Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Perforated Jacket

Akris Punto Perforated Jacket | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. This week’s TPS guest poster is the author of one of our top posts ever on Corporette: advice from the hiring manager/vp level. (She’s also guest posted on what you might miss about the intense job once you’re gone.) A big welcome back to the very stylish Lisa from Privilege! – Kat

This week I’ll be focused on what to wear to the casual office, particularly when you’re an executive or manager and want to project a little authority. And, because the last time I wrote here about something I didn’t know, you all rightly eviscerated me, I’m also going to focus on the specific casual offices found in San Francisco Internet companies.

This is a specialized niche, but one that generates a lot of revenue and career opportunities. One foggy day, you in more traditional service offices — the lawyers, the investment bankers, the accountants — may find yourselves in our world.

So, the Monday Splurge? Same in tech as anywhere, go for the killer jacket. Of course, here you’ll be wearing it with jeans, but still. Take this blazer by Akris Punto, my current favorite very high-end line. Navy? Check. Classic shape? Check. Super cool perforations and a great length for skinny jeans? Check. It’s even on sale at Neiman’s in multiple sizes, marked down from $1590 to $954. Akris Punto Perforated Jacket

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  1. 1. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ boring.
    2. A week that revolves around 00.001% of people.

    God, this blog really sucks lately. I need to stop checking it every morning.

    • McGiggles :

      Eh idk for me the appeal of this blog was never in the merchandise being posted but more about the community and comments. That being said I love this jacket but it looks like it is not cut to fit me well.

      • I agree. I think the idea is that this is a jumping off point. The question is, “what to wear to the casual office, particularly when you’re an executive or manager and want to project a little authority?”

        The guest poster just provided her suggestion for a SF internet company. There are plenty of other casual office scenarios for which commenters could offer a suggestion.

        • Agreed. I took her addition of the extreme specificity of SF internet to be somewhat tongue in cheek. Casual office where you want to project authority is certainly broad enough. Also, b, seriously, get the stick out of your you know what.

    • Yes, Akris and Akris Punto are expensive. That’s why I buy them on ebay, but only when they are like $150 or less.

      This is idea-shopping — you have an idea and then you can figure out how you can achieve the look within budget. Ebay? Zara? Target? No one is saying go out and buy this exact thing.

    • Yes, please do. Personally, I’d appreciate it if you stop commenting as well if your comments are just going to be complaints, but that’s just me.

      • I would appreciate you not having the most boring name ever. I’d also appreciate if you stop being pretentious know it alls.

        • Your moniker is quite fitting.

          • Arent you lovely, calling me beautiful.

            I am sure you are soo happy yourself for being snarky and hurtful on a blog to a stranger. Way to start your week off lovely.

            I stand by I hate the jacket, think its pretentious, and think most of you women are and especially so to the guest bloggers blog.

        • Ah, the ad hominem attacks. I’m shocked.

      • +1.

      • anon-oh-no :

        really? you cant comment to complain about not liking a choice?

        I personally love this jacket, but i’m pretty sure being able to complain is allowed.

        • The police are out. If you dont act and do like they do, then you are stuck in moderation for the rest of your life. Pathetic, I’m done with this blog for soooo many reasons, including people like you and the moderation for disagreeing with teh poster.

        • Saying you don’t like something or think it’s a poor choice for whatever reason is one thing. Being obnoxious about it is another.

        • I don’t think it’s that she complained, it’s the manner in which she did so. Seems like this isn’t the place for her, so she should probably stop visiting.

    • Just out of curiosity, B, what would be an exciting Monday pick? I would love to see yours.

      Of course, maybe I’ boring because I happen to like Lisa’s choice. I’m not in the 00.001% that she references, but for stodgy NYC law setting it works pretty well, too.

    • Honestly, I am looking forward to this week. As one of those thousands of professional women in the 00.001% out here in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, it’s good to see something that isn’t too formal or traditional.

      • +1

        I think this jacket is beautiful, and could work in my medicine/academic world when I am giving an important talk.

        And I’m in Chicago.

        • +2

          In a completely different context, I saw someone wear a similar jacket (paired with a crisp top and jeans) to give a dissertation defense (hard sciences). Very, very sharp.

