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I rounded up some of my favorite workwear and accessory picks from the Nordstrom sale earlier this week, but I didn’t get too far into the weekend and evening stuff. But MAN: I love this dress for a night out. The peekaboo lace, mixed with the pretty floral pattern, and an otherwise warm and sturdy merino wool — love it all. It was $528, but is now marked to $396 at the Nordstrom sale. Diane von Furstenberg ‘Leandra’ Lace Appliqué Merino Wrap Dress

If you’re looking for a LBD with a lower price tag, try this one or this one (in plus sizes).


Weekly News Update

news update - pantyhoseLike these posts? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also tweet if we hear about a good sale through our CorporetteDeals Twitter feed.) You can also follow us on Pinterest and Instagram, or by our RSS feed.

  • The New York Times looks at the history of pantyhose and its decreasing popularity in recent years. (Even Michelle Obama says she doesn’t wear it anymore.)
  • Fast Company talks to L’Oréal chemist Balanda Atis, who leads L’Oréal’s Women of Color Lab.
  • Time reports on a LinkedIn survey that reveals common reasons that lead people to quit their jobs.
  • Above the Law spoke with a firm in Arizona that’s using the Apple Watch in innovative ways — and not solely for its employees.
  • Real Simple explains why it’s tough to find friends as an adult.
  • The New York Times reports that looking at unpublished studies appears to show that talk therapy is not as effective as was previously thought.
  • PopSugar Smart Living shows you the most popular Halloween costumes each year from the ’90s through today — and if you like puns, then Buzzfeed has some costumes for you.
  • McSweeney’s has your laugh of the week — some password security questions you probably haven’t seen before.

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Frugal Friday: Painterly Top

Loft Painterly Top | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

This top caught my eye a week or so ago and I’ve kind of been thinking about it ever since — love the mix of colors and the movement to the print. I really, really wish it were not “dry clean only,” but there you go. It was $54.50 full price, but is marked to $44; use code FALLYALL to get 40% off at checkout and snag it for $26. In fact, right now everything at Loft is 40% off with that code. Loft Painterly Top

Two plus-size options are here and here.

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Coffee Break: Preston Long Sweeper Coat

Exclusive for Intermix Preston Long Sweeper Coat | CorporetteVery long coats: yea or nay? I typically prefer a mid-thigh length for daily wear, but I do have a long coat that I bought forever ago that I wear on that rare occasion where I’m wearing a floor-length dress in winter. (For some reason I thought it was called an opera coat but it sounds like mine (and this pictured one) is nowhere near fancy enough to qualify. I now would like an opera coat.) BUT: I saw this picture and it struck me as so, so cool. (And very in keeping with the ’70s vibe with all the flared jeans and plaid everywhere this season!) This coat is $698, exclusive to Intermix. Preston Long Sweeper Coat

Here’s a lower-priced alternative and a plus-size option.


Do Multiple Devices Boost Your Productivity — or Your Overwhelm?

multiple-devices-boost-productivityHow many devices do you have? Does having multiple devices boost your productivity — or just add to the feeling of being overwhelmed? Reader A has an interesting question:

So I was wondering, how many pieces of technology do you and your readers have? I am increasingly getting overwhelmed by it all. I have a desktop both at home and at work of course, then an iPad, then a MacBook Air, then my personal iPhone, and my work iPhone!! Too much I am thinking. So, if you had to ditch one (or more than one), what would it be? I would think the home desktop; yet, it is a pain to connect remotely to my desktop at work from my laptop or others. What then?

Interrrrrresting question — I’ve talked about my being overwhelmed by information, but not about device overwhelm. I’m curious to hear what readers say here, but I may have some solutions for you to help prevent device overwhelm… (That said, if possible I would ditch one of your two iPhones if at all possible — but if you’ve maintained two for so long I’m guessing it’s because there is a valid reason for it, and of course work/life separation is important.)

There’s a lot of interesting reading about how having different devices can actually boost your productivity; as this Wired article describes, it helps you focus by associating certain tasks with certain screens. (Question for the hive: does anyone have a multiple-monitor setup? How do you like it?) Here’s how I use this method:

  • I use my desktop almost exclusively for daily blog stuff.
  • I use my laptop (which doesn’t do well without a power cord) as a standing workstation (I just set it on top of our credenza), usually when I’m opening a zillion bookmarks and shopping for TPS reports or the like.
  • I use my iPad for work email as well as for focused writing with my Bluetooth keyboard. (OK, I also use my iPad for fun web surfing while watching television.)
  • I still use my netbook for work whenever I travel. (It’s very clunky but gives me a PC experience.)
  • I’m pondering getting a Kindle because I’ve learned that I simply do not read books and other long-form things on my iPad but would like something to bring to my bedside table. (Although really, if I could find the cord for the Orbo my son hates I could use that as a Kindle!)

That said, I do depend on a few different services to keep everything aligned among my devices, and I highly recommend them if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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Thursday’s TPS Report: ‘My Byline of Work’ Dress

ModCloth My Byline of Work Dress | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

This dress also comes in black, but there are customer pictures of themselves in the dresses in the red, so that’s the one I’m pointing you to first.  (Can I just say how much I love real women uploading pictures of themselves in their dresses? I think Rent the Runway started it, and ModCloth, which is where this dress is from, also encourages it.) As for the dress, I like the tiny flounce at the bottom, the scoop neck, and — hold the phone — it has pockets and is machine washable. To top it off, the dress is only $89, which automatically gets you free shipping (over $75). The dress is available in sizes XS-3x (and up to 4X in black). (If you’re new, upon signup you instantly get a code for $20 off a purchase of $100+ — if you need a little help getting over the $100 minimum: this $20 belt is highly rated and looks really cute, or I’ve heard great things from readers about this cardigan.) ModCloth ‘My Byline of Work’ Dress

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