Which Are The Best Stores and Brands for Different Body Types?

best brands for body types2016 Update: See our newer post on the best work clothes for different body types!

Reader S wonders which are the best stores and brands for different body types, which is an excellent question:

Could you do a run down of what different shops work for different people? I just started as a summer associate, and a few of us were talking today about what works for us and what doesn’t. For example, I’m straight as a stick, so Ann Taylor and Express always stick out in the wrong places and look bizarre. On the other hand, they fit my curvier friends beautifully. I end up buying a lot of my work clothes at Banana Republic and Talbots. And when the commenters complain about clothes being boxy and short – well, those are the ones that fit me perfectly.

Could you do some sort of massive reader poll on suggestions for stores based on body type? It’d be nice to have an idea instead of personally scouring every mall in the tri-county area (which I’ve started doing).

Such a great question, and I can’t wait to see what the readers say. Please identify your body type in your comment.  Pictured: Mall of America, originally uploaded to Flickr by Matti Mattila.

For my $.02, as a curvy/hourglassy girl (5’4″ with long legs), the following department store brands have always been favorites of mine:
– For pants: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Brooks Brothers, Trina Turk, Armani
– For fitted blouses: Brooks Brothers, Thomas Pink
– For suits: Ann Taylor, Tahari petites (for skirt suits), AK Anne Klein / Anne Klein
– For casual pants: Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, DKNY

Some brands never quite look right on me — Theory suits, Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren pants, etc. Others seem to require on the particular garment — Rebecca Taylor, Nanette Lepore, etc. All dresses need to be tried on for me. Most off-the-rack brands fit me fine in terms of knee length; I can occasionally wear petite skirts also (but never petite pants, for some reason).

Readers — what is your body type, and what are your favorite brands and stores?


  1. ohmydarlin :

    I’ve learned through tons of trial and error that the best work pants for me come from Banana Rep’s petite fit, s0-and-so size, in Martin cut. I don’t have to get them altered at all and I don’t have to think about it – just find a fabric I like, and buy it.
    Unless one day they change the cut… then I’m hosed :)

    • Thanks a lot! :

      Now i have the “ohmydarlin ohmydarlin ohmydarlin clementine” song stuck in my head!!! :)

      • ditto to that one. it’s going to be a long afternoon trying to not sing that one out loud… ;)

    • I swear, the Martin fit pants by Banana are the only ones these days that fit me! Not too long, not too short, not too tight, but not so straight that they look totally baggy in the rear.
      Not sure who JCrew is marketing too with their pants these days but all of their “suiting” line has become very tight through the rear and thighs IMHO. I still swear by JCrew’s pencil skirts though – Banana did something weird with the seaming on the waist the last few seasons.

      • SF Bay Associate :

        I’ve noticed the same thing about J.Crew pants – glad to hear it’s not just me. I hope they never change their pencil skirts.

  2. I’m 5’1 and muscular so I find it impossible to locate pants. If they fit in the thighs, they gap at the waist. If they fit at the waist, well I wouldn’t know since I can’t get them over my thighs. Most of the usual places seem to think my crotch is somewhere around my knees, even their pants designed for petites. I used to buy a lot from J.Crew, particularly their Super120’s, but last time I visited one of their stores I couldn’t find anything that fit. They have some serious vanity sizing going on there; the xs/0 looks like it used to be a six. They don’t even make dresses or blouses in my size anymore.

    • Have you tried Gap’s curvy fit? They’re the first pants I’ve found that fit my soccer thighs and quads.

    • I must be like you and got really lucky with Ralph Lauren pants.

    • With a muscular, petite build you probably just need to commit to tailoring (I’m about your height and probably shaped very similarly to you and I probably get 90 percent pf my clothes tailored…and definitely at least a hem on all pants, including petite sizes).

      I think a lot of people would benefit from tailoring their clothes some (I can’t tell you how many women I interact with in very senior positions whose pants are either ridiculously long (ie dragging on the ground) or ankle-bearing short. Sure it makes clothes cost more, but I much prefer a smaller wardrobe of stuff that I feel great in than stuff I don’t feel like fits well.

    • Limited Lexie fit. Worth a try. Super curvy fit.

    • saidtheowl :

      I’m 5’2″ with athletic thighs. Small rear though, so curvy fits are too baggy in the rear. I look for pants that fit well in the thigh and rear, and get them taken in at the waist. This also holds the waist where it’s supposed to be so the crotch is in a better place, too.

      For casual pants Joe’s Jeans Muse fit is perfect.

    • try levi’s curve id

    • Anonymous :

      Buy to fit the largest part of your body and have the rest tailored in.

  3. Short (5’1″), curvy hips/butt:

    What works:
    Banana petites (sometimes regular length for their short skirts), Ann Taylor (petites, occasionally regular), Brooks Brothers, some Anne Klein bottoms

    What never works:
    Theory (sigh!), Jcrew

    • Me exactly!

      • Me too! I’m 5′ 3” and curvy (with butt!). Theory NEVER works (sigh) but Ann Taylor, Banana Republic (Martin pants) are always a win. J Crew *sometimes* fits for bottoms but rarely. I also love Trina Turk dresses (regular or petite).

        This is a great topic for conversation! Thanks Cat!

  4. For my $.02, I am tall, and wear an average of a size 2 in dresses.
    But, I have no shoulders or chest, and my torso is short in comparison to my legs, so suit jackets, even in a size 0, usually are too big still. I have had luck with Ann Taylor petites for jackets, and a suit from Tahari that needed minimal tailoring, but the ones that fit me best by far are Antonio Melani at Dillards. The are cut very close to the body, which works well for smaller torsos.

    On bottom, I average a size 4 and can usually find pants in long enough lengths from a variety of stores.
    However, skirts that are long enough to actually come to my knee are elusive. The only ones that don’t leave a couple inches of thigh exposed (while standing) are skirts that are supposed to be past “average” knees, which I found one of at Talbots, and occasionally at Ann Taylor. If anyone knows of a store that regularly carries skirts that are meant to go from waist to below the knee, I would be extremely interested so I can stop wearing skirts several sizes too large pulled down to my hips so they can pass for an appropriately conservative length.

    • Anonymous :

      Pendleton carries several skirts in 25 or 26 inch length.

    • I am 138 lbs, 5’9″. I have no chest, a fairly long torso (I have to buy the “long-torso” one-piece bathing suits), and a 33″ inseam. Generally, I’m a size 6. My favorite suit is an Antonio Melani (size 4 on top, size 6 skirt). I also have a Calvin Klein skirt suit that works nicely.

      I have given up on work pants. Can’t find any that fit properly. The size 6’s are too tight in the tush, and the size 8’s are too big in the waist, but I wouldn’t consider myself “curvy.” Not to mention the pain in the rear of finding pants that are long enough or buying longs and having them hemmed. Skirts are just more forgiving.

      • Anonymous :

        I have given up on work pants. Can’t find any that fit properly. The size 6′s are too tight in the tush, and the size 8′s are too big in the waist, but I wouldn’t consider myself “curvy.”

        Second this! I don’t understand why work pants are cut so differently from non-work pants. I am a straightforward size 4 in all JCrew casual pants. For work pants, their 6s are too tight in the tush, and the 8s are still a little snug but wearable, however the waist is so large I could put on a clown wig and catch pies at the circus. What gives? I’m completely flummoxed as to why the casual pants fit well, the business casual pants fit like clubwear. And I’m a pretty straight up-and-down slim person so I don’t think it is a curvyness or bootyliciousness issue (I wish!).

      • We must be the same person! My favorite suit is Antonio Melani, size 4 jacket, size 6 skirt, and I hate pants!

        • markymark :

          5’6″, short torso, small chest, long arms, high waist, long legs. Straight body type.

          I too have given up on pants.

          I stick to dresses mostly, and skirts come in second. Calvin Klein works great for me. I think their dresses are designed for straight body types and small chests! Anne Taylor also works well for me.

          • Love, love, how Calvin Klein cuts their sheath dresses. I’m extremely straight up and down with a small bust and their dresses fit great and have the added bonus of usually being at Marshalls/Loehmanns/TJ Maxx!

          • I also love Calvin KLein! I am 5’6, proportional legs/torso, slim, but pear-shaped. About a 0-2 on top and a four on bottom. Pants are very difficult to find. I tend to need a long inseam/high rise to cover my booty, but I have a very small waist, so things generally gape there. I know, I need to get things tailored. I stick to skirts and dresses for the most part and Calvin Klein is my no. 1 favorite brand. I also have several of their skirt suits and they work perfectly.

      • I have the same problem with the tush fitting into pants, and mine is not amazingly luscious either. I just have never bought anything other that wider-leg pants to accommodate the butt (I tried on some Gap “true straight” work pants, because the “true straight” jeans fit me in a 2, but the 6 in work pants were tight around the tush and big in the waist, and I almost never have waist issues).
        I have the same problem with some dresses, it will be loose everywhere except the tush/hips (and it doesn’t matter if the fabric is stretchy or structured, one super-tight area is never attractive. Again, I just look for fuller bottomed dresses or wrap dresses.
        Also for the no-chest girls, Brooks Brothers petite button-up no iron shirts finally came to the location I shop at, and they are amazing for me (but, I have a short torso). They are the first fitted button up I could wear off the rack and not feel like a little girl playing dress up in her mom’s closet. I know women complain about button-ups not being large enough for their chests, but trust me when I say it is just as unflattering to have extra space.

        • Your just like me. I have a slightly large tush, but otherwise very svelte. I have found that Express has great jeans that fit me and my body shape. I bought 3 pairs that fit and now I just hope that I don’t gain any weigt.

      • I am same Height and Built and Express have made my life so wonderful. All my work pants (and their new work skirt that fits like it was tailored to me,) all are from express. Just saying, might be worth a try.

    • The best skirt is available only online Jcrew telegraphers pencil skirt. It’s long for long legs and still sits at the waist.

  5. Legally Brunette :

    For my pear shape (size 2/4 on top, size 6 on bottom):

    Pants: Classiques Entier, some Halogen, some Ann Taylor
    Casual pants/jeans: Kut from the Kloth
    Fitted tops: Pretty much anything, but I especially like Classiques Entier, Express, and Banana Republic
    Dresses: Calvin Klein, Tahari ASL

    What does NOT work for me: Theory, Jcrew, Talbots dresses

    • Funny – sounds like we’re about the same size, but Jcrew (dresses, at least) definitely work for me. I share your approval of the Calvin Klein dresses!

    • SF Bay Associate :

      I’m similar – 2 on top, 4 on bottom. Classic pear. 5’6″, with relatively thick thighs for my height/weight.

      Pants: I have largely given up out of sheer frustration. My suiting pants from J.Crew (favorite fit) are ok, but I don’t love them. I wish they came in patterns like they used to. My Elie Tahari suiting pants fit ok, but they are unlined, which annoys me to no end. Classiques Entier pants can fit well sometimes, but they aren’t my preferred lined wool.

      Last time I tried on Ann Taylor, the only pants that fit my legs and didn’t have a huge gaping waist also had a total ‘mom’ vibe I wasn’t happy with. J.Crew’s pants are often too slim in the leg, like the city fit. And I have to go up four sizes before I can get Theory on my legs, and then the waist is huge –> pass.

      Casual pants/jeans: Joe’s jeans, or Seven’s A-pocket. I don’t love these either (see above: given up on pants).

      Skirts: J.Crew, Classiques Entier. Brooks Brothers. Hugo Boss. “Vintage” Banana, back when skirts sold there were of an appropriate length. I wear skirts pretty much every day because I don’t like my pants.

      Fitted tops: Classiques Entier and Atlier, Elie Tahari, “vintage” Banana, J.Crew, Brooks Brothers. Theory, though I refuse to buy because I’m so annoyed that their pants don’t fit me. Tops are easy, assuming I can find ones long enough for my long torso. Skirts sit higher anyway, so length is less of an issue now that I’ve given up on pants.

      Suits: Theory jackets are made for me. Too bad I can’t fit into their bottoms. I have J.Crew’s wool gab and stretch wool, and Elie Tahari, but I’ve yet to find anything I love.

      Dresses: Elie Tahari, Classiques Entier. Badgley Mischka for dress up. J.Crew dresses have slightly too little room in the hips for my top half size, plus their constant issues with too low/too short. I just got a Tory Burch faux-wrap dress I’m in love with as well.

      • SFBA– we can share Theory suits; you wear the jackets and I’ll take the pants. Love their stuff, and the pants flatter me, but I can’t move my arms in those sleeves!

  6. Anonymous :

    I’m curvy and on the upper end of normal sizes and really like J. Crew suits. Hardly anything else in the store fits me but their jackets are a perfect fit.

    • Thanks for this! I’m a double digit size and have avoided J. Crew because “nothing fits me” when their larger sizes are even in stock to try on (the store near me never seems to have anything larger than a 6). I will give them another try when I need a new suit, however.

  7. I’m a 5’9″ top-heavy hourglass with a very high natural waist- the narrowest part of my waist is several inches above my naval.

