Coffee Break: Orianne Pump

comfortable heel orianneNaturalizer has had the Orianne pump around for a while now, and it’s normally a pretty great deal at $99 or so — but right now on the Naturalizer website, this fun houndstooth version is down to $28. Lovely! (Amazon also has a few sizes and colors as low as $35; if you want to read a bunch of good reviews, do check out the Zappos page.) Naturalizer Orianne Pump

2016 Update: These pumps are now in our Workwear Hall of Fame — they’ve been around for years and are always highly rated.

On the hunt for comfortable heels? Check out our recently updated guide!



  1. Yay Kat! These are so inexpensive, you should have saved them for FRUEGEL FRIDAY! But thank you b/c I am goeing to get 3 pair’s for work!!!!!

    I had a great time this weekend with Myrna’s freind’s freind. He came over and watched the SUPERBOWL on my new TV and he used the elypiceal for at least an hour while I rode the bike. He brought over a PIZZA, which we ate with Dr. Brown’s Creme Soda. YAY!!!

    We also had a good time at the Second Ave Deli, and he likes Pastrami! He also kept his hands AWAY from me! I wonder why he is so diferent, but I like that he is NOT grabbey. How refresheing! He said we should go out again this week, and I told him I am a homebody who like’s to stay in and watch tv and cook. He seemed VERY interested in me after I told him I like to cook, which is at least 1/2 true. I can warm thing’s up from Whole Foods and Fairway’s but have to learn how to make thing’s from Scratch. Myrna said she would help if he turned out OK. But so far so good!!!! YAY!!!

    • Kudos to both of you. What is this man’s name? I’m hoping things finally work out with you and “insert name”. Please don’t set yourself for a disappointment by expecting too much, and use the hive for our experience and collective knowledge. And don’t let your dad interfere as he did with the ER MD, who I thought had long term potential.

      Best of luck to you as you circumnavigate the world of relationships. We will be pulling for you, Ellen! Yay!!!!

  2. Need a new therapist :

    Ok I just need to let this all out. I know I need a new therapist but in the meantime, I’m taking advantage of internet anonymity and hopefully kindness. Since Thanksgiving, my father had a major health situation (a few scary weeks in the hospital – this is largely better now); my cousin is suing my side of the family over my grandfather’s totally valid and legitimate will (if for some reason you are reading this PLS, go to hell – sorry you were a rotten grandkid, your dad is an a$$, and he loved you both less, yep you read that right), which is largely impacting my mother’s mental, emotional, and physical health; my other side of the family uncle is in critical condition in the hospital and I feel like an a-hole because my aunt has been known to lie so I haven’t taken his situation seriously until now; the person who died in the NYC crane crash on Friday was a friend of DH and I’m having such issues dealing with such an unexpected loss, nevermind my heart breaking for his family, particularly his wife; oh and just because, my car unexpectedly needs $1k in repairs; and since I can’t keep my head on straight with all of this, I accidentally booked family to visit me in my new city in a few weeks while I’m supposed to be out of town with other friends. Shockingly I’m having a hard time concentrating on work today.
    If this is adulthood, I’m so over it. What I wouldn’t do to go to sleep for a week and speak to no one but my dog.

    • Anonymous :


      Take a day or two off to make it a long weekend and shut off cell etc. Hang with your pup. Sometimes we all need a mental health day or two.

    • This too shall pass.

      Sounds simple, trite even, but I find it very comforting. Take a look at all the things going on – of course the confluence of all of them is overwhelming! You’re going through a rough patch that really will end.

    • So, so sorry, this sounds like a nightmare. Reschedule your family, stat, and don’t be afraid to take that mental health day. This is not adulthood, this is over-the-top stress that is out of the norm for anyone. Hugs to you.

    • Would it help you to think about the things you can let go of? You can’t control any of these things other than the double-booking. I know letting go is easier said than done, but I think it would help with the feeling that there’s a mountain of things going wrong.

      Go visit/call your uncle. Same for your parents. You can’t control either of their situations, but you can tell them you’re thinking of them. Adjust the double-booking. Leave the car repair appointment until you have a moment for a breather, if possible. Ignore the lawsuit; they take eons and you literally can’t do a thing about it; it’s in a judge’s hands.

