The Hunt: Warm, Wintry Blazers

wintry blazers for work

2017 Update: We still think the wintry blazers featured here are great for work — but if you’re looking for in-stock items, you may want to check out our more recent roundup of the best winter blazers to wear to work.

Sure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Happy Monday! As temperatures get colder, I thought I’d hunt for a few tweed, wool, and other nice winter blazers to keep you warm and add some texture to your fall outfits.  Ladies, do you have a favorite tweed blazer from years past that you can’t wait to pull out this season? Have you bought one recently that you’re psyched about?

First, I thought I’d round up some general categories:

Loft Tweed Blazer | CorporetteThis dark blue tweed blazer starts our list at $109 (for more under $150, see our bullet pointed roundup above).  I like the classic shape, the vented back, and the general speckled goodness. It’s $109 at Loft (full price), available in regular, petite, and tall sizes 0-18.  Tweed Blazer
Boden British Tweed Blazer | CorporetteHello — I love the blue herringbone color and shrunken fit to this tweed blazer from Boden, but I’m also a fan of the blue check print and the gray herringbone.  I’m also a fan of a sale, which this little guy is on: the blazer was $228, but is now as low as $136 depending on the color.  It’s available in petite and regular sizes, 2-18. British Tweed Blazer
tweed fringe jacketFringe on tweed blazers: yea or nay? I’ve seen the detail go sideways (conceptually speaking) more times than I’ve seen it right, but I like the small fringe here on this sedate blazer from Ann Taylor.  (A great black blazer to keep in your office all winter, btw.)  I like that it’s available in regular and petite sizes 00-18, and it’s $179 full price. Tweed Fringe Jacket
wool blazerOK: neither of the two Brooks Brothers blazers that I’m about to link to are tweed, but they’re both full of wintry goodness — and of course I love the little bitty cobalt detail on this schoolboy blazer.  Oooh: I also Love that there’s an inside pocket and pretty lace details in the lining.  This one is $248, and available in sizes 0-14.  Also amazing: this purple lambswool herringbone blazer for $498 in regular and petites — it’s the color I wish the Ralph Lauren blazers were this season. (I’m still calling them Hall of Famers because they’ve been around for years, though, so if you happen to like that super bright purple, I doubt you’ll regret the blazer purchase itself).   The pictured blazer: Wool Two-Button Jacket
tweed fringe blazerThis navy tweed jacket is by far one of the most classic ones in the roundup, and I like that, despite the (also classic) boxy cut.  Four pockets! Fringe! Contrast trim!  Lovely.  It’s $525 on Amazon, available in sizes 0-12. (I tend to think of RT as being on the smaller side of the sizing spectrum, so I included this blazer in our bullet point for “very small sizes” at top, for women who are too small for regular sizes but not petite.) Rebecca Taylor Women’s Stretch Rio Tweed Jacket
St. John Collection Leather Trim Knit Moto JacketI feel like dark green has a trendy moment going on, and this St. John knit tweed blazer gets everything about it right, including the leather accents.  Love the fitted shape, the slightly different tone to the green on the lapel, and, well, everything about it.  It’s (gulp) $1595 at Nordstrom, sizes 0-16.  St. John Collection
Leather Trim Knit Moto Jacket

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  1. My favorite blazer, which I had in DC year’s ago, was a grey tweed herringbone blazer, which I got from Woodwards and Lothrap, if anyone is old enough to remember them. They had a store on E street I think, downtown and all the freshman women went to get that blazer. We all looked so adult (and prep) wearing them. I had to get rid of mine when I put on weight my first year, I think I may have GIVEN it to Rosa, tho I realy do NOT remember.

    If anyone in the HIVE remember’s WOODY’s, speak up! I also had another blazer that someone threw up on at a party, but that is another story. FOOEY!

  2. Diana Barry :

    Note to all: I had the Boden blazer a few seasons ago, but had to give it up because it was so effing ITCHY around the collar. You really have to wear a thick turtleneck under it in order for the itch factor to go down.

  3. Baconpancakes :

    Oh god, I just looked at the Boden Herringbone Stripe and I have to go wash my eyes with bleach.

    If they had that in a basic camel tweed I’d be all over it, though.

    • lucy stone :

      OMG. I wear a lot of crazy patterns but that’s like Willy Wonka level crazy.

    • Rogue Banker :

      Oh my lord. I just went “No. NO.” out loud. It looks like something my (chronically fashion-impaired) grandmother would buy me when I was in my teens, going “Look at all the colors, it will go with everything in your closet! And it has vertical stripes too!”

      Willy Wonka is an appropriate reference.

  4. Has anyone tried the blazers from LLBean or Lands End? They always have blazers in the fall/winter that would fit perfectly into this category.

    • Baconpancakes :

      I have one (seersucker, bracelet-length sleeve) from Lands’ End that I’m not particularly happy with. It’s cut very boxy, and generally, I find their structured tops do tend to be boxier than than I’d like. The quality is always top notch, though.

  5. I love the St John’s one, too bad about the price!
    I’m looking forward to receiving my Wool Riding Jacket from AT (, currently on sale for $50

  6. Anonymous :

    Ugh, why do so many wintry blazers have half or three-quarter sleeves? I love that Ann Taylor one but I’d look crazy exposing my forearms when it’s 20 degrees outside.

    • Anonymous :

      This is what long gloves are made for!
      And don’t forget your cigarette holder.

  7. Anonymous :

    My favorite winter blazers are from Akris and Akris Punto. They make some terrific angora blend and cashmere blend blazers.

  8. thrifty mcthrifterson :

    Always check consignment. I’ve found a many-seasons-ago olive herringbone tweed blazer from Old Navy before the quality was ick. This one is 100% wool, lined, and has a pretty beaded embellishment on the lapel. I also have a gorgeous mallard blue velveteen Halogen blazer I got from consignment.

    Both were under $5.

    If you’re little, don’t forget to check the boys’ stuff. I’ve been trying to find a boys’ navy blazer (a la alterations needed). Also be on the lookout for old legit equestrian stuff.

  9. I love that Rebecca Taylor jacket. I’ve found cute tweed jackets at WHBM in past seasons. They’re generally 3/4 sleeve but that’s my preferred length.

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