      • hoola hoopa :


      • Need to Improve :

        +1. This totally works in Bay Area BigLaw as well.

    • If you guys find the jacket boring, click on the link – the interest is in the perforations. If you find my posts boring, perhaps someone could ship me some Ayahuasca and I could lead you on a vision quest for leopards? Or maybe we could get the Long Island Medium to give a hair tutorial? I’m sure there’s something this resourceful community could come up with.

      • Senior Attorney :

        Love the perforations. LOVE. I even love the perforated ankle pants, although the idea of wearing perforated pants to work makes me giggle.

        • Yeah other attorneys are already quite willing to “shoot holes” in your argument. *pause* *cymbals*:)

        • Silvercurls :

          This jacket is out of my price range but interesting and beautiful in the way the fabric is perforated. I’d like to see it really, really close up. No, this won’t achieve world peace or universally accessible health care but it’s nice that some of the people in this world spend their time thinking deeply about visual matters.

      • Oh gosh, the perforations are like laser-cut eyelet. I DIE.

    • 00.001% of people? Hardly. Fussy, old-fashioned lawyers rip a coworker to shreds for wearing peep-toed shoes are the real 00.001% of people.

      Gawd, I wish there were more blogs for ‘over-achieving chicks’ who worked in vastly more common jobs like the growing tech industry, not just this tiny little niche of law. I’d read those in heartbeat but this is the closest thing I can find.

      • This was exactly my thought. The vast majority of women in the workplace are (for good or bad) not in full-suits, no-peep-toes, ooh-must-wear-hose places. And even for many in finance, this jacket would look great on a Casual Friday or as a layer on an evening out.

      • chicwithbrains :

        k-padi & anon +45 ,

        Why don’t we start a blog about what to wear(& other topics) as women in the tech industry? I’ve been searching for exactly that resource for the last 9-10 years.

        I bet we could convince Ru, Lorelai Gilmore, Profmama, and Lisa to contribute. :)

        What do you say?

      • Yes this is much closer to my office dress code! Jeans only on Friday but we are nowhere near business attire/suits. This is out of my price range for splurge Monday regardless, but I’m much more interested in business casual week than many other options. You have to throw a bone to us non-lawyers every now and then. :)

  2. Yay, Kat and Kate, this is such an INFORMATIVE Post! And a very styleish selection for less then $1000 — I hope one day to be abel to dress like this @ work, but I probabley will not be a lawyer — mabye a consultant or something — that is what the manageing partner’s brother said to me. He said that lawyer’s are stuffy and that I have alot of FLAIR. I had to show him around the upper east side, and we met HAROLD, who looks just like him onley YOUNGER. Same bald head, and not as big of a stomack, yet, but he’ll get there.

    It was funny, Harold said we should eat out so we went to the 2nd Ave deli, and the manageing partner’s brother and Harold were both tryeing to get me to admit that they were each better lookeing then the other. One is a father and the other was a son–what was I suposed to say? Harold and I have gone out (NOT dated), and now the manageing partner’s brother want’s to date women on the upper east side as soon as he find’s a place. Harold offered to show him around, but he want’s me to do that b/c I have “the women’s touch”… He is a littel creepy ooogleing me, but I think I can manage him like I do his brother at work. He did get to come up to my apartement b/c he said he needed to use the toilet. I did NOT want him to have an accident in his pant’s (FOOEY) so I let him come up. He used the toilet then looke’d around my apartement. He said I would have to decoreate his new place when he got one. I can NOT imagine him likeing my stuff–it is way to girley for men I would think, but he said he liked it!

    Anyway, I can’t chat much today b/c I have 7 breif’s to file electroniceally with the court this morning b/c of the Calendar Call, so I wish the HIVE a great week. PS–the weather in NYC was beautiful yesterday and I logged alot of steps with the manageing partner’s brother. He said he liked my tuchus as it was and sugested that I not worry about steps. I would NOT tell dad this b/c he would get VERY mad. He want’s me married soon, and that means a “microtuchus” if one at all. YAY!!!!!!!

  3. TO Lawyer :

    Ooooo I love this jacket! I’m not in the specific niche described but I think this would be so versatile. Definitely putting an Akris jacket on my fashion bucket list.

    • Anne Shirley :

      Love this jacket.

