How to Iron Your Clothes Less

How to Iron Your Clothes Less - Tips to Avoid Ironing Your WorkwearEven if your least favorite chore is washing dishes or cleaning the house, it’s a good bet that you’d also love to iron your clothes less. (Or maybe ironing is your least favorite chore!) It’s been years since we’ve talked about this — although we’ve more recently discussed how to keep white blouses white, how to wash “dry clean only” clothes, and how to care for your bras — so today we’re sharing reader advice on how to iron your clothes less. Buying shirts marketed as “no-iron” is always an option, of course, but we’ll go beyond that today (and with their safety issues in mind, those shirts probably warrant their own post — what do you think?). What are your favorite ways to avoid ironing? Do you buy non-iron blouses for work? (And as winter clothes finally start to come out of storage, do you think there are bigger gaffes for workwear than wrinkled clothes, such as creases from folds in sweaters, or a cedar scent?)

Here’s advice from readers on how to iron your clothes less (mostly from our last discussion on how to avoid ironing, many moons ago):

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How Do You Find New Beauty Products?

how do you find new beauty productsSo here’s a fun question for today: How do you find new beauty products and decide which to buy? If you’re looking for a new mascara, for example, do you wade through tons of online reviews? Ask your makeup-wearing friends about their favorites? Pick up a mascara while you’re at the drugstore because you’ve heard good things about it? While we’ve previously talked about overrated beauty products, beauty empties (the products you finish and then buy again), and the best beauty store tips and tricks, we haven’t specifically talked about this do you find new beauty products to buy

Here are some online resources to help you when you’re trying to find new beauty products:

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Where to Rent Maternity Workwear

where to rent maternity workwearHave you thought to rent maternity workwear — or wanted to? Today at CorporetteMoms we’re looking at four companies that rent maternity clothes for work, including prices, brands, and more!

Of course, over at CorporetteMoms, we’ve talked a lot about maternity clothing for work, including:

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Do You Keep Your Personal Life Private at Work?

how to keep certain parts of your personal life private at workKeeping aspects of your personal life private at work may feel necessary to you, or it may just be a personal preference. Maybe you’re worried that certain information about your life outside of work will make you a source of coworker gossip, or lead people to stereotype you, or even cost you your job. Or maybe you feel that some parts of your personal life simply aren’t anyone’s business. We thought it’d be interesting to talk about the things that readers prefer to keep quiet at the office — and why. Readers, do you keep certain parts of your personal life private at work? What parts, and why? 

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The Best Birth Control Options in 2018

the best birth control options in 2018What are you all using for birth control these days? We thought that a good companion to our discussion earlier this year about how to decide if you want kids would be a roundup of the best birth control options in 2018, so that’s our topic for today. (We’ve also talked about planning your career for babies and shared the planner’s guide to pregnancy and in general have had many posts about family planning and pregnancy, including a guest post long ago from a reader on why she chose an IUD). Over at CorporetteMoms, we recently explained what to consider when choosing birth control after having a baby — but whether or not you’ve had kids doesn’t have a huge impact on your contraceptive choices. Dr. Melissa Gunter, MD, an ob/gyn in Rochester, NY, says, “There is no method that is off-limits based solely on whether or not you’ve had a child.”

In addition to pointing out that the best type of birth control for you right now may not be the most appropriate choice for you a year from now (or five), Dr. Gunter recommends that you first decide on your must-haves for your ideal birth control: “Is it the method that you are least likely to get pregnant on? Then you want a Nexplanon [contraceptive implant] or IUD,” she says. “Is cycle predictability important to you? Then a pill, patch, or ring may be better. Do you prefer something which will also regulate or level out your reproductive hormones, or do you prefer how you feel with your own natural hormonal ups and downs? Do you want something you never have to think about, or are you OK remembering to pick up prescriptions and take your birth control every day, week, or month?”

Keeping those factors in mind, here are some of the best birth control options in 2018:

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10 Tips to Save Money on Subscription Services

Save Money on Subscription ServicesWe recently rounded up several good ways to cut the cord and say goodbye to your cable company forever, and today we thought we’d take a deeper dive by sharing 10 tips to save money on subscription services of all sorts — both the ones you already have and the ones you might be considering cutting.ways to save money on subscription services Readers, we’d love to hear from you — how often do you reassess subscription services? What are your best tips for ways to save money on subscription services? 

First, take stock of the current situation. Take a moment to write down all your current subscriptions, from your gym to Hulu to Hello Fresh — including the ones (like, say, Netflix) that you know you won’t be canceling, and the ones you’ve been meaning to get rid of and keep forgetting about. Check your last month or so of credit card transactions to catch any that you might be forgetting. (Don’t forget to check your Paypal account, and scrutinize charges from regular credit card line items like Amazon and iTunes to make sure you’re not unwittingly subscribing to services.)  Are there yearly subscriptions or paid memberships you’re forgetting about? What is your monthly total for the subscriptions you’ve signed up for, and are there any you’re not even using, or barely using?

If you find yourself unpleasantly surprised (or even shocked) by your list, you can tackle the problem by using these 10 tips to save money on subscription services, now and in the future:

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