Wednesday’s TPS Report: Amelie Silk Blend Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
Amelie Silk blend dressOooOoo:  we are normally not fans of the sweater dress (starts too clingy, gets too stretched out after wear, and generally a pain to handwash and dry) but we are loving this one from Ralph Lauren.  We love the fact that the flared skirt, as well as the ruching on the sleeves.  The boatneck, the ladylike length — perfect.  We’d wear it for a casualish day at the office, perhaps with pearls.  It’s $140 at Ralph Lauren in sizes XS-XL.  Amelie Silk Blend Dress

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  1. Am I wrong to think that this is appropriate for a regular, non-casual day at the office (even at a law firm), if paired with a jacket?

    • I agree with you. It’s business (non-casual) attire, with or without the jacket. Posts like this sometimes make me worry that I’m underdressing, but when I look around my office (NYC Biglaw), I don’t really see people dressing up this much.

    • anon - chi :

      In my office this would be perfectly fine for any day of the week even without the jacket. Somehow wearing a dress seems to come off to people as more formal than a comparable top and pants, even if the dress itself is on the casual side.

  2. I would agree, except that you probably can’t get a jacket over those sleeves.

  3. This is a cute dress, but I think the sleeves make it a little less versatile than I might want for this price range. Normally I’d wear a dress like this with a colorful cardigan for a more casual day or a black blazer for a more formal day, but I’m not sure either of those would work with those sleeves.

  4. Lovely dress, but same problem here. The sleeves are pretty but problematic for layering anything over them. Maybe with a thin black turtleneck underneath?

    • Ha — normally I am a fierce defender of the thin black turtleneck under things, but given that this a sweater dress, maybe all that layering would take it too far into casual territory.

      However, I don’t think the sleeves would be all that problematic w/a jacket. If it can go over a button down, a blazer will likely be okay with this, no?

  5. If it’s a casual-ish day at an office, then I’m going with pants, not a dress. A dress is still “dressed up” to me.

  6. I own this dress (on sale at Macy’s online in October) and actually would totally have said I bought it after seeing it on this site, but I guess you probably didn’t post it twice. Anyway, it is perfect for my workplace and works great with pearls. The sleeves are problematic for a thin cardigan and it really wouldn’t work with a turtleneck under. However, you can easily wear a jacket with it, even with the sleeves–they aren’t so bunchy that they distort the line of a jacket, in my experience. I’ve worn it 3 or 4 times since October.

    • Heidi — where does this dress fall on you? At the knee, below, or above? I’m looking for a dress that would hit right at the knee, maybe even very slightly below. I’m 5 ‘ 5. Thanks!

      • I’m 5’6″ and it hits just about at the knee. I am not wearing it today so I can’t quite remember exactly, but it’s essentially knee length.

    • Heidi

      Was considering getting it but unsure whether it was ‘dry clean only’ due to the silk. Can it be machine/hand washed? Thanks

      PS – Thanks for replying on length. I’m 5″4 & like dresses to hit just below knee, and sounds like it would, based on your post.

  7. I LOVE. And I especially love that there’s no wool in it–I am allergic and thus have to shun most sweater dresses. This would be a perfect “work to cocktails” dress for sure!

  8. Cute dress, but gotta break out the Spanx for sure! No gathering or ruching and such, which means no room for error on this one.

  9. I have just purchased this dress. Thanks, C, and commenters! I actually view $140 as a totally acceptable price for a dress. Any outfit (pants + top) would cost at least that much, plus this dress appears to be appropriate for 3 seasons. I also think the look changes if you wear it with pearls+hose+heels as opposed to a statement necklace+wide belt+ tights or boots as opposed to a shawl or scarf or a jacket…

    • Delta Sierra :

      B: agree with you on all points. It’s a gorgeous dress, and apart from the difficulty of getting a jacket over it, is very versatile.

  10. I’d really like to see some nice pant looks on Corporette.

  11. housecounsel :


  12. Can you imagine standing that way in real life? How awkward.

  13. ha, it is a rather awkward pose. loving the dress though. great find!

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