Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Silk Charmeuse Tank

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Silk Charmeuse TankI have mixed feelings about silk tanks for the office, to be honest. One the one hand: they’re a classic, and they do look a lot nicer under things than just a simple cotton tank. On the other side, though, they can be harder to care for than a simple cotton tank, and I think they’re often confused as a blouse in and of themselves when, in my opinion, they’re best as layering pieces (and note that Talbots labels them as such too). This 100% silk charmeuse tank from Talbots has a ton of sizes and colors (sizes 2-18 in misses, petites, woman, and woman’s petites), and it’s part of their big sale right now — the tank was $59.50 but is now marked to $31.49. Silk Charmeuse Tank

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  1. Miss Behaved :

    Wow. Some of those colors are pretty, particularly the emerald green. But I have to say I can’t really tell the difference between zest and primrose yellow.

    • One is zEsty and one is Promising….duh.

      :-) Can I get a job naming colors. PLEASE. I’d be so good at it – I promise. They would be weird and out there and at least once a season I’d include a joke from this site in a product I think you’d all like and then you’d all know it was me! Good plan? Yeah…good plan.

      These are the things I plan when I’m bored with lawyerin’

      • Full disclosure – I totally want a job naming nail polish colours. I would be so good at it!

        • I have a color named after me! It’s a long story but basically someone owed me a favor.

        • My dream job growing up was to develop new Crayola crayon colors.

          I read this profile of a color marketer a few weeks ago and it made me reconsider it all over again!

      • I like zora as a color

  2. I just can’t cope with dry clean sleeveless tops!

    • Yay! I love fruegel Friday’s and I think hese are VERY pretty, Kat, but I would have to keep Frank from stareing at me if I wore these, tank top’s!

      Dad got here before me and he was “shocked” how I dress comeing in to work. I told him how can I exersize and walk 3 miles with pump’s and a dress so I get my FITBIT mile’s in? I am also swettie today and that is why I have to wear loose clotheing and sneaker’s goeing in to work AND back.

      He grumbeled, but agreed that I have to keep up the work to get my tuchus down and in shape. Dad is goeing with the manageing partner on his boat over July 4, and they invited me to go also, with mom. I am not sure yet, b/c I might have something to do with Myrna. Myrna is also doeing some kind of tryatheleon so I might cheer her on instead. Dad is here now, and he want’s me to go out and get him coffee. FOOEY! He will NOT let me go to CRUMB’s either. DOUBEL FOOEY!

    • I have a couple of “dry clean” only tops from Talbots (and other places frankly) and you can almost always wash them on the “gentle” or whatever cycle in most modern washing machines. I can usually even dry them without much harm. I only dry clean them if they get really wrinkly or if I get a big stain on them or if I have a “VERY IMPORTANT” day (sorry…I feel Ellenish apparently today) a la a job interview and I want to look particularly polished.

      Anyway – that’s my two cents. I like tanks like this for the summer when I want something light to wear under jackets or cardigans. For the commute they rock because I can take off the coat and not die. I also love that they haven’t done anything weird to the neckline so it can be just a simple vessel for jewelry rather than interfere with whatever I choose to wear (the ruffle trend was a trying time for me.)

    • I handwash all my silk tops like this from Talbots. So far no bad results. I assume they would also be fine in a washer with a good gentle cycle (which is not my apartment building’s two-setting washer. sigh)

  3. I have a bunch of these, and they are really nice. They drape well. I do notice that they are maybe a little more prone to getting tiny pulls in the fabric than some of my other silk shirts. But they are pretty easy to wear and match. Also, I’ve washed mine on the “hand wash” cycle of my washer with Woolite with no issues.

  4. Always a NYer :

    Fitness threadjack – I’m finally purchasing my first piece of gym equipment for home and need help deciding between an elliptical trainer and a treadmill. Any make/model suggestions?

    Also, what other equipment would you suggest for my small home gym? Thanks!!!