      Know that all this is not on you. There’s no need to feel guilty, trapped, or helpless. Do small acts that are achievable and give yourself permission to stop worrying.

    • Big internet hugs. And if you’re able to take even one day to put on an out-of-office email, escape from life, and snuggle with your dog, it might help press your internal reset button a tiny bit and give you the mental energy to handle everything else.

      Also, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. So heartbreaking.

    • Anonymous :

      Just sending a big ME TOO!!!!

      I gave myself permission to go out of network for a Solid SOLID therapist, and to even fire one, because this area of self-care needed to work well with my Dad’s hospitalization, sister’s premie twins, and my siblings wonking out with Dad’s hospice designation while I shepherded Medical Assistance spend down. If there is no spark with a therapist, move on without remorse.

      Things that are helping in the past few days: podcast Death Sex & money. Finding anthem & upbeat songs & adding them to my play list. The Mountain Goats’ This Year, Janelle Monae’s Electric Lady. Singable songs help too. Betsy Rose makes me smile, she has sass. Just throwing ideas because, we’re gonna make it through!!!!!

    • Anonymous :

      Mani/pedi is in order!

  3. KS IT Chick :

    Threadjack: It’s a Totally 80’s Party!

    My husband & I have been invited to a Totally 80’s Party for a friend’s 40th birthday. The hair, I can do. I had 80’s big hair, and I can backcomb & mouse with the best of them. The clothes? Not so much. I don’t remember a lot about the clothes, other than pegging the legs of my acid-washed jeans and wearing super-large floral prints to go with the big hair, despite being almost 44 myself.

    I have a few weeks, so I’d love some help finding some great 80’s fashion. I’m a size 14/16, and about 5’4″.

    • I went to an ’80s party recently — this was my era, LOVED the playlist at the party — and went for a Working Girl look, padded-shoulders business suit with sneakers (K-Swiss, but Reeboks would be even more authentic).

    • Anonymous :

      Colorful leggings, leg warmers, large sweatshirt hanging off one shoulder and a long tank

      • This is my go to 80s outfit. Instead of leg warmers you can wear unreasonably high/pointy heels (and even little ankle socks). Find some plastic earrings and you’re done.

    • Anonymous :

      Brightest polo shirt/shirtdress you can find with a popped collar with bright leggings and slouch socks? Side pony tail for hair?

      • Yep, I went to an eighties party a few years ago and I wore my college choir polo (from the 80s) with the collar popped and stirrup leggings, socks with the big top, white Keds, and my hair pulled back with a band.

    • Go to Forever21 and get acid washed jeans and an oversized sweatshirt. Remember that their sizes are really small.

      • Class of 1989 :

        omg — you can buy acid wash jeans new?

        I’m going to go home and prep for end times.

        • You can also buy acid washed high rise cutoff shorts:
          Also available as overalls:

        • Class of '88 :


          • Anonymous :

            footwear? Can you buy white or black pleather booties that look like high-top bowling shoes?

        • KS IT Chick :

          Another class of 1989 here… I found something that closely resembles the acid-washed denim skirt I bought when I was in the first half of high school, and it isn’t even so expensive that I will hate myself for buying it. It’s almost to bad I don’t still have the hot-pink floral bubble skirt dress that I wore to my boyfriend’s Boys State Formal Dance the summer after my sophomore year.

          This is going to be a riot.

        • Little Red :

          Class of 1990 here. Total +1!!!!!!!

          • Woot Woot Class of ’90! Don’t forget to get a bunch of those cheap rubber bracelets. I’m sure Claire’s or a similar store will have them. Stack ’em halfway up to your elbow. Have fun!

    • I think when people do the 80s party thing they tend to go more extreme than some of these examples. I’d so a short floppy skirt with leg warmers and heeled pumps, a ripped t-shirt flash dance style, a big low slung belt over the tee, and your big hair pinned back on one side. Neon or rubber accessories and Madonna fingerless lace gloves for the win.

      • Ps I wore all of these things back in the day, just maybe not at the same time. No judgment.

    • Anonymous :

      Neon! Flashdance. Frankie Say RELAX.

