Tuesday’s TPS Report: Summer Graphic Little Black Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

White House Black Market Summer Graphic Little Black DressI’ve been eyeing this simple black shift dress for a while at White House | Black Market, and it’s finally hit the sale section.  I like the white stripes at the bottom , the high neckline, and the fact that it’s fully lined.  A lot of reviewers note that you should consider going down a size.  It was $150, but is now marked to $80.  Summer Graphic Little Black Dress

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  1. goldribbons :

    Bought it! What a fantastic dress — I can’t wait to try it on.

    • If my dad let me, I would also buy it. But dad has put a MOREATORIUM on all clotheing for me b/c I have to much both at home in my apartement as well as at dad’s house on LI. He said I could start a GOODWILL store with all of the clotheing I do NOT wear. But I am NOT spendeing HIS money, it is money that I earned workeing for the manageing partner! I do NOT know why he does NOT connect the dot’s!

      Anyway, Myrna saw Brandon, and she think’s he is kind of wimpy. She does NOT think I should waste my time with a guy who fold’s towel’s at the NYSC. She said he has NO real carreer path, unless he want’s to get into the laundry busines’s. I guess I agree b/c I need a guy to suport me and our children, not just fold the laundry, which I am sure he is capeabel of doeing!

      So I am lookeing forward to going boating with the manageing partner and Margie, with mom and dad in tow. I hope dad does NOT get into busieness discusion’s on the boat b/c it is suposed to be FUN! YAY!!!! The manageing partner said he got some fire work’s from some guy he know’s and that he is planning on blowing off the fire work’s off the boat! YAY! But I hope he knows what he is doeing. Myrna think’s the manageing partner is kind of a schumuck (but I won’t tell him that b/c he like’s Myrna).

      I am fileing 3 breif’s today with the court for a Tuesday return date. They are all 3211(a)(7) motion to dismisses, and one includeing a special the statue of limitation’s defense. The guy claims he was injured on the job, and it hapened in 1983! I was still in dipers then! How can he think he has a claim 30 year’s later! FOOEY on that! I told Jim I would dispoze of this pronto! YAY!!!! I just hope Jim will NOT want to celabrate the win, but I NEVER count my chicken’s before they are hatched!!!!! YAY!!!!!

    • anon for this :

      Can anyone comment on WHBM dress fit? I like a lot of dresses on their site, but am worried the sheaths will be too body-conscious. I have a booty..

  2. Paging Happy Hoya :

    If you need another dental recommendation; I go to VA Dental Center out in Clarendon. They have early appointments and actually talked my DH out of a painful and apparently unnecessary procedure another dentist recommended.

  3. Veronique :

    For the Litigator*tte who’s considering moving in-house (or anyone else interested on in-house), I thought this was a good explanation of why companies prefer to hire lawyers with prior on-house experience and how you can sell your firm experience to a company: http://www.linkedin.com/e/ojahuu-hin58os0-52/ava/254655977/4944081/eml-anet_dig-b_nd-pst_ttle-cn/?hs=false&tok=3NrQRbAOIP7lQ1

    • I’d love to read this article, but it requires joining a group. And to be honest, I can’t even tell what group it is. Is there a link to view it outside of linkedin? Thanks!

      • I’m on my phone, so I’ll repost later when I get to a computer.

      • You can just join it to read the posts and then un-join it anytime. Can’t lose really.

  4. So it looks like rain for the 4th of July in a lot of places. For all of us who may be stuck inside on our getaways waiting out the rainy weather, any suggestions for fun board or card games to play with friends? We already have scrabble, monopoly, clue and cards against humanity. Any other fun suggestions for groups of 6-10? Drinking will probably be involved, so the sillier the better.

    And if you haven’t played, cards against humanity is definitely fun with the right crowd. I highly recommend.

    • Anonymous :

      Apples to Apples. Silly fun, good for a very varied group.

    • My family loves Quelf. You have to be willing to be completely stupid, but it’s a blast.

