Wednesday’s TPS Report: ‘Moscow’ Jacket

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

 Nell black and white tweed cotton blend lurex 'Moscow' jacket Bluefly keeps having crazy sales — the entire site is now up to 80% off. I like the architectural vibe to this tweed cotton blend “Moscow” jacket by Nell — the collarless silhouette, the angled hem, and the detail at the back. The site calls this a “peplum style hem” at back, which I don’t think I agree with — but while it’s odd, I don’t think it’s an unflattering look, and it just kind of adds to the unique, interesting vibe. The jacket was $250, but is now marked to $102.19. Nell black and white tweed cotton blend lurex ‘Moscow’ jacket

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  1. Such a gorgeous blazer!

    • Agreed – I love this. I’m wearing a similar jacket today that I bought from the NAS. It has a bit of color to it, so it’s different, but I unfortunately don’t think it’s different enough to justify owning both. I really like the back on the featured one though!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Totally agree! This blazer is gorgeous!

    • Paging Godzilla – A few days ago you asked about eyeshadow primer (I think it was you). I recommended Urban Decay primer potion – and it’s a great product, but I realized this mornng that I hate the package: they switched from a tube with a sponge-wand applicator to a squeeze-tube without applicator. So lately I’ve been trying Nars pro-prime eyeshadow base – has an applicator, seems to work as well as UD. I’m sure I got mine online from Nordstrom – not sure where else it’s available.

      • King Kong deliver message to Godzilla. Godzilla busy with cicada infestation. Cicada are spawn of great enemy Mothra.

      • Thank you King Kong, I <3 u.

        Would you believe that my eyelids eat up UDPP???? RAWR, SO ANNOYING. I will try Nars and see what happens. Silly slick eyelids.

      • LORAC primer.

    • Love!! totally looks like something Alicia Florrick would wear. goes in my inspirational version of myself’s wardrobe.

  2. Anonymous :

    Hive, what should I bring to a one-year-old’s birthday party on Saturday? The dad reports to my DH, so we are fine with being generous. TIA!

    • My one-year old loved getting blocks. He got both a wooden blocks set and one that’s made of a hard foam and has a bunch of different shapes. Both get played with a lot. He also loves board books – especially ones that have different textures and things to feel.

      • Favorite Auntie :

        I’m auntie to my friends’ two year old, and while I don’t see the kid as much as I’d like, I gave him a winnie-the-pooh board book and a piglet doll, and it’s become one of two stuffed animals he won’t sleep without. I think this is because he gets to read about the character and then connect the story to the stuffed animal.

    • Diana Barry :

      Books! I love the “busy books” on amazon – they have sliders and movable bits – the babies love to destroy them but they LOVE them.

      Whatever you do, don’t get anything that makes noise. Parents don’t like noisy toys (Elmo, I’m looking at you!). :)

    • Books! Board books are good for a 1 year old, but don’t be afraid to go a little more advanced than that, either.

    • +5 for books. Pop-up books and songbooks are awesome gifts. My son loved the interactive books he got at that age, especially when he got a little older and had the hand dexterity to play with them himself.

    • I gave my friend’s son a set of starter HABA blocks for his first birthday. I usually resort to board books or wooden blocks. Apparently he also likes the bath toys I gave him for Christmas – I got a bunch of stackable cups, and animals, and squishy shapes that fit into a box of some sort. I think the next bath toy will be a Plui, mostly because just think it’s cool. For his second birthday I got him more wooden blocks and a wooden puppy puzzle (he’s alllll about the puppies).

      • Anonymous :

        Thank you all SO much. I was thinking I was supposed to bring something for parents-how awkward it would have been to show up w wine or a restaurant gift certificate?! Hive fives!

    • In the Pink :

      Tonka dump truck
      fisher price tall parking garage
      plastic set of pots/pans … or plastic (not tin) teapot and cups set
      stacking cups and blocks
      wooden bead “maze” where the wood balls are moved on wires in crazy directions
      shape sorter (plastic)

    • mama of 2 :

      You might try the Melissa and Doug Latch Board. It’s a big hit in our household.