    • Anonymous :

      Watch The Goldbergs for ideas – total 80’s time warp show

  4. Reposting for more answers. Any recs for a chiropractor in DC?

    • Go to one who is an MD, which likely means they are going to be trained in Europe or Canada. Since chiropractic training is laughably subpar and honestly dangerous in the states.

      • lost academic :

        My chiropractor was trained in Canada and definitely not an MD. I think recommendations are a better way to go personally.

        • There is one English school that accredits chiropractors in the whole country. Just like with optometrists. If you have a Canadian chiropractor they have a doctorate in chiropractics from CMCC.

          • Anonymous :

            So they’re not an MD. They have a doctorate in chiropractics. Different thing.

        • Obviously there is also a french school for both optometry and chiropractics too.

      • And some people, like me, have amazing results from a chiropractor when they were getting no results from MDs. YMMV.

    • anon a mouse :

      I had good experiences with David Bronat in south Dupont Circle. He takes many insurance types, too.

    • Min Donner :

      When I lived in DC/VA many years ago I went here and was pleased with my treatment

      I generally try to find a chiropractor who is either a practitioner of applied kinesiology or chiropractic neurology

      The latter is my preference now.

  5. How do we feel about pairing blue and black? I have a new blouse that’s not quite navy, it’s more of a bright dark blue (if that makes any sense). Almost a cobalt. I feel like if there’s an obvious contrast between the blue top and black pants, it’s not a faux pas? Or should I wear it with grey pants?

    • lost academic :

      I like that color with tan/khaki shades and with lighter greys but it can definitely work with black pants! Maybe add another color with accessories, then you don’t need to worry so much about the duality of it.

    • I think as long as there’s an obvious contrast, it looks great. I think you just don’t want to wear a navy that’s so dark that others wonder, “Did she MEAN to pair those together? Or does she think that shirt is black?”

      Also, navy blouse + black pants provides a perfect background for a statement necklace. I think it can look very chic without the severity of all black.

      • Ha, yes, I don’t want anyone to think I got dressed in the dark. A colourful statement necklace is a great idea!

    • Anonymous :

      I LOVE the cobalt and black combo, but it was very trendy a few years ago so I feel like some consider it “dated.” I still wear it though because I don’t really care what’s “in.”

  6. Black Tie Unicorn Dress :

    I see a lot of wedding dresses that have an illusion part above the bodice and possibly sheer sleeves as well. Does anyone know of a black version of this that I could wear to a black tie winter event? It doesn’t have to be as fluffy as a wedding dress, but I’m going for something that is more grownup (but not mother of the bride) looking and less tarty than what I’m seeing.

    Also, for a different event, a sheath dress version? Not the Zarita (too short / tight / not good for my pear shape). Also need something for a c*cktail party.

    And thoughts on shoes? Are fancy party shoes still satin and not leather?

    *** need to get out more ***

    • Anthropologie Mona dress for the c*cktail party? I have one and find it to be comfortable, flattering, and versatile. I think I wore it to 4 different holiday parties this year.

    • Depending on the shoe, patent leather and suede have joined satin for acceptable (?) evening shoes if you’re looking for something easier to find. Or do a floor-length gown so it doesn’t matter!

    • Anonymous :

    • This has long sleeves but is this the kind of dress you were thinking about with illusion?

    • might help :

    • I think you are looking for an illusion yoke or neckline. Try searching with those terms. Like this one:


    • academama :

      The Zarita now comes in a wrap version! Actually, a sleeveless wrap, a long-sleeved regular wrap, and a long-sleeved long wrap gown. I have always wanted the Zarita but as a strong pear it never worked.

      Check out the Julianna and the Elizabeth styles from DVF.

    • Rent the Runway has a bunch. I like these:

      For sheaths, maybe try Adrianna Pappell? They have some zarita-like dresses, but they’re not as short and tight and you can find them for cheap at Lord & Taylor, Amazon, etc.

      • Also, I think this is so pretty if you want a short dress:

  7. Anonymous :

    I went to 5 weddings last year, and I haven’t received a single thank you note yet. I know that brides technically have a year, but I’m a little annoyed.

    I gave generous gifts, and travelled to different cities for most of the weddings, and I know it’s overwhelming to write cards, but still.