    -For pants: Ann Taylor is now my go-to, although will occasionally raid the J Crew or Banana Republic clearance racks.
    -For dresses: Calvin Klein (the mid-priced version that you can find lots of at Filene’s Basement or Century 21), Ann Taylor Loft, Club Monaco
    -For suits: Historically was J Crew, although the jacket always needs to get tailored and the last couple I ordered didn’t fit right at all.
    -For fitted blouses: I’ve resorted to getting them custom-made, although the most recent set of blouses did not turn out well at all. Anyone know of a good place in NYC to get blouses made?
    -Casual pants: Lands End Canvas

    • How high do you wear your pants? I have a similarly high natural waist and I find that it’s impossible to find pants that hit me anywhere close to it. Unfortunately, hitting below it gives me muffin top. I have a long waist, so pants that are mid-rise on other people are often low-rise on me.

      • I have a really long waist and have the same issue you mention. I try to wear my pants just a little below the belly button and do well with Antonio Melani Antonio fit (which are consider a high rise but just mid-rise on me) and Ann Taylor classic fit. Talbots tends to have some that are even higher rises, but I have a more ample butt and they tend to be too tight through that area. BR’s Jackson Fit is also really good on me, but it is a bit of a lower rise. It is the curvy cut so it tends to give less of a muffin top than other straighter styles.

        • I’ve never tried any of those brands except Talbots, which sag on my hips. I will have to go shopping this weekend and try on pants!

      • I have a similar issue. The only solution I have found is maximum control spanx under pants. It takes away any hint of a muffin top. At first I thought it was uncomfortable, but now I don’t even notice. I’m cuurious to hear about other people’s solutions.

    • Latecomer to the conversation :

      Try CarissaRose fitted shirts, I bet you love them. I have similar proportions….

  8. I’m curvy, and have found that the Gap Perfect Trousers are literally the perfect pants. I have them in multiple colors and don’t really wear anything else. My go-to pants before I discovered these were from Express or The Limited, since Banana Republic’s pants don’t fit well through my butt, and Ann Taylor’s are too tight in the thighs.

    For dresses, hands down Kenneth Cole. I find that their dresses are super flattering for curves, especially their sheath dresses. I’ve also had luck at BR in the past, though not recently in dresses.

    For suits, I’m a big fan of Elie Tahari. Definitely no Theory for me. I keep trying Classiques Entier, but have yet to find an entire suit that fits (i.e., sometimes the pants fit, sometimes the jackets fit, but never both at once).

  9. Johanna_D :

    I have an hour glass shape (5′-7″), but I have a big chest and wide hips so most of the regular size pants don’t even go above the thighs for me. I no longer buy bottoned shirts because they tend to never stay completely closed and for pants I never buy wide-leg styles because they make me look much wider than I am. Good stores are JCrew, Ann Taylor, NY and Co, Banana Republic, Tahari, Calvin Klein. I don’t really remember the bad ones.

    • Anonymous :

      Regarding button down shirts, I buy big and then have the sides taken in. I also have the tailor sew the front closed, becasue the 38E chest cannot be contained by mere buttons.

      • Latecomer to the conversation :

        How do you get in them with the front close? Try CarissaRose, I have a shirt from there that zips (hidden behind extra piece of fabric) and I LOVE it.

  10. I’m 5 ft 4 in; size 2 top and bottom.

    Theory, Tahari, Ann Taylor Petites, Banana Republic Petites usually work best for me. Tahari ASL and Calvin Klein never fit me right.

  11. aquarienne :

    Long-time reader/lurker, first-time commenter –

    I’m 5’5″ with relatively long legs for my height (32″ inseam fits me fine), and I describe my shape as that of a spoon – straight on top (can fit most tops without trying them on), dramatic change at the bottom. So my pants are my priority. I know I can go to Ann Taylor and pick up a pair of pants and they’ll fit beautifully without any tailoring. Ann Taylor Loft is the same way as far as cut goes, but I don’t usually like the quality of their fabrics for work.

    It seems to be much easier to find well-fitting skirts than pants, but I love pants and get a thrill out of finding a great pair.

  12. I’m a short (5’3″), long-torsoed, high-waisted, short-legged apple shape (41[34G]-33-40). I’m normally a size 12 in the hips and a size 14-16 up top due to the apple belly and my G cup chest. I find that my body has changed as I get older (30) and my hips have widened up a little so that they’re actually slightly wider than my shoulders, which is nice because I used to find my figure rather unfeminine. Finding pants that fit my waist without sagging on my butt is a b–h so I’d love to see suggestions on that. Right now my only trousers are from Gap and they are wide-legged so they are “supposed” to sag, size 12A. I have a couple of pairs of loose-fitting capris from Loft and Talbot’s as well.

    I almost always wear dresses or skirts and most (like 75%) of my clothing comes from Gap, Loft, and Lands’ End. Those are the only 3 stores where things consistently fit me off the rack, although Loft’s sizing is inconsistent and I have items from a size 12p to a 16. I have a couple Tahari ASL suits in a 16p, the jackets are perfect but the skirts are a bit too big. I have a much easier time fitting into dresses because it doesn’t matter if they’re too lose on the bottom – I have great dresses from Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Ellen Tracy, and Loft.

    Great idea for a post – I can’t wait to see other comments.

    • I think we have the exact same body, and baggy-ass pants are the bane of my existance! I have had some luck with Target pants and capris lately.

  13. Love this post idea! I am just over 5’10”, 140lbs, with a straight/athletic figure.

    -Pants: Gap Premium Pants in Bootcut (cheap fabric yes, but machine-washable!), some Banana in Sloan or Logan fits, Theory (excellent for straight figures, but do always need to get lengthened), J.Crew – common theme is that all offer a 36″ inseam and a lower rise.
    -Dresses: Banana and Ann Taylor (in tall)
    -Suites: Only ever purchased from J.Crew since they appear more modern and age-appropriate (I’m on the verge of 30).
    -Fitted Blouses: Banana and J.Crew in tall only (sleeve length is a never-ending problem…)
    -Jeans: Rock and Republic – like Theory pants, they tend to fit great on a straight figure and are usually super long.

    • I just posted below, it’s interesting to hear from you (a fellow tall woman) all the brands that work on a straighter tall figure. I had a straighter figure in high school and kept trying on Gap jeans/pants, Sloan/Logan Banana pants, etc., but they don’t work on these hips anymore! Even though I weigh only 5 lbs more than your stats. Funny how shape makes all the difference.

      • Agreed! Banana and Gap are still hit or miss for me though – with a lack of curves, a fit in the hips sometimes means the unpleasant muffin top, which leads to pant-shopping frustration! I’m intrigued by your comment about Banana suit jackets having extra-long sleeves – I need to check those out!

        • Definitely give the BR suit jackets a try. I also buy BR’s tall button up shirts and have to get those sleeves shortened as well.

          I have short arms for my height (wingspan 5’6″, height 5’10”!), so I think the sleeves are appropriately proportioned for a tall woman with proportional arms!

      • somewherecold :

        I tried on a couple of different pants at Gap outlet last weekend, and the Favorite Trousers and the curvy worked well (the business casual pants, not jeans), and I have a pair of the bootcut, but I tried on one other style that was way too tight–you just have to try on one of each sometimes.

    • naijamodel :

      I am tall – 6’1 with a 37 inch inseam, and a size 2. I have an athletic figure with slim hips and a booty. My waist is high.

      Gap: XtraLong pants, always in the tall section of the website. I buy their jeans as well.
      Jcrew: Suit LOVE. Tall section too. I get the waist tailored and the back of the jackets and they fit beautifully. Dresses here as well. And blazers.
      Express and the Limited: Work blouses. I stick to sleeveless and short sleeved and the patterns and styles are endless.
      Banana Republic: used to be dresses mostly but now they go too short. United Colors of Benetton: dresses
      NOT Ann Taylor: they seem to think a woman can’t be slim and have a butt at the same time. I stick to cardigans and sweaters here.

    • Lina, what size do you take for suits in J. Crew? I have a similar build and I want to order a J. Crew suit online, but am not in the U.S. and dread the possibility of having to pay to return it.

      • SF Bay Associate :

        Em, livechat with Jcrew online – they have the exact measurements for each item, as opposed to their generic size chart. This is especially important given that JCrew sizing is inconsistent – one suiting line is cut differently than another, even if the sizes are the same, and varies between one year and the next. Give the JCrew chat associate the item numbers you are interested in, and then get all the measurements they have for those items in your size based on the size chart, plus one up and one down. Then you can figure out exactly what you need.

        I wear anywhere between a 2 and an 8 in J.Crew, though typically a 4 or 6. But whether it’s a 4 or 6 really depends on the exact item.

  14. I’m a tall (5’10) hourglass and am all about Tahari ASL and Banana Republic’s tall line.

    For suits, Banana Republic makes nicely cut talls, although I unfortunately need to have the tall jacket sleeves shortened. It’s worth it for a jacket that nips in at the proper place and hit my hips, though. I wish BR carried the lightweight wool in more than just black and gray (the tan/khaki color has a weird jacket). I also like that BR carries matching suit pants in a variety of cuts – for me, Martin is a good every day pant, the Jackson cut is a little baggy but perfect for long-plane-ride suit wearing. The sizing for BR’s tall skirts seems to run on the small side, but they are long enough and it’s a joy to wear a pencil skirt that I don’t have to hike back down all day.

    Sometimes works: Ann Taylor Loft tops work for under-suit tops, but their bottoms and dresses are never quite right for a tall woman. I can’t speak to the Ann Taylor tall line… yet. Hope to start shopping there in the next year or so.

    Never works: Calvin Klein has never worked for my hips, in dresses, skirts, or suits. JCrew is hit or miss, more often a miss, and I usually don’t bother looking for workwear there.

  15. I’m about Kat’s size (minus the long legs) and her list looks a lot like mine, except almost all off-the-rack dresses fit me nicely (except for wrap dresses, because of my shorter waist and sloping, non-square shoulders). Any clothes that are anti-booty don’t work for me. Period. Accordingly, I abhor Theory pants and Calvin Klein designer label pants (the expensive ones made in Italy — aaargh). Roberto Rodriguez and BCBG pantes often require Spanx and a longer jacket ;-)

  16. I have almost no waist–and what I do have is very high. I cannot wear banana or most brands for pants so end up in skirts everyday, so that I can wear it high without risking camel toe, which is a problem in pants. Ideas?

    • No waist – see my post below re: Theory. I have had some luck with lower-waist styles at Banana (even the “city” cut at J.Crew is too high for me) but I often just end up with skirts as well.

      There was a brand a while back called Raven that had great low-rise dress pants but I think they only do jeans now.

    • I asked basically the same question a few comments up and people suggested different brands in replies.

      • M–I need high-waisted things, not low-rise!

        • Trina Turk! I love, love, love her stuff, and she totally does some styles that are higher waisted. Her pants are fairly expensive (usually in the 250 range), but well worth it. More importantly, you can often find them on sale a nordstrom for 99 to about 150. just keep a look out.

    • Same as... :

      My mom’s body, and like I told her (and hopefully this won’t come across as snarky, it isn’t meant that way!), maybe the problem is that pants won’t look as good if they have that high of a waist? Why not deliberately get something that sits on your hips and a nice fitted jacket to accentuate your curvy waist?

      • Yep! That’s what I do. I’ve got a 20 inch waist (size 0-00) but wear a six in pants. It’s awful, because I have short legs and a long torso, so I should be wearing high-waisted pants. But I have yet to find a tailor who can take out a waistband, cut out the gores, restitch and then re-attach the waist band well. It always looks awful. Even people who’ve done a good job with complex work like moving sleeves!

        So extra long shirts (with layering!) and low-rise pants.

    • check out eddie bauer talls. I order a lot from them b/c they offer petite, tall, and sometimes short. All the comments regarding talls seem to be good! Eddie bauer IMO is a little big in the hips compared to the waist. I order a size down, maybe move the button over, or look for a material with some stretch. Some pants are more straight than curvy also. I don’t think the stores carry talls.

    • I have no waist and no butt. So far the only dress pants I’ve found that fit me are Nanette Lepore

  17. I am built exactly like a chicken — bred for breast meat, no waist, scraggly little chicken legs. Therefore, I stay far away from anything sold as a suit and anything that has to be tucked in.

    Theory pants are the only dress pants that fit my straight waist and are not huge in the legs (as long as I stay FAR away from wide-leg styles.) I cheat in winter with J.Crew’s pixie pants (tons o’ stretch) and an over-sized blazer.

  18. 5’3″ pretty evenly proportioned lengthwise, no hips/butt, apple belly and wide shoulders with a 36C/D chest.

    Pants: (usually an 8 or a 10, but have to get taken up ALWAYS!) Ann Taylor Modern Fit, Theory, Tahari, sometimes BR in their Sloan Fit.

    Jeans: Hudson or 7 boot cut, but have to get shortened.

    Shirts: All comers, but have to try on due to the specific cut of shirt. I’m usually a 12 or 14 in tops, definitely 14 if there is any sort of structure to the shirt. I usually like Classiques, Tahari and some Halogen.

    Suits: Lafayette 148, some Tahari

    Dresses: Don’t ever wear dresses due to the size differential in my top vs. my bottom.

  19. Tallish (5’8″) with long legs (33-34″ inseam), and plus size, so I don’t care so much about what fits best as what I can get to fit period. I used to love Talbots suiting–perfect fit, every time, just occasionally had to lengthen the pant leg. But now the quality sucks and the fit is all wrong. I have to go up a size, which is fine, but they are baggy in the rise and tight in the thighs and just wrong. I’ve had great luck with Brooks Brothers new plus size suiting and shirts–beautiful quality and really almost perfect off the rack fit. The Caroline fit pants seem best–as opposed to the slimmer fit Catherine. I also have good luck with Jones New York, although I have to really watch length and generally wear them with flats. For knits, I love LOFT–can’t fit the pants or jackets, but the short sleeve and sleeveless sweaters are stretchy and fine (my arms are disproportionately big, which is why the jackets don’t work). All my suits (around 20) right now are from Talbots, Brooks Brothers, or JNY, with one from Anne Klein and one from the INC brand at Macy’s.

