Coffee Break: Yliana Yepez Monte Carlo Saffiano Satchel

Yliana Yepez Satchel - Monte Carlo Saffiano | CorporetteYliana Yepez is a new brand to me, but this bag at Bloomingdale’s immediately caught my notice, and now looking through the designer’s website I’m in love. Apparently the designer lived all over the world with her army general father and academic mother, then had a successful modeling career (and a popular accessory brand in Venezuela) and now lives in NYC. Interesting. I love the unusual materials and colors mixed with very structural designs. Love. This particular bag (one of the many fun blue bags that Bloomingdale’s has right now) is $1350. Yliana Yepez Monte Carlo Saffiano Satchel


Update: Bloomingdale’s designer handbag sale means that this bag is now marked down to $945!


  1. Senior Attorney :

    That’s a great bag but I have never yet been able to even contemplate spending four figures for a purse.

    And YOU GUYS!!! I just got a text from my Marine saying: “Two stripes up, crossed rifles in the center…” Which means that after missing it by one point not once but twice, he has at last been promoted to Corporal! Woo-hoo!! This is shaping up to be the Best Day Ever!

    • Famouscait :

      Congrats! What a neat way to share the news.

    • Awwww! That’s so sweet. Congratulations to him!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      That’s awesome! Congrats to him!

    • anon-oh-no :

      This bag is actually marked down to $945 and I’m about to pull the trigger — it is just so lovely.

      • Anonymous :

        Don’t forget the extra 20% off! And 6% cash back at ebates right now.

      • Anonymous :

        I think my first reply got eaten, though maybe it will show up later–don’t forget the extra 20% off with code EXTRA20 (or TAKE20) and 6% cash back from e bates!

      • Thanks, anon! Just updated the post with the markdown. Good timing, huh?

    • Anon in NYC :

      Congrats to your son!

    • Congrats! That’s awesome!

      • Hey I tried answering on the other post but i get the posting too quickly error.
        I’m back, I disappeared for a few months as I was going through rough times.
        I had an accident on the highway got paralyzed for a while but got much better. (It can be nasty in my part of the world where there is a lot of corruption such that I’ll never get a dime from insurance).
        Then i wanted to change jobs but it didn’t workout so I got a bit depressed.
        Now I’m resurfacing healthy and fully recovered. I missed all of you here

    • Senior Attorney, I’m around your Marine’s age, men in uniform make me weak in the knees, and I think I’m developing a crush on him … :)

    • Congrats!

  2. Brief thread jack– I remember a long time ago people mentioning that there was a private facebook group for this-site readers about dating. Does that still exist? Can I join?

    • Yes, there is, I don’t know how you can join it though. You need to get an invite?

    • I also would like to join this.

      • Me to! I need to find a guy that will not onley DATE me, but MARRY me and IMPREGNATE me THIS YEAR! Is that to much to ask? I hope not b/c I need to have children imediateley!!!!!! Isn’t there anyone in the HIVE that will share their secret as to how to get a guy to impregnate you and marry you and then support you and your children within 5 month’s? I learned from a psykick on 57th street that 2014 was MY year, meaning that I would find a guy, have him marry me and impregnate me THIS year, so that I will be ON track for a baby next year, and more in the year’s to come! Isn’t that fantastik? I hope she was right, b/c I told her that is what I wanted, and she charged me onley $25 for the first visit! That is less then the copay we have on our medical plan to see a speacialist! FOOEY!

    • Emilyneedshelp :

      I would also like to join this!

    • FB Dating Group :

      I think if you post an email address we can send you an invite. I don’t have an anon email address so I can’t post mine for you to email to. Maybe someone else does?

      • AttiredAttorney :

        Would be interested in joining too! If someone figures out how to send invites via email, mine is: Attired Attorney at gmail dot com (the handle is all one word).

        • FB Dating Group :

          I invited you!

          • My anon email is anonyrebecca at google’s email. Will this work if that’s not the email connected to my facebook account? (My fb account is connected to an email that’s my full name). Thanks!

