Putting Workwear to Work for Halloween


It’s that time of year again: the leaves are changing, the air is crisp and pumpkin spice is everywhere. With October 31st fast-approaching, Kat asked me to create a few fun outfits to show you how to put your workwear to work for Halloween. (Yep, it is possible.)

So, I chose a cast of characters (two fictional and one very real, very eccentric designer) who not only have iconic style, but are also well-known for rocking head-to-toe black. Check out the inspired looks below…

(Curious for more ideas for making Halloween work at work? We previously discussed Halloween costumes in 2013 and 2010 open threads, and I shared a big list of ideas for office costumes a couple of years ago. – Kat)

1. Wednesday Addams

How to Dress like Wednesday Addams for Halloween | Corporette

Pictured: DressCollar PinShoes

Ah, Wednesday Addams, my favorite macabre fictional character. Make her all-black attire work at the office by upgrading to a chic collared sweater dress. This one’s heavier knit and longer length will keep you warm as temperatures start to drop. (If you wanted to add a pop of color, try a red nail like Wednesday — Zoya’s “American” red is a popular one.)

Instead of the typical stilettos, opt for on-trend block-heeled Mary Janes in a luxe black suede. As far as accessories go, I chose a vintage-look, slightly-spooky cameo collar clip. I feel like these are an underused accessory, but they really jazz up collared dresses and shirts— if you haven’t already, try one out!


2. Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face


How to Dress like Audrey Hepburn for Halloween | Corporette

Pictured: Sweater (Amazon also), PantsShoes

Does it get any more classic than Audrey Hepburn? As Jo Stockton in Funny Face, Audrey wore head-to-toe black, and it looks just as stylish now as it did back in the late ’50s.

This outfit is so easy to pull together. Just pair a black turtleneck sweater with skinny, ankle-length trousers, then slip on some pointy-toe black loafers. Continue the sleek, minimalist vibe by forgoing any accessories. Instead, if you have longer hair, sweep it into a polished ponytail to really show off that turtleneck.

3. Karl Lagerfeld


How to Dress for Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween | Corporette

Pictured: BlazerPantsBlouseShoes, Brooches: onetwothree

As creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld knows style. He’s developed a signature uniform but always mixes it up by playing with different fabrics and textures, as well as footwear and accessories.

This black suit has a menswear-inspired feel with its longer jacket and straight-leg trousers. Wear a bow-neck blouse to mimic Karl’s oft-used black tie, then choose shoes with a polished yet fashion-forward design, like these flats that have a faux snakeskin detail. Brooches are another accessory that aren’t used as often as they should be. Though Karl tends to add them to his necktie, top off your look with several brooches pinned to the lapel of your blazer.

Ladies, how about you — are you getting dressed up for Halloween this year? Will you try to repurpose workwear as a costume, or are you going in a different direction?

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Putting Workwear to Work for Halloween



  1. Anonymous :

    My office doesn’t do costumes, but I think I’ll wear a sleeveless orange blouse and black pants that day. :)

    • Sydney Bristow :

      People at my office don’t dress up either. I’ll probably wear my orange sweater and black skirt that day though. It is the only day that I don’t feel like I have to try and avoid orange and black together.

  2. A sheath dress + Underwood 2016 pin is going to be my costume. My coworker is doing a Meyers 2016 for Veep.

    • Also Leslie Knope or Donna would be good workwear costumes too!

    • Shopaholic :

      These are great ideas! Also maybe HRC in a magnificent blue, red or white pantsuit?

      I’m a bit of a grump when it comes to Halloween so I’m probably just wear normal work clothes and avoid it completely

    • Honeycrisp :

      Great idea! I’m so stealing this.

  3. Going as Janet Yellen :

    Just got my white wig in the mail. I am very ready

  4. We have an office party, complete with costume contest. Maybe 20% of people participate in the costumes. Mainly support staff and head honcho types who need to set an example. Those of us in the middle generally opt out. I typically wear an orange blouse to be “festive” without actually going for the costume.

  5. Sloan Sabbith :

    Last year I dressed as a mime- pale, pale face (which was easy as I was incredibly sick), black skinny pants, black flats, striped grey and white sweater, red lipstick, red scarf, dark eye.

    The year before, I dressed as a flapper (in flats, alas). Black dress, black fishnet tights (which had been just regular black tights for the day), long string of pearls, super made-up face, black 20’s looking hat.

    The year before I stayed home and went as a law student outlining. Sweatshirt/jeans/”I hate everything” face. It was not a costume.

    This year I’ll be at a legal clinic all day. I’ll dress as a lawyer who knows what she’s doing. It will definitely be a costume. :P

  6. Moonstone :

    For those interested in going as Rosie the Riveter: I love the accessories from this Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/RosiesLegacyGear
    I got the collar pin and the polka-dot scarf. I wear regular dark wash jeans before the work event, and change into a dark denim shirt for the event.

  7. I went last year as “French KISS” (not to work though!!!)). Beret- neckerchief – Breton stripe shirt. And Gene Simmons makeup.

  8. I went as an airline pilot. Navy suit white button up shirt. All I needed were hat and pin from Amazon. One of my hilarious co-workers did a makeup black eye. Then he put on a name tag that said Cornelius. Only half of our co-workers got the Fight Club reference.

  9. Wendalette :

    Last year, my team wore Star Wars inspired costumes. Our leaders wore an Emperor Palpatine Robe over his work wear, my colleague went full Luke Skywalker (and brought three of his lightsaber replicas for us), and I wore an all-white suit and hair in two buns as Corporate Leia. But then we aren’t in big law (off-site government contractors), and it was casual Friday.

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