Coffee Break: Tilda Scalloped Pumps

Loeffler Randall Tilda Scalloped PumpsWhite pumps aren’t usually my thing, but I like the subtle snakeskin leather here, and the vintage vibe to the scalloped top line. They’re available around the web in a variety of colors and sizes, but ShopBop has the best price (the pictured heels are $150, down from $375), and Zappos has them in black for $180. Loeffler Randall Tilda Scalloped Pumps



  1. DTLA meet up! :

    Please check your inboxes! Will send final reminder later this week, with contact info. Hooray!

    • Yay! I had a moment of panic thinking it would be Sunday. But it’s Saturday, so I am still on.

  2. Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

    Reposting from earlier.

    Quick-ish Question: Recently I applied to a position that would be perfect for me (and I know I would excel in) and want to follow up and find out any information I can about the hiring timeline. I know the Magistrate in the Court personally and wrote an email thanking him again for allowing me to use his name as a reference and ask about the timeline, but then I held off on sending it because the Magistrate said she could end up on the hiring committee. So what do you ladies think, should is the email okay because I’m only asking for timeline information (as opposed to my application status) or should I not? Or is it okay to inquire about my application status (I really want to). Thanks in advance for any advice.

    • Anonymous :

      I’m not in law, but I do hiring, and I think she’s going to see through the timeline email and know what you’re really after. If you’re OK with that, go ahead.

      • I agree that asking about timeline is really asking about application status. But I also don’t quite understand what you are asking. You would ask this person about the timeline, but you wouldn’t want to do that if he were actually on the hiring committee? Why would you inquire about the timeline with someone who is not in charge of hiring? Are you wondering if this person has been called as a reference?

        • Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

          My thought process was (1) I have another job I am supposed to start on the 30th, but I really want this job and so I wanted to see if interviews would occur before then to avoid a potential start/stop at the interim job and (2) I wouldn’t want her sharing anything to result in having my application disqualified in any manner, but I think I was making a mountain out of a molehill. Thanks ladies.

          • Ok, that helps explain things. Why not go through more official channels to ask, so you don’t have to worry about (2) at all? Then, if you hear that interviews aren’t going to occur soon, you can ask her about it more as a mentor (if you have that relationship at all) rather than using another contact with her to get info you can get elsewhere. As in, I am very interested in this, do you have any advice? However, I suspect her advice in that situation would be, “I think you are a great candidate, but I wouldn’t advise you to turn down another job to see where this goes.”

    • Frou Frou :

      I would probably follow-up with the decision-maker, if you know who it is or the general admin for the court who receives the resumes.

  3. (former) preg 3L :

    Hi all! Bar prep is really intense. That being said, any suggestions for a post-bar vacation for my family (with our baby, who will be 6 months old in August)? We love the beach but need more to do than lay out all day, and I have no idea what a 6-month-old baby will want to do all day every day (guessing she won’t lay out). DH is unemployed and I don’t start work til September so cheap is great (and we’ll probably go for a week). We’re NYC based and can travel, but local could work too. TIA.

    • Yay! You are MARRIED and already have a child! To bad DH does NOT have a job. I would make sure he keep’s lookeing b/c you should be takeing care of the baby rather then workeing.

      As for something NICE, how about goeing to the Pocono’s? Rosa took the Kid’s to Hershey Park, where there is water stuff, and Ed joined over the weekend. It is close to NYC, so that should be good, and there is other stuff nearby, like the Amish and baked goods (yummy!) and all kind’s of thing’s in Pensylvania, but NOT near Pitsburg where you have to take USAIR. FOOEY!

      You could also go to the Hamton’s where Butch has a place, but that is NOT for kid’s b/c there are alot of peeople there and they are partyeing and drinkeing, which is NOT good for a baby. DOUBEL FOOEY! But good luck on the job. Mabye we will meet in NYC b/c I am also an attorney in NYC who WANTS a baby! YAY!!!!!

    • Anne Shirley :

      More like you need lots to do, or more like you need a cute beach town? Newport could be fun. There are beaches, if you stay outside the city there are cheaper hotel options, and there’s lots of other stuff going on.

    • Manhattanite :

      I spent a week with my-then 8 month old renting a house in the catskills. Not very exciting, but very relaxing. We bought a blow-up baby pool to put a couple of inches of water in for the baby to play in. Did a little driving around to visit the Hudson valley sites, some walking around Woodstock.

      • Diana Barry :

        This sounds great.