          • FB Dating Group :

            I am not sure but both k-padi and zora offered up their email addresses. they are better at this stuff than I am!

    • zora has invited people in the past, but she has taken a break from this site. Maybe the person above could post hers? I texted her to let her know but haven’t heard back.

    • Anonymous :

      Just remember its not totally private- what is said in the group is but people can still see that you belong to it

    • Yes, and it’s a wonderful group! To join, hmmm. Zora is the co-leader. Let me communicate with her. I will make this happen!!!! Yay! WE WANT ELLEN!

      • okay peeps, exciting news! If you send me your email, I can add you to the group! email me at karenpadi at hotmail dot com

    • It is a ‘secret’ group. The only way people will see that you are a member OR see your posts is if you are friends with someone who is also in the group.

      Anyone can join, by sending me your email address at zoradances at the gmail. I will send you an invite through facebook to your email address.

      • and all the b1tching at every person who posts a comment (see next comment) is getting old, so i’ve been taking a break .. but in the future if anyone asks about joining the fb group, anyone should feel free to post my gmail address and tell them to email me. I’ve posted it here enough, I don’t mind. ;o)

  3. All I’m saying is that the person who invents an app that will screen your Facebook wall and automatically block any posts with the word baby, pregnant, expecting, variations thereof, and sonogram pictures – will make a huge pile of cash.

    • Your wish is my command :

    • Anonymous :

      I’d pay money for an app that could block backhanded whining posts, especially those whining about important parts of other people’s lives . . .

      • +1

        • No need to be mean. Her feelings are perfectly legitimate (said the mother of two).

      • But if we block those + the baby posts, then wouldn’t FB just be blank? :P

        • No, there’d still be vacation shots, engagement ring photos, pics of presents under the heading “so blessed!!!” – the facebook would survive.

        • T. McGill :

          Don’t forget the cats! So long as cats exist, FB will not be blank ;)

          • How could I forget about the cats?! I would totally use something that’s just CatBook :)

        • Anonymous :

          The majority of my facebook feed is George Takai.

      • AnonLawMom :

        Seeing baby/pregnancy posts can be unbearably painful for some people who are TTC or have lost a baby. I’m not sure if that is where the OP is coming from, but I wouldn’t just assume she is whining.

        • True. But the remedy for that is to stay off Facebook, not be critical of people using it for some of its intended purposes.

          • AnonLawMom :

            The OP wasn’t being critical of other people. She was just expressing a desire not see certain posts, which is a totally fair thing for her to think and express, especially anonymously and especially on a site like this. And yes, one remedy is to stay off FB. But, I also know that fertility issues (if that’s what OP is referring to) are extremely isolating so adding a further degree of isolation is not always a great idea. It’s really hard to understand this unless you’ve been there, but a little sympathy goes a long way.

        • anon-oh-no :

          Its also painful for me to see photos and posts about everyone celebrating mothers day when i just lost my mom a few months ago, but i dont whine about it, i figure out another way to deal (whether that means staying off facebook, or working through my issues some other way). There are lots of things that make lots of people sad, and those very same things can make other people happy. If it is unbearable for you, that is your issue.

        • I’m with OP and do not think she is whining at all. I have actively been battling infertility for 5 years and have miscarried twice. I can’t divorce myself from the world and will continue to keep up with friends and family on facebook.

    • You can ‘unfollow’ people who you have to stay friends with for political reasons (like housemates or people in your circle of friends) but whose updates make you grit your teeth due to their inane nature or frequency.

      • +1 Yep. I’ve done this to people whose updates are insufferable. I have a friend that I was once close to and can’t defriend who brags about everything she has – which is honestly pretty typical for our friend group and not really that special – and hashtags EVERYTHING #soblessed. I can’t stand seeing it so I hid her and it made my facebook browsing a lot more pleasant.

