Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Textured Short-Sleeve Pleated Peplum Jacket

Zac Posen Textured Short-Sleeve Pleated Peplum Jacket | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Oooh la la — love this short-sleeve pleated peplum jacket. I love the almost architectural details to the angled seam front, as well as the cutaway hem. I’d wear it with a tank top and a pencil skirt (like this one, perhaps) right now, and in the winter wear it layered on top of a turtleneck or a long-sleeved tee. It was $2490, but is currently marked to $610 (through 8/6) at Last Call. Zac Posen Textured Short-Sleeve Pleated Peplum Jacket

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  1. Red Beagle :

    I like the look of this jacket and the color featured is sweet for fall – Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest! Except I can’t get past the short sleeves. Even a 3/4 sleeve, better yet a long sleeve, would give this 100 percent more versatility beyond the summer months and make the splurge worth it for me.

    • Diana Barry :

      +1, I like this but the short sleeves make it more like a shirt and less like a jacket.

    • it is a little sherwood-ian :

      I actually think that all of the chevron piecing/peplum/collar bit makes it look very Tudor. Not a fan. I just don’t really see much call for this top outside of a period costume. Color is great though–looks good on just about everyone.

      • What colors do you pair this color with? I always default to mid grey, which gets boring. Any suggestions?

        • I would love to hear some suggestions too! I love deep greens, but I never know what to do with them other than gray and navy, so my green pieces tend to linger in the back of my closet.

        • Diana Barry :

          This green looks a little cooler, so it would also pair well with navy. If not too cool, I would also pair with camel or brown.

        • Love this green with winter white (in winter…), also light blue and mint.

        • I love dark green with black. I feel too mardy gras with purple and too Christmas with red, but for a more unexpected color combo I think it would also look nice with a bright blue or a dark pink.

        • Red Beagle :

          I keep thinking of a top in something in the yellow family, but not too primary, more pastel. Also, as I am someone who likes monochromatic schemes, a coolish celadon might work. Or a rosy peach. For the bottom, can’t go wrong with black like styled in the picture, or navy.

        • Senior Attorney :

          Um, dark green is awesome with leopard if that’s how you roll…

      • I would do a mustardy yellow, navy, burgundy, brown/camel/luggage tan; could also do well with a really deep, jewel-tone purple

    • Yay! Pricey Monday’s! I love Pricey Monday’s and this PEEPLUM Jacket! Great Pick, Kat/Kate, but I do think it could be a littel to short for me in the back. I thnk that for this price, it should be longer so it can cover my tuchus, rather than highlight it. But still a great way to start the week! When I asked dad, he say’s I still have a littel shelf back there, which is good for some thing’s but NOT unfortunately for what I need to do this year — attracting a RICH HUSBAND, unless he just want’s something to grab on to. FOOEY b/c life is so much more then sex, and dad seem’s to think that all men want is a woman who will provide “on demand” sex for them. That is NOT why I went to law school and became a partner. DOUBEL FOOEY!

      Myrna did the marathon yesterday, and Roberta and I helped. She finished mabye 30th among the women–she said that some guys were makeing comments about her that distracted her when she was running or she would have finished mabye 25th or so. Whatever, b/c she is in GREAT SHAPE, and that is what the guy’s were yelling about. Why is it that MEN do NOT find our Mind’s attractive? Do we have to have figure’s that they can brag about (or grab, like shelfes)? TRIPEL FOOEY!

      One guy was askeing me why I was NOT a particiepant in the race and I said I could not swim much. He said I have an advantage over men, and Myrna told me he was refering to my boobie’s. Fooey on that b/c you use your arms and leg’s to swim, not your boobie’s! We went out afterward with Roberta to the Deli where we all had Pastrami Sandwiche’s. YAY! At least we all got something out of it. Roberta still want’s me to date her son, but he is kind of schlubbey. I will NOT tell the manageing partner b/c I will then have to date him. It is all I can do to keep his brother off me. Why do I get all the schlub’s? FOOEY!

  2. Paging CPA Lady! :

    How was your “last free weekend”? What did you end up doing? Hope it was fantastic!