    • A Nonny Moose :

      My family loves Cranium. It’s a lot of different games in one– Charades, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, etc.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        This is hands down my favorite game. It’s a little something for everybody.

    • Ellen’s game (a $.99 app) “Heads Up” has proven to be a crowd pleaser around here. It’s kind of a cross between catch phrase and charades.

    • Banana grams! Pass the bomb!

    • Taboo!

      • I looooove Taboo. Haven’t played it in years because I mostly play games with my nephews and they didn’t know the subjects well enough. But playing with my Dad was hilarious because he was a notorious cheat.

    • Our Cards Against Humanity crowd also loves The Game of Things and Telephone Pictionary.

      • Jenolen2161 :

        +1 for Cards Against Humanity. Maybe it was the late hour or the one-too-many margaritas, but I’ve cried from laughter playing that game.

      • You have to gauge your group for Cards Against Humanity. I’ve played 5 times… 4 of them were hilarious and fun, 1 of them resulted in an engagement being broken off. (True story. Obviously there were other issues, but a poorly timed round of Cards Against Humanity was the straw that broke the camel’s back.)

      • In-House Optimist :

        I second “Things.” It gets dirty quickly, which in my crowd leads to hilariousness. And Anon – that’s darn hilarious, and I can kind of see how it could happen…

      • +100 to Cards Against Humanity.

      • Yay for Telephone Pictionary! That is one of my favorite group games, ever. Or that game that is like charades except you play in three rounds with progressively less information but the same clues each round….I think Apartment Therapy has a description if this isn’t familiar.

    • I’m playing awkward date night. Just invite your ex, the new guy you’re seeing, and a friend who wants to set you up with his friend, who he’s bringing, and you’ll have hours of fun!

    • Mafia!

    • Thanks for the recommendation on Cards Against Humanity. I’ve been eyeing it for a while and definitely think it needs to join our game collection.

      For a twist on Apples to Apples (I’ve played it so much at this point that it gets a little old), I had fun playing it with two green cards instead of one recently. The combinations can be ridiculously awesome.

      • Make sure to buy the expansion packs to go with the original. They’re fantastic additions.

    • Not a lawyer :

      Game of Things! Another game that can be family friendly or not so much, depending on the crowd.

      • darjeeling :

        Seconded! I once hosted a game brunch that lasted for 13 hours largely because no one wanted to stop playing Game of Things.

    • Telestrations is a great game for groups. It’s kind of like pictionary meets telephone, involving alternating between drawing and guessing what a picture is. I know it has been hilarious when playing with friends.

      • This!! Played with friends recently and so much fun and laughter. Ribs sore from laughing afterwards. Stack of index cards and pens is all you need. Everybody starts with their own stack of cards. Have one minute to write a sentance using both a subject and an action. Ex “the small dinosaur read a book while sitting at the park.” Or “the man fell into the river.” Pass the deck to the left with the sentence card on top. To start the next round everyone reads the sentence they’ve received, place the sentence card face up to the back of the stack and then illustrate the sentence using the card that is now at the top of the deck. After 1 min pass to the left with illustration on top. Now everyone writes a sentance describing what they see. And rinse and repeat.
        Also: no words allowed on the illustration rounds :)

    • Spot. It’s a card game that comes in a round tin and is fun for ALL ages. First played it at a work party, loved it, got it for home & my kids (youngest is 7) really enjoy it too.

    • Our group likes Buzz word. It is even more fun while drinking.

    • Olivia Pope :

      I love that there are a million game recommendations on this site.

      Card games: Dutch Blitz, and Pit! Both fast-paced with short rounds and lots of energy.

      Board game: Zombiecide. I just played this for the first time. It’s a cooperative game, so as a team all the players are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It came out last year (from Kickstarter).

  5. mezzaluna :

    Seeking recommendations! Does anyone have a favorite air freshener or use an electronic filter in her office? I’m looking for something to put in chambers located in an older, historic building with high ceilings to help combat the musty smell. I’m trying to think of something other than strongly scented plug ins or trays of baking soda…

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      We have an old building and lots of people with allergies in our office. Our office manager has been very patient trying different solutions to curb a musty bathroom smell while not aggravating the allergic. She ended up w/ these bamboo diffuser rods and some kind of vanilla oil. Smells great and doesn’t seem to bother the people who are allergic. I think they are chemical free.