        On another note, don’t go crazy with bar prep yet. Wait until July 4!

        On another note again, hope your husband is doing well taking care of the baby.

        • (former) preg 3L :

          Agreed – this does sound great! I would love a beach instead of the mountains (I seem to be a mosquito magnet) but we may look into this since beaches are so pricey in August.

          Diana Barry – I’m not going crazy yet! Also, the baby started daycare and she’s sleeping 10hrs/night!

        • I am really glad to hear you say wait till July 4 to go crazy with bar prep. I have a job (legal, which will turn into permanent if I pass the bar), they are letting me take July 4 through the bar exam completely off, right now I just get Fridays off so I’m trying to fit in what I can, but feeling anxious I can’t study 10 hours a day yet!

          • don’t stress.

            10 hours a day really isn’t necessary and you will burn out waaaaay too fast and waaaaaay too far in advance if you start with serious 10 hour days now.

            buckle down when you have the time off. try to keep up with lectures. keep stress low and you’ll be in good shape.

    • hoola hoopa :

      For a babe that age, I suggest getting a comfortable condo with a nice view or something else inherently enjoyable for you while you’re indoors. Do one outing per day: something stroller or baby wearing friendly but interesting to you (don’t worry about entertaining baby at this age – you’ll be doing enough kid-centered vacations soon) and ideally a zero-to-short drive away. Agree that a cute beach town to walk around is great. I never had one of those kids who were content to sit on a blanket at the park, but my oldest LOVED the beach at that age. My youngest HATED it. So pick a place with options.

      Do not get a hotel room. That will negate the relaxing aspect of a vacation. You need a separate sleeping area and a kitchenette, minimum.

      • marketingchic :

        +1 on condo with view. That’s my favorite type of vacation with babies/toddlers. Give me a balcony, book and glass of wine during nap time and after they go to bed and I’m golden.

    • Shoplifter :


    • New Jersey or Delaware beaches? Pick on depending on how much else you would want to do?

    • LondonBound :

      Traverse City Michigan. But not in the city, but find a cabin on lake michigan. Try to find a place on the East Arm of Traverse City Bay, and along the side with highway 31 (ie not old Mission Peninsula). A ton of little day trips that are beautiful but also just sitting in the sand at the beach is amazing (its sugar sand). The area I suggest is really not super populated so you won’t have crowds on the beach, it also has amazing sandy patches along the beach that the water at some points is only 1 inch deep so you can just put your baby right in it to play near you. Beautiful sunsets, awesome produce along the road (cherries!), cute little towns to explore. Can you tell I wish I could go there this summer?

  4. ooo I love these!

    • They’re cute, but I think that scallop would poke me in the ankle.

    • I like them, too. I actually really want a pair of white shoes for this summer. I know there’s a lot of 80s associations with that but suddenly they’re looking very fresh to me, and I am sort of bored to death by the “nude” patent leather shoes of the last few summers.

      • me too, re: bored of “nude” – but white was looking way too harsh with my office wardrobe (particularly because most of my layering shells are cream-based. I picked up a pair of light gray heels and have been wearing them tons as an alternative to nude-for-me – plus they don’t show scuffs and dirt!

        • Oh this is a great idea. Thanks!

        • Add me to the so-over-“nude” patent club. They have a purpose (tho I prefer matte), but there are really very few outfits that are so busy as to require a nude shoe, and on most styles, the synthetic flesh effect just ooks me out. As for elongating the leg, I get the theory but I don’t really see that effect in practice. Plus, they’re just everywhere which ups the snooze factor.

      • EduStudent :

        For an alternative to bright white, I recently bought these:
        I’m not usually an AT fan (I prefer JCrew when I can afford it), but these were so pretty that I snapped them up – and so far comfy, too. And they don’t look blindingly white or too harsh because of the pattern, which is why I thought to post them.

        I think they’re similar to what’s posted, except that I love the scallop on what’s posted but I think the pattern looks kind of dirty against the white shoe.

  5. Finance Book for College Student :

    I know variations of this are discussed all the time, but I gifting my brother an amount to open an IRA (significant, but within his earnings last year as a work-study college student) as an 18th birthday present. I really intended to do this so that when he became more responsible about money, he would have a head start. However, it has had the pleasant unintended consequence of him becoming genuinely interested in more complicated financial stuff – retirement planning, investing, etc. and asking me a lot of questions.

