Coffee Break – Step n Flex Gracie Pumps Women’s Shoes

Alfani Step n Flex Gracie Pumps Women's ShoesReader NM wrote to recommend these shoes, noting: “I love the Alfani Step N Flex shoes, in particular the Gracie pump. They are reasonably priced, classic shoes with a moderate heel and the most comfortable pumps I’ve ever worn. I have them in black and a deep red croco (no longer available) and I even wore the black pumps all day walking around San Francisco and they were still comfortable. This is definitely a easy to shoe to wear.” Nice! Especially for people who like a slightly higher vamp (with no toe cleavage), this looks like a great shoe.  They’re $59.98 at Macy’s.  Alfani Shoes, Step n Flex Gracie Pumps Women’s Shoes


(Hunting for comfortable heels? Don’t forget to check the Corporette Guide to Comfortable Pumps!)


  1. SF Bay Associate :

    Threadjack re: festive non-alcoholic alternative hostess gift.

    I’m attending a party this weekend and have been requested to bring a bottle of something to share. Normally, my answer is wine, but the host is very allergic to alcohol. Perhaps other sober Corporettes (perhaps observant Muslims or Mormons?) have a lovely suggestion for a bottle of something fun and festive and adult, but nonalcoholic? I’d really prefer to just buy something, and not make a mixed drink to schlep to the party. Thank you!

    • lawtalkinggirl :

      I sometimes bring a couple of bottles of flavored Perrier or San Pelligrino to a party so there is a non-alcoholic option.

    • Google Lorina sparkling pink lemonade. It’s tasty, fun, and comes in the cutest little bottle. And it’s a French import. They sell it at Central Market here (which I know you don’t have), so maybe Trader Joe’s, World Market, or Whole Foods might carry it.

    • Kathryn Fenner :

      Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider is widely available in grocery stores. Blenheim’s Ginger Ale, very spicy hot, made here in SC, but probably only available online in SF, is awesome, but I’m sure you can find other craft ginger ales and ginger beers (which are not alcoholic).

      • This is what I bring. It has alot of zing to it even though there is no alchohol in it. You can also give it to the kids without worrying about them getting woozy.

      • Anonymous Poser :

        Wow, yes! I love Blenheim! Had no idea it was made in SC…
        I like your idea.

      • Some craft breweries or brewpubs also make their own root beers, which you might be able to get in a growler. Or Sprechers root beer if you can find it – it’s from Wisconsin, but it’s available in lots of places.

    • somewhere(less)cold :

      Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods both carry their own brands (and fancy brands) of sparkling juice. My local grocery store (sadly I’m no longer in WF and TJ territory) has sparkling pomegranate lemonade and sparkling blood orange juice that are good. They come in nice glass bottles, and you could get a small assortment of flavors.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      Thanks everyone. I’m looking to spend more than $10/bottle (it’s a nice party), so the fabulous Martinelli’s is not quite right for this occasion. Craft ginger ale – intriguing!

      • anonx1000 :

        Navarro Winery sells bottles of Riesling and Gewurtzaminer grape juice – but not sure this hits your price point (unless you purchased a selection of things…)

    • Maybe some fruit ciders that are local to your region? One summer, the local farmer’s market here had peach cider that was just amazing.

    • Italian soda!

      • Have you tried the DRY sodas? They are amazing. I hate soda, and have been unimpressed with some of the fancier brands of soda (like GUS, not so great, in my opinion). The DRY brand is great – only a tiny dash of real sugar, and they come in interesting flavors (my favorite so far is cucumber, my husband likes the lemongrass).
        They are hard to find, but if you have any boutique foodie type shops, they might have them there.

        There’s also those wine country sodas. It’s a soda made from wine grapes. A lot of people really like them. I think the brand begins with a V.

    • Accountress :

      World Market stores have a great selection of sparkling juices- bring a bottle of something colorful and some drink umbrellas?

    • Navarro Vineyards makes AMAZING grape juices that are styled like wines. Greens and Chez Panisse sell their grape juices at around $6.00/glass.

      • CA lawyer :

        I second Navarro juice. The gewürztraminer is complex and delicious. If you call Navarro to find out where it’s sold in the Bay Area, please do post the information.

        • SF Bay Associate :

          Prompted by your comment, I called. One store in Mill Valley and one in Berkeley, maybe, but nothing else in the Bay. BUT – they are doing a promo of 1-cent overnight shipping when you buy a case! HMMMM…

          • Thank you for the heads up about the shipping special. I’m very tempted.

    • Bottle Green makes a delicious elderflower cordial that’s tasty and something a little unusual.

    • Sparkling white grape juice. I honestly still prefer it to champagne sometimes…

    • Trader Joe’s has a couple of sparkling options. Lemonade and pomegranate come to mind.

    • If they’re coffee drinkers, expensive coffee is always an option too (I’ve brought Godiva coffee for members of my family who don’t drink)!