    • Curly Sue :

      Not sure why you’re catching so much flak for this. I’d sign up for that app, and I don’t think I need a “good enough” reason like experiencing infertility. I truly don’t care that some girl with whom I went to high school is having a baby. And I really, truly don’t care about every detail of her pregnancy. And my facebook has recently become babypalooza which, as I said, doesn’t interest me.

      I don’t understand why a suggestion that you should be able to block *topics* that don’t interest you instead of *people* who don’t interest you would be taken so personally.

    • I was thinking something similar earlier this week when I scrolled through my newsfeed and it was all couples and engagement photo shoots and weddings…

      It gets a bit much sometimes when you realize that the awful people you went to high school and college with are getting married and reproducing while you, and your other single friends can’t seem to find a decent guy…

      • I can’t speak for the awful people from your high school/college, but the ones from mine who are married are not married to people I’d consider to be “decent guys”. So, there’s that.

      • If you’re a corporette in a major city, cut yourself some slack!

        After living in major cities on both coasts as well as a smaller city in the Midwest, it is clear that location matters in a big way. Women are more likely to outnumber men in coastal cities, so men feel less pressure to marry becauste they would prefer to experience the variety of women in their midst.

        Women in the South, Midwest, and in small towns have it easier because they are usually in communities that promote marriage, with less of a gender imbalance, and less strict standards regarding weight. People understand that the pool of potential mates is limited, so men have less of an incentive to play the field. Also, in areas with lower immigration, there are fewer American men waxing poetic about the superiority of non-American women or immigrant women.

        • Actually, living in the Bible Belt where marriage is promoted makes it much harder–by the time us ‘r e t t e s finish our graduate degrees and move to said city, the vast majority of our peer group is already married or in long-term relationships headed toward marriage. The pool of available men is outrageously small, and the ones who are still single often have Peter Pan complexes and are single for a reason.

          • Sorry for mistakenly clicking the Report button!

            I understand what you are saying. The cultural differences are significant. My perspective was comparing two women who have lived in the same environment for their courtship (?) years, not the perspective of a woman out of grad school. the original comment about high school and college friends marrying and having children was about them living in a family-oriented community while doing so, while the corpo—e was attending grad school and living in a work-oriented community.

    • It needs to be an app that you can tailor to your fb needs. My fb friends are low key on the baby front, but I could use a “less positive affirmation posts from people who are always miserable and I don’t really believe you” filter.

  4. I have to ask why you’re looking for this? Is it just that you aren’t interested in babies? Have you experienced infertility in the past so it hurts to see pictures of babies? Just wondering.

    • This was meant for FB user above.

    • Because as excited and happy as I am for those in my circle who are pregnant or new parents, sometimes it is just painful to see the reminders that something I so desperately want, and don’t have, is enjoyed by so many others.

      I guess the easy answer is to take a facebook hiatus.

      • I’m sorry to hear that you’re having fertility problems. Remember that other people see things on FB that hurt them too, like the picture of a friend with their mom at Mother’s Day brunch but your mother passed so you can’t take the same picture and it makes you wish like h*ell that you could or other similar incidences. It probably is best to take a FB hiatus if it’s getting to you. I hope you’re able to conceive in the future. We just started TTC so I can only imagine what you’re feeling.

        • I guess I assumed that it was fertility problems but I guess maybe you haven’t met the right person or were recently divorced, etc. Sorry if my assumption was wrong.

      • AnonLawMom :

        Just wanted to express sympathy. I’ve been in your shoes. It’s rough. And it sucks to feel like you need to totally disconnect even from the other good parts of FB just to be free of painful reminders. Maybe you can just block certain of your friends who post often? Definitely block parents that non-stop complain about their kids – I really couldn’t take that.

      • Silvercurls :

        I hope that whatever makes you unhappy about seeing other people’s baby news gets better or gets easier to live with.