  20. Dorcas Swindle :

    I’m size 8 at the shoulders and 12 on the bottom, and 5’6″. I love nanette lepore – she seems to understand fitting for a woman with curves, though the shoulders can be too broad for me. (call the tailor.) As for suits I seem to buy lafayette 148 (Neiman’s), but never the same jacket and skirt size. (Love separates!) I always must hem the skirts to be at knee length. As for dress pants and button front shirts – Brooks Brothers. Pullover tops – Ann Taylor.

  21. I am 5’1″ with pretty straight hips (even after three kids, sigh…I would love more shape!) and a kind of big butt. The only pants that I have ever been able to wear without tailoring are older ones from Express in short length. I have a pinstripe pair that I love from them. I have also had good luck at the limited, in short length also. Anywhere else, even petite and they just don’t fit right. The waist is often incredibly high and they are usually still too long. So my favorite suit for court is a skirt suit by Anne Klein, I think….though I had to get the sleeves taken up.

    • I’m built the same but 5’2″ with a smaller butt compared to a little bigger waist after 3 kids. Otherwise, a very straight fit with hardly any hips. I would also love a smaller waist, bigger hips (for that hourglass shape) and wider shoulders. I would try eddie bauer in short size. They can be found in the stores, but not online. If you order online you may be able to wear their petites. I can wear petites in skirts, capris, lounge atire and shirts, sometimes pants like for sports conditions. The petite dress pants are too short for me (28″) and I like at least 29″. They are a little bigger in the butt, so that may work. I order a size down and then must deal with a little tighter waist. I’ve learned some tricks, move the button, add a little elastic at the sides, stretch! All eddie bauer clothes stretch out! Good luck.

  22. 5’2″, very pear-shaped, butt.

    When I had a big-firm job, I used to wear almost exclusively Tahari Petite suits: coordinating dresses, skirts, and occasionally pants. I haven’t bought any suits from them in years, and when I Googled “Tahari Petites suits” the outfits that came up were a lot cheaper than what I used to pay ($139 for a jacket and skirt, when I recall paying over $200 just for a jacket and $80-$90 for a skirt), so the quality may have changed. I noticed polyester mixed in with rayon in the current fabric description. In the past, I believe the fabric was 100% rayon. I would have preferred wool.

    I also used to like Anne Klein II Petites.

    I bought some Banana Republic Petites about five years ago. The fit was OK, the fabric did not hold up.

    I bought a wonderful suit from Emanuel Ungaro Petites in a chenille-like fabric some years ago.

    DKNY, while a little big, often works, even in Regular sizes.

    God, I hate shopping. I’m trying to learn how to sew, but it’s quite a complex process.

  23. I wish there was more consistency from women’s clothing manufacturers, although I understand that they feel the need to feed a complex market that often wants something new. For that reason, if I have the money and I find something great I buy as many as I can afford at the time. I don’t wait for sales; if you wear Size 2 Petite (probably would take Size 4 or even 6 in bottoms *sigh*) you can’t wait; everything good goes fast.

    About five, eight years ago, Banana Republic came out with a cashmere sweater that was just the right length for me, neither cropped nor a coat length. The cashmere was of excellent quality; even now it has never pilled, as compared with a $300 J. Crew cashmere sweater that started pilling after two weeks. (I took it back.) At $170, I thought the Banana Republic sweaters were pricey, but I bought three. I wish I’d bought six. Except for some moth holes, which I’m thinking of trying to cover up with an embellishment technique, they’re still wearable and I can’t find anything comparable in fitting or quality or price.

    I once bought three Tahari wool bouclé Chanel-style suits at a sample sale. They were something like $200 a piece. I bought three different colors and wore the hell out of them. I could still wear at least one, but I’ve gained weight and perhaps become a bit more muscular because of strength training.

    So if you can, buy in multiples. Another sad fact is that even if you buy something of quality, you need to rotate it, otherwise you’ll wear it out right away.

    • I agree. I really get mad paying for sub-quality items. I almost never pay full price, as you can always find a discount, promo code, etc. I love Banana Republic and have had good luck with the quality. They always have sales also. I also love Eddie Bauer quality (though not as good as it used to be). I have some Eddie Bauer shirts from 10 years ago and they look the same. BTW, they also have a 10 year return policy, so keep those receipts for a full return!!!! I returned a jacket that had lost it’s water-proof quality after almost 8 years. Full price return, with no hassle or questions asked!!! What company does that?

  24. For my 5’7″ curvy pear shape I rely on:

    – Ann Taylor Loft “Julie” trousers
    – Skirt suits and suiting sheaths from the Banana Republic Factory Store (I find the outlet’s styles fit considerably differently than the main store. Friend them on FB – they’re always having a sale.)
    – Tahari Arthur S. Levine suiting dresses (Never need the waist taken in – a miracle! In the South, check Stein Mart for these at great prices. Stein Mart also has a “Kroger card” that gets you coupons.)
    – Skirts from Ann Taylor (Budget tip: make a bee-line for their clearance rack. I have a closet full of suiting skirts from there I’ve paid $30 each for. I find the in-store clearance rack to be marked down considerably more than the website.)

    I cannot wear:
    – any cut of Banana Republic trousers
    – any cut of J.Crew trousers
    – Antonio Melani at Dillard’s (The jackets always pull across my 36D bust, no matter what style. My B cup friend looks fabulous in this stylish line all the time.)

  25. This is such a great idea for a post! I’m just getting started putting together a work wardrobe for my first big law job and I’ve found everyone’s comments to be super helpful.

    I’m 5’7, short-waisted, long-legged, about 130lbs with a large chest (34DD). I’m usually a size 4 in tops and a size 4-6 in pants. I’ve been told I’m banana shaped–whatever that means!

    My best (and only so far) suit is from Theory and it fits like a glove–I didn’t need to get the pants hemmed (although they are about 1/2 inch off the ground in heels) and the jacket fits beautifully (I can get all my stuff in there because it’s a one-button jacket). As tempted as I am to try some other styles of suits, I think I may just get the same Theory suit in as many colours and pieces (skirt, sheath, etc.) as I can, just to make my life easier.

    I also like BB pants and jackets (although their sizing is a little tricky)–if I get bored of my Theory uniform a full suit from BB will probably be my next experiment.

    For dress shirts my go to has been the BB no-iron dress shirts. The material has enough stretch to accommodate my chest without gaping, and the no-iron part is definitely a HUGE plus.

    • Banana Republic has great shirts and pants. So does Ann Taylor, and Ann Taylor loft. They have a very classic with a twist look. I haven’t tried Theory, but everyone has good reviews of the line.

  26. Curvy–5’6”, size 6-8 on the bottom, 4-6 on top, 32 C.

    I used to love Banana and Ann Taylor, but found both changed their sizing a year ago and can no longer wear bottoms in either one. I have the small waist, curvy booty/ hips gapping problem. Overall, I can wear dresses off the rack , but pants, except J. Crew (solid size 6 every time), must be tried on. Theory is strictly dresses only.

    • Try Express (Editor pants and Cotton Sateen Pencil Skirts.) Size 6 – you may even drop to a 4.

      • I agree. Limited and Express tend to be smaller in the waist. I used to wear these until my 3rd child and a little bigger waistline. Now I wear Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer. I can still wear J.Crew depending on the style, but must be tried on. As I’ve learned here, it’s b/c J.Crew varies in it’s sizing.

  27. I’m 5’2″, 29″ inseam, 36F chest, defined waist, more substantial hips/butt, and very short-waisted. I’m generally a 14 (though used to be an 16 and am on my way to 12, so things that used to fit no longer do and the reverse).

    Suits: Almost all of my suits are JCrew. Their city-fit and durham fit don’t come up to my bra line like many other pants do on me. They also have 2 and 3 button jackets, which is great since I cannot wear 1 buttons. Tahari ASL petite also fits perfectly off the rack (sometimes pants need to come up just a little), but I have found the fabric so hit or miss I don’t have much of this. Anne Klein can be ok, but I really need to try it on.

    Dresses: Anything from Ann Taylor (regular or loft). The rest of their clothes never fit, but dresses are perfect. Go figure. Also have a few Adrianna Papell for dressing up, which are always flattering.

    Pants: Gap Curvy fit for jeans; they are the only jeans I have found that fit me currently. Gap’s Modern trousers and curvy trousers are also not bad, though the rise is always a little high for me.

    In general: A tailor. In basically any brand I have to hem the pants, sometimes lower the rise, and sometimes take in waist. Le sigh.

    Things that do not work: Theory (le sigh again), Ann Taylor suits, most Banana Republic suiting and casual pants. Am in the process of looking for more high end lines that I fit, but it was especially difficult in my old size.

  28. Bridget (the other one) :

    Great Topic!
    I recently lost 100 lbs, so lots of changes. Not exactly sure how to describe it other than definitely hourglass. I‘m 5’2,” and bra size is 34C. Waist is 26’’ to 27,” and hips are 31’’ or so. I’ve spent a lot of time shopping recently, so here are my current thoughts:
    -Work Pants: The Limited (Cassidy and Drew cuts) or Express (The Editor) in 6A or 8A. I generally find their fabric to be very forgiving. I also like The Gap’s Perfect Trouser and Curvy fits for petites. No need for hemming with those brands.I have been hit or miss with Ann Taylor and Talbots.
    -Casual Pants: Ann Taylor chinos in petites. Perfect length and washable.
    -Skirts: I’ve had a lot of success at White House, Black Market.
    -Jackets (I don’t really wear suits): Surprisingly, also White House, Black Market. Very flattering cuts.
    -Work dresses: I really like the styles on Shabby Apple, but the sizing and fabric quality are inconsistent.
    -Button down shirts: I haven’t worn one in 5+ years, but my husband nagged me to try Brooks Brothers. The non-iron, tailored fit shirts were a homerun, though definitely vanity sizing (Size 2). The sleeves were a little long but worth it.
    -Knit shirts: The usual suspects: ann taylor petites, talbots petites, Nordstrom rack, TJ Maxx.

    • MaggieLizer :

      Congrats on your weight loss!

    • Congrats on the weight loss!

      Someone close to me have lost a tremendous amount of weight and they are worried about the loose skin. Have you found this to be a problem? Any tips for dealing with this issue including styles of dress that you find more flattering?


      • Thanks, Guys!

        Bette, my skin looks pretty good overall. My stomach skin is definitely loose, but I think it would only be noticable in a bikini. Generally I wear Spanx underneath almost everything I wear to work, so there aren’t any specific dresses or pants that I would recommend.

        My chest is a totally different story. My boobs are saggy with no volume. I recently went for a bra fitting at Soma, and the new bras help me look better in clothes, but I would like to have a breast lift (and maybe small implants) at some point in the future.

        I hope your friend is as happy as I am with her changes!

        • similar problem after breastfeeding 3 kids! I have taken to weight lifting, esp arms and butterfly for the chest. Miracle worker-I’ve already lifted the girls significantly. Great job on the weight loss-keep it going!!

  29. I’m 5’9″ and a plus size. Oddly enough, I HATE Lane Bryant clothing because it never fits well at all. I seem to do very well with Macy’s and Target.

    • Valleygirl :

      This. The majority of plus size clothing isn’t work appropriate (I’m looking at you bedazzled neon colored polyester tunic things…).

      For what it’s worth – I’m 5’10 and wear an 18 (and I’m 27 yo). I also have a D bust (so the super-busty look in most plus size clothes doesn’t work for me) and very broad shoulders… My go to for most things is Calvin Klein (my macys has a pretty good selection). I love, love, love the Hudson straight leg pants. I have four pairs (2 black, 2 grey – one of each of is the “bottom” to suits – I have the matching jackets and I only wear them with the jacket so they can be dry cleaned together). I also have three or four of the CK dresses which work for me because the length hits at the knee when I sit. For dresses I also like Lily – which I find at the Nordstrom’s plus size dept.

      Also – I’ve found good work slacks at Torrid… it can be very hit or miss – but I’ve gotten some nice slacks that aren’t super baggy in the butt. I also have found jeans I like at Torrid – the brand is source of wisdom and they fit well without being too tight/losing their shape after a wearing. They have regular length and talls and come in a nice dark wash.

    • I’m 5’11” and borderline plus. I carry more weight in my lower half. I need tall length pants. I can only find large size items in Tall at Talbots.

      For whatever reason this might be, I find that buying an 16 or 18 in Talbots is a much better fit than buying what should be the equivalent 14W/ 16W. I buy 20 (boy do I ever not love that number) Tall size pants and have the waist taken in, as I like my pants to have plenty of room and drapiness in the thighs and rear. Sometimes those odd larger misses sizes are the last to go on clearance. I just stocked up in April on wool pants in 20 Tall and they were less than $20/pair! Even with a $20 alteration per pair, they were still a steal!

      (Women’s sizes don’t have the tall and they cost $5 more anyway.)

      • And yes @Valleygirl – I like both Calvin Klein and Lauren Ralph Lauren plus at Macy’s. (As long as we’re not talking about pants.) For me, I can usually find coordinating outfits buying tops in Misses and bottoms in Woman at the same store.