    • No advice on models, but the best way to decide between getting an elliptical or treadmil is what your fitness goals and history are. If you’re at all prone to knee or ankle injuries, or just starting a fitness regimen (and thus more likely to get injured), I’d strongly recommend the elliptical. The elliptical is also better if you’re worried about the pounding noise or knocking things off of your walls. However, the downside of the elliptical is that you have to be super concious of how hard you’re working – it’s super easy just to let yourself glide along at no resistance and convince yourself that you had a good workout, when in fact you barely worked (I see this at the gym all.the.time.). Treadmill is much better for gauging your fitness progression, and you will likely naturally push yourself harder. You can also just walk on the treadmill while you are reading, watching TV, etc., for extra exercise, whereas going slow on the elliptical with little resistance hardly does anything for you at all.

      • I have a bad back/knees and walking at a high incline at a fairly high pace is one of my favorite exercises. I don’t get as sore as I do with jogging and it still has the benefit of being weight bearing (good for your bones) and allows me to work up a really good sweat while watching videos. Plus I’m always able to convince myself that if I’m vegging on the couch watching a show I can just as easily go downstairs and walk while watching a show. And once I’m on the treadmill I usually get motivated enough to crank up the speed. An elliptical is (mentally anyhow) worse to me than just walking.

    • I have had a treadmill at home for years. I’ve had two NordicTrack models. The first one lasted about 8-9 years and it was still working (after 6 days a week use) but the fan had stopped working and the plastic console was cracking.

      I use an elliptical at the gym, but I agree with roses that it is easier to slack on the elliptical. I prefer the treadmill because I set it at an incline and speed and I have to keep up. I also didn’t feel like I had the space for an elliptical because I need to push it out of the way in my livingroom. I find the treadmill to be easier on my knees than pavement. When I bought my current one, I liked the C900 Pro but I didn’t buy it because it didn’t have a ledge for a book that wouldn’t block the fan. I think I ended up with something like the T8.0. Go to Sears and try them out.

      I would also strongly suggest purchasing an extended warranty if you plan on using it daily. It’s been a lifesaver.

      • My husband trains for marathons on our NordicTrack treadmills. When the first one broke after 5 years (the frame broke), they gave us a $1000 (cost of the treadmill) credit on a new treadmill, so we traded up. Can’t say enough good things about the NordicTrack treadmills and customer service.

        Between treadmill and elliptical, I would pick a treadmill every time. Something about the elliptical drives me crazy.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      I am slightly biased but I’m debating buying a TRX knockoff (they run $30-40 on Amazon whereas actual TRXes are $100+) for my apartment next year, when I won’t have a gym membership. It’s a great way to incorporate strength training into a routine, without needing a ton of equipment, weights, etc. All you really need is a doorframe you can attach it to.

    • If you do get a treadmill, I think it’s worth it to spring for the heavy duty ones made for heavier people regardless of your weight. You don’t really realize that the ones at the gym are commercial grade. I’m 130 pounds but I feel like I am going to destroy some of the home models when I’m running on them. Last year we bought an older NordicTrack treadmill off of Craigslist that was rated up to 300 pounds and I feel like it is much more stable and more like the ones at the gym.

      • I agree with this. We have both an elliptical and a treadmill. The treadmill is a Precor, I think the 9.33–we bought a returned model about 5 years ago and paid, I think, $3,100. It has held up amazingly well, but obviously was not cheap. On the other hand, I think we paid 600 or 700 for our elliptical, and it’s a pretty nice, feature-filled model. I think it’s easier to find a quality elliptical for less, so something to consider.

    • For your small home gym :

      A pull up bar that you can hang from a doorway
      Two kettlebells of different weights
      A sandbag
      A medicine ball
      A large inflatable exercise ball
      A yoga mat

  5. Somehow these make the model look b u s t y. If that is the case, I certainly shouldn’t be buying these anytime soon!!

  6. I don’t really have things because ‘they’re a classic’ but I do have a lot of silk tanks because they are super-functional
    : Yes, they drape and look better under a jacket than a cotton version
    : No, they don’t have to be high-maintenance – hand-washing is fine if you’re just using for layering and the fabric is not a glossy silk. I also have ones in charmeuse, made with the glossy side facing inside so that they feel really luxurious when worn and the duller outward-facing side can stand up to washing without losing any sheen.
    : They are really comfy for days when I’m in a structured suit for hours including travel – great to something soft and luxe next to my skin even if the everything else is wool-based and structured
    : They make an easy transition to after-hours and weekends with leggings and flats in summer, and the same plus a jumper in colder weather.