    • I’ve had an Akris jacket on my bucket list for a while, and finally got one last week! (My standard disclaimer is that Akris Punto is not the same quality as Akris and I actually find it overpriced for what it is). I just stalked the Neiman’s/Saks sales, and a jacket I had been eyeing went on 70% off sale…with only 2 left in stock…both in my size! It was still quite pricey, but I mean, with those odds matching up, I had to! :)

  4. TJ - Cystic pimple :

    Well, b, if you’d like a boring threadjack instead, read on.

    So I don’t usually get cystic acne, but I have a horrible cystic pimple on my chest at the moment. Any tried and true ways to get rid of it? Google has yielded several ideas, but I wanted to check in here before making a paste with aspirin and witch hazel!

    Thanks in advance.

    • Tea tree oil works well for me. I dilute it to use on my face, but use full strength on my body.

    • Toothpaste works on smaller breakouts for me, even on larger, cystic breakouts. Just slather it on the blemish the night before and let it work while you sleep.

    • Thanks!

    • Try Acnevir–it’s an OTC mix of sulphur, sallicylic acid, and resorcinol. It’s a clear gel (pretty weightless) and doesn’t bleach. You can find it at Walgreens. I have sensitive skin on top of the occasional cyst, and it is a-mazing at taking down the swelling and redness without being harsh. The stuff is like a miracle drug.

    • I have found that OTC cortisone (anti-inflammatory ointment) often will stop those under-the-skin-bump type pimples in their tracks.

      • +1. This works the best, but you must be very careful and only use it sparingly on the cyst and no other areas and do not use this for long term treatments/preventative care. This is because steroids (which include cortisone) thin the skin long term and can really damage it long-term.

        But using steroids sparingly just in a scenario like this is perfect. I learned this in med school from my Dermatology professor. He said that the only reason they do not publicize it is because so many people would ignore the recommendations on the tube and overuse it.

        But this is what I do in a “cyst emergency”. I probably use a sulfur compound or a benzoyl peroxide cream in the morning, and a dot of the cortisone at night.

        • Good point. I did research on steroids and so was aware of not over-using. I only use a tiny-size bit of cortisone every once in a while, when a giant zit is rearing its head.

          Sort of pleased to think I figured this one out on my own, though. I guess all those years of grad school were worth… something.

    • AnonLawMom :

      Rub an ice cube on it until it melts completely. The cold helps kill bacteria.

    • Truth—-get an appointment with a derm and ask for a cortisone shot. Should be gone in 24 hours.

      • Wildkitten :

        +1, if you have the time money, or if you have a special event coming up, this is the most effective.

  5. Diana Barry :

    Love the jacket.

    Ladies, I totally killed it fashion wise at this weekend’s reunion, if I do say so myself. I exceeded my goal of looking hotter than my exes’ wives. ;)

    I have to say, it is EXHAUSTING wearing eye makeup every day (I did for 4 days in a row, never happens otherwise). You have to remember not to touch your face/rub your eyes and then you have to take it off every night, which I still feel like is too much work!

    • Looks like the trouble with the eye makeup was totally worth it, wasn’t it?
      Can you tell us what you wore?

      • Diana Barry :

        I will totally be outing myself so won’t tell all. ;) But I wore a little WHITE dress (french connection fit and flare) to the fancy event, which was great and different (many other people were wearing LBDs).

    • Well done! I’m useless with eye make-up. I always manage to rub my eyes when I get home from work and look like a sad, sad panda.

      • I consider myself a “makeup every day” kind of girl and always wonder why people consider makeup such a hassle. But I just realized my every day routine involves no eye makeup (or at most, mascara). This makes much more sense now. No way I could do eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. every day.

        • +1. Not only getting it on right, but then getting it off at night.

        • For all the other pandas out there, try blinc. The mascara is not quite as dramatic as other brands, but you NEVER have panda eyes. You can ryb, cry, sneeze… All you need to do to take it off is shower or rinse with water. And if you don’t, it just stays on for day two.

    • This is one of those times where I really wish there was a Corporette forum where we could post pics. I would love to see you all done up! I skipped my 10 year reunion, but need ideas for 15.

    • PinkKeyboard :

      You get used to never ever rubbing your eyes. I wear eye makeup regularly and I’ve trained myself to never touch my eyes. Which sounds horrifying, but you get used to it and it becomes second nature.