    • tea tree oil actually kills mold. If you buy some (available at whole foods etc.) and put drops in a a small bowl of water you’re addressing the source of the musty smell in the air.

    • activated charcoal?

      • +1 – it takes a while to work, but eventually sucks the stink out of the surroundings. Even took heavy cigarette smoke smell out of new-to-us car upholstery. No allergy issues.

        Wide, shallow bowl of white vinegar has the same effect, but you don’t want to spill it. Might smell like pickles while it is out, but that smell disappears as soon as you dump the vinegar (and takes the musty smells with it).

    • Thanks!

  6. advice needed :

    I like the dress! I have an early threadjack. I’m in my late twenties, happily married, finishing my second year in big law. I’m thinking about having kids. My husband is in academia and is considering a move next year. He will go through the interview process in March (in his field, this entails traveling for most of the month) and will probably decide on a school in the late April to May timeframe. I would say there is a 50% chance we will be moving next summer.

    It’s occurred to me that if we do move, I won’t want to start having kids for a while, as I’ll be settling into a new job, and that’s assuming that I find a new job quickly. I would love to take advantage of my current firm’s amazing maternity leave policy. How crazy is it to try to “time” a baby for April or even early May, and then stay employed, on maternity leave, until the fall and possibly through a move? I wouldn’t want others to know that I’m planning to leave before I started my maternity leave, and I also wouldn’t want a gap in health insurance coverage (I could move to my husband’s health insurance, but he would probably have a gap over the summer). On the other hand, I’d rather not delay having a family for another few years.

    For what it’s worth, I feel absolutely no guilt about continuing to take maternity leave even after I know I’ll be moving. I’ve paid my dues at this firm and they’ve made lots of money from my late hours. I just would worry about the optics if word got out that I was leaving before I started my leave.

    I guess the other piece is that I’m not 100% sure I’m “ready” to have a baby. There are many aspects of my life that I enjoy (like sleep and exercise) that I know will be much more difficult. However, I really, really want a family at some point, and I’m not sure anyone feels completely ready.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts and opinions.

    • Anonforthis :

      So here’s the thing, you can’t time it. You might get pregnant right away and you might not.

      I just had to wait to start trying to make sure I was at my job for a year and qualified for FMLA. Now we’re several months in and no positive pregnancy test yet. Which of course makes me wish we had just started trying earlier. But on the other hand, my friend started trying with the assumption that it would take a few months and they got pregnant immediately and then were scrambling to figure out how to rearrange their lives in a shorter time frame than anticipated. On average, it takes people 6-8 months, but obviously there’s a much wider range if that’s the average.

      That being said, no one is ever “ready” for kids. You figure it all out on the fly and you make it work because you have to.

    • I’d say just pull the goalie and figure out whatever life throws at you as it comes. You’re happily married, done with school, have some financial security, and know you want kids. I’d just get on with it. It could take much longer than you’d anticipated, or much less time. But I second Anonforthis — the vast majority of us have much less control over when we get pregnant than we’re led to believe. So just roll with it.

    • goldribbons :

      Attempting to time a baby for late April / early May means you’d have to get pregnant in the next few weeks — so on your first try. If you’re on hormonal BC, the chances of that working out are pretty slim, and I think you’ll be really really disappointed if you try and it doesn’t work (meaning, I would not encourage trying for one month and then expecting to be okay with the “plan” of not trying again for some time, possibly years).

      As far as being “ready” to have a family — either you want a family or you don’t. You can read books, talk to people, have conversations with your partner, but ultimately it’s a decision YOU have to make. Whatever you enjoy doing, you’ll be able to do again, later in life. Maybe now, maybe in 10 years, maybe in 30 years. I don’t have kids, but think about other huge life changes (starting college, going to law school, getting married, etc.) — were you ever 100% ready? I always felt at least a little apprehensive about huge changes, but they always worked out fine because I knew they were what I wanted.