    Mine are higher and a bit more finished at the neckline than the ones shown, also a bit longer and with side-vents at the bottom so that they can work like tunics over leggings. I have them in a handful of colours but the most versatile ones are in ivory and a dull gold shade – great with the navy/ greys/ greiges/ blacks of my usual professional wardrobe.

    Yup, I’m a big fan !

  7. Arlingtonian :

    any one bought any good summer weight work skirts lately? I’m looking for knee or approx knee length, lightweight but not flowy. not pencil, is it just me or are pencil skirts incredibly hot in the summer? DC has been awful lately, and the feeling on something so tight on my skin is worse than pants. I have one navy blue ponte skirt from banana that i bought a month or so ago and i’m already wearing to death.

    • I currently have this one in my cart, ready to check out. Not sure if this would be too flowy for you (I don’t think so because of the pleats but to each their own requirements), but I feel like I will wear this a lot with either a white blouse or tank and short black blazer. I’m not sure how I feel about the stripe at the waist so may add a belt. Last Call has a ton of other summer stuff on sale so you may want to just browse around.

    • I live in JCrew Superfine Cotton skirts during the summer (not the evil No. 2 Pencil Cotton ones!). They’re somewhere between pencil and A-line, very light, very cool. Mine still look great but are so broken in and comfy after wearing them for 2+ years that they feel like pajamas. They were on sale at Jcrew online the last time I looked …

      • Recent grad :

        Does the superfine cotton wrinkle as horribly as the No. 2? Wondering how they compare.

    • I’m in DC as well and I’ve been having the same thought all week. My wardrobe is seriously lacking in summer skirts (I mainly wear dresses).

    • Well – I know you said no pencil skirts – but I just got a lovely pencil skirt (the Draycott Skirt in navy) from Boden that is a nice summer option because the fabric breathes beautifully for summer.

      They also have some really nice A-line options too right now, including a cotton a-line skirt that comes in some nice prints.

      I also recently got a pleated midi-dress from ASOS that is so light as to practically float – though I would say it is a light enough fabric (almost t-shirt like) that it is only work appropriate for some offices (more casual ones maybe) not because its low cut or anything, but just because the fabrics a bit casual. But with a blazer and a wider belt and a necklace and formal shoes it could definitely work. I’ll post it subsequently to avoid mod bot. ASOS has a bunch of light looking flowy skirts and dresses right now for summer.

      • Here’s the ASOS dress.

        Its really quite pretty and comfy and more flattering than I expected when I felt how light the fabric was (I wore it a bunch on my recent west coast road trip when it was hot as heck). I think the belt helps identify the waist and the skirt, while a bit long, does not hit mid-calf on me (and I’m short) so if you’re of average to above average height it will be relatively normal length on you.

      • Is the ASOS dress as sheer in person as it appears in the photo (black dress – black bra very visible)? I like the cut and the length but would end up returning it if it is truly as sheer as this photo makes it out to be.

        • First – answer for Marilla – I got green.

          Second – answer for Anon – I don’t find it particularly sheer at all (at least not in green) though I was definitely concerned about that (of course AFTER I had ordered it but before it had arrived.) I can’t see my bra through it or anything and I certainly don’t wear a slip with it. I assume its just the bright lights of the photo studio (though again, I wore it on a road trip in the West and had my photo taken in it in the bright outdoor sun there and its fine in those photos).

          Can’t speak for the black but the green is fine.

      • I don’t have that exact dress, but I have one very much like it, also from ASOS. It’s sleeveless and has a scoop back. I wear it year round with a blazer/cardigan and a belt at work. I wish I would have gotten about 10 of them, it’s a great summer work dress and can transition to street clothes just by taking off the blazer/changing shoes. Their sizing runs suprisingly big though, and I’ve found that it has gotten kind of spotty recently.

    • I just bought this one Full, but not flowy, and a perfect alternative to jeans for Fridays.

  8. OMG you guys! There’s gonna be a Baby Bhaer! :)

  9. Unsolicited Reviews :

    The Skirt — WOW! I am a pear with a waist and a tummy and a lot of hips (my bulk is front to back and not side-to-side if that matters) and struggle to find anything that fits. This was perfect. I have in black, but may hoard once the NAS starts. I ordered it in past years and had to return, but this is a spring 2013 one. YAY!