  3. ExcitedtoFaceWash :

    Early TJ. My clarisonic finally came in the mail yesterday! I was hoping to hear the hive’s recommendations regarding use. How often do you wash with it? Is there a specific face wash that you have found that works best? I appreciate all your answers. Thanks!

    • blackheads :

      I’m also interested to hear others’ experience with the Clairsonic. I’ve gotten my acne under control (as I near 30 – finally), but I’ve never managed to get my nose remotely clear. Is the Clairsonic a good investment for getting stubbornly clogged pores to finally clear out?

      • I use mine every day or every other day, sensitive skin attachment, gentle face wash (usually cetaphil). I usually rinse the brush with off with soap & water after, and let air dry. Make sure you charge it regularly (once a week?) because while it will work a long time with a single charge, it works better when fully charged.

        For blackheads on the nose: the brush head can come apart so that you can place the inner circle only is left on and this is the best way to get at blackheads on your nose. And, yes, the clarisonic is great for that. It’s basically the reason I love it so… :)

        • I have the aria and the stand makes charging it really easy, fwiw.

        • blackheads :

          Thanks! Does anyone use it once or twice a week as a deep clean instead of replacing their regular routine? I’m pretty happy with my current hard-won skincare regime, but those darn blackheads…

          • You could easily do that if your routine works for you. My facialist actually suggested that using it every day may be too abrasive anyway, so you could just use it for blackheads 1-2 times a week the same way you would exfoliate only a few times.

          • Yes I do this. I have fairly sensitive skin so probably once or twice a week (when I shower at night), I’ll use the clarisonic (I have the mia) with my ordinary cleanser (Philosophy purity made simple) and then apply a serum and moisturizer.

        • hellskitchen :

          How did I not know this trick? I have a major blackhead issue on my nose but didn’t know I could dismantle the brush head. Thanks AIMS

          • Anon in NYC :

            I KNOW!

          • Does it depend on which model you have? Or are the heads all the same size (I don’t remember)

          • Gail the Goldfish :

            me, either. Thanks, AIMS!

          • I didn’t know it until recently either. I was in Sephora buying more brush heads a few months ago and this wonderful little man was explaining how to use the mia to a customer – he showed her that trick and I was blown away. I guess this is why you should actually read those little instructional manuals? Anyway, it works really well and makes it much easier to get a deep cleaning. FWIW, he also said that you should only use the sensitive skin brushes and that the “deep clean” ones are not meant to be used more than once a week and will irritate your skin, esp. over time. I switched and have noticed my skin improved. So there’s that, too.

      • Famouscait :

        Love my Clarisonic! I use it morning and night. You can use any cleanser with it that doesn’t have any granules in it. You can also program the brush to a high or low setting. In the summer when my skin feels extra gunky from sunscreen, sweat, etc., I use it on high. I also use it on my jawline, neck and decolletage area (when needed). I’ve had mine for about 3 years and it still works great!

      • Blair Waldorf :

        YES! This has been the best part of my Clarisonic. Finally, my nose is clear! It has made my skin look brighter, but most importantly, it has cleared out my pores, which I had never been able to do before, even with exfoliating cleansers.

        I use it every other night before bed, and moisturize afterwards with a night cream. I use Cetaphil, and I just wash out the brush head after each use and let it dry.

        It’s a spend, but if you go to skin store dot com they often have 20% off sales and you can find Clarisonic products there. It has been worth it for me!

    • I love my Clarisonic! I use in the morning during my shower and sometimes in the evening. I’ve found it works well with most cleansers. I’m currently using one from Olay. I wet my face, apply the cleanser to my forehead and each cheek and start the Clarisonic.

      I ignore the beeps and just go at my own pace. Sometimes, I’ll turn it on again if it turns off before I’m done. I also use it on my neck.

      I’ve been using it for a couple of years and have noticed my skin is in a much better condition. I rarely get break-outs, even PMS related ones.