      Definitely think hard about health insurance coverage and how terrible it looks to never come back from maternity leave. Good luck!

      • Just want to comment that it doesn’t always look terrible to not return from maternity leave — especially when your prior place of employment is/was biglaw. At my prior biglaw firm, I would say over 50% of the women who took maternity leave did not return or returned for a nominal amount of time. It was understood by both the biglaw firm and the smaller shops where I interviewed while on maternity leave that biglaw firm was a horrific place in general and especially horrible for mothers. Also, many women do not know what they want to do (and you may not be able to predict) about returning to work until you are holding your babe in arms.

        • I am not a fan of the take maternity leave and leave approach, but I think you can really minimize any negative impact by tieing it to your husband’s relocation in this instance. I would just not mention that he is interviewing and then present it as “an excellent opportunity that just came up.”

      • Anonymous :

        I don’t know how “slim” it is that you’ll not get pregnant on your first month off after the pill. Its happened to me twice. And several other people I know have gotten pregnant in a cycle or two off the pill.

    • Agreeing with everyone that it’s nearly impossible to “time” a pregnancy or baby. It’s one of those things that you just don’t have much control over.

      As for thinking you’re ready for a baby, I don’t know if anyone is ever 100% ready for one. We tried for years and when I got that positive test, the second thought I had after “yay!” was “What now?!”

      I have a big “meh” about leaving relatively soon after coming back from maternity leave. It’s like you said – you’ve paid your dues and it’s something that the firm offers as an incentive to women. Your employer can fire you at any time for any reason (provided it’s not an illegal reason), you should be able to do what’s best for your family. We’ve had a few people at my firm leave relatively soon (going in-house) after taking maternity/paternity and I think my employer just sees it as a cost of doing business and providing that leave.

      It’s true that having a baby will change your life in many expected and unexpected ways. Yeah, you’re going to get a lot less sleep and probably won’t be able to exercise as much. But (and this might be my pregnancy hormones talking), what you get in return is worth so much more.

    • Also married to an academic. You have very little control over anything in this process — when you get pregnant, where your husband will move, whether he even gets a job, etc. Academia is brutal. So what would I do? Just start trying. You know you want a baby. I’d stop worrying so much about timing it and just start trying. The world will do with you what it will, but you get to choose whether you tackle the world as a family of 2 or a family of 3.

  7. frustrated academic :

    We’re expecting a junior faculty member in the spring!!

    • I’m a bit thick today but if that’s what I think it means, congratulations!

      • @CB – ha, my first thought was, “She’s this excited over a new hire 9 months from now? She must be really swamped.”

        To frustrated academic, congratulations!

    • Congrats! :)

    • Congrats!!

    • Congrats! When are you do? March 4 for me…I’d love to have a buddy, lol!

    • Congratulations on expanding the team!

    • Frustrated Academic :

      Thanks everyone! It’s still so early that I hesitate to even type the p-word, so sorry for the confusion ;-)

      @Jo March–March 1–yes, let’s be buddies! I briefly dipped my toe in some group on “the bump” and was both horrified at the bad grammar and unable to understand some of the abbreviations!

      • Ooh, we are right close! My email is purrplegrrl at the yahoo mail service.

        All the baby groups freak me out. Either it’s the grammar issue, or the cutesiness, or the fear-mongering/self-righteousness, or, at the other extreme, the total cynicism. Yuck.

  8. Everyone will tell you – a) you can’t time it, b) there’s never a good time & c) you’re never “ready”. If you’re financially ok and your marriage is strong, then the rest will follow. It’s going to be tough no matter when you do it. But lots of fun.

  9. anon for this :

    Is it normal for companies to not pay out the full amount of vacation days? My brother just left his first job before business school, and only got paid out for 50%. Is there anything he can do? Just bear it and be glad that he is no longer working for those d*cks?

    • What does his contract/company policy say?