    What are some books I could get him that would be a good basis for these things? Other than his newfound interest, he is actually fairly immature for his age, but very intelligent. I want to encourage this without going over the top, so I’m thinking just one book is sufficient. What would be your top recommendation?

    • Get a Financial Life

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. It covers all those areas and is written directly to younger people.

    • Former Partner, Now In-House :

      I did this with my younger siblings and with my stepkids, and the results varied widely. Some could not care less. Some cared but didn’t follow through. Etc. My hook was that they had to agree to contribute some portion, no matter how small, of each paycheck starting the following year. Compliance has been less than 100%.

      I would recommend getting him a bricks-and-mortar (paper) subscription to a personal finance magazine (I like Kiplingers and Smart Money). It’s bite-sized and something new every month, and by the time one year has completed, he will have been exposed to almost every personal finance issue once (tax season, end of year donations, college financial aid season, summer vacation specials, house-purchasing season etc.). Then he can see what he wants to read more about.

    • Aqualover :

      Total Money Makeover/Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey. While his message isn’t necessarily going to get you down into the nitty gritty on any one financial topic, I found his materials to be a good gateway into a deeper understanding about a wide array of finance-related matters. He is very anti-debt and pro-real estate and giving, which I appreciate personally.

    • Senior Attorney :

      And don’t forget the classic “Your Money or Your Life” by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. Which, I see via a cursory glance at Amazon, has apparently been updated for the new millennium.

  6. Any recommendations for courses in tech skills, especially developing apps?

    • Are you looking for overviews or actual technical training (i.e., how to write code)? For the latter, I took a RailsBridge course in Boston (they have them in a few cities, I think). It’s free, and a great intro to developing using Ruby. I am in management at a tech company, so will never need to actually use the info, but it was great to get a rudimentary understanding of what developers do, how they think etc.

      I think the target audience is actually women who want to develop their own apps or work as developers in the future.

  7. Government Relations :

    For lobbyist/government relations professionals–what’s your background and how did you get into your current position?

    • Wildkitten :

      In DC? Join this group:

    • AttiredAttorney :

      Volunteered like crazy on campaigns in college (presidential, U.S. Senate, local congressional, state legislature) and took a fellowship after graduation in a statewide elected official’s office. If you’re smart, hard-working, and competent, you’ll be taken care of if you’re willing to put in the sweat equity. My good connections to my former bosses (even if they were only “bosses” when I was a volunteer) led to my current position in government relations.

    • I’m a lawyer and I transitioned to lobbying because of subject area expertise. The political world is small; it helps to know someone or several someones. What stage are you in of your career?

  8. What to write in wedding card? :

    I’m drawing a blank. High school friend, we’ve drifted apart since then, and I won’t be able to make it to the wedding. So, warm but not crazy personal. Ideas?

  9. just Karen :

    Any recommendations for restaurants (or anything else) not to miss in Minneapolis? I have never been there, and will only be there one night, but would like to do more than just crash at the hotel (but am pregnant and tire quickly, so not like I can pack a ton into 18 hours). I am not necessarily looking for fancy, just good.

    • Will you be downtown Minneapolis and/or will you have a car? Food preferences?

      • just Karen :

        We will be near the convention center but will have a car. Preferences-wise, other than an aversion to seafood and barbecue right now, everything else is fair game (not helpful, I know – solidly good food that isn’t too expensive? Would prefer not a burger joint or sandwich shop)

    • Mischief Managed :

      I am a big fan of Vincent, on Nicollet Mall (if you like French food), and the Red Stag in Northeast if you want something less fancy. Heartland in St. Paul is also great.

      • just Karen :


        • If you’re going to St. Paul, I would suggest Meritage over Heartland for dinner. But it depends on what you like. Heartland is very meat heavy, Meritage is an excellent French bistro. BUT if you can get to St. Paul on a weekend morning, Heartland is next to the St. Paul Farmers Market and seriously has the best baked goods in the Twin Cities. Some would say La Patisserie, but that would be best for fancy pastries and is also very good and recommended. But if you want a scone and coffee, Heartland in the morning is the place for you.

          I looked at the other suggestions and also would second Black Sheep and Izzy’s. I had a lot of Izzy’s when pregnant.

    • Anonymous :

      I was there and went to a little dive place near my hotel called Mackenzie, 918 Hennepin Ave. It was adorable and the food was delicious. Bar food, but delicious bar food. Think bacon wrapped fried things. Exactly hit the spot for me, but I did most of my traveling there over the winter for work.