        For me, the disparity between my top size and bottoms size (I am also not super busty) means I can’t really buy dresses unless they’re made out of a very stretchy material, which is a no-go for me.

      • a different anon :

        I think our body shapes might be somewhat similar. I am 5’10”, right now wear size 16 on top, 18 on the bottom with a 34″ inseam. I carry most of my weight in my tummy unfortunately. Plus sizes don’t work for me, as they tend to be baggy in the shoulders/chest/arms and hips/butt. Right now the pants that fit me best are the Gap modern boot (in long length, not tall) and surprisingly, NY & Company pants in tall (they look fine in basic black). Occasionally I can find pants from Eddie Bauer or Ann Taylor that work, but ususally not. Every once in a while I find pants from J.Jill in tall that will work. Talbots doesn’t work for me at all!

      • size 16-24 :

        My general conclusion about plus-size business clothes is that there is no general solution. I am 5’9, and wear anything from a size 16 calvin klein jacket (Macy’s) to a size 24 pant (Talbots). I like the suiting separates available at Macy’s or Lord and Taylor in the Calvin Klein and AK Anne Klein brands. I do not like that it is so hard to find their stuff on the internet. I used to be a huge Nordstroms fan, but I think their business-wear in plus sizes has gone downhill recently.

        I have most recently been successful with Talbots’ suiting, but it takes lots of work to find something good for me. For example, my last suit ended up being a size 24 pant with a size 20 petite jacket, which still required tailoring. I have a relatively small bust (c-cup) for a plus sized woman, which means that all dresses and jackets really require tailoring. I’ve found that the only thing to do is just to try everything remotely in my size range, regardless of how it’s labelled. (I recently ordered eight gray jackets from Talbots and returned seven!) The great thing about Talbots is that they have all of these options, in size, fit, everything. They changed their fits recently, and whatever they’ve done differently really works for me. They also carry things like plus-sized belts in great colors, which can be hard to find. (But see earlier poster, who had the opposite experience!)

        I do think that for smaller-busted women, the larger misses sizes are a godsend. And for someone built like me (relatively high-waisted, with big hips) petite jackets are really helpful as long as the sleeves are long enough. Dresses almost never work off the rack, but with tailoring, I’ve found some that I really love (some are Calvin Klein, others are Talbots).

      • I’m very similar to you – 5’11”, but plus sizes don’t work on me. They are way too boxy and busty (bigger on the bottom, small chest, long arms). The Talbots 16/18s have been my go-to, but I’m much more selective now because the fits have changed and the quality is much lower than it used to be. I do like that they have a long option in some of their jackets, otherwise the jacket falls too short and makes my hips look even wider.

        My casual clothes (and a few work tops) almost all come from Eddie Bauer (because they have tall sizes in tops and bottoms) or J Jill. For J Jill watch out because some of the XLs are huge on me – love the length but too wide, so I usually have to order two sizes and return one. J Jill has their wearever collection which is great for travel – they look nice (even after an 18 hour flight to Singapore), breathe well, and are comfortable.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I agree with you about Lane Bryant. I carry most of my weight in my chest and stomach and have a very flat backside. I buy my jeans from Torrid (the actual Torrid brand), tops from Old Navy, skirts from Macy’s (Kors by Michael Kors) and Target, and I’ve recently had good luck with the Heritage fit at Talbots for pants.

    • I would love to hear from any of you fellow tall/plus size women about any style blogs or websites you check into regularly. I feel pretty left out of most of them, needless to say!

      • a different anon :

        Ditto! Right now I follow wardobe oxygen, but the blogger has a totally different body shape than I do (she’s petite) and I find myself wishing there was something similar for people shaped like me!

      • I like Fashion for the Economically Challenged. I don’t think the woman is plus size per se though. She has a great sense of style and manages to look cute for cheap.

  30. I am a bit of a mutant. I am 5’10” with a 35″ inseam, smaller chest (used to be 34B, now 36B), really long arms, and a really short waist, big booty but no hips. I used to be a small for tops, now I’m a medium, and most brands seem to work (depending on the particular style of top) except for Talbots and Brooks Brothers. Long sleeves are never long enough in regular sizes, so I usually just wear short or 3/4 length sleeves (tall sizes are too long in the torso).

    My problem is with pants. Pre-pregnancy, Tall 8 pants at BR and JCrew fit perfectly. Now I’m 10 lbs heavier, at 145 lbs (even though I eat the same and go to the gym a lot more, so I think it’s just a metablism change). Yet 10s don’t fit me very well – they’re weird and baggy on the lower butt and thighs, while 8s are obscenely tight on the booty and uncomfortably tight on the stomach. I’ve been wearing a lot more skirts and dresses, but I prefer pants, and can’t seem to find any that fit well. I have one pair of BCBG pants in an 8 that fit on skinnier days (their pants are pretty long). Other days, I’m stuck wearing puchy pants or skirts. Any suggestions for pants that are long, and slim in the thighs but not too tight in the waist/booty?

    • I’m your mutant twin! I was the same both pre and post-pregnancy. My problem post pregnancy was the little extra tummy pooch – the tall 8 pants at BR and JCrew are now snug on the waist. So I’ve actually switched to Express as they have tall sizes but their pants are lower slung, so they don’t cut in at the tummy. Their pants aren’t lined though.

      I do have tons of skirts and dresses now – it’s just so much easier to shop for them because they usually fit so much better.

      • ATC – interesting! I’ve stayed away from Express because their quality isn’t great (and I won’t wear wool pants unless they’re lined), but I may give them a try for summer pants. Any other suggestions?

        • Yeah, Express has some bad fabrics sometimes, but I’ve gotten a couple winners. Sadly, no other recommendations as I’m in a warm weather place, so I never need warmer pants. Although I did recently get a size 10 Banana pant (lined) altered smaller in the right places (part of a suit set), and now they’re perfect. We are a really tough size for pants!

    • I have the same problem but I’m shorter and vary between a 4-6 pants. I actually wear 4 in the hips/thigh, but 6 fits in upper butt and waist. Then the 6 bags in crotch area and lower butt and I can sometimes pinch over a 2 inch excess. This is very frustrating. I have resorted to making sure all my pants have some stretch in them. I usually go with the smaller size, stretch them out like crazy, then don’t wash as often, and I never use the dryer. I also move the button over, and sometimes cut the waist on the sides and add an inch of elastic to both sides. As you can guess, I’m so tired of it, that I’m now using the prevention flat belly diet cookbook and have lost some stomach bulge. I just wish pants came with a little adjustable side like some of the men’s pants. BTW, I have had good luck with some eddie bauer clothes with lots of stretch, and they have talls. Also, Ann Taylor Loft seems to be bigger in the waist and they have talls.

  31. I have luck with Anne Klein suits in 14p but that was 4 years and two babies ago. I’m 5’6″ and was 175lbs then. This is a great topic!

  32. Question: Is 34F the same thing as 34DDD?

    • Anonymous Poser :

      I think that’s generally accepted. Are you comparing European cup size to US cup size, or US to US?

      The thing is, cup sizes are *more* standard, a lot more toward standardized than are women’s clothing sizes, but you’ll note that I still phrased this answer in relative terms. FWIW, I’ve been a 30G in UK sizing, but lost weight recently, and am now a 30F, so I’ve looked into this question some, myself.

    • F cup in UK sizes is a G cup in US sizes.

      That doesn’t really answer your question, I know. In some brands, after a D comes DD, then E, then F. In others, it goes D, E, F. In still other’s it’s D, DD, DDD, DDDD. So, your 34F in one brand could be a 34DDD in a brand that uses the third sizing system I listed, but it could be an E in the first sizing system I listed.

  33. I am 5’8″ and typically wear a size 10 (but am a size 12 in Theory). I love Calvin Klein skirt suits – especially because you can find them at TJ Maxx/Marshalls and overstock.com for good prices. Theory pants suits fit me pretty well but are snug in the butt if I gain any weight. I am all about skirt suits and dresses because it’s hard for me to find good-fitting pants as well. BR size 10 pants used to fit me (although a little too short) but now the size 10 is snug but the size 12 is huge. I find that Ann Taylor pants make me look wide and flat in the a** – not a good look.

  34. MaggieLizer :

    I’m 5’2″, size 8 on the bottom and the top… depends. I have broad shoulders and I’m a 36D. My shoulders and bust are definitely the hardest areas to fit, but I also have a lot of trouble finding pants because of my high waist. If I really like something and it doesn’t fit the bust/shoulders, I have to size up and get it tailored (taken in at the waist, arms, shortened through the torso – basically he has to make me an entirely new garment).

    Pants: Calvin Klein from Macy’s, Lafayette 148, BCBG. Pants usually either cut me strangely through the crotch or they nip in too much at the “waist” that is in the wrong spot for me. If I take a bigger size, it droops in the rear and top of the thighs. I can’t wear Halogen (Taylor fit perfectly except for some cheek separation… not cute… and I was swimming in the next size up), WHBM, or Banana Republic. I haven’t tried J. Crew or Ann Taylor for a while so maybe I’ll give them a try again.

    Skirts: I have pretty good luck with skirts, as long as they don’t come in too much at the waist in an unnatural place for me. WHBM, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Halogen, and Kate Spade are staples; I can’t wear BCBG skirts.

    Tops: I gave up on button down shirts a long time ago. I prefer things with a bit of give to them so they accomodate the girls without being too tight. CE are the only structured blouses that fit correctly. I just picked up this blouse on sale: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/classiques-entier-ruffled-silk-blouse/3147393?origin=category&resultback=1663 (the ruffles camouflage rather than emphasize my bust). I can’t wear most Halogen tops but I love their cardigans (worn open through the bust over a dress or top), and I will never be able to wear Kate Spade tops without drastic tailoring.

    Dresses: Trina Turk, WHBM, and BCBG work great for me. They accommodate my curves in all the right spots. Sometimes BCBG cuts in too much at the waist, and I have to size up in Max & Cloe (I think that’s what it’s called). Trina Turk can also be cut small through the bust. Kate Spade is very hit or miss – I’ve tried on a 12 that was too small through the bust and an 8 that was too big all over – but when it’s a hit it’s really fabulous. I can’t wear Halogen dresses – in a 10 they squish my chest, I have a handful of fabric on each side of my hips, and extra room in the waist. I’ve only tried on one CE dress (New Seta) and had the same problem.

    Jackets/blazers: WHBM, Halogen, and some BCBG, though I have to try them on.

    Suits: Calvin Klein at Macy’s, Lafayette 148, Halogen, Banana Republic (I haven’t tried BR’s suits for years and years, but the one I have from them is wonderful). I just ordered a suit from CE so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it fits properly.

  35. I am 5’4″ and thin, but I have a booty. Banana Republic’s more curvy fit pants are not curvy enough for me. Ann Taylor’s “Curvy” fit is more for pear-shaped women, as the store associate informed me, and thus is too roomy in the thighs/makes me look like I’m wearing “mom pants.” Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m desperate!

    • same issue :

      I agree. Most curvy fits assume hips more than booty. I have the same problem but I’m 5’10. Suprisingly I found Talbots (I can’t remember the cut name) works best for me–doesn’t hug the butt, but still fits my waist.

    • I have the same problem. I have a big booty but small hips. A lot of curvy fits don’t work. I can’t wear most pants at Banana Republic or any pants from Gap. I like Ann Taylor Loft. I can wear many of their styles – Julie is a good one.

    • Try Ann Taylor Loft in regular, not curvy. The Julie is a little higher-waisted than the Marisa.

  36. 5’7″ here, hourglass (almost totally even, though if I had to pick a fruit, I lean slightly apple), long legs (33″ inseam), short waisted, and a size 10/12 in most brands.

    Suits: Tahari ASL, AK Anne Klein, occasionally Calvin Klein or Banana will work (must try on for chest area)

    Dresses: Calvin Klein sheaths almost always work (mid price line), Tahari

    Pants: I confess, I’m a total skirt girl ;) (plus, my inseam often falls between a regular and a tall, and I am lazy)

    Button Ups: Tahari, Brooks Brothers

    Don’t work: Express, JCrew, Kenneth Cole (all too small in chest area for me)

  37. So much body diversity! It’s pretty neat.

    I’m 5’6″ with a straight/tubular figure, small chest (36A). However, my shoulders, arms, and thighs are very broad. To fit my shoulders or thighs, I often have to deal with gaping in the chest or waist areas.

    What works:
    JCrew jackets (size 6), skirts, and dresses (size 8). Some dresses are a little big in the chest, so I have to try on in person.
    Classiques Entier pants and skirts, some jackets (size 8).
    The Limited Cassidy-fit pants (size 8). Some waist-gapping.
    Banana Republic jackets, shirts, and cardigans (M or 8).
    Brooks Brothers No-Iron button ups (size 4!). They run a little short in the arms and torso, but fit my chest.

    What does not work:
    JCrew pants are often too tight in the thighs or gap at the waist.
    The Limited jackets- I buy these anyway but there’s a lot of room in the bust.
    Banana Republic suit pants- they hug the butt in all the wrong places.
    Gap Real Straight jeans- they are really tight in the thigh, so the color runs there first.
    Gap Curvy jeans- fit my thighs, but there is so much gapping at the waist that they slide down and create this weird crotch thing.

