Wednesday’s TPS Report: Serengeti wrap dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Banana Republic Serengeti wrap dressLoving this great silk and viscose wrap dress — with sleeves! amazing! — from Banana Republic.  We like the V-neck, the abstract print — and did we mention that it has sleeves?  We’d tone down the print for work by pairing it with more conservative accessories like a classic strand of pearls and a pair of basic pumps in black, brown, or nude.  It’s $120 at Banana Republic.  Banana Republic Serengeti wrap dress

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Coffee Break: Kooba Jordan Leather Tote

iconBloomingdale’s has a great “buy more, save more” sale going on right now — take 20% off if you spend more than $250, take 30% off if you spend more than $500.  These sales are great times to strike if you happen to have your eye on pricey handbag or tote — one item in your shopping bag gets you over the limit, and the rest of your order reaps the benefit of the same discount.  Today we’re liking this taupe tote from Kooba — it’s marked at $575, but comes down to $402.50 with the 30% off discount.   Kooba Jordan Leather Tote

There’s No Crying in Baseball

how to keep from crying at work

2017 Update: We still stand by this discussion of how to keep from crying at work — you may also want to check out our recent discussion of how to get a poker face at work

Reader S has an interesting question about how to keep from crying at work…

Recently, I posted to a so-called professional site discussing whether or not it was ok to cry at work. The person who started the thread claimed to be a Director who cried a lot at work. Since she cries at work, she wanted to know how other women felt about women crying at work. I shared that ironically, I had just returned from a recent Conference with 600 Attendees, where another attendee volunteered to help the Guest Speaker with a role playing exercise. And, how shocked and discomforted I was (as well as the Guest Speaker based on her initial reaction) when the volunteer started crying on stage during the second phase of the role playing exercise. Not only was the role playing exercise cut short as the Speaker attempted to comfort the volunteer, everyone present was left trying to determine what had happened to cause this woman to start crying. I responded that personally, I felt that crying in the work place was inappropriate as well as unprofessional. And, that women who cry at work, never make Partner, Attending, Director/CEO or get offered other advancement opportunities. Surprisingly, save for 2 males and 3 females including myself, most of the other repliers felt crying at work was ok. Even more surprising to me was the couple of responses which questioned whether or not I was female since they felt my reaction to the volunteer’s crying on stage in front of 600 other attendees was cold-hearted and unsympathetic because I termed it a “display”. One person snipped that just because she tended to cry at work, it did not mean she was not as capable as any man in her Department to which I responded that while crying was not indicative of ability, crying would prevent her from getting the opportunities to prove her ability. So, since we tend to discuss everything else that is work related here on, what are your opinions regard women crying in the workplace?

For the Corporette $.02: There really should not be crying in the office, unless it’s out of joy. If you’re frustrated, if you’re sad, if you’re angry — bottle it up until you can get to your office or, better yet, to your house.  (As Kelly Cutrone says, if you have to cry, go outside.)  (Pictured: Crying is okay here., originally uploaded to Flickr by A National Acrobat.)how to keep from crying at work - advice for career women

That said: I’ve cried at work, and absolutely hated myself the few times I did. I felt like I lost points with my superiors, I felt like I looked weak, and I was disappointed with myself that I couldn’t keep my cool. Keeping cool is a big part of being professional. The most notable time I remember crying was in NYC  one Friday morning, several Augusts ago.  I remember the exact date because my best friend was married in London the next morning, and I missed it — I just couldn’t find a flight that would get me to London in time for her morning wedding but also allow me to meet a pressing work deadline (document production).  I had taken the news in stride at the time I’d asked my immediate boss and been denied — after all, my friend had thrown the wedding together quickly (a morning civil ceremony in London), and assured me that I didn’t need to attend, and the deadline WAS important — but as I sat in that meeting, the day before my best friend was married, and we talked about the deadline, I found my mind completely and utterly focused on the terrible work/life balance I had. I was furious with myself for, apparently, selling my soul for so cheap a price, and I wondered how I could live with myself for missing my. best. friend’s. wedding. For a document production.  And then, in the meeting, my boss’s boss asked if I’d managed to find a flight to London, and oh, what a pity.

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Sponsored Post: Dressing in Layers with Ann Taylor

This post is sponsored by Ann Taylor, but written by your local friendly blogger, Kat Griffin.  As per standard Corporette operating procedure, comments on this post have been turned off.

As temperatures rise outside, and air conditioners whir into action inside, the working woman faces a classic dilemma: how to be comfortable in both worlds?  I’ve rounded up some of our best tips for looking like the competent, professional woman you are (instead of a wilted, sweaty mess).

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Tuesday’s TPS Report: Shadow Peony Jersey Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Shadow Peony Jersey DressLove the muted, calming reds, blues and pinks of this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress.  It’s also a  great example, we think, of a dress that could be styled to be very hip for a date or cocktail party (as pictured, with messy hair and chunky, trendy shoes) — or dressed up for the office.  For work, we’d pull our hair back neatly, add a long, opera-length gold chain, and perhaps a white, slightly longish blazer — boyfriend cut, maybe — and skin-toned, round-toed pumps with some height.  It’s $248 at Shopbop,available in sizes XS-L.   Marc by Marc Jacobs Shadow Peony Jersey Dress

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Coffee Break: Sumdex Laptop Sleeve Aircube Netbook Sleeve

eBags is having an inventory reduction sale, including a ton of great laptop sleeves — which, for our $.02, is the best way to carry a laptop. Just get a laptop sleeve that fits your computer, and then toss the protected laptop into your already fashionable tote bag, and voila — no need for a bulky, ugly computer bag. We like these fun ones from Sumdex (marked to $19.99 with free shipping), but the eBags sale has your basic black or blue sleeves as well — markdowns up to 70% off with free shipping. Sumdex Laptop Sleeve Aircube Netbook Sleeve 8.9 10.2 Blue

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