Tips for Full-Time MBA Students

MBA tipsA new MBA student has plenty on her plate: classes and projects, networking events, recruiting opportunities — not to mention the typical grad school challenges of making new friends and (for some) adjusting to a new city. Reader R wonders…

Hi there, I was wondering if there could be a post centered around starting a full-time business program? I’m moving in for orientation next week and would love to see a post (with reader comments) about how to balance schoolwork with social activities and career recruiting/networking, suggested reading (BusinessWeek and WSJ?), how to approach recruiting events with the major companies on campus, etc… Thanks!

I think this is a great question, so I reached out to a few MBAs I know, and asked the Corporette Facebook group for tips. I’ve always thought of the experience of getting a law degree very different than an MBA, if only because socializing and networking is such a big component of the MBA, compared with the mentality of “your GPA is everything” in the first semester or two of law school. Some good tips from friends, when asked about balance and reading recs:

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The Flighty Worker: How Many Jobs Can One Have in a Short Period of Time?

should you job hop to get ahead?2016 update: Check out our latest discussion on job hopping.

How does job hopping affect your career prospects? If you take a job with the intention of quitting soon, how bad is that? Reader T writes in with an interesting question about job loyalty…

I am leaving my current company as a result of my discovery of some unethical practices. I had originally hoped to move to a job abroad after my stint here, but I had banked on a having a longer timeline to work with.

I am now looking for a new job in my current (States-side) area. However, I’m also still clinging to hope of that job abroad. My question is, assuming I can quickly find a new job in my current location, how many bridges would I inevitably burn if I were to jump ship after a couple of months? For that matter, would international companies be unwilling to hire me if I’ve only been at Interim Job for less than a year? Not to mention, I would have to leave International Job after 2 years anyway in order to pursue my MBA. Finally, would I be reducing my chances of getting into a good business school by possibly sending the (false) impression that I’m flighty? In sum, how do I make this transition as non-destructive as possible?

Wow… my first impression is that I’m tired just reading your plans! Ultimately, I think you should avoid taking a permanent job for as short a period of time as “a couple of months,” but taking a job with the expectation of going to business school down the line is fine (with the understanding that the adage, “God laughs when you make a plan,” is often true.)  Let’s discuss more — I’m curious to hear what readers say, particularly about whether multiple jobs in a short period of time will hurt your b-school prospects.  (Photo credit: -RejiK.)  A few more quick thoughts:

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Weekly Roundup

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11– Our new Solicitor General, former Harvard Law dean Elena Kagan,  is fine with being called “General” but is still pondering what to wear for her first argument.  [] Of course, she might not be SG for very long, what with Souter retiring — but then again, some people think that Kagan or other potential nominees wouldn’t be good fits because they’re overweight.  Yes, seriously.  [Jezebel]

– The WSJ advises mothers on how to get their daughters to dress appropriately for their first jobs.  Duh, send them to Corporette! [WSJ]

– If you travel a lot, a variety of networks exist to help you both network but also to enjoy the sights during your travels.  [NYT]

– Interesting article on the difference between MBAs and entrepreneurs.  [Business Week]

– Everything you need to know about personal finance on one page. [The Simple Dollar]

– Greatarticle on how to eat well without thinking.  Our favorite tip: eat dessert.  [Women’s Health]

– How to recycle your shoes, electronics, and more.  [Wise Bread]

Weekly Roundup

Liking these posts? Follow Corporette on Twitter — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also Tweet if we hear about a good sale.)

sexy businesswoman– The Financial Times explores the myth of the sexy stiletto-heeled businesswoman, so common on television shows like Lipstick Jungle: it’s fictional! <gasp!> [FT via Jezebel]

– Schools are doing their best to draw more women to executive MBA programs. [WSJ]

– How to dress like a French woman: simple, chic. [Forbes Woman] (In fact, it’s a bit hard to find on their website but they have an entire quarterly issue devoted to women in business — check out this link for all the articles.)

– Check out the jewelry sale going on at Erin Gallagher (through Jan. 25) — especially great if you have any loved ones with an odd birthstone, like garnet (January). [Erin Gallagher]

– Finally — if you could come vote for us in the 2009 Bloggies, we’ll be your best friend forever! [2009 Bloggies]