Coffee Break: Moonlace Boomerang Multi Print Silk Scarf

DVF Moonlace Boomerang Multi Print Silk Scarf | CorporetteYes, yes, I love a good blue detail — but I also like the mixture of prints on this scarf. What fun! Five different patterns mix and mingle, making this a lightweight statement piece that packs a lot of punch. I’d wear it with a very simple, neutral outfit otherwise, such as a black scoopneck tee and black trousers. The scarf is $178 at Diane von Furstenberg Boomerang Multi Print Silk Scarf

Here’s a lower-priced scarf with multiple patterns.

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  1. Why do partners with the messiest writing insist on scribbling their changes to a lengthy document and using up every nook and cranny. I’ve spent 5 hours today making his changes (that to be honest, his secretary probably could have done) and this happens every time we have to submit anything. There better be a huge glass of wine in my (near) future.

    • anony associate :

      Are you sure you can’t give those changes to his secretary? There are partners in my firm who make extensive handwritten comments who affirmatively prefer that you ask a secretary to input those changes (because the secretary is likely more familiar with their handwriting, and because the partners don’t want to bill for associate time spent typing). The changes only go to the associate first so the associate can review them.

      • Yes this partner prefers the associates do it because “the secretaries don’t know what they’re doing”

        and yes in case you’re wondering, he’s a prize.

    • I have had bosses with similar preferences and we have to interpret the scribbles by committee.

  2. Pretty scarf. Not too hot on brown though.

  3. calibrachoa :


    Why is it that on days you have the best outfits are the ones most prone to accidents? Asking because my lunch soup ended up on the wrong side of my tummy today *facepalm*

    • Me too! Especially if I did laundry the day before (I’m talking to you, pasta sauce on Monday’s pants).

    • Maddie Ross :

      For me, I only spill on silk. I’m convinced.

      • Because silk attracts stuff, and that’s a fact.
        And the more expensive the silk, the more stuff it attracts.

  4. Love the scarves. I have recently discovered scarves as a valuable accessory. I never thought about wearing them until just a few months ago, and now I can’t get enough!

  5. Struggling with a divorce that seems to be getting nowhere due to an uncooperative soon-to-be-ex spouse. Anyone have sage advice or some encouragement from the other side? TIA.

    • 1. It gets better.
      2. Because eventually, one day, it is over.
      2a. Once it is over, you never need to interact in any way with this person ever again.
      2b. If there is something that limits the application of 2a (kids, financial entanglements that will take more time to resolve), channel your energy to take steps now to make those interactions as limited (in frequency and in how they must happen — ie don’t leave any wiggle room that someone with a mind to can use to create chaos) as possible.
      3. It gets better.

    • Yay! Coffee Break! I love Coffee Break and DVF Scarf’s, sooooo pretty, but they are sooooo expensive! FOOEY!

      As to the OP, Hug’s, but as the other p’osters have said, things do get better. I can NOT speak personally, but I do think I know how you feel, b/c even a breakup with a schmo that I was NOT even married to was painful. There is, however a bright side. You will not have to deal with his smelley laundry anymore, so that should be a plus. You also will not have to listen to him braying about what is for dinner, or where the roll of toilet paper is for the bathroom or why you have NOT yet washed his smelley underpant’s yet. There are so many thing’s you should not even have to think about any more — if your ex-to-be was an alchhoholic like my Alan, you won’t have to deal with that stuff any more either. YAY!!!!!

      I now have no boyfreind, but I am NOT sad b/c the one’s that are out there are just not up to par, as Dad say’s. But I am hopeful that I will get a boyfreind soon which IS up to par and does NOT risk Ebola for me and our children. David is still texteing me, but I realy do NOT have any desire for him and he is NOT likeley to be abel to make enough doeing what he does to support me after I have children, so I have to say FOOEY to him too, tho Dad has to see David’s father in town and face up to the reality that his Ellen is not following Dad’s advise. Oh well, I would be the one who had to live with him and watch him as he stared at other women’s tuchuses in restrunt’s and that is NOT what I want to be doing for the next 50 year’s. Once a guy start’s stareing, it is ONLEY a matter of time before he start’s to act on it–first with tuchus rubbeing, then with tuchus toucheing, then with tuchus pincheing, and before you know it, if she is interested, they will have their pant’s off and be doeing it in OUR bed! FOOEY on that! I want NONE of that! NADA!

      Myrna may find me a boyfreind from her firm, but not someone from Europe. I want a guy from the USA who wants to MARRY me, not somebody from the UK or Belgum. DOUBEL FOOEY!

  6. I actually like the lower priced version better for once.

    Thanks to all who left nice comments about my late kitty yesterday. It was a bad day. Today is going better so far.

