Coffee Break: Lucite Imperial Noir Snake Link Necklace

Alexis Bittar Lucite Imperial Noir Snake Link Necklace | Corporette

I posted this necklace’s sister last week on CorporetteMoms (because hey, every pregnant/nursing mama looks good in a statement necklace), and I meant it when I said it: I’m obsessed with this entire collection. I’m not even one of those people who thinks snakes are cool/sexy/whatever! Something about this lucite/ruthenium necklace — with accents of labradorite and crystal — just really speaks to me. Waaaant. This necklace is $375 at Saks. Alexis Bittar Snake Link Necklace

Psst: Here’s a lower-priced alternative, also at Saks.

Guest Post: Pumping at Work 101

Pumping at Work 101 | CorporettePumping at work: it’s one of the toughest parts of going back to work after maternity leave. In past posts we’ve covered what to wear to pump at work, how to manage pumping in different offices, pumping during work travel, and how to dress professionally when you go back to work (when your pre-pregnancy clothes still don’t fit). Today Reader K gives you some basic tips for pumping at work and recommends a few helpful products. Thank you, K! 

My best friend gave me great advice before I went back to work: The dread is worse than the reality. I was nervous about leaving my little guy with someone I barely knew; I was nervous I would not be as good at my job as I had been before I left for leave; I was nervous that I would sit at my desk missing him all day. Basically, I was nervous about everything.

But now, seven months in, it hasn’t been that bad. For the most part, I have managed to focus completely on whatever I’m doing, whether work or home life. That means I am really efficient at work and then don’t really check my email once I get home until after my son goes to bed. (Fortunately, we hit the baby jackpot and got a great sleeper.) The hardest part, though, was pumping at work. After reading comments here and talking to my sister and some friends, I got into my routine. (Pictured: breast pump overload, originally uploaded to Flickr by madichan.

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Thursday’s TPS Report: Plum Dome Jacket

Dorothy Perkins Plum Dome Jacket | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

I don’t know why I keep coming back to this plum jacket from Dorothy Perkins, but something about it really speaks to me. I love that dark plum color, the fact that it’s machine washable, and — hey — that it’s only $59. I’d wear it with blue, purple, black, and even with some of the dark green that’s everywhere this season. It’s $59 at Dorothy Perkins (available in sizes 6-18, although some are starting to sell out). Dorothy Perkins Plum Dome Jacket

Psst: Here’s a washable open-front jacket in plum that’s available in plus sizes.

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Suit of the Week: The Limited

Corporette's Suit of the Week: The LimitedFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

It seems like I just sang the praises of the Limited’s new Collection collection (and particularly the sheath dress) — but I was excited to see all of the pieces (and more) available in this lovely wine-colored hue.  I think this looks like a great nonbasic suit to add to your closet — wear it with cobalt, gray, black, navy, white, even a pop of bright red or bright orange for contrast.  There are so many pieces — and all of them are 40% off with code FALLNOW. Pictured below:  the jacket (Collection Flap Pocket Jacket) is $158, but comes to $94.80, and the sheath dress (Collection Sheath Dress) is $98 but comes to $59.  Next, the Collection Lexie Flare Pants were $79.95, but now come to $39.90. Next, they have an online exclusive Colorblock Sheath Dress that is $98 but comes to $59.  Finally,  the Collection Tuxedo Vest was $70 but comes to $42, and the Collection Drew Bootcut Pants come all the way down to $39.90. (How do we feel about vests as suiting separates, ladies?) Not pictured: the skirt (Collection Inset Pencil Skirt) is $59.90, but comes to $34.90.  All are available in regular, petite, and tall sizes.

purple womens suitPsst: here’s a plus-size suit option (which also comes in misses sizes).

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Wednesday’s TPS Report: Sunburst Ponte Sheath Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Ivanka Trump Starburst Ponte Sheath DressI’m kind of loving Ivanka Trump’s new clothing line (right? didn’t she used to just do shoes?), and I like the fact that most of the dresses seem to go up to size 16. This sunburst ponte sheath dress looks great for work and beyond, and I like the zipper detail on the front. It’s $134 at Nordstrom (sizes 2-16). Ivanka Trump Sunburst Ponte Sheath Dress

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