      • Yes this exactly. Or rather, I’ve trained myself to only touch my eyes in certain ways that won’t affect my makeup. I wear eye makeup every day and after a while, you just get used to it.

        • Yep – I was crying at a Debating Society meeting a few weeks ago (it was an emotional goodbye to those graduating) and although I wasn’t wearing eye makeup I realised I was doing that ‘pat-pat’ under the eyes that doesn’t affect the makeup.

      • Completely agree. I have really oily skin prone to breakouts, so I’ve trained myself to never touch my face at all because (a) it feels disgusting to touch all of that oil sitting there, and (b) I feel like all of the germs on my hands just add to the face bacteria and make me breakout. I go to a workout class where they frequently have us rest our head on our forearms and the idea of a sweaty forehead on my sweaty forearms without a towel in between seriously grosses me out, but I seem to be the only one, so it suggests that I’ve just trained myself to do something that’s not instinctive to most people.

        • This is me. Would love to train myself to not touch my face unless purposefully. How did you do it?

  6. Penny Proud :

    Career TJ:

    I have not applied for jobs since my summer associate interview days, but now I am interested in a lateral position at another firm. At this point, what should my cover letter discuss? Should I give citation to court documents that I wrote, argued, and won?

    I am a junior associate in litigation. At a boutique firm, applying to a larger one.

    • No cites, information on why that firm and what you offer/bring to the table, and why you want to lateral. Find out who the recruiter or hiring partner is and address to them directly.

  7. How much is too much? :

    How much is too much white in your outfit for a wedding (if you’re the guest). There’s a dress on Asos I like that has a graphic top and a white skirt bottom (will post link below). Is that too much white for a guest to wear?

    • How much is too much? :


      • Diana Barry :

        Too much. The whole skirt is white. If it were an allover print with some white in it it would be better.

      • Wildkitten :

        Skip it – the top is fine but the bottom is too much white. There are plenty of other dresses in the sea, and plenty of other events you could wear that dress.

      • anon-oh-no :

        I totally disagree.

        i think this is fine for a wedding. the only purpose for not wearing white at a wedding is that you dont want to be “confused” with the bride. There is no chance at all at any wedding ever that this dress with the graphic print would be confused with being the bride. wear on.

        • Ah I still think you have to be careful unless you’re positive the bride is going traditional wedding dress route and isn’t wearing a short/fashiony look. That said, agree with you here – this dress looks fine as the top really isn’t bridal stable.

      • If you have to ask, you already have your answer. Too much.

      • For me the color isn’t a problem; clearly, you are not competing with the bride. It’s cute, and god bless you if you’re comfortable in something so short, but it looks like a tennis outfit. Is it fancy enough for a wedding?

    • Maddie Ross :

      I kinda like it (would not work me, but I think it’s super cute). The really colorful top, especially if paired with colorful or metallic shoes, clearly states to me that you’re not the bride and not pretending to be.

    • Why risk it – I think its questionable, which would be enough to get me to look elsewhere.

    • It would be ok. No way could you be accused of competing with the bride. Or getting mistaken for her.

      • I think the “guests don’t wear white to a wedding” custom goes beyond just avoiding confusion with the bride. In today’s age of elaborate poufy wedding dresses, at all but the most casual of weddings you are not going to be confused with the bride. To me, it’s more a matter of respect–white is reserved for the bride, and it’s disrespectful to show up in it even if the cut or some floral accents clearly say “I’m not the bride.”

        • +1

        • Silvercurls :

          I’d add that I’m surprised that a dress that short would be OK at a wedding…but I’ve mostly been to weddings in venues where fairly traditional clothing (covered shoulder and skirts to the knee) were expected.

          No offense intended! I’m conveying my own experience, not trying to judge others.

    • If you are close enough with the bride that you can ask if she will mind (and trust she will give you a sincere answer), that is the only situation in which it would be ok. One of my friends asked me if I would mind if she wore something similar to my wedding and I told her it was fine (and it was). If this is not an option, then don’t risk it. Even if the bride is ok with it, you may get some side eyes from other guests, but as long as you don’t mind, then go for it.