    • Juicy Lucy (cheese inside the hamburger) – the debate is between Matt’s CC and the 5-8 Club. My pref is for the 5-8 Club, but its a bit further out (Cedar and 60th, down by the airport). Both are total bar food atmospheres. Bar La Grassa is fresh Italian (North Loop) and I think there is a woodfire pizza place in that area too – Black Sheep, maybe?

      I second the Red Stag suggestion. Downtown has Solera (tapas), Rosa Mexicana (Mexican), Crave (American/sushi). Marin (9th & Hennipen) is pretty good, as is Hell’s Kitchen.

      • Minnie Atty :

        These are all fantastic reccs.

        Hell’s Kitchen often has live music so if you want to make dinner an event that would be fun.

        I know the Twin Cities are fly over land to you East and West coasters :). But the summers here are really fantastic and people take advantage of them. If you have some time or feel up to it you should do a walk in the Sculpture Garden near downtown or take a quick drive over to Minnehaha Falls.

        • Or check out what’s playing at the Lake Harriet bandshell – there’s usually free stuff happening there (it’s in Uptown). Between the lakes in the Uptown area (south of downtown about 20 blocks) and being on the river, there is a fair amount of nature to see without going too far. The Federal Reserve is right on the river and they have a river bank (bank, get it? heh heh) timeline you can walk outside the building to get a sense of the history of what was happening along the shore. The Guthrie (go see a show!) has a fabulous cantilever bridge out over the river, and in between the two are the Mill City Museum (and old mill ruins), the Stone Arch Bridge and the St Anthony Falls (totally worth a look). The Brave New Workshop (downtown, on Hennpein) will have a fun sketch comedy show in the evening, if you’re looking for a laugh.

          Holy crap, I’ve turned into an tourism ad.

          • Oh, Spoonriver (by the Guthrie) is pretty good too – usually a twist on typical American food.

      • I was also thinking Crave fits your bill. They have a wide variety of food on the menu so there’s bound to be something you’ll like, and they have a really fun rooftop patio in their downtown location.

    • I loved alma and the bachelor farmer for dinner.

    • LawyerMomofFour :

      If it is a beautiful day, go for a walk along the river with dinner at Spoonriver and dessert at the new Izzy’s ice cream a short walk away near Gold Medal park. You can also usually go into the Guthrie and wander out on the balcony, which has a fabulous view of the river. If you want something completely casual, Black Sheep Coal-Fired Pizza is a family favorite. There are tons of fabulous options.

  10. Romantic October Trip to CA Wine Country :

    Taking any and all suggestions for a 4-5 day romantic trip to wine country in northern California in late October. I need to be in SF for a meeting Tuesday-Wednesday. DH will fly up late Wednesday, and we will fly back home Sunday midday.

    What should I know about the differences between Napa, Sonoma and any other cities up there I’ve never heard about?

    How about other issues in October (weather, crowds, other)?

    We would like to stay someplace with a spa (preferably). We will do some wine tasting, some walking around, some cultural events, some hiking/outdoorsy things, some dining (but not fine) and a fair amount of lounging in the room (so nice linens and bathroom a must).

    Any help beginning to think about this greatly appreciated!

    • October is peak season (harvest time) in Northern California wine country and the prices, crowds and traffic reflect that. The weather should be great, sunny and highs in upper 70s or low 80s.
      I greatly prefer Napa Valley to Sonoma Valley but I think that is a somewhat unpopular opinion amongst locals. I think Napa is much more scenic and has a lot more in the way of quaint little towns (Yountville is my favorite) than Sonoma. I know a lot of locals prefer Sonoma because its less crowded and less touristy but I think Napa is worth fighting the crowds. I think Napa also has a lot more in terms of non-wine activities, like hot air ballooning (its a splurge but highly recommend it!), fine dining, spas and fancy hotels. Since it sounds like you won’t be all wine, all the time, I think Napa is a better bet.
      I can’t give you personal hotel recs, since we always stay in budget hotels when we go up there for the weekend, but I’ve heard amazing things about Bardessono Inn & Spa in Yountville. It’s $$$$ though, especially at that time of year.

      • Romantic October Trip to CA Wine Country :

        Thanks! I was just looking at the Sonoma State Historic Park. Ever been? Looks cool to visit a mission, plus maybe some light hiking.

        • Never been, sorry.