    • Couples have a year. This is not just the bride’s responsibility.

      • Anonymous :

        Well, I’m friends with the brides in each instance, so I thought of them, though I agree, it’s the couple’s responsibility.

      • Where did this year idea come from? You don’t get a year to say thank you.

        • anon-oh-no :

          right. you get a year to send a gift. I always though 3 months was the time for thank yous, but as fast as you can is better

        • Wildkitten :

          Emily Post, I think.

          • Anonymous :

            No! Do not hang this etiquette awfulness on Our Lady Emily: her advice is within 3 months of receiving the gift –

        • Anonymous :

          Precisely. You have a year to give a gift. Thank you notes should be sent out ASAP, within three months certainly.

    • Anonymous :

      It’s so rude. 3 months, fine. 6 months, ugh. Any longer than that and I’m annoyed.

    • Brides don’t have a year- guest have a year to give the gift. Brides (and grooms- I am assuming you are saying brides because you are friends with the bride) should be getting them out asap- I think within 3 months from the wedding date is ideal. You are right to be annoyed- hopefully they show their appreciation for the gift, effort and friendship in other ways.

      • 3 months? I thought I only had one month, and I felt a little guilty about taking that long…

        • I am using 3 months as the outer limit- one month is great but I don’t think its bad until after 3

    • Anonymous :

      I always thought they have a year too, until someone pointed out that the rule is you have a year to GIVE a gift, not that they have a year to write the thank you card. Anyway, I’m still waiting on one from an August wedding (same deal; generous gift and very expensive travel involved), and am starting to think I won’t see one. I took less than three months to get my thank yous out when I was in Big Law and billing close to 300 hours a month so I really have no sympathy for people who take longer than that.

    • Is there any chance you are having trouble with your mail? 5 missing thank yous seems excessive. I do most of my bill paying online so the only real mail I get is Christmas cards, thank yous and junk mail. I only realized I was having mail problems when something my mom sent never reached me. Have you moved since the wedding invitations went out? Did your forwarding expire? Send yourself test mail from your work.

      • Anonymous :

        I’m definitely not having trouble with my mail, I just received a very sweet thank you card from a good friend for her son’s first birthday present. And I haven’t moved since attending the weddings.

      • Maddie Ross :

        That’s sweet, but I’m really going to doubt that. I am missing at least 3 different thank you notes from weddings in the last two years (and I’m in my mid-30s now, so the wedding volume has gone down dramatically – that’s 50% of the weddings I’ve attended). Are thank you notes starting to no longer be a “thing”? Because I don’t love that…

        • Sydney Bristow :

          I don’t think so and hope that’s not the case. I’ve received prompt thank you notes for everything over the past few years and was completely neurotic about getting ours out after our wedding (including pestering my husband to write them for his friends/family as soon as we got back from our honeymoon).

  8. Anonymous :

    Accidentally posted this in the earlier thread:

    How do you handle declining invitations with friends because of a scheduling conflict related to your SO? When BF and I started getting serious about 3 years ago (dating for 4), some of his friends caused a ton of drama because he wasn’t able to hang out with them as much as when he was single or before we were living together. Basically, I’m a controlling b!tch who’s stealing their friend from them.

    I have a feeling that this situation started because of BF’s comments to his friends. I don’t think it was anything malicious on his part, but he just doesn’t consider his audience when he opens his mouth. Fwiw, he’s told me things about his friends that I wish I didn’t know.

    Because of all the drama, I’ve asked BF multiple times to please not mention my name when he declines an invitation. Just say, “Sorry can’t make it, what about next week?” He initially told me he wouldn’t, but recently admitted to doing it again – BF told a friend that friend couldn’t come over because I was working from home. I understand that this would be a fine thing to say to normal people, but given how contentious everything has been with his friends, I really need him to leave me out of it and he’s just not respecting that. I would like to talk about this again when we’re both calm. Advice?

    • Anonymous :

      So you want him to lie? That’s what he’s doing. You’re not drawing a good boundary here at all. Bad boundary: you must say what I want you to say even if it’s not true. Good boundary: I don’t hang out with people who don’t like me. Your friends seem to not like me because you blame me for being busy. You’re welcome to solve this problem.