      • Wildkitten :

        I assume brides have enough to do to not also be approving your questionable fashion choices. Why add to her stress/decisions?

        • I had no problem taking 15 seconds out of my day to have a text conversation with one of my good friends who wasn’t familiar with wedding ettiquette. I guess I value my relationships more than focusing on throwing a party for one night. YMMV.

  8. Semi-boring but necessary threadjack: my hairdryer died this morning and I need recommendations for a new one. I’d love to spend under $40 but could be convinced to spend $60ish on the right model. I have chinlength, very thick hair cut in a bob. I usually blow dry it straight but have been known to scrunch and go in the summer, too.

    • Miss Behaved :

      Try the babyliss blowdryer. I got mine at Amazon. I tried to post the link twice just now, but nothing happened.

      I have thick straight hair and I swear by mine.

      • 2nd this rec. Love my babybliss.

      • Kate in DC :

        Agreed. Babyliss is the way to go but make certain it’s a PRO model. My last one lastest, no joke, 12 year! Just purchased a new model (Carreras toirmaile?) and found out my hairdresser has the same model. These are solid IMHO.

        • Kate in DC :

          FYI: I also have a bob – always have (embarrassingly since I was 1 yrs old). An expensive hair dryer will cut your drying time in half and add control and shine that you won’t see in a cheaper model. Ito mine for about $65 on Amazon.

    • Anne Shirley :

      I read this as “hair dresser” and thought gosh how callous to be looking for a replacement when a man has just died.

      • Oh gosh, me too!

      • Same here! No idea why.

        OP, the Conair infiniti Pro does a really good job, at about $35 (you can get it basically anywhere – Amazon, Target, etc.) My complaint would be that mine died after about a year or two (I did drop it a few weeks before, but it worked fine for a while after that, so I’m not sure if that was the cause or not), but until then, it had tons of power and was really easy to control well. It’s bright orange.

      • This made me laugh so hard!

      • So did I! whew

      • I read it that way too!

    • I can’t live without a tourmaline dryer. More expensive yes, but the reduced dry time and no frizz are worth it. I currently use a baby bliss. Probably got it on folica but I can’t remember.

      • Lorelai Gilmore :

        I have a Sedu tourmaline dryer, but have been pretty disappointed in it. The construction is just kind of shoddy (for example, the filter on the back pops off all the time). If you’re going to spend money for a nice dryer, maybe steer clear of the Sedu brand.

    • Most every brand, including low-end, makes tourmaline/ionic hair dryers these days.
      If you have time, look in discount stores like Marshalls. I got my mid-range dryer (don’t remember what brand) for the price of a Revlon one, and did not have to pay extra for the accessories.
      Also check out Ulta, they run sales on electrics all the time and there are 20% coupons.
      Finally Folica is running a sale on highly rated products today and you can get a BabyLiss under your $60 limit.

    • I have the Jilbere Tourmaline Tools Anti Static Dryer that I got at Sally’s for about $60. It dries my long, curly hair fast and leaves it smooth.

  9. White jeans :

    Is it just impossible to wear white jeans if you have dimply, cellulite thighs? I’ve been on a quest for cute white summer jeans but every pair I try seems to just highlight my jiggly backside. Not the good summer look I am going for. I have tried going up a size or two so I don’t think I am trying on too-tight pairs, but at some point too-loose is also not a good look. I know I should just go try on a million more pairs at a department store but at some point that becomes too depressing. Hoping someone here has a recommendation. TIA!

    • I like the J.Crew matchstick (but size up – they’ve changed the cut to be more clingy in the thighs). What you’re really looking for, most likely, is a thick enough fabric.

      • Yes, J. Crew matchstick is amazing! I don’t normally spend that much on jeans but I think white jeans are something you have to splurge on because you need a higher quality, thicker fabric.

    • I found a pair in a boyfriend kind of fit which I think are cute. They were actually American Eagle which was shocking as I hadn’t bought from there in about a decade.

    • I LOVE my Loft white jeans! First pair of white jeans, and I’ve worn them a ton. I’m sad that we are starting to enter DC hot and humid summer, and jeans are too hot.

      They are a nice, heavy fabric, but with some give. I think I got the Curvy straight and they fit great – no waist gap, not too tight in the thighs and butt. Loft has a bunch of different cuts you could try. Do be careful, though, there are some styles that come with holes and shredded areas, I guess that’s a look. I myself am too old for it.

