Tuesday’s TPS Report: BCBGMAXAZRIA Merino Wool Cardigan

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

32This is a great kind of sweater to keep at the office all summer as an alternative to your trusty black blazer. It’s merino wool — way too heavy to wear outside in any weather above 70 degrees — but inside, where the airconditioning is blasting AND you’re sitting still, the warmth will be appreciated. Furthermore, merino wool keeps its shape better than cotton, cashmere, or silk, and this baby will still look structured and refined even after you’ve worn it for days at a time. We love the color, too — the light gray registers with us as season-appropriate, and gray has a way of matching everything (even other grays). It’s $170 at Saks.com. BCBGMAXAZRIA Merino Wool Cardigan


  1. It’s beautiful! And summer air conditioning is always on a little too high for my comfort.

  2. Gorgeous! So flattering and classy at the same time!

  3. No one ever looks good in cropped sleeves.

  4. No one ever looks good in cropped sleeves.

    I disagree; it works great on people with narrow wrists.