It’s office appropriate then, right?!?!?

    • With some pearls and a cardigan this can be work appropriate, or is this a more know your office situation?

  23. Katharina :

    Glad to hear that I am not the only one who thinks that BR changed the Jackson. However, good news! It will be available in stores again next season! I was so upset when they moved it to online only.

  24. I have to agree these pants totally rock, they are comfortable and machine washable. I own 3 pairs in black and 3 in navy and am always on the lookout for a sale.

  25. I live in the Gap Modern Boot pant. small waist and (comparatively) big hips/butt/thighs and nothing is better for making me look slim and ready to go. Their legging jean and the really skinny pant also work really well for more casual wear.

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