      I’d also suggest White House Black Market, they might have heavier weight white jeans. I got a pair of white pants (not jeans) from them a year or two ago and they are great – not too see-through and fit well.

      • Anonymous :

        I have the same pair of Loft jeans as my first semi-successful venture into the world of white jeans. Curvy, straight fit. They fit very well and the material is substantial enough to hide flaws. BUT, the last time I wore them, which was for an all day event, I found they completely bagged at the knees and then everywhere else. By the end of the day I felt like I could have worn a pair two sizes smaller. Anyone know of a pair with a similar cut but made of denim that holds its shape better?

        • Huh. Mine did not do that. I’ve worn them three times without washing (I drive to work and sit in an office all day, so please don’t think I’m gross) and they stretched a little, but not to the point where I think I needed a different size. I’m not doubting you, it’s not like Loft adheres to some strict standard for manufacturing reproducibility or anything.

    • S in Chicago :

      I have some from Nordstrom’s Kut from the Kloth brand that are wonderful–nice thick fabric so nothing shows through. Would highly recommend. I believe the mix was more than 10 percent of something stretchy–like elastine or spandex or something with cotton instead of the typical 1 or 2 percent. That might be the trick.

    • I have a very dimply backside and I found I just need to find a pair with very thick material. I went to Nordstrom last year and the associate brought me a pair in every style of white jeans they had, and it was a pair of Paiges (and only those) that were thick enough for me to be comfortable.

    • Baconpancakes :

      I know I’ll be mocked, but whatevs. I bought a pair of Lands’ End white slim ankle jeans last year, and I’ve worn them to death. They’re thick enough that I feel ok wearing all but the red and black underwear, so they’re pretty thick, but not absurdly heavy.

    • Frankly, from seeing so many people in white jeans, I don’t care if I can see dimplyness through the jeans. We’ve all got it.
      What looks terrible is polka-dot underwear showing through in an otherwise extremely well put together outfit.

  10. orthopedic shoes :

    Anyone click through to Neiman’s link and see the orthopedic sandals that the model is wearing with this jacket? Just ghastly.

    • Spirograph :

      Yes. What are those?! I do kind of love the suit… and I think the woman who would wear that suit would certainly not wear those sandals.

    • I didn’t like the jacket for myself but the sandals were just awful. Look like some retiree-on-a-bus-trip type.

    • +1 so funny!!

  11. Los Angeles meetup? :

    I saw a comment a few days ago about a thissite meet up in LA this week but forgot to write it down. Can someone give me the email again?

    • Same here. I looked it up this morning. DTLA r e t t e at gmail, I believe.

  12. Lorelai Gilmore :

    I love this jacket. So detailed and interesting! And as a SF resident, I’m personally psyched for a week of San Francisco-based fashion. I really think that SF fashion, even for those of us not at internet companies, feels different than NYC fashion, and I’m excited to see what Lisa suggests.

  13. Love this! I am obsessed with the perforation trend. I have been since I bought the perfect pair of perforated heels a couple of years ago and I am loving that the trend is in full bloom this season. I wouldn’t wear the pants to work, but this jacket and (fabulous) tee combo seems like the cure for what I think ails my office’s fashions. I would love it if we could take business casual to an edgier place (though at a lower price point), rather than the current sloppy.

    • Math Chick :

      I hear you. I am about to go back to suits just b/c the extreme seems to be office pajamas.

  14. I’m in Vegas for a training that starts tomorrow morning. I have all day today to myself and then I’m supposed to meet my supervisor and other coworkers for dinner. I’m not sure where we’re going. Would it be awful if I wore a maxi dress with a cardigan to dinner? I brought biz casual stuff for the training but didn’t bring not a whole lot of casual stuff.

  15. Anonymous :

    So we are deleting comments that call the clothing choice boring now? This truly is going to become a HIVE

  16. Kate in DC :

    I’m in DC – corporate architecture and this jacket is fabulous! I wish, post Memorial Day sales, I had the money to buy it as I know I’ll miss the window in my size. Lisa, I’m so sorry, personally, that you’ve retired as I worry that your thoughts on good work attire will be retiring with you!