    • It was! I ate my way across town with my husband, including my favorite (cooked) sushi, the fancy-pants brunch restaurant, and the hip and trendy new bar/restaurant. We also went antique shopping, to a used book store, wandered around the TJ Maxx, watched a lot of TV, and finished hanging up art in the nursery. It was basically perfect.

  3. The Confessional :

    Out with it. Let’s start off Monday right.

    I mow down my arm hair with hubby’s beard trimmer. It is less work & expense for this dark-arm-haired fair-skinned girl

    • Anon for this :

      Ohhhh, I love this.

      I have a pair of ankle-length, skinny maternity work pants (demi, not full panel). My baby will be 1 year old next month. I’m almost back to pre-pregnancy weight. My other clothes fit. I still wear these pants about once every two weeks because they’re so darn comfortable. Why can’t all work appropriate pants have elastic waists?

    • I bought inexpensive sheets at KMart and I love them.

    • 90 percent of my pendant jewelry is in a tangle in my jewelry box.
      Worse, I haven’t called my mom in 6+ weeks.

      • Sometimes I make a pro/con list for not cutting my dad out of my life, and one of the only four pros I can ever come up with is not getting disinherited. (The others are “he’s my dad,” “it’s not his fault we’re completely opposite of each other in every way it’s possible to be different from someone,” and “other people have much worse fathers and don’t cut them out of their lives.”)

        • Anon-ish for this :

          Problem with my Mom (and I did finally call her) is that she is a Debbie Downer. She dominates the conversation with other people’s tragedies, deaths, illnesses, and ungrateful children. Which in my guilty conscience I perceive as a passive-agressive dig at her own ungrateful child (me) who moved away 30 years ago and now rarely calls. The only way I can manage a phone call without throwing the receiver across the room is to tune out the Eeyore-isms and insert the occasional mm hmm at appropriate intervals. I completely understand your dilemma about your dad. In my mom’s case, she is a decent person but conversations with her are a bit of a chore.

    • Clementine :

      When it’s been raining a lot and my dog starts to smell like wet dog, I sometimes just spray him with febreeze or essential oils so I don’t have to give him a bath.

      • oil in houston :

        you made me laugh so hard! thanks :)

      • Made me laugh too – do be careful with the essential oils though. Some/most (?) are toxic to pets since they’re so concentrated.

        • Clementine :

          I use a homemade lavender oil that would be fine if I cooked with it (don’t know that I w0uld want to though…). We’re a very pet-friendly non-toxic home. Thanks for your worries!

          I’m glad you all find it as amusing as I do.

          • Clementine :

            Also, Buddy Splash! Holy Cow! I must not be the only nutso dog owner out there.

            This might be gifted to every dog owner I know for Christmas this year…

      • Two words – Buddy Splash


      • Red Beagle :

        I have got to try that! I Febreeze the rug that smells like dog, but the dog that smells like dog – never thought of it!

    • Diana Barry :

      I let my 4 yo watch 3 hrs of tv yesterday.

      • There was a Peppa Pig marathon at my house. Not judging.

      • No judgment here. My son has discovered old Mickey movies and is obsessed. It keeps him occupied while I do dishes/laundry/bottles for the baby for a few hours on a Sunday.

    • Anon-just-because :

      I always see posts about people saying money can’t buy you happiness. But new shoes make me pretty darn happy.

    • I love cheap ramen and buy it in bulk, hide it in the back of the pantry, and eat it for all 3 meals in a day when Mr. Fish is out of town.

      • When I backpacked with my friend and we cooked in hostels and stuff she taught me how to gussy up ramen with veggies or chicken and stuff and we ate ramen at least once in every city we visited. It had literally never occurred to me that just throwing a carrot in the pot would make ramen so much better.

      • This is me on fieldwork- cereal and ramen.

      • Red Beagle :

        Cheap ramen is the best kind!

    • Okay, beard trimmers are THE BEST thing I’ve ever found for hair “down there.” They’re small and maneuverable and are great if you just want to trim vs. be totally bare.