  2. A fancy bottle of olive oil?

  3. Can anybody tell me if this is work appropriate for a business casual environment?

    I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like there’s something about it that might be a little… “too too,” if you know what I mean?

    • lawtalkinggirl :


    • I think the appropriate pair of “shooties” can really make or break this as a business casual option.

    • I can’t believe it’s only available in an XS. On an unrelated note, I miss heels. I’m stuck in flats for the rest of the summer.

      • It may only be in XS by design. If I were to put on an XL of this skirt and walk around town (that’s a BIG “if”), people would think a grizzly escaped from the zoo.

    • Kathryn Fenner :

      I think it would work with an animal print bra top, or maybe sequined pasties? The Victoria’s Secret diamond-encrusted bra?

    • Runnin' for it :

      I totally fell for this and was shocked when I looked at the link. lol

    • Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

      I think with the proper top and accesories that complement, not overpower, you could have a client-meeting worthy outfit. ;-D

    • S in Chicago :

      It says “sold out.”


      OK–which one of you ordered it?

  4. Runnin' for it :

    I’ve had a pair of these for about a year. For the price they are good. Of course, the comfort and quality do not compare to brands like Cole Haan, Johnston & Murphy, Ann Taylor, etc. They have managed to hold up to wear and tear, at least on the outside. Something broke on the inside and one of the heels now squeaks a little when I walk on it.

    • I just ordered these, since they fit my needs — flexible sole, high vamp — so I hope the quality is good enough.

  5. Threadjack… I’ve had a rose gold pendant for a while – bought as a souvenir – but haven’t found a suitable rose gold chain for it. Any suggestions for stores in NYC or places to order online? What factors should I take into account when I’m evaluating different options? Roughly how much should I expect to spend for a good-quality one? I’m not sure yet whether I want it to fit just around my neck or have it longer – partly depends on price. TIA!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I’d go hit the stores on 47th street between 5th and 6th ave. My roommate is a jewelry designer and she has purchased rose gold chain at a store called Morgon Tybek (or something similar to that). There are a ton of stores on 47th though so you could shop around a bit.

    • The Indian gold stores in Jackson Heights may have something if you’re looking for a higher gold content.

  6. So my Boden order arrived and both dresses are gorgeous.

    I can wear both dresses to work and I actually have events that I’m planning to wear them to, too.

    I got this dress: It’s a navy, taupe and white print. It’s a fitted sheath.

    And I got this dress: It’s a nice, lightweight cotton.

    • Those are lovely. Question — what kind of figure do you have? I am busty, but have been longly watching the second dress you bought for several months. I’ve never bought from Boden before, but I generally find, for example, that I fit well in Classiques Entier clothes. Any help/suggestions appreciated!

      • I got the same Poppy shift dress as Bunkster (and am in Boston too – so don’t wear it the same time as I do!), and I find that it runs TTS, but tight for Boden. It has a side zip (ugh) and is made of fabric w/o much give, so is a difficult on/off. I’m a pear – nothing up top, lots in the stomach and thigh, and so I don’t fill the dress out quite right in the chest area. However, b/c of the neckline, this isn’t a deal breaker for me. HTH.

      • I’m a 34C and a size 8. Curvy but fit. I don’t know if that helps or not. I think both dresses run true to size. The tops of the dresses are fitted, but not tight.

        The only issue I have with the dresses is that because of the side zip, I have trouble getting them over my head and off.

  7. My mom recently bought me a pair of Alfani Step N Flex wedges–sight unseen, picked up off the Macy’s sale rack because they were a hard-to-find size 5.5. I wasn’t much impressed at first by the totally synthetic materials, but the comfort factor has definitely grown on me. These 3″ wedges are significantly more comfortable than my kitten heel slingbacks. I’m not yet prepared to drop $100 on a pair of shoes, so Alfani is a great option.

  8. I had to work this weekend, but I’m finally watching Friday Night Lights. Landry’s back. Tyra’s back. All my favorite characters.

    • I watched the finale online last night. Sigh!

    • I caught up on episodes this weekend and almost shed a tear or two during the finale. I agree with Bunkster about Tyra- so happy they brought her back for the last episode! The scene with Tim and Tyra discussing their plans for the future was one of my favorite, second only to Eric telling Tami that he didn’t sign the contract.

      Also, EW has had a couple of great articles/blogs up recently discussing how wonderful the show was and why it probably never got the ratings it deserved.

    • I am really going to miss that show. ESPN classics is rerunning the series. I just saw the pilot episode and realized how I fell in love with the series from the start with that episode. So phenomenal. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose – one of the greatest lines ever in tv.

      • Netflix also has all but the last season (I think) streaming online. I’ll admit that I didn’t watch it when it was on air, but I’ve started watching them online and am really enjoying it.

        I was also a fan of the movie (and the book) that was the inspiration for the television series.

    • Tami is one of my favorite TV characters. That is all.