    Fashion Tape — again, WOW! Thank you for fixing my relationship with my DVF wrap dress.

    Finally, bra fittings. Get one! It has been life changing. I am a happier person now that I am not tugging at things all the time (not to mention more professional looking).

    • SAlit-a-gator :

      Thanks for the heads up on the 2013 The Skirt! Looking forward to NAS as well.

    • What is “the skirt”? Can you post a link to it or the actual name so I can find it?

      • Baconpancakes :

        Halogen seamed skirt at Nordstrom -lots of gorgeous colors, and it’s Nordstrom, so super easy to order/try multiple sizes and return. They do vanity size up a good bit.

      • I'm Just Me :

        Halogen Seamed Pencil Skirt at Nordstrom

        The colors change frequently.

  10. Can any UK r*ttes offer advice on a landlord/tenant situation? My brother lives in London and his rent is a flat price that includes all utilities (including internet) except electricity. 5 weeks ago the landlord switched internet providers and my brother has been without Internet ever since. Apparently there is an issue with the phone lines for his apartment that they can’t seem to sort out. The previous provider didn’t need to use the lines and no other apartments in his high-rise complex are affected (at least, not to his knowledge).

    He can’t have the lines fixed/installed himself, due to the complexity of the issue. The landlord has also denied his request to temporarily procure internet through a mobile card (at approximately 30 pounds/month). The issue is also complicated by the fact that the lease doesn’t explicitly state that internet is included. It says that all utilities except electricity are included, although it was both parties’ understanding that Internet was one of those utilities. What remedies, if any, does he have? Thanks!

    • Unsolicited Reviews :

      Has he read through all of his lease? I’d expect to see a provision that the included things that don’t affect habitability are provided as-is and if they cease to be available then LL is not obligated to provide or to abate the rent. Internet is not typically seen as the equivalent of heat or hot water or electricity (more along the lines of if the dishwasher / garbage disposal breaks, there is no obligation of LL to fix re replace). It’s hard to imagine that this affects only him — perhaps he needs to talk to other tenants?

      • I read through his lease and it states that under the LL/Tenant Act, the LL is responsible for heat, hot water, etc. However, UK law is very LL friendly and gives the LL the right to evict the tenant for withholding rent in most situations.

        • Unsolicited reviews :

          Shoot — comment went all the way down. Short version — I think he’s SOL.

    • I can’t comment on the lease issue, but something I can comment on from personal experience is that service in general is abysmal in London. When I lived there I had problems with my Internet and it took about 2 months (no exaggeration) to sort out something that would have been fixed in 2 days here. I felt completely helpless and it was very frustrating – but par for the course. So if the landlord is actually trying to fix it via the Internet provider, that might be something to keep in mind.

      • Yes, this. I am a US expat in London and can never get over how especially the utilities are run (as in I only got my first water bill a year after I moved into my flat despite calling them repeatedly). So it may take a while for the LL to get the internet fixed and your brother will likely need to keep checking in with the LL as to status. In the meantime, he may just have to live without internet at home and he probably doesn’t have any remedies for this since it would probably not be an essential service. It’s annoying, but I’ve definitely survived in London without internet at home – there are loads of places with free wifi these days. So unless he needs for work purposes, I would probably not try and keep arguing with the LL because as I have also learned, negotiating with LLs in London only goes so far.

        • Veronique :

          Thanks everyone. I suspected that he might just have to wait it out, but I was hoping that someone had a magical solution! :)

          • As a temporary measure, he can get a wireless dongle from most of the mobile phone providers. They’re available as a subscription or as pay as you go so there’s no lasting commitment. I’ve been running 2 computers and a business off one for five years (at about £20 per month) and had few problems. No good for streaming media or on-line gaming though, but on the flip side they’re great for computing on the move.

  11. Birth control TJ – I know that we’ve had frequent discussions about the pros/cons of Mirena, but I don’t recall any discussion about Nextplanon (the implant in your arm option). My doc mentioned it as a great long-term option at my annual visit this morning, but I’ve never known anyone to use it. Anyone with experience who can share pros/cons? It seems pretty promising, but wanted to check with the ‘ r e t t e crowd. Thanks!

