Seven of the Absolute Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor

Where are the best places to get cute office decor, ladies? Whether you’ve got a small Secret Santa gift to buy for a coworker, you’re on the hunt for stocking stuffers for a loved one, or you’re thinking of sprucing up your own office (perhaps during the quiet office around the holidays), now is a great time to take a look at all the practical but cute office decor out right now — so we rounded some of it up for you!

Psst: We’ve previously discussed when to use cute office supplies, affordable and easy office decor ideas, and how to repurpose office supplies in MacGuyver-like ways.

Here are seven of our favorite places to get cute office decor — which are yours?


(Pictured at top: scissors / turtle / card case.)

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One of the Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor: Target (#1 of #7)


one / two / three

You might luck out when it comes to office supplies in the Target dollar aisle when you’re already there for other things, but if you want to spend a little more or prefer to online shop, Target has enlisted Nate Berkus for gold, black, and marble accented items, including staplers, sticky-note holders, and mini ceramic plates to keep all the little things that need a home. The Threshold and West Emory lines offer items with a similar aesthetic.


One of the Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor: Staples (#2 of #7)

one / two / three

The go-to office supplies store carries at least five fashion collabs: the turquoise and gold accents of Dwell Studios; the rainbow-hued patterns of Erin Condren; classic looks in light blue and persimmon of the Martha Stewart collection; dreamy floral patterns of Cynthia Rowley; and the 15 different solid color and metallic options of Poppin.


One of the Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor: Kikkerland (#3 of #7)

one / two / three

For something quirky, the design studio that combines “form, function, and delight in equal parts” has various office decor options including stylish bookends, a concrete planter and pen holder, and this bear-shaped letter organizer.


One of the Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor: Nordstrom (#4 of #7)

one / two / three

In addition to offerings that feature artworks from the MoMA Design Store, Nordstrom offers desk accessories and stationery options that include the rose gold accented tools by Ted Baker London, black and gold (and floral and pink) supplies by Kate Spade New York, and inspirational magnets and paperweights by Ben’s Garden.


One of the Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor: Ikea (#5 of #7)

onetwo / three

Whether you are in the market for furniture for a home office, or just looking for a couple accent pieces, the Swedish superstore has attractive options to help you when it comes to lighting, getting organized, and even coffee and tea accessories for you or your officemates.


One of the Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor: Anthropologie (#6 of #7)

one / two / three

Pretty pastels and bold metallics define Anthropologie’s selection of office supplies and stationery, including calendars and planners, as well as frames and wall art and other room decor.

Urban Outfitters

One of the Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor: Urban Outfitters (#7 of #7)

one / two / three

Beyond apartment decor, Urban Outfitters provides an array of exclusive options for stationery and desk supplies. calendars, laptop skins, and other storage and accessories will add a little pop of personality to your work area.

While this is just a sampling of what’s out there, we’re curious: where do you think are the best places to get cute office supplies? Do you ever buy them as gifts for friends and colleagues? Have you ever received a cute office accessory as a gift that you truly appreciated? Also, do you have an office environment where you prefer to buy your own supplies or do you just rely on the supply closet or office manager’s regular supply orders? 

Most images are from the stores; some social media images (desk with flowers, notebook and file folder) are via places to get cute office decor

Where are the best places to get cute office decor? We went on a hunt and rounded up 7 of our our very favorite stores selling functional but FUN office supplies like tape dispensers, bookends, card cases, pencil holders, and more. Great to liven up even a stodgy, conservative office!


  1. Home Goods and World Market have come through for me on the inexpensive, cute office supplies/decor front.

  2. What do middle school girls wear these days? Looking for gift ideas. Or accessories? She has long hair, braids it sometimes…

    • Anonymous :

      What’s her style? Sporty, girly, artsy, all of the above?

      • A little bit of all the above.

        Does martial arts, violin, likes her woodshop class and never talks about her other classes. Like magenta, cats, her iPhone (!).

    • velvet scrunchies for hair buns, cute socks to wear under boots – things like sushi, pets, etc on them, inexpensive gloves with tech finger, roller balls of perfume – Marc Jacobs, tory burch, etc, lip glosses, sets of gel ink pens or le pens in fun colors.

      • Thanks. Didn’t know scrunchies were back in! She hasn’t hit an interest in make-up yet, so I have been hesitant to start that direction. She LOVED the set of gel ink pens I got her at Costco last Xmas.

      • cat socks :

        Cute socks..with cats on them!

        Maybe an iPhone case:

  3. My sister loves Kate Spade so I just bought her some Kate Spade office stuff for xmas. I was surprised at how cute it is and now I want some of it for myself.

    • Rosa also loves Kate Spade, but lateley she has started mumbling more about PRADA. I think she has a deep pocketed husband in Ed, who does NOT want her to look at other men. Even tho she has had kid’s, she still has a very nice tuchus and body b/c she has a trainer. So Ed is spending money on her just so that he can show her off at Meril Lynch, and boast to his freinds that he has s-x with her any time he wants (even tho it is NOT true, b/c Rosa will NOT have s-x with him when he is drunk!

  4. i got a positive result on a pregnancy test this morning!! We’re TTC and I’m totally freaking out but in a nervous way! Sorry if this is TMI but I spotted a few days ago and swore it was the start of my period, so I still don’t totally believe this is real, and am well aware of chemical pregnancies… Going to doctor tomorrow to confirm – yikes! But i had to share somewhere!!

  5. Pen and Pencil :

    I was told by my doctor to do yoga. I tried to do the Beginner class at home with Yoga by Adrienne, but it made me realize I cannot sit on my feet in a kneeling position. Has anyone else had this issue? Is this a flexibility thing or a bigger issue?

    • My fiance and I were just talking about this last night. His instructor had him modify by sitting on a couple yoga blocks until he was flexible enough.

    • Anonymous :

      If you do some more Yoga With Adrienne, you’ll hear her say over and over that it’s fine to modify anything because different people are at different stages of their practice. And any decent instructor would say the same. Almost certainly the only issue you’ve got is being a beginner. :)

    • Yes. I was also ‘prescribed’ yoga. Apparently my doctor knew what I didn’t, my repeated running injuries were due to poor core strength and flexibility. I modify poses all the time, it’s nbd. In this case, you can put a folded towel or something under your butt until your flexibility increases (in a yoga class, you’d probably be using a borrowed yoga block, which is basically a big foam block). I’m still a terrible yogi but no where near as injury prone!

    • If you have big thighs or calves it may be impossible. It is for me now that I’ve gained weight. So, it might not be a flexibility issue.


    Appointed. Their monogrammed notebooks are great and hold up very well.

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