  38. average height (5’5″) slim hourglass with very slight curves

    What fits well: Express, H&M, LOFT, Theory, BCBG

  39. 5’4” and very thin. Usually an xxs or OO. I have pretty much given up on finding anything off the rack that fits and if it comes close I take it and have it tailored. Ann Taylor works if I tuck their blouses in, Theory is usually pretty good because they make a OO and their stuff fits pretty close to the body. JCrew is great for cardigans in xxs. Asos dresses are also pretty good (website only I think)

    • Same here! I can’t seem to find suit jackets that fit well enough, even with alterations, though. I have long arms, and the sleeves end up being at least an inch too short, even when I size up.

    • Try Colors of Benetton – I’m usually a 0 and there are usually a few sizes below what i wear there.

  40. Accountress :

    I’m 5’9″, size 22, hourglass figure. I’ve had amazing success with Calvin Klein dresses- most have come from Nordstrom Rack (90% off? I accept!), but some Macy’s locations have decent selections.

    Talbot’s is my go-to skirt store- they have the best-made *lined* skirts that I’ve found (and can I just kvetch about the skirts at Lane Bryant? No, that rayon-blend is not appropriate for the office, and skirts need linings!)

    I haven’t found a button-down blouse that I like, but I do keep my eyes open for ones that aren’t made of a hideous fabric. I like Kenneth Cole New York for interesting necklines and nice lengths. I loathe Michael Kors for plus sizes, and also anything that also comes in straight sizes (I’m lookin’ at you, Macy’s INC line!)

    I’ve had success with pantsuits from Anne Klein (a gorgeous tan/caramel shade that I wore to the interview for my current job) and, miraculously, from Jones New York. I dislike Jones New York for the same reason I dislike Ralph Lauren- it is too matronly (and in personal opinion, ugly) for a 24-year-old.

    I have trouble finding good jeans in my size, mostly because I’m too particular- I don’t want skinny jeans, I will not wear jeggings (yeah, Torrid, I’m onto you and your leggings=pants strategy), I don’t want flared legs, I don’t want “slimming” features, and I don’t want anything with a high-waist. That leaves… Dilliard’s Wall-O-Levi’s. I found a pair that’s still a little high, but it’s better than anything else I’d found in a three month search.

    On the list of designers I love and eventually want a wardrobe full of: Tahari (I have a fab cardigan and long-sleeve shirt from Tahari, thanks to the Nordstrom half-yearly sale!), Anna Scholz (sooo pretty, and sooo expensive), and Tadashi Shoji.

  41. fun post and great site! new reader and poster here … i’m 5’4, pretty thin with a 34C chest and broader shoulders. my office is pretty creative/casual, so I can get away with more, sartorially speaking, than the lawyers in the community.

    Some favorite lines: Theory, Vince (for pants), Elie Tahari, BCBG (although some of their fabrics can look really cheap), Classiques Entier, Marc New York (they have some great day-to-night dresses). Banana Republic is hit or miss .. a lot of their clothes seem to look fine in the morning and then look like crap a few hours later (wrinkled, sagging, losing their shape). Ann Taylor never looks good on me, and I find their fits a little too mom-ish, but it’s possible that I’m just not wearing the right sizes. J Crew does not fit well. Brooks Brothers has pretty boxy cuts, so I have heard .. that might help with the OP here.

    I know this has been mentioned before, but I wanted to add my love for the Nordstrom personal stylist service. Recently tried it for the first time, cannot recommend it enough. Totally free, no minimum purchases, and I have never had so much fun shopping (and I shop a lot). The stylists will really help you with your body type and what fits/doesn’t fit, run and fetch sizes, accessories, different pieces .. I really think it’s worth a try, even just once, as you learn a lot about what works for your body/personal style and then can take that knowledge with you on your own shopping excursions. And of course .. find a good tailor, no matter what your size.

  42. If someone is feeling geeky, it would be great to put this together into a SurveyMonkey or something and aggregate all the data to make a definitive guide to brands by body type.

    • I was about to suggest that, too! Actually, I was going to be even more geeky and suggest some sort of regression of store/brand preference vs. height, size, torso length, leg length, etc. There are so many different possible combinations, and it’s hard to keep track. My job involves statistical analysis for retail…so this is partly personal and partly professional curiosity!

      • Yeah, I think it would be great to collect as much data like this as possible. I don’t have the slightest inclination toward math or data collection, or I’d set up a survey myself. Do you know the website myshape.com? It recommends clothing based on your measurements. They must be sitting on a gold mine of data.

        • I work with statistics, but the problem is that even within clothing companies, different cuts of pants, made of different fabrics, from different years, etc., vary widely. Also women’s bodies have so many different proportions (height, shape, bust size, proportion of top to bottom) which are also constantly changing with slight weight fluctuations. Add to that budget constraints, and this is a nightmare to model.
          I think several stores/brands have come up again and again in a variety of posts, and these are usually the stores that have petites, plus sizes, tall, and a variety of different cuts/styles for each article of clothing. I’ve also had luck in department stores, sales associates usually have a good idea of which brands the store has now and if they tend to be cut loose or long or whatever your criteria is. I guess my point is that even with data, style and (to a certain extent) fit are subjective and most of us will still spend a lot of time in fitting rooms and at the tailors.

  43. Diana Barry :

    I am 5.8, straightish figure, longer legs, 8 on top, 6-8 on bottom, 33″ inseam, 34D bust. I wear a lot of J crew (8 jacket, 6 pants/skirt, 8 dress, but only the longer dresses) and BR (8, tall in dresses). Have several jackets and dresses from Boden (their jackets tend boxy) and Tulle (L, their sizing is junior). I used to wear BCBG suits but now find them too trendy/young (I am 32).

    I don’t like ann taylor or talbots – too short/boxy cut for me.

  44. I have been buying most of my work pants at Banana Republic these days.

    On the flip side, if you are curvy, I find that the Loft does NOT work for shirts. Every single one pulls at the bust. That is, unless I buy the largest possible size; then it hangs on me like a sack. Not good! Their “curvy bootcut” jeans do, however, work well for me.

  45. 5″4 & curvy hourglass…

    – shirts & pants: Brooks Bros + BR (martin fit?)
    – dresses: David Meister, Lafayette 148
    – tees: Lafayette
    – tanks: three dots

  46. helenshkie :

    Are there any other Australians reading this? Surely I can’t be the only one. Does anyone know of a resource like Corporette that covers the Australian shops?

    FWIW, I’m 5’5″ and a definite pear shape. When I lived in the UK I used to shop in the US a bit, and Ann Taylor and Express worked well, particularly Express’s Editor pants.

    Here in Australia I find that Cue is great – they tend to do lots of structured tops which detract attention from the lower half of the body really well. Their occasional A-line skirts and wide leg pants are great for me, but all of the figure-hugging dresses are right out. All of my suits are from Cue. Apart from that I like Sportscraft for blouses.

    During my pregnancy I lived in Target’s maternity pants with the wide/foldover waistband, along with a couple of Sportscraft silk blouses, up a size, with elastic threaded through the bottom hem to keep things from billowing out everywhere.

    • L from Oz :

      Hi Helenshkie! I’m Australian, but I don’t live there right now – I’m based in Europe. Not aware of any resources for Oz, alas.

      I have a fair bit of Sportscraft stuff, but I find Cue is too small in the bust for tops (I’m more apple than pear). I also love Jigsaw – I swear half my wardrobe is from there, including suits (either the Oz or UK shops). I have a gorgeous winter coat from Veronika Maine, but most of their other stuff is too edgy for my daily life. And I think nearly all my trousers are David Lawrence.

  47. Thighs for Days :

    Great post, I’m just starting my post-education career, so this is really helpful for when I need to find appropriate work clothes.

    I’m 5’0″, 29″ inseam, 34DD, measurements of 38-29-41, with very thick thighs. My waist is always too small for my hips/thighs, usually the thighs. Banana Republic, forget about it. My waist is size 10, hips are somewhere between 14 and 16. I was desperate before an interview, so I bought their button-down “fitted” work shirt, but it only fit in the bust, size 12P I think. The waist and arms are huge, even buying the Petite version.

    I don’t know if other people have found this to be true, but even the “curvy fit” pants in most mall stores are too small in the thigh for me. It’s been so hard to find pants that smooth over my butt and thighs without looking like two giant tree trunks (wide leg, terrible on my short self), or that I’ve stuffed my legs into something far too small and inappropriate (most other pants).

    The one thing that I love love loved when I was a little bit thinner (pre-wedding, 38-29-38) was Calvin Klein sheath dresses. I bought one in size 8 that fit my still-substantial curves like a glove. It was sexy and professional at the same time. Too bad my thighs have struck again and I’m now about 10 pounds away from being able to wear it.

  48. This is completely off-topic but still relevant to fit! I’ve been reading Corporette for a few months, and loving it, of course. On the advice of many women here, today I finally lost it with my ill-fitting Victoria’s Secret bras (no matter the adjustments, the cups never, never, never fit my boobs) and went to Nordstrom to get measured. I’ve been wearing a 34A my entire life, and I about laughed the associate out of the store when she told me I was a 32C. I am NOT a C-cup, ladies. I thought I could barely fill out an A-cup. But she brought me about fifteen 32 Cs and they FIT! THEY FIT THEY FIT THEY FIT! And none of them were the molded, padded push-up cups I’d been wearing from VS – but ALL of them made my boobs look the same size as they did with all that padding. I’m still in shock and I had to share. If you’re like me and sick of your bra gaping off your chest, get thee to a fitting!

    32C! Suck on that, every boy who ever made fun of me in middle and high school!

    • absolutely second the bra fitting ideas! anyone who might be in NYC … the Town Shop (i think it was featured on S&TC, but whatever) and La Petite Coquette are great, fun places to get fitted.

      • Molestered by bra fitter at Nordstrom - but worth it :

        I felt so violated while being fitted for a bra at Nordstrom! Be prepared! You will be exposed, and shaken, and shimmied, and asked to “pull your breast tissue into the cup!” *GASP!* But once I got over my initial embarassment, I realized that it was the best thing for me. I am not very pleased with the fact that I walked around for 35 years of my life thinking I was a 38DD when I was actually a whooping 36 GG (or H, depending on the bra) but I am glad to be buying bras that actually fit (less jiggling up on top when I walk, better lift and less back pain) despite the steep price tag! If you don’t mind being felt up by a stranger, it’s worth it! LOL!

        • Went to Linda’s in NYC 2 weeks ago. Was molested but also agree it was worth it and a must for anybody with a narrow back and/or large cup. I thought I was a 36D/DD my whole life but turned out to be a 32F. I got a strapless, yes strapless, bathing suit that supports better than a speedo. The bra I got was expensive but if you just buy two or three expensive bras that fit it is more valuable than 7 that don’t.

  49. Cup of Ambition :

    Trousers: Classique Entier in the Individualist department at Nordstrom.
    Suits: ditto above, occasionally Tahari – but only in the rarely found size 14.
    Dresses: do not wear. My proportions are way off for dresses to work well.
    Shirts: Carissa Rose. I had sworn away button-down shirts until they were mentioned here. Now I love them and they are the majority of my work wardrobe.

  50. I am 6′ tall and wear a size 4. I also have a 36 inch inseam, so need to be able to alter slacks to fit, especially when I am wearing heels. I am small chested and wide shouldered.

    Jeans – Lucky Brand XL are the only ones that consistently fit me.
    Slacks – D&G have been the best. In general, higher end slacks are the only ones that truly fit me properly. The rest are too short for heels or have a short rise.
    Blouses – I haven’t had much luck with blouses, at least long sleeved ones. I’ve found a few at the Limited and BR or Gap tall sizes
    Knits – I just look for knits with longer lengths and can find those fairly easily.
    Skirts – I am a pencil skirt girl. Again, I look for skirts with longer hems and as long as I can find one long enough, I am good.
    Dresses – I need to try dresses on. I end up altering the hip area on many of them because my waist is long and the hip areas sits too high.
    Suits – D&G, Express (skirt suits) BR

  51. Been waiting for a post that I thought the most readers would check out…a new mom sent this poem to me and I thought many might enjoy it. Thanks to all the mothers out there. You are often unsung heroines!

    Mother, oh Mother,
    come shake out your cloth,
    empty the dustpan,
    poison the moth,
    hang out the washing
    and butter the bread,
    sew on a button and make up a bed.

    Where is the mother whose house
    is so shocking?

    She’s up in the nursery,
    blissfully rocking.

    Oh, I’ve grown shiftless as Little
    Boy Blue (lullaby, rockaby, lullaby loo).
    Dishes are waiting and bills are past due

    (pat-a-cake, darling, and peek, peekaboo).

    The shopping’s not done
    and there’s nothing for stew
    and out in the yard there’s a hullabaloo
    but I’m playing Kanga and this is my Roo.
    Look! Aren’t her eyes the most wonderful hue?

    (lullaby, rockaby, lullaby loo).

    The cleaning and scrubbing
    will wait till tomorrow,
    for Children grow up,
    as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
    So quiet down, cobwebs.
    Dust go to sleep.
    I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep……

  52. Has anyone tried MyBestFit ? :

    The NYTimes wrote a good article on this problem about this company that has a full body scanner that matches it to brand-provided data to tell you which ones fit best, what size you are in that brand, etc. I know some people aren’t crazy about the body scanning, but I’d do it in a heartbeat just to avoid this problem (esp. re: jeans)

    Anyway, here’s the article:

    And here’s the website for the service:

    If anyone has tried that, PLEASE let me know how it worked! I’d love to live near enough to one to try it out myself, but no dice.

