Six Brands for the Stylish Vegan Professional: Clothes and Accessories

The Stylish Vegan Professional: Six Brands for Vegan Dress Shoes, Clothes and More

2017 Update: We still recommend these brands for vegan, non-leather clothing, shoes, and bags for the professional woman — but you may want to check out our more recent roundup of stylish vegan shoes for the office.

All right, ladies: If you’re a stylish vegan professional (or are trying to be), which are your favorite vegan brands for workwear? We recently received a question from a job-seeking reader about sources of vegan workwear — both clothes and accessories. Fortunately, it’s far easier to find stylish vegan professional workwear today than, say, 15 years ago. Before highlighting some brands, let’s review what isn’t vegan. Drawing from a post at The Compassionate Closet, here’s a list of materials made from animals (ranging from the obvious to the ones you might not think of): leather, wool, suede, silk, cashmere, mohair, alpaca, angora, worsted, serge, tweed, down, velvet (non-synthetic type), gabardine (wool type), grosgrain (silk type), jersey (wool type), satin (silk type). 

A search for “vegan” at Zappos brings up 700+ items, and a search at Nordstrom shows 350 (of course, you can further sort by category), and sites like MooShoes, Ethica, and Vegan Chic bring together many vegan products in one place. (Related: our slow fashion shopping guide.) What sources have you found for quality vegan workwear, vegan dress shoes, or other musts for the stylish vegan professional? 

For those of you looking for vegan workwear brands that are specifically vegan-focused — not just animal-free by accident — we’ve rounded up six brands worth trying:

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Frugal Friday’s Workwear Report: Slim Button Voile

Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

zady-sale-voile-blouseHuh: if you normally think of slow fashion as being environmentally friendly but expensive, do check out the Zady sale — with code FALLCLEARANCE you can take an extra 50% off listed sale prices. There isn’t a TON of stuff there (and lots of lucky sizes), but the sales that are there are good. Take this simple voile blouse, for example, which still has all sizes (XS-XL) available —

The shirt is crafted from long staple, organic cotton grown near the Aegean Sea in Turkey where the climate has nurtured the highest quality cotton since ancient times. The cotton is spun and woven in the same region of Turkey and then brought to New York City to be expertly tailored and finished off with french seams and mother of pearl buttons.

Nice! It was $135, then marked to $94; with the code it comes down to $47.25 — final sale, alas. Zady .04 The Slim Button Voile

Seeking something similar in plus sizes? This plus-size blouse is made in the USA from organic cotton. Check out our Slow Fashion Shopping Guide for more!

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