        Two wise women, both of whom know something about gracefully working past disappointment–have recently been commenting on this question. My psychiatrist recently reminded me that sometimes things don’t happen even if we really want them. (This was in response to my ongoing lament about not finding a satisfying niche in the workplace.) The blogger who created DontBlameTheKids addressed this just yesterday. My psychiatrist’s identity is private information but DontBlameTheKids is publicly accessible, well written, and worth a visit.

        • I wonder if part of the reason for disappointment for some corpore—s is that they have been successful in areas of life that require hard work and diligence, and the reality that hard work does not always pay off is a difficult idea to accept, especially experiencing it as an adult.

    • anon-oh-no :

      right? i get that all the people are not interested in all the things, even all the things that their “friends” are interested in, but i think it is a pretty safe assumption that people generally post the stuff that interests them, that is important to them, that they are proud of, that they care about, etc. just scroll over it. or stop using facebook, becuase that is what it’s there for.

  5. Sydney Bristow :

    Do any of you have separate fall/winter and spring/summer wardrobes? I’ve seen some comments about that lately and it made me curious. I only have a couple of items that I won’t wear year round like a skirt that looks weird with tights, a white 3/4 sleeve jacket, and a few short-sleeve cardigans. But the vast majority of my clothes are things I wear all year.

    I’m curious if people have more separated wardrobes than that and whether the amount of living space you have makes a difference. I definitely couldn’t fit a lot of things I didn’t wear regularly into my closet and have no space to store a winter or summer wardrobe. I think my imaginary dream wardrobe would have more pieces that separate into seasons, but I can’t help thinking that it seems like more work to stay on top of.

    • I used to switch out my winter and summer clothing, which meant putting away sweaters in the summer, puting away bathing suits in the winter, etc. Not everyone has ample storage.

    • anon-oh-no :

      i dont have totally separate wardrobes, but i do have large portions of the wardrobe that is season specific and gets rotated in/out of my closet depending on the season.

      i have a lot of clothes, shoes, accessories etc (like, i counted the other day and discovered that i have 38 pairs of black shoes, 12 black dresses, 6 black slacks — and that is just one color example). i find that with less stuff in my closet, i get more wear out of things becuase i can see them and find them. its also super fun to pull out all the stuff when its time to change seasons.

      ive done this regardless of closet/storage space and weather — i.e., i do it whether i have a tiny apartment (NYC) or a big house (Chicago) and everything in between (other coast and other middle). When i had little space, the out of season stuff went in storage containers under my bed or in my storage unit; now it just goes in a closet in another room — which is nice becuase i can easily grab it if necessary.

      • Wow. For work/dressy events, I have eight pairs of shoes total (all colors counting sandals), four dresses total and eight pair of pants total. Plus three skirts and about a dozen jackets. That’s not just one color, that’s everything. Your wardrobe is huge in comparison. Not being snarky at all but that makes mine seem paltry and I wonder what I would do if I ever had that much clothes.

        • Silvercurls :

          I envy you your streamlined wardrobe even though my own collection is nowhere near the size of that of anon-oh-no! (Rough census includes approx. 25 pairs of shoes & boots, including several unwearable pairs that are either insufficiently broken in or already worn to death; 3-4 pairs of black pants including the one with bleach and paint stains; and no dresses that I wear regularly. Oh yes, and one fabric hat that’s finally starting to shred after being loved for, um, about 10 years. Ditto a purple mid-weight outerwear jacket that’s 25 years old. If I keep on like this I’m going to be growing my own vintage collection. :D )

        • anon-oh-no :

          i like clothes. a lot. i always have. i love finding new pieces and new ways to wear old pieces. and i did this even as a small kid. had i not gone into law, i suspect i would have gone into the fashion industry. of course i dont need this much clothes, but i have sufficient funds and space to accomodate it. i dont want a streamlined wardrobe; i love having choices. clothes and accessories are almost like art to me — i look at fashion magizines like others look at works of art. i have many high end pieces, but i also love finding less expensives ways to get high end looks. and i work in an industry (and have sufficient seniority) that i can wear lots of things to work and push the envelope of business attire.