    • Legally Brunette :

      I live about 45 minutes away from the King of Prussia mall, and the body scanner is on my list to check out!! I’m so, so, so tired of not being able to find jeans that fit me or look flattering. I’ll give a full report once I go, probably in the next month or so.

  53. I am 5’9″, narrow shoulders and small chest, and narrow hips and long legs but a very curvy behind. I wear size 2-4 on top and 4-6 on bottom. My biggest challenge is finding a jacket that doesn’t look too boxy.

    Theory fits me well. But my new absolute favorite is Judith & Charles, aka Teenflo. Their suits and trousers are a perfect fit for me (for suits, I usually have to go with a size 2 jacket and size 6 bottom). Unfortunately I have never been able to find their clothing online, and when one visits the boutique they may or may not have an office-appropriate suit or two in stock. (And I’m not sure if the brand is available in the U.S. – I’m from Canada). Many of their dresses are too short for the office, and shirts seem overpriced, but I LOVE the suits I’ve purchased there.

    For jeans, I like Citizens, and just bought a brand called Tribute that fit nicely. Dresses, have had some success with Banana.

    • 5’3″; 32DDD, size 2-4 in pants and dress, xs-s in shirts.

      I like (for BOTH fit and aesthetic) J. Crew; Nanette Lepore; various anthropologie brands; See by Chloe; Ann Taylor (not LOFT); DVF; Boden; Kay Unger.

      I used to like Banana, but lately, nothing fits properly lately.

      My favorite jeans are J. Brand, Paige and DL1961.

  54. I’m 5’7″ with 32E-25-36 measurements. Dressing is pretty difficult but the brands that work VERY well for me are the following:

    Ann Taylor – Everything
    Banana Republic – Skirts or tops. Some pants work (for some reason I am a petite length in some pants and regular in others – only the curvier fits ever seem to fit). Dresses don’t work unless it looks ok belted with a wide belt.
    Brooks Brothers – Tailored fit tops fit me very well. I usually need to go up a size, but the cut of those shirts are perfect for me.

    Brands that never work no matter how hard I try:
    GAP (odd, I know)
    Brooks Brothers – Any shirt which is not tailored fit. They all gap at the bust or would require so much tailoring that they become not worth it.

  55. stats: 5’5″, 130-135 lbs, 32DDDD/34DDD, strong shoulders and arms, no waist, small hips, thin legs, 32″ inseam for mid-heel shoes: pretty much an apple shape with a shorter torso/longer legs (sometimes a petite in dresses b/c of the shorter torso).

    Dresses: used to LOVE Ann Taylor and AT Loft. Haven’t been able to find anything there for the last two years though, as the fit has changed and the fabric and construction quality have gone downhill. Have had luck with Boden (for biz casual) and Tahari ASL.

    Suits: recently bought a summer skirt suit from BR that fits well. The rest of my suits are AT Loft and J.Crew, but 5 years old. I had the hips taken in on the pants.

    Pants: A lower rise makes my lack of waist less of an issue. Higher waisted pants that fit in the waist are WAY too big in the hips and rear. J.Crew city fit and sometimes the favorite fit; BR Martin fit (although I think this has changed in the 10 yrs that I’ve been wearing Martin fits). And surprisingly, the best fitting pants I have are from Victoria’s Secret. I think they are the Christie flare and they come in four different inseams, so no hemming required (hallelujah!). Not high quality fabric, but the fit is so great that they look better than more expensive pants. And they have worn better than expected. I have them in three different colors.

    Jeans: Gap Real Straight and the Perfect Boot.

    Button-front shirts: Lands End no-iron. They are the only ones I’ve found that are big enough in the chest, long enough to tuck in, yet not enormous through the shoulders. And the price is right.

    Knit shirts and sweaters: Ann Taylor, Boden. I’ve sometimes found good shells and tanks at Chicos: modest enough for work and with plenty of bra strap coverage.

    • k-t, I have been reading the comments for about 30 minutes now waiting for someone remotely close to my body type. I also found Loft 4-5 year ago worked but now not much does and quality went down. BR works but takes a lot of trying on; agree on Martin fit. I am going to try Boden and the Land’s End shirts. I found some great Mavi jeans in a bootcut fit. Also, cannot say enough great things about Carissa Rose dress shirts (she uses hook and eye or zipper)!!! Anyone else with this body type please give suggestions. I recently lost a little over 20 lbs and especially need a suit for some depositions and a trial that are coming up.

      • Latecomer :

        I’m an hourglass shape, 32G with a smallish waist. I haven’t tried Carissa Rose yet but I will. I also recommend Triofit shirts at Shop in Style Essentials online. They fit the shirts by bra size and they come in two different lengths for different heights. They also do double buttons at the bust to help prevent gapping. Unfortunately, at the moment they only have white shirts but hopefully they’ll be getting colors soon.

  56. Long and Winding Road :

    Fantastic topic and some wonderful comments. I am probably a little older than most of you and have dealt with the changes in pattern with my favorite brands for many years. I love that manufactures cut so differently. This increases everyone’s chances at a good fit. I recently went shopping for ‘nice’ clothes with my daughter , a college senior. She actually cried trying to find pants that fit. I showed her my trick of pulling one’s size and then the size above and below in about 5 different brands and she was shocked to see the difference. I keep saying, size is a suggestion not a mandate. If one brand is not your friend, ditch it and move on.

    I have found for my hourglass figure ( 5’5″, 37-30-42) Loft is great for casual basics. Anne Taylor for suiting and dress pants, and I love Talbot’s re-engineered sizing. I can’t wear the sheath dresses ( junk in the trunk) but their fuller cut skirts and dresses are a dream come true.
    My problem is modesty in shirts. I have a very short waist, in fact I need to take petite jackets and dresses because the distance from shoulder to waist is short. Too high a cut and I look like the prow of a ship, too low and I could be mistaken for The Wrong Type of Woman.

  57. I’m 5’8″ and mostly lean (sizes range from 4-10 depending on brand), although a little “rounder” now in the hip/belly/bottom (gotta love turning 40, NOT!).

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE suits by Theory and Elie Tahari – those are my go-tos. I used to wear a lot of Anne Klein (black label, not the cheaper AK brand) – those also fit me perfectly right off the rack but I just haven’t dug their styles in the last few years.

    Used to wear Ann Taylor almost exclusively but they really look frumpy on me.

    I’ve got a long torso so dresses are usually a complete nightmare for me (although I love the concept), so I usually opt for skirts (BCBG, Theory, Elie Tahari).

    I recently picked up a pair of Nine West stretchy jeans and they fit beautifully, and jeans are usually a complete nightmare for me (to be big enough to fit over my bottom they gap at the waist).

  58. Anon Canadian :

    I’m 5′, 34GG, with big thighs, hips, and booty. Unfortunately, my waist and stomach circumference are catching up with with my booty, which means my hourglass shape is slowly turning apple. I have a short waist, maybe 6″ between the top of my booty and the band of my bra, and my inseam for flats is 30″ (ankle at Gap).

    I work in a University Registrar’s Office and it’s pretty casual, so my work wear ranges from business casual (skirts, dress pants, cardigans and blouses) to casual (jeans, walking shorts, cardigans and tees). I normally buy my work clothes from Gap, Old Navy, Reitmans, Smart Set, RW & Co, and Jacob (last 4 are Canadian stores I believe). I’m usually an 8-12 in those stores, and normally stick to petite sizes.

    I find it really hard to dress my body because my measurements length wise (height, inseam, rise) are usually petite but my measurements width wise (bra, shoulders, waist, hips) seem to be for a much taller woman. Button up shirts and jackets/blazers are a nightmare and I normally never buy them. Also, I look busty in almost everything and have a massive collection of camisoles to compensate. And anything with specific place for my breast is just won’t work, lol.

  59. Hi,
    I am not a lawyer but a professional woman interested in the issues Corporette discusses. Upper level education admin. My office is moderately dressy. I am the Director so dress with that in mind. Dressy business separates mostly. On this issue, I’m 56, size 14, long legs, small waist, slightly shortwaisted, 5’6″, equally wide hips and shoulders, somewhat busty (38D). Clothes shopping is a nightmare-I loathe it.

    I now shop with a wardrobe consultant who tailors and sews from scratch.
    Here are my preferences:
    Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger fits, and I have jeans hemmed for flats and heels.
    Suits: Tahari, Lafayette 148, Ann Klein, various, BUT all suit jackets need to have sleeves shortened, unequally, as my arms are different lengths, skirts need hemming and the waist adjusted as my waist is lower in the front than in the back, and pants need the crotch dropped and hemming for flats and heels. My figure issue-crotch depth is too short on most commercially available pants-easy fix however-my tailor showed me-it takes 5 mins to recut and it gets rid of the dreaded camel toe!!

    Dresses-various-need hemming and minor fixes.
    Blouses: most of them gap-am considering ordering 2 custom shirts this year as a treat. Otherwise I ask my tailor to add extra buttons or never buy blouses alone. When she makes a blouse, she ascertains the point to place the first button to avoid gaps, and sets the other buttons relative to that.
    Cardigans: Halogen, Ann Taylor. Even mailorder Halogen fits!
    Tees: Ann Taylor-I buy multiples

    Take home: tailoring is essential as commercially made clothes never fit anyone properly. It is well worth the expense-my clothes now fit so much better, I like them better and feel better about myself. Being Indian, I am used to tailoring and hate having to buy ready to wear-also I dont think the manufacturers have my figure type in mind.

  60. I’m 5’6″, 130-135lbs, 32D-32DD, 30″ inseam in flats, small shoulders and thin arms, narrow ribcage but hardly any waist, apple-shaped and carry any excess weight or weight fluctuation in my midsection.

    I live in Theory pant suits, size 6. Every time I have tried on their pants and gone with the size 8, I have regretted it because the pants “grow” a size within an hour of wearing them. Their sheath dresses don’t fit me well and tend to accentuate any stomach bulging I may have at the moment, but I have a few skirts that will work as long as I’m wearing control-top hose.

    J. Crew city fit pants are ok on me, but the favorite fit are way too small in the waist in size 4, and look like MC Hammer pants on me in size 6. Tahari is ok except tends to also be a bit small in the waist. I am a big fan of wrap dresses, including DVF, for work. But as far as suits/pants go, I pretty much just buy Theory and don’t look at anything else anymore. Luckily I have access to an outlet.

    I also recently found a brand on bluefly — Suzi Chin — that makes great work shifts. The size 6 fit me well. They are cut large enough in the bust without the shoulders/arm holes being massive, and the stomach area usually has ruching or some sort of detail, which works for me. They almost make me look like I have an hourglass/mad men figure, which is new for me!

  61. Glitterachi :

    As a similarly curvy, hourglass type, and one on a budget, I have had excellent success with the Worthington line carried at JCPennys, especially for pencil skirts.

  62. This is a fabulous thread–thanks again for starting!

    5’5, 135ish, long inseam & legs (33′), very straight figure, small 32C bust, broad athletic shoulders, no hips, thighs or butt.

    Brands that work like a dream: Theory, Tory Burch
    Brands that I want to make work but have to work for: Trina Turk, DVF, Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, Jigsaw

    I wear about 90% pants, and over the years have replaced my older trousers entirely with Theory. Other than the bottom hem which sometimes needs to be brought up an inch, they fit perfectly off the rack through waist, crotch and hips, size 4/6 depending on fabric. Have the odd wide-leg pair from BDBG and old J. Crew, but wear only in winter.

    Dresses and skirts are tough, since they are often too short for my legs. Dresses: DVF (wrap), Tory Burch, Theory (sheath and pencil skirts in an appropriate length). I love Trina Turk for colors and patterns but am still seeking a dress where the bust isn’t so big that I fall out of it. My Jigsaw stuff needs belts so it does not look like a potato sack. I love Nanette Lepore and Rebecca Taylor, but the fit is always off.

    Jackets: BCBG, Theory, Hugo Boss, pre-2009 J.Crew (before they switched their sizing/cuts) all fit off the rack, size 4,6,8 depending on cut. I typically look better in a hip-length jacket with 2-3 buttons. Single button jackets look very masculine. Short jackets make me look unbalanced due to long legs.

    Blouses: DVF, Trina Turk (needed tailoring for bust), J. Crew, Theory

    Jeans: Adriano Goldschmied (love, love, love–super short rise), Paige, Rock and Republic

    Brands that do not work: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Gap, New J. Crew, Seven Jeans, Brooks Brothers, Talbots, Tahari, Jones New York, Robert Rodriguez, Classiques Entier. Some combination of bottom too big, waist too high, rise too long, and fit too boxy. I’ve given away far too much poorly chosen ill-fitting clothing that ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’.

  63. Hi – I’m 5’2″, size 10 petite, curvy. Kat’s list matches mine. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Halogen pants or suit seperates from Nordstrom. They fit me great.

  64. arbequina :

    5’4″ short waisted, curvy, and petite — anywhere from a 0-4 dress size. For those of you who are short waisted and/or those of you who have given up on pants.. I, too, had given up on pants until a similarly built friend of mine told me that almost all of her pants were Club Monaco. I finally went and their pants fit my butt so well I bought three pairs. They still had to be hemmed, but that’s always the case, so it’s not even a small price to pay… Anyway. Nothing else to contribute to this convo that hasn’t already been said. Just that.