      • I’m not asking him to lie. “Sorry can’t make it, what about next week?” isn’t lying, it’s just not disclosing what the scheduling conflict is.

        • Anonymous :

          It probably feels like lying to him though. Why can I come over? It just doesn’t work for me. Ummm what? Just say wife is working from home.

          You’ve asked. He hasn’t changed. Do you want to nag at him about it or try thinking differently?

    • I don’t really understand why he isn’t going by himself? He is going to sound shady as hell if he is always making up non excuses why he can’t go- in the most recent example was that already planned? Why couldn’t he just say coming over here won’t work, why don’t I meet you at ____? It seems like there is a lot more to unpack here then just your schedules- he should work on resolving some of these issues I think.

      • I agree, I’ve suggested he should be more proactive about making alternative plans. He’s just not a planner. Pretty much all of the social invitations he sends (and many he receives) are spur of the moment. I try to be as supportive as I can about him making time for people.

        • But why does he need to make alternative plans? Why can’t he just go “yeah Ill be there, OP can’t make it but we will do something all together soon” Or if he has plans with you “Sorry- Im going to event B.”

    • Genuinely asking, not being snarky: does it actually matter at this point? You’ve been together for 4 years; his friends actively dislike you to the point where it’s a problem in your relationship. You aren’t going anywhere in BF’s life and neither are the friends. It’d be swell if BF would stand up and tell his friends their opinions about you are unwelcome (“controlling”), but that’s unlikely to happen and is another ball of wax to be examined at another time. At this point, sides are taken and mentioning you (or not) as a reason why he can’t go out isn’t going to change those sides.

    • Senior Attorney :

      You’ve made your desires known, and he has made it clear that he is not inclined to accede to your desires, at least not 100% of the time. So the question is whether you are going to accept this as the price of admission for being in a relationship with him, or whether it’s a dealbreaker. Or whether you want to make it an ongoing source of nagging/conflict/bad feelings, which I super super don’t recommend.

    • Anonymous :

      If SO’s bros are as much of the drama llamas you fear, then a undetailed answer from your SO is still going to translate into “GF won’t let me”, so I doubt there is much point for SO to be evasive. And if BF won’t defend against their insinuations (assuming they are still there), that’s a boundary issue on his part – you can’t make him defend a boundary he doesn’t see as important.

    • Honestly, I would have expected him to grow out of it. I remember that being a thing men said in college and getting annoyed – like you’re “whipped” because you already had plans? Um, no. You’re a grown man. I’m not stopping you from hanging out with your friends and if you randomly cancel then yes, I’m going to be annoyed at your childish antics. I’m not sure what you can do, perhaps ask him to stop being so dramatic and emotional about his schedule or say something to his friends to that effect, but it sounds like it hasn’t worked. Some people are just like that.

  9. One Look? :

    I’ve been building a work wardrobe and I’ve noticed that I am drawn to a particular silhouette and color palette in my work clothing. Would love to hear the hive’s thoughts on whether that’s a problem (or just weird). For me it’s darker, cool colors or cool colored patterns with a black background in a sheath dress with elbow length sleeves. Will my coworkers think it’s weird that I have A Look, or is it NBD? I’m in house at a not for profit with a very small legal department, if that’s relevant.

    • I wear sheath dresses almost exclusively. I do my best to vary color (I have and wear every color of the rainbow), fabric, sleeve length, and neckline, but yup, I’m wearing a tailored sheath with heels and stud earrings 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. It’s my signature. I don’t consider it a negative. It’s my professional style and it’s who I am.

      You mentioned a specific type of pattern you’re drawn to. I would think too many similarly patterned dresses would read as repetitive more than plain dresses would. Change it up some, but no need to go too far off course.

    • Anonymous :

      I wear a uniform to work of a white shirt and black bottom or all black. 90% of the time. To court, grey or navy suit with a white shirt. Always. It saves me so much time on thinking about what to wear. Then for that 10% of the time when I feel like wearing something with a little color, I do.

    • academama :

      It’s NBD.

