Suit of the Week: Semantiks Mélange Suit

We really like this black and white combo suit from Semantiks, available at Nordstrom.  The piping on the jacket is interesting without being distracting, and the cut of the suit is feminine without being frou-frou.  The Semantiks Mélange Jacket is $138, and the Semantiks ‘Moonlit’ Mélange Trousers are $88.   There’s a coordinating Semantiks ‘Moonlit’ Mélange Pencil Skirt, also, priced at $68.

gray pantsuit with black piping

Poll — Are politics still taboo at the office?

Can You Talk About Politics at the Office? | CorporetteSomehow, we made it all the way through the election without discussing this:  Is it still inappropriate to talk about politics in the office?  Sure, places like Fundrace let you know who gave what — and to whom — so the political leanings of your coworkers are much more out-in-the open.  Still, the office can be a prickly place to talk about politics.  For example:  If you’re a Republican, are you avoiding the inauguration parties that many offices are holding today?  If you’re a Democrat and your Republican boss begins spouting off about how the economy is all Bill Clinton’s fault, what do you do?

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In comments, we’d love to know — what are your favorite sources for political commentary? Blogs?  Radio?  TV shows?  Do write in…

Weekly Roundup

coveroo phone coversLiking these posts? Follow Corporette on Twitter — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also Tweet if we hear about a good sale.)

  • Personalize your Blackberry with happy, fun decals and stickers. [Coveroo] (Warning: some are cute, some look like “tramp stamps,” and some make you wonder how there could possibly be so much overlap between the Barbie and Blackberry crowds.)
  • Younger women may be more vulnerable to layoffs — watch out, ladies. [WSJ]
  • Is it productive to embrace your femininity at the office? This thoughtful article asks the experts. [The Glass Hammer]
  • Forbes reviews the luxury purchases you can make now that will “last a lifetime.” [Forbes] (Our $.02: focus on the kinds of purchases where you can haggle — think jewelry and watches.)
  • Hot! Filing supplies. [Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News]
  • Take advantage of some of the inaugural specials some spas are offering — they’re coming up with some amusing ways to, uh, say goodbye to Bush. [Gothamist]

Reader mail – How to wear a boyfriend blazer to the office?

We got this request a little while ago from one of our readers…

Can you help suggest what to wear with a boyfriend blazer? I just got a slim, one-button wool boyfriend blazer (from Iisli – love it) and am not sure what would look best with it.

This is a great question, and we loooove Iisli.  First, let’s have a brief review of different terminology — all of these types of blazers can be worn at the office, but very different rules apply.

boyfriend blazerBoyfriend blazer – So named because it’s as if you stole your boyfriend’s coat, this typically means a voluminous, boxy fit — see the picture of Mary-Kate Olsen, at left.  This is actually the hardest look to pull off at the office, because you need to balance the boxy-ness of the jacket with every other element.  We’d suggest it a pencil skirt or a tight shift dress — or perhaps even skinny trousers.  Play around with layers, if you can — try a man’s shirt underneath it, with all sleeves rolled up.  (These blazers never really attained “in” status — they’re a bit hard for anyone who isn’t MKO to pull off — which means that if you can do it you’ll be cutting edge.  Work it!) [Read more…]

Suit of the Week: Ann Taylor Karlee Suit

What a gorgeous black navy skirt suit. When we refer to wearing a dress with a cropped jacket, this is almost exactly what we have in mind. We love the cut of the suit, the texture of the fabric, and especially the pockets — “raw edge pleated trim” is apparently code for “cool”. The jacket is $219, and the matching skirt is $109. (We will admit, we wish the skirt were a smidge longer.)

UPDATE:  As one reader informs us, the color is actually navy — not black.  Alas!  It is still a gorgeous suit, though.
skirt suit

Poll! What kind of hair accessories are appropriate for the office?

Are Some Hair Accessories Unprofessional? | CorporetteOne of the article ideas that people often offer us is to do an article about which hair accessories are appropriate for the office.  Yet we’ve always hesitated … well, primarily because we don’t know if anything is appropriate for the office beyond low-ponytail type hairbands.   Headbands always seem too prissy / 1980s / wear-in-your-early-20s kind of things.  Barrettes seem so middle school.  Fanciful bobbypins seem too… Drew-Barrymore-in-the-early-90s.  Anything to assist with a bun seems too… ballerina-like.  But maybe we’re off base here — what are your thoughts?  Any favorite brands or haunts where you find great hair accessories?

Picture above:  Feathered Flower Headband, by Bebe, now $49.


As a side note, did anyone see Bride Wars over the weekend?  What were your thoughts on Kate Hudson’s hair at the first big client meeting?

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