    Club Monaco pants for ladies with butts. That is all.

  65. Hi Again,

    Evan Picone is another brand that fits me decently-jackets better than pants. Many Jones New York pieces fit well, with minor alterations. I just bought a JNY Signature tailored white shirt with French cuffs-it fits but gaps infinitesimally and will have double buttons added to fix the problem. In the meantime I use a piece of toupee tape to hold it closed…….

    Sheath dresses never fit-waist in the wrong place-Id get a custom but can live without one.

    To Anon: SO jealous you can wear Theory-they dont fit me at all-too curvy-but their styles are so attractive.

    Again, find brands that fit well and have them altered to fit perfectly-I swear by this and buy less but am happier with it as a result.

  66. This is fascinating.

    I would say 90% of my wardrobe is from jcrew. It is getting harder to find knee length dresses there, though–often, a dress I think will be work-appropriate will end up mid-thigh on me (5’10”; long torso).

    Marc Jacobs doesn’t work for me at all–I feel like an doll because the proportions are all wrong. DVF, with the right dress, is perfect-perfect-perfect, though most ends up at an awkward length. Those few perfect ones, though, I want to make my uniform.

  67. I’m 5’6″, a size 4 or 6 in most things, and have a bust and a butt, which means no matter how much I love Theory pants, they will never ever look right on me. What no one has mentioned yet is Alvin Valley for pants — a little pricey but SOOOO flattering and they last forever — I bought several pairs when I found them on sale a few years ago and always find myself defaulting to them.

  68. Inspired by this thread, and being on vacation this week, I spent the entire day a a large high-end mall looking for the perfect crisp shirt to wear with my skirts and pants, work appropriate but still pretty (my office is less formal than the norm in Big Law)-I had one in mind and was looking for shirts in white black and turquoise, a color I can wear well. I found ONE shirt that didnt gap and it was not available in my size. I scoured Macy’s Nordstrom, The Limited, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor. The shirt I like is made by the Limited but I will have to mail order it and even then it may need alteration. It is not available where I live-I called all the Limited stores to check. What is wring with this picture-I simply do not have time to waste like this and am increasingly considering custom clothing.

  69. I forgot-I also checked Chicos and J Crew. Nada-and the poor quality of the clothes is appalling. I DID find an Ellen Tracy pussycat bow blouse which fits correctly and works perfectly with my brown suit so the day was not entirely wasted…… I have a number of Ellen Tracy shirts that fit without gapping and look good. Obviously that brand works with my curvy figure.

  70. I just found this blog via a search on which size I should order in a J Crew dress Im eyeing. Very cool.

    I’m 5’2, 32A, maybe 27-28″ waist and 38″ inch hips. That hip measurement is all booty, my hips are more narrow than my shoulders.

    Most of my work pants are Banana Republic. Martin fit in size 6 petite general provides the best fit, although some are too tight through the thighs and butt. Jackson fit makes my butt look nice but is too loose through the thighs. When I sit, the fabric billows out and makes my thighs looks three times larger than they actually are (and — compared to the rest of my frame — they are quite large enough without the help of too-baggy mom pants).

    Express’s Editor pants in 6 short also work well for bloated days. On my “I’ve been to yoga every day this week and feel really great” days, they too are a bit baggy through the waist and crotch.

    Tahari petite suits on sale at Macy’s look decent though rather bland. Most other suits sold as sets give me a porn-star butt outline while overwhelming my non-existant upper body.

    I have a love-hate relationship with J. Crew. The last season that was a true hit was in 2008, when I stocked up on size 2 strapless beach dresses, a swimsuit (XS top, M bottom), and sizes 6 and 8P Super 120s trousers that would have been perfect had they been lined and not unbearably itchy with wool in direct contact with skin. Each season since then, nothing. Too casual, obviously poor quality, and designed for you lovely straight-figure ladies. Today, however, I found my first article of J. Crew clothing in three years–a Super 120s (lined!) pencil skirt. Pencil skirts in general look bad on me — gapping at the waist, riding up on the hips, while hugging my butt in the most non-work-appropriate way — and J. Crew pencil skirts are usually the worst culprits. But for some reason, this particular one fit, size 6. Regular length, hit my knee (most off-the-rack “knee-length” skirts hit me mid-calf). J. Crew has had issues with work-appropriate skirt lengths, so sucks for anyone over 5’3. Worked to my advantage with my stubby legs and non-petite butt.

    So I was inspired to order more J. Crew stuff online. I had a befuddling chat session with an online personal shopper about which dress size I should order for the Town Hall Super 120s (which led to the search that led to this blog). I gave her my measurements, she came back with size 0. I said really, because the skirt I bought today was size 6. Then she said that yeah, I should order a 6 in the dress. I asked if I should order it to fit my chest or my hips. She said it should fit both. Which….told me all I needed to know. I did not order the dress.

    Dresses in general I avoid. A-line skirts with cardigans or shawls get me through the summer months.

    • Chini,

      RE: Pencil skirts — gapping at the waist, riding up on the hips, while hugging my butt in the most non-work-appropriate way.

      Much of this can be fixed by tailoring. On me, pencil skirts require adjustment at the waist, pulling up the front slightly so they fall smoothly in front, and hemming to fall at mid-knee. It is expensive, but boy, afterwards the skirts fit like a dream and I wear them to death. I recently lost over 20lbs and had to have nearly 2 inches taken off the back of my go-to black wool pencil skirt as my butt is now smaller (it was never huge, either). I couldnt have worn the skirt otherwise-it was way too long in the back. This is a Jones New York black wool pencil skirt that I though “fit” at the store, but after my tailor had done with it-wow, what a difference. I take her shopping with me-it costs but its worth it as I hate shopping. The fact is, with ready made clothing of such poor quality and all targeted to an 18-30 demographic, this is my only hope of getting stylish clothes that fit.

      • Yes, tailoring helps with a lot of stuff, even though I’m a fairly lazy shopper and will just keep searching until I find something that fits okay enough off the rack. But a lot of clothes are just not cut for certain body types, and pencil skirts really do emphasize the rear, regardless of your shape, and sometimes even properly tailored skirts can feel *too* sexy. When I see celebrities like Eva Mendes rock the style, I think “wow that looks GREAT!” while at the same time thinking I could never feel confident enough to highlight my assets in front of my boss.

        All that said, I do own one other pencil skirt, from Banana Republic, that is generously-cut and skims over my butt. So I know they’re out there!

        Another addition to my list — Benetton — bad for curvy bottoms.

    • J. Crew sizes are baffling in recent years–mostly, when I’m actually in the store, I just ignore the labels altogether.

      I’m not surprised at all that the personal shopper saw a range from 0 to 6 as normal–I read somewhere that they responded to criticism that all of their clothes were made for small-breasted women by adding options suitable for a variety of chest sizes (I can’t find the article again). Some dresses and tops now make me look hollow-chested, since I’m not filling the space allotted. Unless the skirt is really, really narrow, this means I just size down considerably so that my upper half isn’t swimming.

  71. Not sure J Crew made as much effort as they could have done-when I went in last week, they told me to my face that their shirts would not fit me as I am too large in the bust! This, without benefit of trying on, as it were. As I am only a 38D it is exasperating. They have every right to do this but I wish it was posted on the doors of these stores-“WE TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC X, otherwise ENTER AT YOUR PERIL”-then I would not need to waste my time.

  72. saidtheowl :

    This is kind of an unexpected one, but Modcloth always has exact measurements for garments (especially since they carry multiple brands) and vibrant review sections that focus heavily on fit.

    A lot of their clothes don’t work for corporate/conservative work environments, but some do. Their range is pretty varied, from inexpensive synthetics to well-made silk dresses and nicer BB Dakota stuff.

  73. I’m 5’8″, curvy, size 12, 33″ inseam, C+-cup chest (thanks Mom), broad shoulders (thanks Dad). Ann Taylor Loft Julie pants fit fantastically – they’re actually CURVY – not just lower-waisted, or fuller-legged – and they seem to be making them a little longer now than they used to, which is good for me. Sometimes I can wear Gap Modern Trousers or Curvy pants, but I have to go up a size for my hips (in both) and the waist is a little too big, so nothing can get tucked in. For jeans, Gap Long and Leans or Curvy fit. DKNY makes the only skinny jeans (in a really dark wash, with a slightly higher/mid-rise waist) that don’t make me want to cry when I look in the mirror. Banana Republic pants used to fit me – like 5 years ago – in their Jackson(?) fit. Then they changed their sizes and cuts and now nothing in that store fits me. JCrew is a joke – I own one dress from that store and it was an accident (not that mad, though, as everything I’ve ever owned from there required almost immediate repair). Ralph Lauren’s stuff is mostly too short (it’s cut for him, I think; he’s tiny), but if it’s long enough, it’s not a terrible fit. Tahari often fits well, sometimes Tommy Hilfiger. Theory pants never fit (what about my size 12 butt makes them anticipate toothpick legs?), but the tops are usually ok. I have some cordoroys that are Jag (from Nordstrom), I think. Pencil skirts and blazers have no place in my wardrobe; I’ve never really been able to find any that work without a lot of alteration. Calvin Klein fits in the chest and the hips, but the waists are chronically too big for me (I don’t have much belly), so the pants gap and the dresses often fit weirdly. My solution is dresses, especially knit ones. The only thing I even bother to try them on for is to check the length and cleavage situation.

  74. Chris C from the D :

    I have always had a horrible time finding pants that fit my short, pear-shaped frame. I am 5’2″ (38-29-44) and about 140lbs. Express’ Editor Pant (the orginal version) is the only one that works for me, but they never carry them in store during the summer. This summer they had a horrible high-waisted, wide band version with no belt loops. I looked like I was four months pregnant.

    I can’t even think about getting pants out of the misses or petites section. I don’t know why designers think I want the waist of my pants two inches above my belly button. Talk about unflattering!

  75. I am 5’8, 125 lbs, 34′-35′ inseam. So tallish, but sort of stuck between most stores’ regular and tall. I generally run size 2-4ish (but we all know how variable that is) and a size 27 in those brands that use the waist size instead.

    I’ve never considered myself curvy (I’m *barely* a 34A, and my bras still gap), but I recently dropped about 10 pounds and it seems some of it came off my waist–I was shocked to find that I needed Levi’s ‘bold curve’ in order to avoid gapping in the back. The odd thing is that I don’t have much in the way of hips or butt, so the only thing I can guess is it has to do with the curve of my back (looking from the side, my back arches in more than is typical). Other than being on the slightly tall side, I’m fairly proportional.

    Most people assume I have no trouble finding pants that fit. FALSE. Regular fit gaps in back; curvy nearly always concerns hips and thighs, not my odd back situation. So. Somewhere between 2 and 4, somewhere between regular and tall, and somewhere between regular and curvy. I was at the mall yesterday trying to find new (cheap) slacks for work while I have the old stuff tailored, and had absolutely no luck. I must have tried every slack in NY&Co. and Belk. Marshalls, Ross and the like only ever have vaguely barf-colored slacks in my size.

    My current go-to suit, from Express, fit like a glove when I got it (without tailoring!), but the size 6 Editor slacks are pretty much falling off–way too low on the waist, baggy crotch, too-wide thighs, etc. Haven’t been back to try the 4 so I can’t speak to that, but the 6 is fantastic for 5’8 and 135 lbs. I still wear my size 6 jacket as I have slightly wider-than-average shoulders and ribcage.

    For jeans, I swear by Levi’s Curve ID Bold Curve–I’ve only seen them at Levi’s stores and occasionally at Belk, if you’re unlucky enough to live in the South.

    Related to fit issues, can anyone point me in the direction of either AA or ‘nearly A’ bras that don’t look like they’re for twelve-year-olds? The only bra I own that truly fits is one I bought in Japan…

  76. What a great thread. I am 5’7″, curvy, probably carrying 20 extra kid pounds, but working with it and exercising etc. 34/36F chest, hips, booty. Generally a 10 or a 12. Ditto what the other curvy ladies said about Tahari ASL suits! Also have done well with Calvin Klein (got a good one at Filene’s Basement before they closed) but they vary a lot.
    Pants: They are cheap, but Rafaella Modern Fit – they’re available at Macys, Nordstrom, Neiman – they are comfortable and go with a lot of stuff.
    I wear a lot of wrap dresses, including JB by Julie Brown.
    I need more skirts so will be hitting up Ann Taylor clearance rack soon.
    Shirts – I am liking the longer, tunic length, drapey things that are around now. Just got some great ones at Ann Taylor. Also do well with Classique Entier at Nordstrom. I don’t do buttons unless they are custom made.

  77. LosAngelesGal :

    Lots of good pants info here – but shirts??! Regarding pants, I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the “Jackson” cut of pants at Banana Republic for curvy women. I am definitely hourglass, proportional but large breasted and long-waisted. The BR “jackson” cut is the only cut I will wear in an office setting. I’ve gradually gained weight (pregnancies), going from a 4 to a 6 to an 8 to… a 12. The only difference is that now I buy their 12S meaning “short”, which is different from petite.
    And though I’m only 5’4″ I’ve had incredibly good luck with their “Tall” suit jackets. When I was thinner, I wore an 8 tall, and took in the sleeves, which accomodate large breasts and long waist perfectly…I’d never had a jacket fit so well before that! Now that I’m a little heavier, I can wear a 14 regular, and the jackets with a peplum fit my hourglass shape much better.

