What Are Your Favorite Podcasts for Working Women?

podcasts-working-womenIn the past we’ve talked about our favorite magazines as well as summer brain candy books, but we haven’t talked about podcasts. I’ve been getting more and more into them (on walks, or while prepping/cooking dinner via my Echo), so I thought an open thread would be fun. (Another fun question: would you ever be interested in a Corporette podcast? Would you like interviews with working women, “Ask Kat” questions, general discussions about some of the stuff we talk about here on the blog? I actually just made a guest appearance on a podcast on Thinking Like a Lawyer, the podcast from my friends over at Above the Law, discussing whether the office thermostat was sexist.)

So let’s hear it, ladies — what are your favorite podcasts? What do you recommend to other working women? What is a must-listen? Another question: do you try to get career advice and the like during your podcasts, or prefer to listen to fun topics or general interest stuff? 

For my $.02 — these are some of my favorites:

Kat’s Favorite Podcasts

Some of Kate’s Favorite Podcasts

We’ve also rounded up some favorite podcasts of Corporette readers that have been previously mentioned in the comments:

Podcasts for Working Women – Reader Favorites

Career & Success

Finance Podcasts

Stories/General Interest


History & Politics

Hobbies: Books, Cooking, Knitting, Etc. 

Writing, Art, Music, Design

Language Learning 

What are your favorite podcasts? How do you listen to them — with a special app like Stitcher, or through iTunes, the iOS Podcasts app, or something else? 

Pictured at top: My Podcast Set I, originally uploaded to Flickr by Patrick Breitenbach.


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  1. LondonLeisureYear :

    I listen to a ton of podcasts… the current complete list is:
    Dinner Party Download
    Culture Gabfest – Slate
    Note to Self
    Death Sex and Money
    Reply All
    The Longest Shortest Time
    The Mystery Show (currently off season)
    Of a Kind
    Slumber Party with Allie and Georgia
    Call Your Girlfriend
    Savage Lovecast
    This American Life
    Popculture Happy Hour
    Wait Wait …Don’t Tell Me
    Serial (currently off season)
    Invisbilia (currently off season)
    Story Corps

  2. For my drive to work, Kevin & Bean on KROQ. Nothing redeeming about it, just good fun!

    • Are they still broadcasting??? They were on when I was in high school!

    • Bhahaha…I’m from LA and they must be ancient by now. But KROQ was my jam when I was in middle and high school fo sho.

  3. Sydney Bristow :

    I wouldn’t put James Altucher in the financial podcasts category. His is more interviews with a variety of people.

    One I didn’t see that I would add is Nerdist.

    I listen to news podcasts every morning, but they are just audio versions of the newscast so they might not count as typical podcasts.
    NBC Nightly News
    The Rachel Maddow Show
    Morning Joe
    Meet the Press
    Anderson Cooper 360

    Financial podcasts I listen to:
    The Clark Howard Show
    You Need A Budget
    Dave Ramsey

    General interest:
    The Tim Ferriss Show (and The Random Show if it isn’t just duplicated on his main show page)
    Exponential Wisdom (Peter Diamandis is fascinating)
    The James Altucher Show (and sometimes his companion daily podcast called Ask Altucher)
    The Knowledge Project
    The Bryan Callen Show
    Happier with Gretchen Rubin
    The Joe Rogan Experience (only the specific guests that I’m interested in)
    Chase Jarvis
    The Good Life Project
    The School of Greatness

    • I listen to Happier with Gretchen Rubin too. I haven’t read her books and I was initially sceptical but I love it.

  4. Death, Sex and Money (the best!!); Serial; Undisclosed (the follow-up to Serial); Breakdown; This American Life

  5. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

  6. I was going to recommend Happier with Gretchin Rubin! I also really love the History of English podcast! I’d totally add a Coporette podcast to the list :)

  7. Slate’s Working! It’s so interesting to hear about other people’s jobs. Otherwise, I’ll echo what everyone else has said already!

    • I’ve only recently discovered this podcast and I listened to about five episodes of it in a week! I love it!

  8. Anon for This :

    Slate’s Mom and Dad are fighting is a great parenting podcast.

  9. Definitely The Broad Experience and Death Sex and Money!

    I also like:
    -Criminal/Reveal (you can tell I watched a lot of SVU in the past)
    -Call Your Girlfriend (very entertaining and on point)
    -Slate’s Political Gabfest
    -Canadaland (for listeners in Canada – great show)
    -Really enjoyed Start Up Podcast when that was being done (on a break currently), especially season 2.

  10. I love podcasts, though I don’t think that I listen to many (any?) that relate to working. One I’d like to plug that I haven’t seen mentioned is “Behind the Stats.” It takes any numbers/statistics/percentages that have been tossed out by politicians, celebrities, and commentators and breaks them down to figure out where they came from and how reliable they are. It’s British, so sometimes it’s a little less relevant to me (though they handle statements by American politicians quite a lot), but they also drop in a lot of that dry British humor that I really enjoy. It’s a really great reminder to question everything that you hear.