        • I posted hotel recs below, I’ve been here – pretty place to hike and nice if you need a tasting break. There’s a winery in there too.

    • Orangerie :

      Napa and Sonoma aren’t that far apart, so regardless of where you stay you can drive out to the other region for a day.

      Hotels in the Napa area: North Block Hotel in Yountville is absolutely fantastic. Vilagio just down the street is quite nice as well. Both have good spas. I would avoid downtown Napa.

      Hotels in the Sonoma area: Not sure what your budget is, but check out the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn. Their spa is TO DIE FOR, so I’d recommend booking treatments there regardless of if you stay at the hotel. MacArthur Place is nice (and a bit cheaper), although I’ve never checked out their spa.

      • Orangerie :

        And if you’re really looking to splurge, check out Auberge du Soleil. It’s a bit removed from everything, although it is just down the street from several wineries in Rutherford. If you don’t stay, consider having lunch on their patio overlooking the property & vineyards below.

        • Auberge du Soleil is so beautiful! We did their 3-course brunch a few years ago and it was pricey ($50 or so) but really good and you got a lot of food – app, entree, dessert, plus bread basket and a drink. And the ambiance is so, so relaxing and lovely. I felt as restored by that meal as I have by some vacations.

          • Yes, gorgeous! Just make sure to go when you can see the valley below. Sunset is amazing.

            For other ideas, Armstrong National Forrest is fun for a hike. Fort Ross is pretty cool, too, if you’re into history. Try to rent a convertible so you can enjoy the trees everywhere. Visit lots of little towns. Don’t worry about getting lost. Drink a lot of wine. Enjoy.

          • Yes, even if you don’t stay there, go have a drink at the Auberge bar or spring for dinner there one night. Gorgeous views!

      • Staying in Yountville is definitely nicer than staying in downtown Napa, but the beds at the Napa River Inn are the MOST comfortable beds ever. I stayed at the Vintage Inn in Yountville and totally loved it – and was shocked to find out later that it’s apparently “not that nice” for Yountville. It’s really nice and their breakfast buffet is delicious.

      • Orangerie :

        Sorry, keep forgetting things! Calistoga is probably a bit further out from where you want to stay for the entire trip, but it’s really pretty out there and a lot of the spa treatments have hot springs/mineral water aspects. Check out the Solage hotel.

        Also, the Carneros Inn is pretty much right between Napa and Sonoma, so a good bet if you want something in between. I’ve never stayed there overnight but it is a gorgeous property.

        • Boon Fly Cafe is there, right? It’s delicious, albeit kind of overpriced even for Napa. But I agree the property is really nice (from what I saw of it as a patron of the cafe).

          • Orangerie :

            Yep! Since OP mentioned they were interested in lounging at the hotel/in the room, Carneros Inn would be good for that since it’s such an expansive property. I get a little stir crazy in boutique hotels, even if they have a pool.

        • Yes— even if you don’t stay there, go do a mud bath at Indian Springs in Calistoga, which then gets you access to their incredible, giant mineral pool. So relaxing!

        • Carneros Inn, yes, a splurge, but the best swimming pool in the Wine Country:). And I love the little cottages, and the landscaping, and the gravel walks.

      • Plus one for Villagio in Yountville… but if I had the $$$ for Auberge du Soleil or Solage I’d stay there in a heartbeat! Also plus one to not staying in Napa (the town).

        Another one to check out is Meritage, which is located close to St Helena and is goregeous. I’ve never stayed there but had access to the facilities— including great hiking trails—by staying at their sister hotel in town (the Southbridge).

        • Sweet knee :

          Loved Inn at Occidental near Sonoma. Spa close by. It’s at the foot of the wine road.

      • I was highly disappointed in the MacArthur spa – I’d stay there as a last resort only, which you may need to do given October crush/ peak time.

    • Napa/Sonoma are my favorite places in the world! We go up there all the time and are getting married there next year, so feel free to email me for any other questions or recommendations. October is peak season, so I’d recommend making reservations for hotels, dinners, and wineries ASAP.

      Napa Hotels: Hotel Yountville is my favorite place in all of Napa (so beautiful). We also really like The Westin Verasa – it’s conveniently located to downtown. If you want to do a B&B, check out the Inn on Randolph and stay in one of their “cottages”. We have never stayed at Villagio but have been there and had a terrible experience with the service there, but YMMV. We’ve stayed at the Meritage as well and while it’s nice, it’s a little out of the way and it’s in a business park, so you don’t really get the Napa “experience”.