    The real thing I’m curious about — and the reason I found this post — is shirts for women with large breasts. What is the right brand for button down suit shirts if you have large breasts? (Or large breasts, small waist and long torso?) Everything that fits in the breast is way too wide in the shoulders and waist, and most appropriately sized shirts won’t button over the bust. So… please weigh in on the shirts. I am desperate for a good brand for shirts.

  78. As someone who spends a LOT of money on tailoring, this is a great thread. Someone should consolidate the information into a thread or something as a shopping guide.

    About me:
    * I am 5’6″ and weigh approximately 120 lbs.
    * I have a longer torso and shorter legs (comparatively) and relatively long arms.
    * I am very flat chested and generally quite skinny in the abdomen area
    * I have an “athletic” body-type which basically means that I have broad shoulders (for my size) and I carry most of my weight in my legs
    * Despite my flat-chestedness, I do not consider myself to have a “straight” body-type as there is a significant difference between my natural waist and my hips.
    * My butt is kind of flat – so I don’t really qualify as a “curvy” girl.

    Difficulties I generally have with suits/other clothing:
    * I often have a hard time finding jackets that are small enough to fit me in the torso that are not too narrow in the shoulders or short in the arms/torso. Also, I find that a lot of jackets flare out too much for me.
    * Essentially collared/button up shirts are out for me as most have darts designed for larger-chested women and are too short to be tucked
    * I generally have to get the waist brought in somewhat in most clothes/skirts and do better with pants made for “curvy” girls (which tend to have more room in the thighs) or pants that have a lower rise.
    * Skirts can sometimes be too long for me and make my legs look stumpy
    * because I am pretty small, pants that flare too much can overwhelm me.

    Brands that I like:
    * Hands down – Judith & Charles (Canadian brand, formerly Teenflo) is the best brand that I have come across in terms of suiting. I have a three of their suits and the jackets have not required ANY tailoring and the pants/skirts have only required minor alterations (hemming the pants and bringing the waist in a small bit). I wear a size 2 jacket and skirt and a size 0-4 pants (depends on the style). The suits are of an excellent quality but unfortunately they are not cheap (price-wise, comparative to Theory) and their boutiques do not carry a lot of sizes in any particular style which means that I pay full price for everything.
    * Banana Republic makes GREAT pants/skirts (I LOVE their Logan trouser – size 2) however unfortunately their jackets don’t work on me at all and so I as even the 0 is too wide in the arms/torso (which are very expensive alternations). In the past I have purchased jackets in a size 0 petite (which fit perfectly everywhere other than the arms which are way too short). I have successfully had the arms lengthened in one of the jackets however the style arms on their more recent jackets have precluded alterations and so I can only wear the most recent jacket I bought (on sale) with the sleeves rolled/pushed up. As such, I am unlikely to shop there again.
    * Theory is okay but cost prohibitive given the alterations I need to have done.
    * Talbots/Anne Klein/Brooks Brothers are way too big
    * I have not tried JCrew yet but plan to once their new storefront opens in Vancouver

  79. This thread is like finding water in the desert! I have such a hard time finding pants that fit, especially for work – it is so frustrating!!

    I’m an apple shape – 5’4″, 110′ shorter waist / longer legs, 36A, narrow shoulders, skinny legs, flat bum, not much in the hips, not a very defined waist. When I gain weight it goes right on my tummy. I feel very out of proportion and am very envious of all the hourglass ladies on here.

    Because my hips are not too much bigger than my waist, anything that fits in the waist is usually baggy and unflattering in the bum, hips & thighs. Anything cut for curvy ladies looks awful on me – balloon hips sticking out, ugh. And suit jackets, if they’re small enough to fit my narrow shoulders and lack of boobs, they’re too big in the waist. I feel like retailers make clothes for curvy women and stick-skinny women, but they really neglect the apples.

    I have four pairs of dress pants that fit well, shape-wise. 1 from Mexx (don’t love the fabric though, it’s way high-maintenance), 1 from RW&Co., and two from Jacob. The Jacob pants are an absolute dream – the fit is perfect, they have functional pockets, the fabric is gorgeous – just the right weight, drapes beautifully, easy to care for, and they’ve lasted forever.

    Which brings me to the problem – I bought these pants like, 6 years ago, and haven’t found anything like them since. And I’ve lost 30 lbs since buying them, so now they’re too big. My two pairs are size 8 and size 6, so one fits a little better than the other, but they are still both too big. But I still wear them because I can’t find any good pants to replace them! Ugh Jacob stop making cheap shitty pants and go back to the good ones! The RW&Co. are a size 6 I think, and same problem, too big now. It’s harder to keep wearing them because they have no belt loops so they just sag and I tug them up all day. Not so great.

    I try to find pants in the petite section because then I don’t have to hem, but at 5’4″ I’m right on the cusp so they’re sometimes too short. Tried on some Banana Republic Sloan fit pants last week and the size 6 were too big in the waist/butt/hips, but length and rise were good, so i tried a size 4 and they were too short in the rise and legs. Sigh.

    I found a perfectly fitting pair of jeans at Reitmans – the pull-on ones, straight leg, petite size 6 I think? Didn’t have to hem them, what a dream! But have struck out on their other pants. A lot of the fabrics are awful and cheap-looking, and they have the balloon hips problem.

    • Katie – If you find pants at Banana Republic that fit you right through the waist hips etc, then you can go online and order them in a “petite long”… Or get the regular (non petite) and order them “short”. Short leg is different than petite body. You can be petite with a long leg and you can have short legs without being petite.

  80. geometryboy :

    Why must every women’s woven top have a side bust dart, it gives the item a real missy look. If you look at similar brands, they practice geometry to avoid using that side bust dart.
    I suggest that Express hires a fit specialist that actually had geometry classes and not resort to a fit that was practice before geometry taught in grade school:)

  81. Hi! I know this thread hasn’t had any action in a while but is there anyone else out there who is very petite and has had luck with certain brands/stores? I am small – about a 100 lbs and 5’0″ and it is very difficult to find clothes (other than boy’s Brooks Brothers blazers!) – please let me know! Thanks!

  82. It’s NYC summer and I’m going shopping. Found this site when googled best brands for hourglass shape. At 5’2” with bust: waist: hips 38”: 32”: 39”, I found your suggestions helpful. I already go to Ann Taylor, The Limited, and NY & Co, but will try Tahari, Trina Turk, Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, Kenneth Cole, and Anne Klein. But one problem that I’ve had since I was 13 are asymetrical waist curves because of minor scoliosis. Buying pants and skirts can be difficult.
    With so many brands that advertise their slimmist fitting sizes and models, what are we average buyers supposed to think and feel? As someone who eats healthy and exercises when possible (busy schedule) seeing those ads can be disheartning.
    However, there are some (re)emerging images: Christina Hendricks is the most notable, with Bridget Brannagh from Army Wives.

  83. I am 5’2 and i wear a size 14 or 16 in pants. I have NO butt, a stomach and NO hips, and a high waist, I have a 40D almost DD bust and, fitted shirts that button up gape and i have lots of extra fabric in the crotch area. For shirts i just go 4 ones that dont buttoon up, i love turle necks, i love my long sleeved one from Ralph Lauren, and I love 2 use belts right below my bust to create a hour glass shape. I dnt want to wear yoga pants everyday (which seem to help a lot) everyday. Either i have 2 much fabric or a camel toe and there is no inbetween. I only have 2 pairs of pants that fit me. American Eagle and Bee Bop (i found thouse at burlington coat factory), I dont want 2 spend a lot of money on clothes because im 16 and my parents still buy my clothes, any ideas??

  84. At 37-26-38, finding clothes is a pain. I usually just get soft fabric blouses (like rayon) and tie them at the waist with belts. Gap curvy fit jeans work well for me.

  85. I’m 5’3″ with a tiny waist, huge butt, thick legs and very muscular quads & hamstrings. I haven’t found slacks that I’m really in love with, but as far as jeans I’ve found that Calvin Klein straight leg jeans are comfortable, stretchy, and with a nice tapered waist for ladies with a bigger caboose like me.

  86. I love this post idea! I just landed a new cooperate job and I start in two weeks…I need some advice on pants as well. I am a size 4 in the waist and but turn into jlo with my rear and hips. I normally vary anywhere form an 8-10 in pants but most of the time when I put them on the are incredibly tight on the inner thigh! I hate it! I am 5 “7 so I guess that’s on the tall end of average height,but my height comes from my torso. I like to create the illusion of a straighter/leane body and I am ray successful when it comes to skirts addresses but pants….I am at a loss…any advise?

  87. Just adding to the conversation for those looking for + size alternatives: The Limited has a plus-size store called eloquii. It’s mostly online, but they have a few brick stores throughout the U.S. and are constantly expanding.

  88. This looks like an older post, but if it’s still active, I’m looking for advice…

    I’d like to surprise my (newish) girlfriend with some clothes, but she’s mentioned she has a heck of a time finding clothes that fit. She’s about 5’6″ and a size 8 usually with a 34G bust. Lots of stores don’t carry her size and what she does find either fits her chest or the rest of her. She’s pretty much given up on button down shirts because they gap, for instance. We’re in Canada and she has some luck at Ricki’s. I’d like to find some other places she might enjoy shopping. And, I’d love to find a button shirt to prove they exist for her somewhere. lol. But casual clothes stores would be helpful too… Thanks in advance.

  89. I am 5′ 8″ and 135 pounds, “curvy” in sense of thin waist-to-hip ratio, and broad shoulders. I read through all these comments as I HATE going through malls and shopping to find the perfect fit. I needed new work pants and this is where I went/what I discovered..
    Banana Republic – Martin fit pants were great, and they have different fabrics and textures. The cotton blend is even washable.
    Express – tried on Editor and Columnist in several styles (flare cut, etc), and found all of them to be poor quality. Did not like fabric and showed every little bump.
    Ann Taylor- wow, I was surprised as I had not shopped in an Ann Taylor in many years (see earlier comment.) They had four cuts of pants – Curvy, Signature, Modern and City. I actually liked all of them!! Just depending on the day and what type of look you are going for. Nice quality, great fits.
    Ann Taylor LOFT – I did not like the quality of the materials here..
    Gap – I tried here even though I thought they might be too casual. The Modern Boot pants were cute, but they only had black. Perfect fit was okay. They didn’t have my size, and also only black. I just don’t think Gap caters to the professional (more casual beach wear) so I wasn’t too impressed.
    Nordstrom – Halogen brand had numerous styles, colors, and fabrics — but in the end, just felt they were too “grandma” (I can’t say too mommish, cuz I’m a mom!) Also, couldn’t find tops with the right level of professionalism – they were either too stodgy, or too hip and funky.

    In the end, I went back to Ann Taylor and got pants, a few awesome tops, and a dress from the sale rack. Everything fits my figure perfectly – no tailoring!! And I love the style – modern, fun, but still appropriate for work. Thanks for this website!!

  90. Joanne Tanner :

    Where can I purchase pants with a SHORT fit from WAIST to CROTCH. The crotch seam hangs.
    Size : 16 Thanks!

  91. I cannot find anything to fit my shape for work! I’m 5’9″ and 170. 6 on top and 10/12 on bottom. I guess the problem might be that I am just starting this job, and we don’t have much extra money for nice clothing, so I’ve been trying to find a couple good basic pieces. My torso is so long that even a mid pant doesn’t usually cover my butt, combined with my smaller waist, it leads to horrible muffin top, buttcrack and skin showing. What do I do??? I’m feeling so frustrated:/

  92. What a great post and listing!

    For suits I have not been able to fit into anything other that express or limited.

    Express I only purchase with the high waist longer length skirts as I prefer to keep right above the new and not much higher. The jackets are a little more fit than I have found elsewhere. I can do a 4 top and bottom and fit perfect. Pants, I use their editor fit.

    Limited I can purchase a 4 jacket but need a 2 skirt and pant. I use the drew fit and it works well.

    On work shirts I use Express (Small) and Banana Republic (4). With both I use fashion tape to seal the bust each morning. I just haven’t found a button down which fits in the waist and can accommodate the bust without the fashion tape.

    For dresses cant go wrong with Limited 4 typically or the Calvin Kleins awesome fit!

    I am definitely checking out Antonio Melani from dillards from this post.

  93. Ugh! Wish I had seen this two and a half years ago when I first started working! Never too late though. Even though I didn’t see anyone with my exact size, the suggestion for Calvin Klein dresses for flat chests is golden. I’m 5’8″, 110 lbs, 32-25-35. I felt so hopeless when I first started shopping for work clothes that I bought myself a sewing machine and taught myself to sew. It was that bad. Luckily I discovered Express. Their 00L dress pants have been an absolute lifesaver! I don’t see myself buying pants elsewhere (unless anyone knows of 00L pants that don’t sag in the butt). I also get work tops from Express and other stores, but the holy grail seems to be long sleeve shorts and blazers that have long enough sleeves. My wingspan is an unfortunate whopping 6 ft. (I get comments all the time). That coupled with a non-existent chest means I should probably just buy a few sizes up with the intention of getting the item taken in. It’s funny, I’ll sew something from scratch but making adjustments is like pulling teeth! I’ll pay someone to do that for me :D

  94. Someone needs to set up a spreadsheet/grid here, we could vote depending on height/weight/bust/hip/waist size etc. which stores provide the best fit….it’s too difficult to read through all the posts and find a consensus!

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