      • This. His only argument is if the company isn’t following their own policy. Otherwise he’s SOL.

    • Our PTO is “assumed” half sick, half vacation, thus the company only pays out 50% of the PTO bank when you leave.

    • I’ve never heard of a company doing that, but, assuming that there’s no requirement that he get vacation days in the first place (i.e., a contract), then there’s no requirement that they pay him any specific amount for them. A lot of companies have a policy of not paying out anything for vacation days, and it’s considered just fine, at least in most states. Unless they promised him something different, or there’s a state law I don’t know about, he’s probably out of luck.

    • Is it possible he hasn’t earned 100% of the vacation time yet? Ex. if he gets 4 weeks/year, but it’s “earned” time, he may only have “earned” the first 2 weeks for this year since it’s only june/july.

      If not…just have him check the company’s policy. Some only allow a certain number of days to roll over (and therefore you end up with less time come payout).

    • Looks like it is based on company policy. Thanks all! So frustrating because he could have just given an end date further out and taken PTO to until then.

      • No, he couldn’t. Usually companies don’t let people take PTO after they’ve given notice.

        • I say this because a co-worker did the same thing and my brother went the more direct route and got burned for it.

        • it also depends on the state — in some states (like Ca), the co has to pay you out b/c its considered a form of compensation.

  10. Apartment Rental Rate Question :

    Quick threadjack –

    We received our apartment renewal lease and the rate is increasing by 7%. This seems high to me, but maybe I’ve just had my head in the sand re: what is a normal increase. Can other people weigh in?

    For context, we’re in a large southern city.

    • There was a thread about this a week or so ago. For what its worth, my rent was just jacked 10% (popular place to live in the Bay Area, where rents are increasing like crazy). This is our fourth year and its gone up by around 10% every year. The market has gone up even more though in that time, so I was unable to negotiate. Definitely try to negotiate, it doesn’t hurt. But assuming the rental market is doing well, 7% increase doesn’t sound out of line to me.

    • I’m in Chicago and they tried to raise mine 12% a few months ago. I eventually negotiated them down to about half of that, but ended up leaving the place anyway. I don’t know how this translates to other cities, but in Chicago the rental market is going crazy right now, so a rent increase like that is not at all unheard of.

    • In the SF Bay Area, my rent went up 17% last year.

      • Yep. Thankfully my SF apartment is rent-controlled, but all of the new construction buildings are raising rents at least 10-15%.

  11. Does anyone have suggestions for online dating? I’m in grad school in a city where nobody really knows how anyone finds each other other than luck/friends, because people don’t really meet at bars or elsewhere. My friends and I are considering online dating and thought grouper (where three girls and three guys meet up for a group date) might be a nice way to start. I was just curious if anyone here had experience and/or advice.

    (I posted this in yesterday’s, because I’m an idiot and accidentally went to the wrong link. Sorry!)

    • Anne Shirley :

      I say go for it! I haven’t tried because I don’t have a good group to do it with, but sone of my guy friends have and love it. Not so much for insta love connection, but lots of them are now friends with the girls they met, and are now meeting their friends and making more connections.

    • I tried it three different times and each set of guys was laughably incompatible with my group, but I have heard other people have had more positive experiences. I’d say try it a couple times but don’t spend too much money on it if you’re not seeing results.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I never tried that one, but definitely give online dating a shot! There have been lots of discussions here about strategies to approach it, which I found super helpful. My relationship with someone I met online (OKCupid) is going so well. We live together and have been dating for about 1.5 years now. Our paths would never have crossed in the real world, but we are great matches for each other in so many ways.

      The advice I took from people here was to only message a few times and then meet in person if they seem at all interesting to you and not creepy. Try to set up dates with multiple people so you feel less pressure on any individual date. It was easier for me to keep my nerves in check when I had a date on one evening knowing that I was meeting someone else a few days later so it wasn’t a big deal if we didn’t hit it off right away. My boyfriend was the 2nd or 3rd person I had a date with and I met 4 or 5 people in just a couple of weeks. I think I was able to be myself a bit more because of that, which was super important for us.