      Napa Restaurants: Bottega, Gott’s Roadside, Oenotri, and Redd Wood. I also love the Model Bakery for breakfast and the patio & shrimp salad at Rutherford Grill for lunch. Cook in St. Helena is good for a casual meal as well.

      I greatly prefer Napa to Sonoma and would suggest basing yourself in Napa (Yountville or otherwise). You can drive to Sonoma in 30-40 minutes for a day trip, so it’s easy enough.

    • Napa/Sonoma are my favorite places in the world! We go up there all the time, so feel free to email me (address in name) with any other questions or for more recommendations. October is peak season, so I’d recommend making reservations for hotels, dinners, and wineries ASAP.

      I greatly prefer staying in Napa to Sonoma (I know many people who say otherwise, but Napa really feels more like a “destination” to me) and would suggest basing yourself in Napa Valley somewhere (Yountville or otherwise). St. Helena is another cute area with lots of hotels, shops, and little restaurants to walk through. You can drive to Sonoma in 30-40 minutes for a day trip, so it’s easy enough.

      Napa Hotels: Hotel Yountville is my favorite place in all of Napa (so beautiful). Yountville is the cutest town and has a lot of good restaurants within walking distance. We also really like The Westin Verasa – it’s conveniently located to downtown Napa and walking distance to the Oxbow Market. If you want to do a B&B, check out the Inn on Randolph and stay in one of their “cottages”. We have never actually stayed at Villagio but have been there and had a terrible experience with the service there, but YMMV. We’ve also stayed at the Meritage as well and while it’s nice, it’s a little out of the way and it’s in a business park, so you don’t really get the Napa “experience”.

      Napa Restaurants: Bottega, Gott’s Roadside, Oenotri, and Redd Wood. I also love the Model Bakery for breakfast and the patio & shrimp salad at Rutherford Grill for lunch. Cook in St. Helena is good for a casual meal as well.

      • Sorry for the multiple posts – no idea why this posted before I was ready!

    • Romantic October Trip to CA Wine Country :

      Ladies, many thanks for all the thoughtful posts full of details! I can see now that this is not going to happen this year — you all aren’t kidding about late October being “the season.” Anything even decent (forget nice) is very expensive and, in any case, already booked.

      But this has whetted my appetite for planning something, so I appreciate all the help.

      • If you still have your heart set on going this year, try early November. It’s a little less picturesque, given that it’s after harvest, but it’s a lot less crowded, a lot cheaper, and the weather is still generally nice.

    • Book now. Actually book yesterday as it’s peak season. I’m local and prefer healdsburg to napa or sonoma but frankly, they’re all pretty great. Healdsburg is the most low key, followed by sonoma and napa’s the most fancy. Favorite places to stay are healdsburg hotel, Indian springs (it’s in Calistoga so napa valley side), sonoma mission inn and if you can afford it Carneros Inn or auberge. Tons of great restaurants once you book a place to stay repost here for recs. forgive my typos on a mobile.

    • I prefer Sonoma to Napa because it’s got a cuter town, a town square you can walk to and walk around, and a more down to earth, less pretentious vibe than Napa. I recommend MacArthur Place Inn and Spa over The Fairmont because it’s cuter and the rooms are bigger, newer and nicer and because you can walk or bike into town whereas at the Fairmont it’s outside of town so you have to drive everywhere. But many great choices there — have fun!

  11. @Kathryn – re: Talbots pants ….

    Looking at them now & the ticket says Signature “slightly below waist, straight through hip and thigh”
    Based on the price & description, it looks like it’s the Signature Tropical Wool Bootcut Pants.
    They’re way less online – the store had them for $53 on sale (what I paid) and they’re $55 less 30% on the website. FYI, they run large-ish so if between sizes, size down or order both.

    • Back Home :

      I think the 30% may already be factored into the online price. The fine print says “Extra 30% off previously marked-down merchandise valid now through 6/8/14 at Talbots retail stores, online, catalog and phone orders. Prices online reflect discount. Discount will be applied at checkout in stores, catalog and phone orders”.

  12. It’s become evident to me that since I announced maternity leave (the time I am requesting is minimal) that my firm is taking immediate possibly related actions. They have hired a new lawyer (male) of approximately my level of call and today I was told they were “reassigning” two of my files to him. What steps should I take? I am looking for new employment but not sure how long that will take. Need Canadian resources thanks.

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