    • I haven’t tried it, but the three women I know who have did not like it. They all gained at least fifteen pounds and had either extremely long periods or spotted/menstruated non-stop. It must obviously work for some women, but none that I know of.

    • I have my second Implanon, and I am obsessed with it. I haven’t had a period in years. Before I was on this, I was on the shot, which has similar hormones. I did really well on that too. Insertion and removal are not a big deal. They numbed my arm so much I didn’t feel a thing, really. Insertion takes under a minute. Removal takes about five minutes. I have a tiny scar on the underside of my arm.

      As with any hormonal contraceptive, it really depends on your own body chemistry, though, so YMMV.

    • Mrs. Jones :

      Implanon gave me frequent and heavy periods so I changed to Mirena, which gives me basically no period. Yay.

  12. So there’s a small chance I might be pregnant. Not trying to be pregnant, would wait 7-8 years to have kids if my plan goes smoothly (I’m 28), but if I am pregnant, then I would have a baby. I’m about a week late, but my cycles do fluctuate a little bit (usually not this long — but also not completely unprecedented).

    Anyway, I found myself feeling guilty about having two cups of coffee this morning and a beer last night. Should I be expected to act like I’m pregnant until I know I’m not? I’m not a binge-drinker or anything, but I do like to have a drink in the evening maybe 3x/week, and honestly, any woman of childbearing age *could* be pregnant at *any* given time — it’s not like we go around taking pregnancy tests all the time.

    I just… really needed two cups of coffee this morning.

    • Nah my own sister-in-law who was a STICKLER for the “rules” during pregnancy told me that she went out for a girls night with her girlfriends and they all got tipsy and forced her to take a pregnancy test and she found out she was having her second baby. Talk about funny timing! She wasn’t concerned about it and her (now 3 year old) daughter is a beautiful, healthy, SMART girl!

      • I drink two cups of coffee every morning. The amount of caffeine they recommend (250 mg) is actually quite a lot. You really have nothing to worry about!

        • downstream :

          FWIW, my gyn told me that I could have 2 cups of coffee every day without even thinking about it. So if a doctor is telling you 2 cups, in my head it’s fine to drink like 4 cups (not that I drink 4, I drink 2, but you know what I mean)

    • Can you take a break long enough to do a test first thing tomorrow morning (you can also do one now, but I wouldn’t rely on a negative now until you get a negative with first-pee-after-sleeping-overnight tomorrow morning)? Why guess when you can confirm? These two things shouldn’t matter a lot to the outcome of a pregnancy (never mind whether your 30-year-old future child will be happy and well-adjusted, which is the ultimate end game, no?), but on this of all Fridays, maybe not be the first one to happy hour.

      — Been pregnant 4 times

    • 1. take a pregnancy test

      2. the risk of drinking coffee while pregnant is vastly overstated (really, the risk of doing many things while pregnant is vastly overstated). that said, if it makes you feel bad to drink coffee while pregnant, then stop drinking coffee while pregnant.

      3. if you start worrying about acting as “expected” when you like 3 days pregnant, you are in for a really terrible 9 months and then a horrendous 18 years after that.

      • Point taken, but this is kind of a harsh response. Dang.

        • I don’t think this is harsh at all.

          OP, I thought I was pregnant in Nov and cut out caffeine/booze/felt guilty. Got my period. THought I was pregnant in Dec, SKIPPED BOOZE ON CHRISTMAS AND NYE, got my period. Said “f-this” and went back to wine at work events in January, and whaddya know, come Feb., turns out I’m pregnant. Since we were casually trying, I kept a side-eye on my alcohol intake (1-2 glasses) and caffeine intake (less than normal, more milk, etc.) etc. I did switch from hard liquor to wine at work events, just as an easy precaution.

        • I’m not sure what’s harsh about it. I think #3 was meant as just a statement about how there are all these expectations piled onto women who are pregnant, and even more expectations for moms. Meaning it’s best to have a thick skin and not feel too guilty over this or that little “transgression” because people will always be out to point out how you’re being a “bad” mother. Did I understand you right, mtr?