      • Anon for this :

        This is probably way TMI, but I agree and use my fiance’s beard trimmer down there, which he also uses for his beard. He knows and doesn’t mind one bit. Only when I’m just showered.

    • I recently started keeping a food diary and had to face the fact that 50 percent of my calories are from candy.

    • my baby peed through her diaper last night and instead of changing the sheet I put a crib-pad down on top of the pee stain. What am I, made out of crib sheets over here?

      • Mine did the same thing. I just put her to sleep on the other side of the crib. (Fwiw it was only a hamburger sized spot…)

    • My bathroom hand soap dispenser was empty so for the last two days, instead of just refilling it already, I have been using face wash to wash my hands every time.
      My hands do smell good, though.

      (The refill was all the way over in a different room.)

      • Anon-ish for this :

        Anyone ever use shampoo when you ran out of soap or body wash or dish or laundry soap? Actually it works pretty well for most anything…

        • I ran out of body wash several months ago and substituted shampoo. I’m so used to it now that I use shampoo exclusively even though I have a new bottle of body wash sitting right next to the shampoo. I actually prefer the shampoo, and body wash now seems like a waste of money.

    • Anonymous :

      I live alone, so when I run out of forks or spoons (never knives), I just pull a dirty one out of the dishwasher and reuse it. I hate to run the dishwasher unless I’m completely out of all my silverware, bowls, plates, and glasses.

  4. Is this dress too much white for a wedding? Link too follow. Already purchased, and very flattering on

    • http://us.asos.com/Vesper-Skater-Dress-with-Lace-Sweetheart-and-Peplum-Detail/13egbj/?iid=4180550&mporgp=L1Zlc3Blci9WZXNwZXItU2thdGVyLURyZXNzLVdpdGgtTGFjZS1Td2VldGhlYXJ0LUFuZC1QZXBsdW0tRGV0YWlsL1Byb2Qv

    • Spirograph :

      No, I would definitely call that a navy dress, not a white dress, so I think you’re good. It’s cute!

    • I think it’s fine for a wedding.

    • I was actually about to post the same question in reference to this dress (link to follow)

      too much white?

      • http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/shopsale-dresses2/4130346824433.jsp#/

        • (fwiw, the pink in the dress is very neon)

          • It looks too white to me, and is a pretty bridal shape. I’d skip it. It also really isn’t very elegant- very juniors dept homecoming. Too short, skimpy top, trendy neon.

          • I’m not bothered by the white, but I agree with Anonymous @ 10:52 that it reads pretty young/high school dance.

          • thanks for the opinions. it’s actually not short on me at all- and I’m a bit baffled by the idea that it’s too short even on the model- but I do think it has a lot of white in it so I’ll skip it. for the wedding.

        • I was prepared to join the chorus of “inappropriate” as I have really strong feelings about not wearing white to someone else’s wedding, but this reads pink & totally fine to me. I think it’s cute. (for LilyB)

      • oil in houston :

        looks fine to me (and I tend to be a traditionalist)

      • lucy stone :

        Yes, unless you’re wearing something pink over it.

    • lucy stone :

      No! It’s a navy dress with a little lace, you’re good.

    • Thanks all! Going to a wedding where I will meet all my BF’s coworkers for the first time so I don’t want to offend anyone

  5. Anon for now... :

    I’m practically bouncing off the walls in my office this morning. I’m gathering the courage to tell my boss when he gets in later that I’m leaving at the end of the month.

  6. Question for the hive – what do you ladies do about dark circles under your eyes? Not bags, just dark circles. I’ve always had them, but sometimes they are worse than others depending on allergies, sleep, etc., and I feel like concealer makes them look more obvious sometimes. Any advice?

    • I use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than my skin tone for those under-eye circles and then blend it with my other concealer and powder so it doesn’t look so obvious.

    • Wildkitten :

      I cover mine with pounds of Laura Mercier secret camouflage – it’s my favorite concealer for anything. I also own Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle corrector, but don’t find it to be as good as other people do. I may be using it wrong.