    • I was too late to respond yesterday– so sorry for your loss. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    • Spirograph :

      I didn’t see your post earlier, but I’m sorry to hear how this turned out for you and your kitty. Big hugs to you.

  7. This scarf may make me reconsider wearing scarves.

    Any suggestions for sports sunglasses for a smaller face?

    • West Coast :

      I have a small face as well and find that most sporty sunglasses don’t fit me. I’ve had good luck with some styles from Ray Ban and I remember a pair of Arnettes that fit well. I’ve also been known to give up and just play volleyball, board,sail, etc in some of my sportier Tom Fords.

    • Oakley.

    • Wrap Bolle sport sunglasses.

  8. Gail the Goldfish :

    Like the collapsible comment thread feature! Thanks!

  9. I wish my hair didn’t mat at the back of my neck when I wear scarves. Any suggestions?

    • LondonLeisureYear :

      This happens to me too! And I don’t have a good suggestion but would love any answers!

    • I’m confused- don’t you wear your hair outside of the scarf? I wrap a scarf around my neck, tie as desired, then pull my hair out and arrange. Is your hair tucked into the scarf?

    • The same happens to me, and also when I wear textured jackets (tweed is the worst). I don’t know of a solution other than to wear your hair up.

    • I think it has to do a lot with the texture of your hair, but also the fabric of the scarf. I used to get horrible horrible mats in my hair from fleece when I was younger and it has gotten better with age. I do better with cotton scarves or silky-scarves.

  10. temporary move? :

    Has anyone ever done a wage claim in California through the Labor Commission?

    When I gave notice, the partner I work for refused to pay my last months wages. I’ve sent him a letter requesting the wages and have reserved the right to bring a wage claim or go through state court for unpaid wages.

    Any tip or tricks? Is the wage claim process worth it or just a big headache? What is the approximate timeline?

    • Generally speaking, yes, it is worthwhile, but the timeline takes a while – perhaps 6 months or more. You could pursue in small claims, but, may be more hands-on than you’d like, plus you have to do all the legwork on your own, whereas the Labor Commissioner does more for you.

      • temporary move? :

        Thanks! Fortunately, my wages are higher than the small claims max, so small claims is out (unfortunately). I will plan on about a 6 month timeline then (and be sure to follow through–I imagine most claims get dropped because people don’t follow through).

    • Totally worth it! I did this, against a non-profit no less. I received my owed wages AND an amount based on the elapsed time between my last day of work and getting my last paycheck. It was like an extra three weeks of pay.

      This was in California, where it’s a requirement to receive your last paycheck within 72 hours.

  11. Anonymous :

    Are side swept bangs still in style? I’ve toyed with getting them forever to hide my huge forehead and I think I’m finally ready to pull the trigger. Are they professional for a lawyer in a large firm? Do they make you look younger? I’m 30 but look way younger than I am (and not in the “great skin” way, but in the “babyface, totally-not-a-compliment” way). Do they require a lot of styling to look decent? I normally wash my hair 3-4 times per week and just let it air dry.

    • I think so. See Margaux LeMarchal on Revenge. And I love the dress:

    • I think they’re a timeless style. That said, I will never have them. My straight, limp hair with a cowlick in front will never allow my bangs to stay swept over. If your hair will stay to the side then I say go for it.

      • Red Beagle :

        I am finding that so far, growing out my bangs despite a cowlick, the cowlick is behaving as the heavier weight of the hair is keeping it in line. They are now just past my eyes and usually stay put side swept with a little bit of whatever product you prefer. I use a little bit of pomade.
        To the OP, I have fine straight hair and my care regimen (wash 3-4 times a week, air dry if at all possible) worked with a pixie but is working just as well growing out the layers and bangs. Just don’t skimp on the conditioning and you will be fine, I think.

      • Brunchaholic :

        I do longer side swept bangs (to the point where they get tucked into my longer hairs a lot) and have found that it’s the *only* style that works with my double front cowlicks (the cowlick under the bangs gets weighed down by the weight, as well as a very intense blow dry downwards and product while the opposite side cowlick hangs out by itself close to the “parting line” of the side bangs. I don’t love the style but it deceptively works for cowlicks

    • I have them and love them. They’ve never been a problem at my biglaw firm. You may want to invest in dry shampoo–sometimes mine look not great in the evening after a long day.

  12. Has anyone shopped for pearls in Hong Kong lately? I’m admittedly looking for price over quality but am unsure of being able to get what I want in the street markets (Jade Market especially).

  13. Absolutely love the collapse/expand threaded replies!!! Thanks, Kat.

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