          • I suppose, but as a bit of a worrier, I find it unhelpful when someone says “just stop worrying or you’re going to have a terrible life!” because that just gives me another thing to worry about. :)

          • Exactly TBK, and it was meant to be just very straight-up, which can read to some people as harsh. I’m actually a few weeks pregnant myself and I realized that if I listened to all the “you can’t do that!” stuff about pregnancy, or felt guilty about not following it, I’m in for a rough 9 months. And I’m not saying don’t worry – if you worry about caffeine affecting the fetus, then stop drinking it. I’m saying that if you conform your behavior to other people’s expectations, you will be miserable.

            Seriously, every time I hear (or, more likely, read) “Why risk it, I can wait 9 months for _________ [doing my nails/coloring my hair/having a glass of wine/drinking coffee/eating sushi/eating lunch meat/basically anything fun]” I get all ragey and stabby. I am a person who happens to be pregnant; I did not transform into a gestation chamber. I have a personality aside from carrying a fetus. I decided either I had to follow what people were telling me to do/not do, or I had to not give a sh*t what people told me and just do what I thought was right. I chose the latter.

          • Seriously. I am so with you, mtr. You have to maintain reasonable expectations of yourself during pregnancy. I’m doing what I think is right too. I go to Starbucks. I had a glass of wine a couple of weeks ago. I’ll be getting my hair highlighted a few weeks from now. After all, women have been having babies for eons without these Hard And Fast Rules that everyone tries to follow, and in general I lead a pretty healthy life.

    • I had a beer and starbucks the day that I found out I was pregnant, and it was no problem at all – my boy is perfectly perfect.

      Honestly, though, some people really make a much bigger deal out of pregnancy avoidances than is probably necessary. Moderate drinking of alcohol and caffeine seem to be shown over and over again not to be harmful. Don’t get drunk, but a single drink in a day is going to be fine.

      (Full disclosure: I drank 2 cups of tea most every day during pregnancy, and the occasional coffee (in other words, I followed my pre-pregnancy patterns), and had 1/2 to 3/4 of a drink and sips off of my husband’s at drinking occasions (around once a week, though it was every night the week we were on vacation). I know that a lot of people wouldn’t do this, but I am certain that this was fine.)

      • Agree. I’m 6.5 months. I’ve tried to switch to mostly decaf., but simply because it makes the actual caffeine feel so much stronger (I went through a pretty big caffeine withdrawal during the first few weeks of pregnancy). I have stopped ordering my own booze, but I certainly have sips of DH’s at restaurants. I’ve had (most of) a beer a couple of times, and a small glass (<<4oz) of wine on my b'day. I (gasp) eat sandwich meat. I ate sushi (from a reputable place). I'm not concerned. Just my $.02 as a first time mom…but I'm of the mindset that childrearing should not take over one's life.

        • My friend’s OB told her there was more risk to her baby from eating at a restaurant that possibly mis-handled its raw chicken than from eating quality sushi.

          • I absolutely buy that. The list of things you can’t eat because there MIGHT be contamination and you MIGHT get sick is endless. Frozen yogurt/soft serve is one of them. HAHAHAA. YOU try telling someone 7-9 months pregnant she can’t have ice cream in the summer because there is a .0001% chance of food poisoning, which could harm the baby.

          • new york associate :

            The books all say to avoid lunch meat because of listeria, but when you look up listeria without the pregnancy context, all of the resources say that you are at the most risk for listeria when you’re eating VEGETABLES from a SALAD BAR. Seriously. I think they should really change that rule to focus on eating food that has been well-washed, safely-handled, kept at appropriate temperatures, and is not likely to make you sick. The fixation on lunch meat is totally weird.

      • 7 months pregnant with my first child. I drink at least 2 cups of tea every day and about 3-4 lattes a week. My mom drank 3 cups of coffee a day with me and all my sibs and we turned out fine. I don’t order wine anymore, but I often have a sip of my husband’s. I have not curbed my sushi intake at all, although I only eat it from good places (but I did that anyway). I am still eating blue cheese and hot dogs. I found out I was pregnant at around 7 weeks and got preg before New Years- I think that’s pretty normal. But just take a test if you’re worried about it.