    • YSL Touché Éclat combined with not caring.

      • +1 to not caring. I’ve never found anything that helped, so not caring is the answer.

        • I care marginally, as in I make an effort to cover up but I let it go after that. I find Origins EyeZing does a nice job of making the dark circles look better by reflecting light. Sometimes I put a bit on top of concealer, too; it reflects light well. I also think that rosy blush helps to create contrast and make them look brighter.

      • I line the inside rim of my eyes with dark pencil and find it takes the focus away from the dark circles. Learned this from maskcara.com after years of trying to hide them with concealer pencils. Don’t cover; emphasize the rest of your face.

    • Love the Tarte concealer sticks – it’s super thick but still blends well. My circles aren’t super dark, but definitely different shade from my skin. The stick + powder over the top does the trick.

    • Laura Mercier undercover pot. I use both formulas layered on top of each other.. don’t think the product was intended to be used that way but it’s the only thing that works for me.

    • Along these lines, has anyone tried Bare Minerals Stroke of Light? It has a ton of great reviews on nordstrom, but I’m curious if any ladies here have used it.

      • Yep. I ordered and immediately returned it to sephora. Totally useless for actual dark circles.

    • Another lifelong sufferer. At 53, I’ve come to accept that they don’t ever get better, but I have changed my strategy for camouflaging. First I use a good moisturizing under eye primer (I like the Smashbox one). Depending on your skin tone, then use a corrector just in the crescent of your dark eye circle (my circles have become very reddish brown, so I use a peachy orange) followed by a concealer a bit lighter than my skin color, applied in an inverted triangle shape directly below my eye. All of this is then set by a light dusting of a translucent powder. Some crepe-iness is a reality, but that looks better than the dark circles. I’ve also found that as I’ve gotten older, the skin on my eyelids and around the orbital socket has also thinned and looks darker and redder than the rest of my skin. I really like Smashbox eyelid primer (it forms an indestructible base and lightens up my whole eye area) and stick to very neutral, light matte eyeshadow on the lids. The whole process is tedious but lightens things up considerably.

    • lucy stone :

      I’ve had great luck with the Clinique Even Better Dark Circles stuff. I have fair skin so my dark circles stand out a lot more, and they have noticeably lightened with use of this product over the last year to the point where my parents and my husband noticed.

    • Thanks for all these ideas! For the most part, I’ve accepted that they’re part of my life, but every once in awhile, they really start to bother me. Looking forward to trying out these products!

      • Late, but you may want to try a color corrector underneath your regular concealer. It’ll help cancel out the darker purple or green (not sure which) circle tones.

    • Sometimes I massage my face with avocado oil, which I feel helps mine. You can look up “Japanese facial massage” on YouTube for a tutorial.

    • I have horrible dark eye circles, and I have a series of steps depending on how much effort I feel like putting in each day.

      For daily use, I do dark brown pencil liner on both lids and Neutrogena 3-in-1 concealer for eyes under the lid and around the part near my nose. On really bad days, I do one layer all around (mine aren’t circles as much as raccoon eyes) and extra on the part under my eye. Sometimes I add a layer of Benefit Erase Paste over that. When I’m really ambitious, a layer of powder over all of it.

      I have fairly oily skin, so the concealer itself never lasts as long as I like (I will have to try the primer that anon2 recommended) but the eyeliner makes a huge difference.

      • Thanks, Flower! Your dark circles sound like mine – all around the eye (especially next to my nose) and my skin is oily too. I’ve heard good things about Erase Paste, I’ll have to try it!

    • This may not be an option for you but mine went away when I gave up coffee.

      • I think I’ll go with the “not caring” strategy ;)
        – Signed, care more about coffee

    • Mine almost completely went away when I started using a Neti Pot twice a day. There is still a shadow sometimes, but it’s so much better I stopped using concealer. They only get bad now if I’m really exhausted or ill.