          • I love your philosophy about clothing! Rock on, anon-oh-no, with your big, awesome wardrobe! (Or, perhaps, I think of you as being a curator. Exhibiting the clothes differently as new ideas and themes come up.)

          • Silvercurls :

            Enjoy in good health. (I’m too old to say “rock on” without feeling ridiculous.) Sorry if regretting my own inability to streamline seemed like being negatively judgmental.

    • Famouscait :

      What first comes to mind is my casual clothes. For summer this is shorts, tank tops, sundresses, etc. Winter is old comfy sweaters, leggings, etc. These things definitely get stored away on their off-season and don’t ever rotate into my work clothes.

      My work wardrobe is 80% seasonless. Like you said, some things look weird with tights or the color reads particularly fall (jewel tones) or spring (pastels) to me. I’ll also move certain things in and out, like long-sleeved tops don’t work in the summer where I live (too hot – it’s the deep South).

      I definitely have a separate, small wardrobe of special event clothes: cocktail dresses, a pair of velvet trousers that come out every year around the holidays, and those very feminine dresses I wear to showers, parties, etc. I like having some things that I never associate with work and are just 100% “fun” clothes.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        That’s a good point that I wasn’t thinking about. I was thinking about work clothes. I’m in NYC so we definitely have all the weather variation so I have some thick casual sweaters for winter and some shorts and sundresses for the summer. I’m seriously lacking in the casual clothing department though so that likely adds to my blind spot on this!

      • A Nonny Moose :

        Yep with not a lot of overlap. I wear a lot of bright colors which I usually think of as summery (bold cobalt, lots of coral, yellows, magenta) that look off on the winter. And most of my winter clothes are in wintery fabric– suede, houndstooth and herringbone, tweed). I have a couple pairs of pants and a couple skirts I wear all year, a couple cardigans and my tippis. Pretty much everything else is rotated in and out of storage. It’s nice to unpack seasonal clothes twice a year because it’s kind of like coming home after a (free!) shopping spree!

        • Exactly this, I live in a place where it is +100 celsius in summer and -25 in winter, 4 seasons of clothes are necessary. I just changed out spring summer and was so happy to see my ‘new’ clothes

    • Diana Barry :

      Of course. With 90 degree difference between summer and winter, you need to!

      Right now my closet is transitioning between winter and summer – I haven’t yet pulled out the light grey and white suits (that waits for June) but all of my heavier sweaters and tweed skirts, boots, etc., are put away. I also have different weight cardigans between the different seasons.

      • Same. I don’t actually rotate things in and out of my closet or dresser, but I have certain items that are worn only in colder months, certain items that are worn only in warmer months, and a small number that are year-round/bridge.

    • I live in Canada, so there are definite seasons to my wardrobe, but I’d say over half of my clothes I wear in any season, especially since I work in an airconditioned office, so layering is important. I either push the items to the back of my closet, keep them in under bed storage, or, in the case of my outerwear, store in bins in the basement.

    • amberwitch :

      I have a few items that I wear year round, mainly cardigans and jackets. But other than that, my woolens is packed away and the linens are unpacked around easter – later if we are having a bad spring.
      Silk and cotton may be year round depending on the cut, but a lot has a dominant season.

      I don’t have a lot of suits, and none for summer. Our dominant season is grey and dreary, so I only wear my summer wardrobe for about 5 months a year.

      I currently live in a house where I pack away the off-seasom clothes in a separate wardrobe or on the loft. When I had less room I didn’t pack the off-season clothes away, I just didn’t use them:-)

    • My mum does, because she dresses more formally than me, because she’s based in one place, and because she has ample storage – plus she’s had the time to build up a large wardrobe.

      For me, every item needs to be worth the cash and the space in my packing to and from college, so it has to be wearable all year round. So I wear my denim shorts with leggings underneath for 10 months of the year as a more casual/ loungey version of jeans.