      I definitely have a uniform. Sheath dress or pencil skirt with sweater or blazer; scarf or statement necklace. Done and done. It’s my look. I have a very small wardrobe so it doesn’t just look repetitive, it is (I think I have something like 3-4 dresses per season, 2 skirts, 3 blazers, 2 cardigans, all in these colors: black, navy, camel, red, pink, turquoise).

      The people who notice compliment my style. Most people don’t notice – think about it – what were your coworkers wearing yesterday?

      Agree with earlier comment that if you have a lot of patterns in the same color ways that will seem more repetitive than solids.

    • Sounds very chic. I don’t see a problem with having a distinctive look and limited palette for a professional wardrobe. I know a lot of men who wear a charcoal grey suit and white shirt every single day.

    • Nope, not weird at all! If it works for your body type and you like it, rock it! No one will bat an eye and you’ll always look good and feel good about what you’re wearing.

      I tend to live in wrap dresses in various colors and black pants/long cardigan/silk shell/long necklace variations

  10. I’m wondering how people here have found their skincare regimen. Did you see a dermatologist or just experiment until you got it right?

    I’m 27 with clear skin that tends to dry out easily. I’d like my pores to look smaller, my skin to glow, and to take some “preventive” action against signs of age. I don’t really have any skin “problems” I need addressed, so I’m wondering if I should bother going to a derm. Right now I just use Trader Joe’s products and Cetaphil because I’m afraid of getting ripped off. Advice and/or specific product recs are welcome! Thanks!

    • Anonymous :

      After spending a small fortune on random OTC products, I finally (at 37) went to a facialist who is affiliated with a derm. She prescribed a regimen for me (includes a retinol and hydroquinone, inter alia). I love it. It was expensive, but it actually works. I think as long as you’re using sunscreen it doesn’t matter so much right now, but I really am glad that I found this person and came up with a Plan.

    • Anonymous :

      All you need is sunscreen every single day. Anything else is just for fun.

      • Thanks for the responses! What SPF?

        • I use 70 in the summer and 55 in the winter, although I’ve heard that 30 is good enough.

          • Anonymous Poser :

            I use 30 and have noticed benefits with other issues. I agree that sunscreen is of paramount importance. And 15 SPF is not enough…

    • Pick up a couple months of Allure magazine to get a feel for what problems you might want to address and how to go about it. That’s basically how I developed mine – “ok, Allure recommends these types of products for these issues, let me go try some.” For high end items, Sephora will give you a sample that lasts for a couple days to take home and try. Don’t be shy – that’s what they’re there for!

      And unfortunately, yes, beauty is trial and error. It’s like anything else – shampoo, cereal, Chapstick – have to spend some money to see if you like it.

    • sokoglam just put out a good book on the korean skincare regimen.

      franish discusses this on her blog.

      Try things. Do what works for you. But SPF. Always.

    • You could just do the Paula’s Choice regimen and decide which products you life. Those are pretty basic products with explanations around them.

    • I’m the same age with similar skin issues (dry-ish but clear skin). After some research and trial and error, I’ve developed the following routine:

      Morning (post-face wash):
      Vitamin C serum (Ole Henrikson or Anthony are my brands of choice)
      Eye cream (currently using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Eye Cream, but I swap this out all the time)
      Moisturizer with SPF (Aveeno Daily Radiance with SPF 30 is my current go-to)

      Night (post-cleansing):
      RoC Sensitive Retinol Night Cream
      Eye cream
      Anti-aging or hydrating cream (First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream has been on heavy rotation lately)

      Two or so nights a week I sleep with the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask on for extra moisture.

  11. Dead end Job :

    I know it’s bad form to be job hunting/applying for jobs while working at your current jobs – but is this something a potential employer would notice/care about? Not so concerned about current (dead end) job noticing, but if the company I’m applying to knows I am presently employed and sees my application came in during work hours will they think I’m a slacker?

    • Interesting question. I would expect that potential new company wouldn’t even notice or think anything of it. That’s just a guess, though. I’m curious to see responses from those with hiring capabilities.

    • I doubt they would notice. I applied for jobs at my last job after hitting rock bottom there.

  12. I wouldn’t care. For all I know, you took a day off, or it was your lunch break and you were using a personal laptop, or whatever.

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