Coffee Break: Crystal Two-Tier Necklace

Ann Taylor  Crystal Two-Tier NecklaceWe’ve been loving Ann Taylor’s accessories as of late, including this two-tier crystal necklace.  We’d wear it in place of pearls with a simple boatneck — particularly against a richly-hued blouse like this one from Gap.  It’s $58 at Ann Taylor.   Crystal Two-Tier Necklace


  1. Pretty!! I love pearls, but I also like pearl-like jewelry as well. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful! However, the pairing of the jewelry with that Gap shirt doesn’t go in my opinion. I have that shirt and it’s really casual.

    • I don’t have the shirt, but I love the idea of the combination, and with a suit, I think it’d be plenty dressy! (But again, I don’t own the shirt…)

  3. But C, I thought you don’t let it touch you if isn’t real gold or silver ;-D

  4. Haha, I thought I remembered the same thing Lawgirl said! :)

    Either way, I like a lot of these kinds of necklaces in theory, but my issue is that they cost slightly too much to justify the short wear. I’ve found with jewelry like this from AT, J Crew, and BR that it inevitably breaks, a jewel falls out, the “gold” turns black, etc… And then, I’m out a not-small amount of money. I’m definitely not one who sticks to real gold/pearls out of sheer preference, but I do NOT like it when I’ve paid $60 for something only to have it break!

    Otherwise… I love these!

    • @MKM, it is 10Kt gold-plated I believe… Whatever that means. Teehee. I just like joking around with C. Srsly, I like it. I have no problem with fake jewelry.. And I got AT fake baubles to prove it :)

    • I’ve had pretty good luck with jewelry from those stores but my ace in the hole is a good friend who makes her own jewelry for fun. She’s restrung a few things for me when I got clumsy and broke them.

      Also, with those stores it’s pretty easily to get those necklaces marked down if you watch their sales. Then you don’t have to spend as much.

  5. Does anyone know the name of the clothing company that makes clothes for well endowed ladies? I think someone talked about it on this site before. Thanks!

    • By well endowed, I mean busty. I realize well endowed is usually a phrase associated with men. LOL.

    • Bravissimo? It’s a British company that specializes in bras, but also has clothes.

    •, formerly known as

  6. I find a lot of the jewelry from chain stores (e.g, Ann Taylor, BR, J Crew) to look very cheap and obviously fake. I don’t care whether things are in fact real – I have some costume pieces I love – but the stuff they sell just doesn’t cut it for me. This necklace is a great style, and looks good in the photo, but it just doesn’t work when I’m holding it (or things like it) in the store.

  7. Agree with the other commenters above regarding cheap jewelry. I would much rather spend my money on higher quality jewelry that has been heavily marked down.

    For instance, I paid $80 last week for a lovely onyx necklace, marked down from $575 on Smartbargains. Can’t post a link because it is already sold out!

  8. I sent a rave to C already, but check out LexLuxe on

    She makes amazing jewelry using real metals and gemstones. She’s in the US, and I like the idea of supporting an independent artist instead of a chain store!

  9. housecounsel :

    FYI, I ordered some plain white blouses from Bravissimo. The fit was as promised, but the fabric wasn’t that great.

  10. Bravissimo is great for bras (all types) but the quality of the clothes is pretty bad. For clothes, I’ve liked brands like Ellen Tracy, Tahari, David Meister etc. For shirts – try Alain Figaret. Their cuts are gorgeous, so is the fabric. But they’re pricey.

  11. divaliscious11 :

    Another option for shirts is Rebecca and Drew.

    Necklace is cute, but I find that I buy it, but never wear it, and then becomes dress -up jewelry for my 6 yr old…

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