      • amberwitch :

        This – the amount of time you’ve had to build up a wardrobe definitely plays a role in how segregated your wardrobe is able to become. At least this is true for me as well.
        I have clothes from the past 20 years in rotation, and the summer/winter thing have become a lot more pronounced as I’ve accumulated more clothes.

        And then, we don’t have proper A/C over here, so we have to adjust out clothes to the season more than (i think) parts of the US.

        Furthermore, when the weather is finally hot enough to go barelegged or bare-something else it is reason to rejoice and take advantage of.

        • The lack of a/c is true – but then the weather here is so unpredictable that I find it hard to justify buying ‘summer’ clothes given that we might only get two or three weeks of weather across the whole summer where I can wear them.

          • My father, who is married to an Englishwoman (my mother) says that the only difference between an English summer compared to an English winter is that the days are longer…

          • Also the English summer is full of dashed hopes and unloved ice cream vans, while the English winter is just full of tea.

          • Another thought on this – this is why I prefer to shop in British brands for the summer, since they’re designed more for the summers we get. H&M are designed for Southern European summers, GAP seem to be designed for NYC etc summers. Fat Face and M&S, however,a re designed for UK summers, so there are fewer of the really nice dresses and tops that are impossible to layer over, or the skirts that look weird with any kind of jacket.

    • I have some things that are seasonal – mostly either heavy wool (like the JCrew double serge) skirts/dresses, a couple of heavy tweed items, warm sweaters and sweater dresses, tissue thin turtlenecks (which only serve layering purposes for me and thus get unworn in summer). For summer items, it’s more along the lines of sun dresses, a couple of work dresses (e.g., seersucker or linen), some cotton skirts, anything eyelet (which I love & buy in any form) and some light blazers (e.g., white or chambray). I am not counting shoes and coats. The shoes I switch out, the coats and gloves just live in my coat closet year round.

      As far as space, I don’t have much of it extra so I switch out what is in my closet and put the rest either in under bed storage boxes or a trunk I have in my bedroom for extra storage.

      I also do the same for Mr. AIMS. But for him, it’s mostly putting away sweaters and switching out shorts for cords and certain items based on color, like a light yellow tee, etc.

    • Yes, we have 90+ degrees/90% humidity most of the summer, and fairly cold winters, most of the clothes I wear in fall/winter/early spring are unbearable in the summer.

    • There is some overlap, but I do have warm and cold weather wardrobes. Tweeds, thick wool clothings, tights, and long-sleeved shirts just got put away and tank tops, summery skirts and dresses, and bathing suits have now taken their place. I have a tiny closet so have to swap out items. It’s amazing how much space there is in inaccessible areas like the top of the wardrobe and under the bed. The only time that it gets complicated is when we go on vacation to a warm climate in the winter.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        We utilize every inch of storage space we have, complete with a bed that has drawers and a cabinet instead of a typical frame. Luckily that makes things easy to get to under there.

    • In SF Bay Area we pretty much have the same weather year round. Slightly colder in winter and slightly warmer in summer. Much of my wardrobe is seasonal but some things, like turtlenecks and flannel, go away for summer and things like shorts and flip flops go away in winter!

    • We don’t really have a four-season climate in Southern California but I do have summer and winter wardrobes for work, especially for shoes and jackets. Like right now, even if it gets chilly I can’t pull out my tweed jackets from the back of the closet as it just feels… wrong to me to wear tweed in Spring. But some basic pieces like medium-weight dresses and the occasional black blazer cross over.

    • My wardrobe is the same year round.
      I have some jumpers/sweaters that I wouldn’t wear in scorching summer heat but that is it.
      I usually extend the wear of my spring clothes by wearing heat tech and coats.
      Then again I live in a moderate climate country

  6. What do you do when your entire wardrobe feels worn out? I’ve been on a busy spell at work for months haven’t had time for shopping, and everything (shirts, shoes, pants, sweaters…) feels like it needs updates at the same time. Any tips for refreshing a few pieces to make me feel pulled together again at work, without a full-on, break-the-bank makeover?