    • Jenolen2161 :

      I second Sydney Bristow’s endorsement of online dating in general. I met my now-husband on eHarmony 4 1/2 years ago. This was after grad school and working a few years. Everyone in my social circle was already paired off and I had trouble meeting new, single guys. A friend helped me sign up (apparently, I’m horrible at answering questions about myself — I think I like the outdoors and other activities, but my friend called bulls**t on several of my answers), and soon I was getting emails and going on dates. My husband was one of the bunch and (clearly) the best match for me. It was good way to meet people and I wouldn’t have met him otherwise in a million years. Good luck!

      • I had a similar experience with e-Harmony. I met my now-fiance on there and would never, ever have met him or, if I had met him in the usual course, considered dating him, otherwise. But lo and behold….

    • Olivia Pope :

      I say do it! I used Okcupid because I’m cheap. I dated some nice guys and didn’t get murdered once! One of the guys I dated was in grad school at the same university as me, but I don’t think I would have ever met him without the internet. I ended marrying a guy I randomly sat next to at church, but I think dating online helped me figure out what I did and did not want in a relationship.

      I also agree with Sydney above about how to date online. Exchange a few messages with a decent match and then just meet for coffee/drinks/dinner/whatever. It really takes the pressure off and you can’t build a guy up in your mind.

    • Based on my recent experiences with a stalker, don’t give out your real name, ever. Until you get married or something. Grumble. OK, I’m overreacting, but a guy who seemed so normal has become such a pain-in-the-rear stalker and I really wish he didn’t know where I work or have my last name.

      But don’t take my experience to scare you off – I’ve had plenty of good experiences with online dating, including a 4-year relationship and lots of new friends.

    • Thanks, all! Sorry for the delayed reply – lost internet earlier.

      Glad to hear of some good experiences with it. I feel like it should at least expand the group of people I know, which is good (for dating and just to know more people).

      I’m cheap, too, so I am considering OKCupid as well. It seems like people have decent luck on there.

      Thanks for the advice, Sydney Bristow and Jenolen! If I decide to go with this, that will all be helpful. I’ll also search through this site some more to see the past advice.

      Granola – that sounds like a horrible experience! That is one of the things I’m nervous about with online dating, but I suppose it is also entirely possible with dating in general.

      Thanks again, all!

  12. springtime :

    Skincare Q- I recently started to use a lotion with 20% vitamin c in it. I love how it’s making my skin look. Sometimes I apply it with my acne lotion (benzoyl peroxide + antibiotic)- but now I’m wondering if they are not compatible, i.e. will they react and neutralize each other?

  13. So . . . I just found out a (guy) friend of mine was made an offer by my big law firm with some perks that I don’t have. He negotiated for them, and I’m kicking myself for not doing the same. So gals, negotiate! That’s all.

    I feel like it’s too late for me now that I’m already here. :(

    • goldribbons :

      You could definitely negotiate at your next regularly-scheduled review!

    • Seriously, NEGOTIATE. I’m not in law, but I negotiated the pants out of my current company when I joined. Got a fat signing bonus, a higher salary, higher phone allowance, flex time, etc.

    • never been able to negotiate but working on this skill

    • Preg Anon – What kind of perks did he negotiate for? Just curious what a big law firm would be willing to give.

      • +1. I’m curious too.

      • Well, I was trying to be anonymous, but I guess that’s a moot point with my link to my blog anyway. Ha ha. Anyway, he negotiated credit for all of his years of judicial clerkships (three), whereas I lost one out of my two years. With that came partnership credit and higher salary. He also has negotiated a guaranteed bonus to make up for the difference between his old big firm and my firm’s salary.

        • On the “credit” point, it may or may not be advantageous to come in as older. Sure, you get a slightly higher base salary, but you’re also in the position of needing to compete with the firm-bred associates that are relatively more senior and have good working relationships with partners established, and you also reach partnership “age” sooner. Also, there may be decent swings in class size year-to-year — leaving you with more or less competition, if that’s a concern.

