Wednesday’s TPS Report: Ella Moss Skye Stripe Tie Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

Ella Moss Skye Stripe Tie DressThis strikes us as a great, comfortable dress for a casual day at the office. Shoes and accessories are going to be key in making this more “professional” and less “comfortable” — think traditional black pumps (shined and in good shape, of course), and perhaps a thick, heavy bangle. It’s $117 at Ella Moss Skye Stripe Tie Dress in Black


  1. hmmm… the front of this dress does not look very flattering. the neckline is too high, and the empire-waist is difficult to pull off without looking pregnant.

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