    • My OB told me that the popular press has really overblown the concern about caffeine. She said it was totally fine to have 2 caffeinated beverages on a daily basis. Really, you should avoid an IV drip of redbull. With alcohol, there is good research out of the UK saying up to 4 units of alcohol a week is fine. Like, published in the UK equivalent of the New England Journal of Medicine. No US based trials because of the different social attitude re: alcohol and pregnancy.

      • Having an IV of redbull is probably not advisable in general :)

        I read that UK study and I actually trust it more than US studies, because in the UK health care is socialized, so the gov’t has a strong interest in making sure British babies are healthy. The biggest risk from occasional drinking while pregnant are the judge-y stares and lectures you’ll probably get.

    • I wouldn’t worry about it (been pg 6 times). However, why not take a test to be sure & stop yourself from wondering? Google what the most sensitive test is and just go pee on the stick. It might help ease your mind to know for sure.

    • Never been pregnant but I work in an office and half the time I think the caffeine thing is perpetuated by men so they can make remarks to pregnant colleagues.

      • ha! seriously. there are semi-profession lurkers in every office just waiting to pounce when they notice you stop having your regular cup of coffee or — heaven forbid– order a seltzer at happy hour. “ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?!” i’ve heard them referred to as “bean spillers.”

    • Thanks, everyone. I guess I didn’t know that tests worked so early? I’ll pick one up on my way home from work.

      • goldribbons :

        First Response Early Response is the most sensitive test. The test will work within ~4 days of implantation (which, hypothetically, happens within a week — plus or minus — of when you would otherwise get your period). Obviously the whole process is different for each body, but test today and test again in 3 days if it’s negative today. (The tests are sold in 2-packs.)

      • They usually work a few days before you miss your period, but should definitely show something if you’re a week late (unless, of course, you ovulated late, throwing off the whole month).

  13. Unsolicited reviews :

    Without knowing more, it looks like there’s no obligation of the LL to provide it. The internet, while it lasted, was a nice bonus.

    Given the cost of London living, this would likely be de minimis and the cost of getting into a (likely) losing fight are > cost of the air card.

  14. I’m going on my babymoon this weekend, and I’m super pumped about it. We’re staying in town but going to a nice hotel with a great pool for the weekend, and I’m getting a massage at their schmancy spa. I used to regret that we couldn’t take a fun trip, but now this is all I want. I can’t wait!!!!

  15. Baconpancakes :

    Has anyone ever experienced a weird spot “roughening” of jersey type fabrics after dry cleaning? I just got my favorite dress and skirt (The Skirt, incidentally) from the dry cleaner, and overall, the fabrics seem rougher (switching dry cleaners asap), but there’s a spot on my left hip on both garments that seems to have tiny pilling. I wear my purse on my right side, so I’m very confused by this. Any thoughts? Could this be from the dry cleaner or do I apparently switch my purse to the left without realizing it?

  16. TV show rec if anyone needs one :

    I just binge-watched both seasons of The Hour and cannot stop thinking about how good it was. So sad that it got cancelled and they’re apparently not going to a 3rd season.

    • Also in Academia :

      Oh, the Hour is SO good. Loved both seasons. Highly recommend. Plus it has Anna Chancellor in it, whom I just love, and it is strangely entertaining to watch the lead guy from the Wire with his actual accent.

    • Anne Shirley :

      I loved this show so much!

  17. L&E/litigation question from yesterday :

    Hi Hive, appreciate the comments from my litigation question yesterday! I’m going to take some L&E CLEs first and see where things go from there. 2 more questions: First, is there anything else I can be doing before I talk to the L&E partner about possibly doing work for them (basically, what else can I do to show my interest/aptitude for L&E)? I want to approach this Lean-In style, so I want to be methodical and am going to give myself a month before I approach the partner. In that month, what else should I be doing? Second, what should I say to the partner in terms of why I want L&E?

    Someone asked about the in-house ediscovery/discovery counsel position I was talking about. Not so much doc review – but managing the process from an in-house angle.

    Also, thanks for the PTO ALJ suggestion! Something to consider, granted all of the ALJ profiles are EE’s/CS’s but I’ll keep an eye out.

    • You to L&E partner: I recently took a CLE on L&E and found it to be very interesting. I want to learn more about this area and would love to take on a project from you or be staffed on a case.