    • East Coast Anon :

      For those who want to brush up on their negotiating skills, I recommend reading Pitch Like a Girl by Ronna Lichtenberg.

  14. 4th of July question!
    It’s my first 4th in DC and I’m trying to figure out how the day will shape up.
    I am hanging out with my brothers who are both 18 for the day which puts a mild damper on my celebrations but I suppose I will survive.
    Anything happening that is a must see or do that will be fun for 3 people who have done almost all the touristy stuff here (though we are fine with doing it again)

    Also.. as far as the fireworks… how intense are the park police about drinking? As in .. if I have a drink or 2 but am not any further than tipsy and the two of them aren’t doing anything is it going to be a huge problem or is it something every one is doing?

    And yes I realize these are somewhat silly questions butttttt I want to have fun even if I can’t hit the bars.

    • A Nonny Moose :

      If you’re not dead set on going to the mall, another really neat way to watch the fireworks is in the middle of the Key Bridge. Stroll around Georgetown for the day– grab dinner somewhere where you can have drinks ;)– and then walk over. Much less crowded– the mall is INSANE– and the view of the water is really cool.

    • I highly recommend *not* watching the fireworks from the Mall. It gets soooo crowded and unpleasant, and you have to go through security checkpoints. My personal favorite place to watch is the Arlington Bridge. No security, and no one will bother you if your beverage is in a non-conspicuous container (i.e., water bottle).

      Your brothers might like Hill Country’s BBQ on the lawn of the Building Museum during the day. A bonus is that all of you can go, and you can buy alcoholic beverages for yourself.

    • Thank you!!! The bridge is such a good idea- I would never have thought about it.. .I actually live in Rosslyn so it will be so.much.easier.
      We will check out the BBQ – that is right up my alley!

      My day just got so much easier! (And as a result it will probably be more fun)

    • The USPP won’t care if you look like you’ve had a drink or two. The mall area will be blocked off and the USPP check bags on entry so you cannot bring alcohol with you. The mall is insane on the 4th. Another good spot to watch the fireworks is from the Iwo Jima memorial.

    • Alcohol isn’t allowed on the Mall so the fact that your brothers are younger isn’t too big a deal. If you’re not actually in DC proper, I find Iwo Jima to be a LOT less crowded, meaning you can show up later and spend more time enjoying yourself during the day. There are still checkpoints, but they don’t seem to take as long (no alcohol allowed there either). Obviously people find ways around this, but just so you know.

    • Silvercurls :

      If you’re willing to get up and go in the morning, check out the Takoma Park (the incorporated town in Maryland, not the section of DC) annual 4th of July parade. For more information see www (dot)takomapark4th(dot)org . The route is within walking distance/ 2-3 blocks from the Takoma Metro station. The parade features community groups and local/regional politicians. Takoma Park also hosts fireworks in the evening.
      There are other suburban celebrations; not sure if they are all Metro-accessible. Check the Washington Post or other resources.

    • manomanon :

      Thank you all!
      If I bring a drink in with me it will be in a water bottle (because I’m totally out of college) and be discreet.. and if I can’t keep it oh well…
      Thanks for the tip about the Post- I am still figuring them out so it’s good to know they have lists of activities.
      Tacoma Park sounds fun so we may have to check it out.

  15. Looking for a good OTC retinol cream. Anyone have one you swear by? One you hate?

    • dr. brandt “overnight resurfacing serum.” I believe it contains about 2% retinol– high for an otc product– but has not bothered my generally picky skin. I notice a real difference when I use it regularly.

      • as found here: http://www.sephora.com/glow-by-dr-brandt-overnight-resurfacing-serum-P302937

  16. NY personal injury? :

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a personal injury laywer in the NYC area, preferably Brooklyn, for an auto accident case?