    • I wear glasses, and you can’t really tell that the dark circles are there (or as prominent) because you expect a sort of “shadow” from the glasses on my face right about where my dark circles are. hahaha

  7. Why do strangers feel that it is appropriate to comment on your appearance? That’s a rhetorical question….

    I live in the Midwest, after living on the coasts for years. Here, I have had multiple people comment on my grey hair. My brown hair is unfortunately peppered with many grey hairs. I’m in my 40’s, and I admit…. my grey hair ages me. I started greying early (20’s), and I look pretty good for my age but have always been self-conscious about my grey hair. But finances, bad dye jobs in the past and other current lifestyle issues mean I am not currently dying/highlighting every 4-6 weeks like I used to. And honestly, I’m debating whether to ever go back to the expensive, time-consuming process.

    When I was having my blood drawn by the technician at my yearly physical, she not only commented on my hair (she liked my haircut, despite the grey hairs she said…) but then told me she could give me a referral for dying my brows (!). I hadn’t even noticed the two grey hairs (one in each brow), but she said she could see them from across the room. Great, thanks for giving me something else so silly to be self-conscious about.

    Ok, now I’m a little embarrassed that I am wasting any energy remembering this. Let’s just say that sometimes thinking about all the $$, time, and general upkeep that women are expected to do as they age really gets me down. Probably a prior thread where people were stating the benefits of Botox in your 20’s contributed to that as well…..

    • Honestly just dye your hair! You clearly want to. Get to the drug store, buy a shade of brown Clariol that looks nice and do it. I hear you on why must they comment, but since you clearly agree with them and it’s making you sad, buy a box of color tonight and be done with it.

      • Don’t just buy any hair color, haul your butt to the local health food store and buy henna. It’s dirt cheap, sticks to gray really well and won’t fry your hair.

    • You are a woman. Unfortunately, when a woman is in public, people feel free to comment on her appearance. After all, looks are the most important thing for a woman, right? Ugh.

    • It is the Midwest. I grew up there and then moved to the Left Coast. Midwestern culture does not seem to frown on giving unsolicited advice about things that are not their business. They think that they are being helpful. Don’t confront them, just smile and never choose to do business with them again if you can help it. Good luck!

      • I’m fortunate in that when people comment on my grey hair (probably 15-20% of my hair, against a dark brown background), it’s mostly to compliment it. Still, if anyone draws attention to my appearance in a way that makes me uncomfortable, I say something to make them recognize that they’re being rude. If it’s about my hair, I tell them, “yes, I call the greys my natural highlights. I like them so much that I don’t want to cover them up.”

    • Wildkitten :

      Vote with your pocketbook and get a new doctor.

      • Senior Attorney :

        +1 And tell the doctor why you’re doing it

      • I got to say, this would be a pretty extreme reaction to a less then great interaction with one of your doctor’s support staff (which, depending on the practice set-up, the doctor may not actually employ.) I mean, telling your doctor about it is a good idea but I just can’t see switching from a doctor I like and/or trust for such a small reason – but I’m a kind of special snowflake health-wise so I may be more attached to my doctors than others.

    • I was out with my SO & dog over the weekend, and someone commented, “Doesn’t that dog look anorexic?” to his young kids as he passed us (dog is healthy weight for her breed). Inappropriate & weird on so many levels. Strangers these days.

      • Wildkitten :

        People always comment that my pup looks skinny even though my vet assures me she’s perfect. I think people are so used to seeing overweight pets they think healthy weights dogs are too skinny.

        • A Nonny Moose :

          I get this from friends about my cats. Yes they meow like crazy when I feed them, because they are fed a precise amount twice a day and don’t have food sitting out all day, so they’re excited. But no, they’re not starved or too thin, they weigh exactly what they should. Grumble.

    • As someone else who started getting more than just a stray gray in her 20s (and has resisted dyeing so far in the 30s), I agree that it’s rude when complete strangers ask you about your hair. It’s your business! Buy a box if you want to — or embrace your grays. And if you have the chutzpah, the next time someone asks or comments on your hair, you could always ask where they get theirs dyed.