    I did not listen to Serial. At some point, I was going to, then it became so popular that I felt obligated to and therefore, resistant.

    I would definitely listen to a [this site] podcast.

    • “Behind the Stats” is also known as “More or Less” – it’s presented by Tim Harford, the Undercover Economist. It was my ‘gateway podcast’ I think!

  11. I listen to a handful of podcasts: Dave Ramsey, Freakonomics, TED Talks/TED Radio Hour with NPR, America’s Test Kitchen, Stuff You Should Know. Going to check out the Broad Experience based on this article….but….I’m the one person who hasn’t listened to Serial. I saw the SNL parody before I listened and now can’t get that out of my head when I’m trying to focus on what she’s saying lol.

  12. I clearly have overlapping taste with a lot of the ladies here. I would add This Week in Startups (awesome if you’re into tech industry stuff), Marketplace, and Actuality.

  13. Anonymous :


    I can’t quite believe this list… It’s pretty not diverse.

    • Anonymous :

      By “not diverse” I suppose you mean lacking adequate representation of racial minority and LGBTQ groups

    • It’s a self-selecting group. There’s no good or bad about that.

      What do you like to listen to?

  14. Josie Pye :

    Food podcasts–The Sporkful and Spilled Milk.

  15. I listen to a few podcasts religiously, State’s The Gist (http://www.slate.com/articles/podcasts/gist.html), as many others have mentioned, I wouldn’t say it is really helping my career, but I like staying informed.

    There are a number of podcasts I listen to that are legally oriented, as I’m applying to law school in a few weeks and have found podcasts to be a great way to get exposed to what the legal field has waiting for me. My favorites are:

    – The Gen Why Lawyer Podcast (http://www.genylawyer.com/category/podcasts/)
    -The Law School Toolbox Podcast (http://lawschooltoolbox.com/podcast/)
    -The Enchanting Lawyer Podcast (http://www.enchantinglawyer.com/category/podcast/)

    Looking forward to listening to some of the others mentioned, particularly The Broad Experience!

  16. I’m a big podcast listener. My subscription list, in no particular order:
    Stuff Mom Never Told You
    A Way With Words
    More or Less
    This American Life
    Best of Today (This is from BBC Radio 4’s daily current events morning show – 3-10 minute soundbites from each day’s show. Highly recommended)
    NPR’s How to do everything
    Deutsche Welle – Inside Europe
    A Playful Day (craft)
    NPR’s Planet Money
    The British History Podcast
    No Such Thing as a Fish (a new discovery which I love – it’s made by the people behind QI)
    The Economist – The Week Ahead
    Call Your Girlfriend
    The Allusionist (about words)
    Slate’s Political Gabfest
    The Splendid Table
    Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
    Guardian Politics Weekly
    Freakonomics Radio
    Happier with Gretchen Rubin
    Deutsche Welle – Alltagsdeutsch
    Slate’s Lexicon Valley
    The DC Rainmaker Podcast
    Slate’s Working
    Actually Knitting
    Commuter Knitter Podcast
    The Stitch Sisters
    Pins and Needles
    Pienaar’s Politics
    Down Cellar Studio Podcast (craft)
    Slate’s Whistlestop with John Dickerson
    Prairie Girls Knit and Spin
    Slate’s Double X Podcast
    The Infinite Monkey Cage (hilarious, science comedy talkshow. Try it and see)
    Knitmore girls
    Books on the Nightstand

  17. The Lively Show by Jess Lively — about intentional living. Some features of small business owners. Very engaging!

  18. The Coffee Break French podcasts are fun and educational, and if I’m feeling particularly ambitious I’ll listen to News in Slow French. Both provide free options as well as subscription versions.

    Radiolab is also great.

  19. All Things Considered
    Planet Money
    Hardcore History
    Tropical MBA
    Men in Blazers
    …and a little weekly public policy podcast called AEI Banter (that I may or may not cohost…)


  20. Ask Me Another! So fun.

  21. Diaries of a Working Mommy :

    This is a great list, Thanks for sharing!

  22. Several of my favorites are listed. I would add Entreleadership to the list as well. Somewhat entrepreneur based, but great general information on leadership and personal growth.

    Also, for anyone interested in health and lifestyle podcasts, I highly recommend Girls Gone WOD, The Paleo Women and Harder to Kill. All three have their roots in the CrossFit/Paleo community but really have a much broader range of topics than those roots might suggest. Great discussions on health, wellness, exercise, body image and a ton of other women’s health topics.

  23. I adore The Broad Experience

    Also, career-wise – Ellevest and Best Work Best Life with Kathy and Mo

  24. It has nothing to do with being a “working woman,” but my absolute favorite podcast is The Read, hosted by Crissle and Kid Fury. My second favorite was the Editors Roundtable from Foreign Policy magazine, but the best hosts/panelists from the ER have just launched a new podcast called Deep State Radio, so that’s my new second favorite for politics/current events done in an irreverent way.

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