    • I'm an associate :

      I would think buying just a few key items that are staples and going from there. For me that’d be buying one pair of black pumps, a black pencil skirt, and a pair of dress pants (or one new suit). Those things you will continue to wear and need to replace, but it will be nice to have something new and not worn out.

    • Anonymous :

      I bet you’re clothes are fine, you’re just bored with your busy life. Can you hook up with a hot Brazilian? Drink more cocktails? When you’re hungover and you just got laid, any old blouse will do.

      • AnonLawMom :

        Great advice! Also, try just buying some new accessories – fun necklaces, shoes, belts and maybe a handbag. You can rejuvenate a wardrobe more than you think without actually buying clothes.

      • Excellent advice. I am feeling so bored with everything in life in general. Definitely need to get laid with a hot guy without having to endlessly evaluate him for future potential (aka dating).

    • I kind of get where you’re at. Some new outfits make work a bit less dull during a busy spell. What I did was find some stylists/blogs that I like and jot down outfit ideas. I then figured out if I could use my current clothes to make these new ideas, or if I had some specific gaps I wanted to fill (like I need a red top, a camel coat etc.) Then I’d go shop for those gaps – new outfits without a whole new wardrobe!

    • Maddie Ross :

      Stitch-fix! I love it for fun new pieces, shipped directly to you without having to spend the time shopping.

    • anon for this :

      I signed up for RocksBox (many months ago) when this site had a promo, and I have to say it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve created outfits around pieces they sent and I ended up with combos that were new to me, and pushed my comfort zone in the right direction.

      I’m not affiliated with them, and canceled after 5 months (too many temptations) but it was a fun experiment.

    • Baconpancakes :

      Find a piece you do still like but are bored with, go to Pinterest, and search for outfits with that piece in it (like “pink blazer” or “cobalt dress”). This helps a LOT for me, and then I usually just need a few extra accessories to pull it together.

  7. Layering for Dummiesq :

    Hive, I have a ton of sleeveless cotton/stretch blend shells that I normally wear under cardigans. Problem, I’ve gained some weight and the cardigans tend to part and gather at my armpits. The cardigan look also isn’t one I love, so I’m thinking of pieces I can layer the sleeveless shells over. Some are plain and some have a bit of ‘snazz’ to them (ruffle, sparkle, etc). Is a collared shirt too Loralie Gilmore/BB innkeeper? I can’t quite get the right look and am not sure if it’s the fabric or what. Are there other shirts I could use?

    will post links to similar items in the reply. Thank you!

    • Layering for Dummiesq :

      similar sleeveless tops

    • If you don’t like cardigans, invest in some blazers instead. Shells aren’t vests and it may look strange to layer a button down shirt underneath.

  8. Senior Attorney :

    And also? Just got word my divorce is final!!




  9. Jones New York Suiting :

    Can anyone comment on the Jones New York suiting (extra credit if it is the Mallory dress and/or Olivia jacket). I am especially concerned with the quality of the fabric, which is polyester, viscose and elastane. I generally prefer wool suits, and I’m wondering if these will look cheap after a season or two of wear. Will they pill? Will they scream out POLYESTER! The sheath dress + jacket style looks so elegant.


    — Basics

    • AttiredAttorney :

      I am actually a big fan of JNY suiting. I find it comparable to Ann Taylor/The Limited. It doesn’t look *that* cheap, and wears pretty well. Some of the jacket cuts are a little frumpish-ly cut, which I think adds more to the cheap look, but one of my favorite skirts ever is from a JNY suit. Check out some of the pictures of the Classy Cubicle blog wearing JNY to get an idea of real life look/feel.

    • Silvercurls :

      Sorry…I have this image of garments singing “POLYESTER!” in barbershop quartet harmony while dancing. The jacket gestures with its empty sleeves. The sheath dress dips its shoulders and shimmies its hips ever so slightly. It’s probably my bedtime.

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