Tuesday’s TPS Report: Eileen Fisher Stand Collar Jacket

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Eileen Fisher Stand Collar JacketWe’ve noticed this jacket about five times over the past four weeks, and we’re finally posting it.  We like the loose, sweater quality (lambswool and cashmere), combined with the jacket vibe.  We think we prefer the collar down, as Bloomingdales shows it (where it’s also, incidentally, still full price), but as Lord & Taylor shows it, you can also wear the collar standing up.  The red also strikes us as a good red.  We’d wear it with trousers or a sheath or, perhaps if we were daring, skinny pants and perhaps a collared tunic.  It’s $248 at Bloomingdales (all sizes), and at $124, in limited sizes (including petites), at Lord & Taylor.  Eileen Fisher Stand Collar Jacket

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  1. Beautiful rich hue. I’m not feeling the length and cut, though. It’s boxy in the waist and fits right over the middle of the butt, making even the model look wide. Eileen looks like she designed this to hide some junk in the trunk … :-)

    • Corection: actually the jacket totally covers the butt, which makes my point even more valid, I think. As someone who’s bootylicious, covering the butt with a jacket doesn’t camaflouge it, it makes it look wider :O/

      • Eileen Fisher clothes are almost all made to fit loosely & “camouflage.”
        I have a pair of EF pants, and while they’re simple enough & definitely very comfy, I would never wear them on a day where I wanted to feel especially attractive.

    • Agreed.

  2. My experience with Eileen Fisher is that the fabrics are beautiful, but any piece that is the least bit “unstructured” does not hold its shape over time. Love the color on this, though.

    • I disagree somewhat. I own a lot of Eileen Fisher garments and while they are generally ‘unstructured,’ the textiles are top quality and they drape beautifully on the right body.

      Yes, the elastic waistbands make them the butt of jokes and most pieces have moderate to full coverage, but if that keeps demand down, then there’s more for me. I get tons of compliments and people are often surprised when I tell them it’s Eileen Fisher.

      And sure, the fact that my 5’10” size 6 body fits into XS in Eileen Fisher is the obnoxious vanity sizing, but it also means I can fit into samples. Win.

      • Sorry, you misunderstood what I meant. The fabrics and drape are usually great, but my experience is that over time, with repeated wearings and cleanings, the fabric holds up (i.e., no obvious wear or pilling) but the shapes do not. With the stretchier pieces, the “give” of the fabric tends to mean that over time, the garments develop bags and sags where they shouldn’t – especially with the pants, IMO. I have pair of EF knit wool pants that are at least a size bigger than when I got them, and it’s not from careless handling while cleaning. I totally agree with the idea above, that while EF clothes are comfortable, I don’t feel especially tailored or stylish in them. I don’t wear EF for business much for that reason. The people I do see wearing EF for business in my area tend to be ladies “of a certain age” working in art galleries, which is great, but not something my clients would respond to. YMMV.

  3. Extra 15% off at Lord & Taylor + free shipping with sale code FINAL. Brought the total down to $105 and some change. I’ll try it at that price!

  4. housecounsel :

    Grandma-esque. I think of Eileen Fisher as very appropriate clothing for plus-sized women of a certain age.

  5. I’m broad-shouldered, reasonably small-waisted for a 50 year old, and not too big around the hips. This would look great on my shape. If I could get away with the color. The beige-ing of aging is an issue:). Go right ahead all of you who still have mouths that are a way different color than your cheeks…

  6. I agree. The shape makes me think that Corporette is trying to hide an early pregnancy.

    • Delta Sierra :

      Or an ineradicable tummy-bulge that was acquired through the bearing of children, or simply the passage of time, which will happen to all of us.

    • Ha! I was just thinking I might be able to get away with this while I’m at this transitional stage between normal clothes and maternity. Good call.

  7. I like the concept of a sweater shaped/styled like a jacket, for casual days or weekends. However, the last time I bought one, the collar did not lie properly after I had it cleaned – the edges kind of curled up and it looked ridiculous. I complained and the dry cleaner (generally very good) said there was nothing they could do. This has made me wonder if there’s a reason we don’t see more sweaters with jacket-style collars. I’d be nervous about buying another one.

  8. Red’s a hard color to wear, IMO. More power to all of you who can pull it off. I’m not one of them. I would need to go more burgundy / brick / plum to make it work on me.

    • Being a redhead with an unfortunate tendency to go red-faced in a warm room, I share your pain! Red is a beautiful colour but definitely off-limits for me (accessories excepted).

  9. A little off point, but if anyone has seen the most recent Garnet Hill catalogue, there are some nice Eileen Fisher pieces that don’t look “Grandma-esque” as described above. They would be suitable for a more casual day. There is a pair of wide leg, basic black pants that are very comfortable, and I did wear to work on “casual Friday” with a skinny belt, cardigan, and black Mary Jane heels. http://www.garnethill.com/jump.jsp?itemID=20289&itemType=PRODUCT&path=1%2C2%2C4477%2C9140%2C9144&iProductID=20289
    They look wider in the picture than they actually are (or maybe my legs are just bigger??), but I do like them.

  10. I love red, and this sweater jacket looks very cozy and comfy. But, I’m not sure I could make it look very professional. This is something I would have to try on.

  11. Perfect for upcoming Go Red for Women Day on Friday! (The American Heart Association’s big push to raise awareness about women’s heart disease.)

  12. Very grandma like, in my opinion. I don’t care for Eileen Fisher at all. I also don’t like bright red clothing — it is a beautiful color but I find that few people can pull it off. I much prefer other bright colors like magenta or royal blue, at least on me.

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