    • Not Brooklyn, but Gina Simonelli at Bragoli Law http://www.bragolilaw.com/html/attorneys.asp

  17. CA copyright law :

    Does anyone have advice or a recommendation for an IP attorney in CA? My SO recently discovered that a competing company used copyrighted material from his website on their own commercial site. He has consulted with 2 attorneys and both thought that he had a case but advised that he would need a CA attorney to file suit since that is where the defendant is located and CA courts are more supportive of copyright law. We are in FL and I’m a tax attorney so this out of my league.

    • I believe Wilson Sonsini does a lot of that in Silicon Valley. I don’t have personal experience with them, but they have a good reputation.

    • OCAssociate :

      Knobbe Martens in Irvine is a very well-respected IP firm in Southern California. Let me know if you want a contact name and I’ll give you an email address.

  18. For any frugal shoppers, Jones NY is having a GREAT sale right now. Everything already on sale is an additional 50% off when you check out. Some really super deals on work appropriate dresses, tops for under suits, and even suiting separates. I have a ton of JNY dresses and tops, and find them to be good quality for the price and work really well in a professional or business casual office. In terms of sizing, I would say it’s pretty similar to Talbots or Ann Taylor.

    • Does anyone own JNY coats, specifically the alpaca coat? I am very tempted, considering the price.

  19. Famouscait :

    When applying for an internal job posting, do you use your personal or work contact info? I don’t want to give the appearance that I’m job searching at work, but the hiring manager’s office is literally next door to mine. I also don’t want to give the appearance that I’m checking my mail of google during the day if/when he responds to my application…

    • I use work email and telephone for this. Good luck!

    • goldribbons :

      Yeah, I don’t think that applying for an internal job posting counts as “job searching at work” and I would use your work email/phone info. Good luck!

  20. Anon for this . . . :

    I have stubble burn on my chin form making out like a teenager with a new guy. Like, red and peeling. How do I fix it?!?

    • Put neosporin on it at night. It helps a lot, even without a bandaid.

    • Josie Maran’s Argan Oil has always helped me with that. Good luck!

    • I’ve used neosporin after a chemical peel with good results and I use the Argan Oil as my daily moisturizer. I think you should have good results with either.

  21. anon for this :

    Question for the hive.
    I’m two years out of law school and after a long fight to find something permanent I have two options (in my specialty!) in front of me. When it rains it pours, I guess.
    One is in house and hourly. It has benefits and the hourly adds up the an average in house salary for my experience. I’ve been working here for a few months and love it so I was happy to get the pay increase and long term offer. The second is a new hybrid analyst/law firm. We’re working out salary, but it will be much more than the in house gig. I’m think that if it’s at least 10k more (I’m asking for way more than that), it makes sense to take the leap.
    But I have no clue and I’m not sure what’s best for my growth and future. BF and I are talking family in the next few years so earning the money now seems like something I should prioritize. I’m sort of paralyzed with the decision because I don’t want to make the wrong one. Suggestions? Advice?

    • Wildkitten :

      Can you make overtime on the hourly one? That could add up to $10k pretty fast.

      • anon for this :

        No overtime. In contrast, I’m asking for a bonus based on overtime for the other job.

    • goldribbons :

      Go for the new one. Make sure to give your current employer a chance to counter offer (“I received another offer that is 2x higher than what I’ve been offered here; I’m so happy for the experience I’ve had here…” etc.) and make sure you don’t burn any bridges — and maybe come back to them in a year or two if the new gig doesn’t work out. This is the perfect time in your life to take risks — no kids to worry about, a supportive bf, etc. Just make sure you negotiate absolutely the best offer you can! Good luck!

    • When you say hybrid analyst/law firm, are you describing the employer or your position? If it’s your position, my only concern would be looking at what the typical career trajectory for a position like that would be, and making sure that that’s something you’re comfortable with (i.e., if it would make going back to a more traditional lawyer job in the future, is that okay with you). But I’d also look at that with the in-house position. Is there a possibility of a move to a salaried (non-hourly) position, if that’s what you want? Would it make moving to another company (in-house) easier? What do you want to be doing in five, ten, thirty years? No choice you make now will dictate what you do down the road, but it’s worth seeing whether one job would make a certain path more or less likely, and figuring out how you feel about that.

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