      You may need to pave the way re internal politics (mention this to person you work for, mention to L&E partner that this has been blessed by your partner, mention doing this on your time at first if they won’t want to staff a senior person on a junior project) as needed, but I think you get the idea.

      Getting something permanent in an area is easier if you’ve dipped a toe (or more) in successfully. And if you don’t like it, you’re not really out much.

  18. Did people see the release of the new Lo and Sons bag? I love the pale blue! Still cursing I’m Canadian and that they don’t ship here…

    • I did–it’s gorgeous, but I’m afraid so pretty that I would never put it on the floor, on planes, or at meetings, because it’d get dirty. I have to think on it. But I have been wanting an OMG bc SFBayA always sings their praises. I was hoping they’d bring back the orchid or red colors, but…not yet.

      If anyone has a discount, pls share. Thanks!

      • Hee. I used my OG again this morning as my gym bag, and earlier this week as my briefcase+purse. I keep being surprised by how much lighter it is to have all my stuff in the nylon OG instead of a leather briefcase and purse. And the pockets. Pockets for everything. LOVE MY OG.

    • Baconpancakes :

      I was wishing they’d do a camel color, but that’s just me being picky. :-)

      • Amen to a camel OMG. I’ve been wanting to buy one, but haven’t been able to decide on a color because they don’t have camel.

  19. IT'S CLERK DAY :

    Let the games begin…

    • ? what is clerk day ?

      • If I’m getting the reference correct – its the day (this years) that the federal court judges are allowed to make calls to offer interviews (I think) to applicants for federal clerkships. Its a big deal for 3Ls (i.e. people in their last year of law school) and its considered a “big deal” at the top schools because everyone just watches who is getting phone calls and it can be sort of stressful.

        Though, since its so early this year, I guess everyone is at their summer job – so its a bit different. Also they’ve changed it a bit since my day. For more info – just see here.

  20. I need a new book to read on my commute. I’ve been powering through a bunch of non-fiction (Lessig’s Republic Lost, Bronson and Merryman’s Top Dog, and Moyo’s Dead Aid — all great books, btw, especially Lessig’s) but am looking for a good novel. I’d like something more complex than typical chick lit, but not Ulysses. Something along the lines of Cutting for Stone or Snow Falling on Cedars. Any recommendations?

    • The Language of Flowers!

      • Elegance of the Hedgehog.

        • I hated The Elegance of the Hedgehog, then liked it briefly in the middle, then wanted to throw it across the room at the end. It’s very French.

          • You got further than I did. I threw the book across the room after three chapters.

    • I just finished American Wife and thought it was quite good.

    • I’ve read and recommended Night Circus to a bunch of people and they all liked it.
      I just started Sisterland, Curtis Sittenfeld’s new novel, and am really enjoying it.

    • Miss Behaved :

      The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud
      The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier
      Indiscretion by Charles Dubow

    • A Nonny Moose :

      Recommended this recently on this blog, but still love love loving The Interestings (3/4 through).

    • Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.

    • New? Middlesex is wonderful, but not new.

      Tanna French is great if you like mysteries. Go in order, but you don’t need to. Some of the same characters are threaded throughout, but you don’t need to know the backstory of anyone to enjoy the books.

    • Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

    • I haven’t read the two you mentioned, so I don’t know if these are along the same lines or not, but two of my favorites are A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway and East of Eden by Steinbeck (though it is long.)

    • Arcadia by Lauren Groff. Beautifully written.

    • Kate Atkinson’s newest is getting great reviews. I love all her books (so if you haven’t read the older ones, those are at the library/available in paperback).

    • Tan Twan Eng – “The Garden of Evening Mists”. Beautifully written, very evocative book about a retired Malaysian judge, facing her past experiences as a Japanese prisoner of war and later as an apprentice to a Japanese gardener.

      • Also, I recently re-read “The Age of Innocence” by Edith Wharton, and got a lot more out of it than I did the first time. It is such an interesting study of the society of the time.

    • Just read “State of Wonder” by Ann Patchett and enjoyed it.

    • new york associate :

      The Interestings. Code Name Verity. Life After Life. (Anything by Kate Atkinson, actually.)