    • I agree. Strangers need to stop making negative comments about appearance. I don’t “look tired,” I just don’t wear mascara anymore because I scratched my eyeball (another way) and I’m freaked out about putting something sharp so close to my eyes now. And having spent 3 hours and $300 in the salon on Friday to get my own greys covered, when I really needed to be at work and saving the money for retirement, I feel you on not going back to dying your hair. At several points during my marathon appointment I looked around the salon, full of people dedicated to perfecting hair and thought “Really? All of this (and all of the others just like it) for what?” But with premature greying and younger work peers, lots of other flaws in my personal appearance/upkeep, and the expectations of a southern city, I guess I am on the dye train for a while myself.

    • PinkKeyboard :

      I’m fairly grey now (at 27- started in high school). I do get it dyed but not on a regular 4-6 week schedule. My Mother helpfully told me, when my rooots were longer, that men look distinguished and women look like hags. Thanks Mom. I think people just can’t help themselves and have to share these offensive opinions just to get them out there. I’m currently wearing my hair braided and it probably emphasizes the grey but fooey to them!

      • Red Beagle :

        Men look distinguished; women look like hags. Wow.
        That being said, I keep my hair short and pretty much use Root Rescue exclusively as it’s enough to blend the grey roots out. Get a pro dye job 3-4 times a year max but could probably skip that and still look decent.
        I like the henna idea, though. I might switch over in a few years as the harsh chemicals can’t be good.

  8. LOVE this! But too expensive for me, even on sale. Anyone have ideas on a cheaper version?

  9. Last night I realized that if we had a convention for readers of this blog, we could call it RetteCon which I found extremely amusing and thought I would share it with all of you.

    Clearly my life is very exciting.

  10. USA JOBS question :

    I want to apply for a job on USAJOBS, the deadline is tonight. The site has been down since last night. What do you do in this situation? Will they extend the deadline if the site doesn’t work?

    • Spirograph :

      No, they won’t. If there is any contact information in the job posting, you can try to contact them directly to submit application materials, but that’s also no guarantee (from personal experience). Tech issues are the worst… fingers crossed for you that the s!te will be back up soon!

    • Honestly, I wouldn’t count on having the deadline extended. Was there an email address for questions? Sometimes the postings say to apply on USAJobs but also have info for submitting to an email address, so I would apply that way with an explanatory note acknowledging that USAJobs is their preferred method, but the website is down and you wanted to get in before the deadline. Or if you have a contact at the agency, see if s/he can get you some info.

  11. Saw an intern at my office today wearing a dress that was criminally short, platform heels, carrying a Celine luggage tote.

    Every intern crime in one look.

  12. Tory Burch question :

    Calling all Tory Burch handbag owners – how well do they last?

  13. http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/shopsale-freshcuts/4115069690333.jsp?color=005#/

    I’m thinking about getting this in white, but apart from one dress I have, I have no idea what to wear with it/how to style it. Thoughts? Even if just to tell me it’s ugly as sin…

    • Jeans + any colored top you want, for spring and fall. I think it could be super versatile.

    • Thanks. one more question. too ugly/ too much metallic for work?


  14. Anonymous :

    I just got back from my first prenatal appt. (7w2d) and found out I’m having TWINS. I am freaking out here people…

    • Omg congrats!! I know that must seem overwhelming but they are going to have the most special bond.

    • Congrats!!! Luckily you have plenty of time to plan for their arrival.

    • locomotive :

      two for the price of one (pregnancy)!! congrats!

    • just Karen :

      First congratulations, and two, it is totally okay for everyone else to be more excited than you about this development – it is definitely a lot to take in. I highly recommend finding a local parents of multiples group for support.

    • Congrats! I’m 36 wks with my set. You should look into local parents of twins clubs or listserves. They are a great resource and it’s helpful to meet others in the same boat that can empathize with the unique challenges and joys!

  15. heelsorflats :

    Apologies for those who love this, but this is totally giving me the Robin Hood/Merry Men and Peter Pan/Lost Boys vibe.

    • Red Beagle :

      I know, right? It’s the flutter sleeves and wavy peplum and the skinny pants the model is wearing. And the hunter green.

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