      Just make sure to remove the brush and clean it out regularly.

    • I use mine twice a day with philosophy purity gel and the sensitive brush head, for the recommended beep times. I could probably use the acne head or an acne soap, but only get pms acne. Does anyone switch to acne brush head/acne soap just for that week of breaking out? It never occurred to me until now…

    • hmm… Maybe I need to splurge on one of these. It sounds like it might help my many skin issues.

      Does the Clairsonic help with large pores at all?

      • Technically nothing will shrink pore size, fantastic claims to the contrary. But what the clarisonic does for me is it keeps my pores clear which makes my skin look much better and smoother overall.

    • phillygirlruns :

      i’ve had my clarisonic for 2.5 years or so and love it. use it once a day, in the shower, usually at night. acne brush (or whatever it’s called – it has a blue ring in it); i use either cetaphil or la roche-posay effaclar (i prefer this one but my CVS doesn’t always have it in stock). i put the cleanser on the brush.

      CKB, i have large pores and oily skin. nothing’s going to actually shrink your pores, but my skin is much more even-textured since i’ve been using this, and i break out much less (though that may be due just as much to the fact that i’m now 31 instead of 28 as it is to the clarisonic). far fewer blackheads as well, particularly on my nose.

      • +1. Nothing has made my skin look as good as my Clarisonic. Including reducing blackheads, white heads, and visibility of pores. I feel like I could do an (honest) infomercial for Clarisonic.

    • I keep my Clarisonic Mia in the shower and use it in the mornings with Clinique mild face wash. I’ve had mine for almost 3 years now and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought for my skin. Enjoy yours!

    • Love my clarisonic, but I was told by my dermatologist to only use it twice a week. I do once during the week, and once on the weekend. I use it with a prescription sulfur facewash. That facewash and the clarisonic, along with a switch to bare minerals foundation, has completely solved my life long struggle with acne.

  4. Styling help :

    I recently bought a pair of black and dark grey jeans in a damask print from The Limited. They are the “Forenza Printed Skinny Jeans” (link to follow). I want to wear them out to a 25th birthday celebration friday night. Styling advice for what top to wear? jewelry? shoes? I’d like something on trend but still flattering for my size 8, busty-self.

    • Styling help :

      link to the pants:,default,pd.html?dwvar_8519071_colorCode=100&start=13&ppid=s13&q=forenza

      • viclawstudent :

        I totally love those and am now coveting them … good buy! Where are you going for the celebration? I think a black sequin T-shirt would be cute with them (or silver sequin) – if it’s warm where you are, sequin tank top instead – with black stiletto pumps.

    • Oooh! You are so lucky to be abel to wear skinny jean’s! When I was 25, I think I still could, but siting on my tuchus workeing for the manageing partner has made this feet now imposible!

      The manageing partner is mad at me and keep’s mumbeling:


      Does any one in the hive know what he is talkeing about? FOOEY!

    • A longer black sleeveless top and stilettoes?

  5. Baby Gifts :

    Our friends just had a baby – they are the first ones of our group. We live far away, but would like to send them something more than a card – something in the $75ish range. Any suggestions on sites that do baby gifts or baby baskets, or other suggestions for gifts? They don’t have a registry, and I’m sure already have everything they need. We will be visiting them in a few months, and will probably bring some nice baby clothes or something similar then. TIA

    • Depending on what their situation is you could get them a gift certificate for a cleaning service or something like that that is basically a gift of time.

      • I love this idea. My sister is due w/ their 2nd in August, and I will send she and her husband a giftcard to Panera Bread.

    • If you can find out which brand of diapers and wipes they are using, you can have Amazon (or similar) ship them a case of heir brand, a size or two up (so maybe a size 2), and a case of wipes. If they have everything they need and you will be bringing them a pretty present, it’s OK to send something brutally practical. Babies will sometimes startle you with their growth rate and ability to produce waste and a trip to the store that you can keep them from making is a blessing.

    • Diana Barry :

      Gift certificate for delivery near them? Amazon gift certificate (diapers)?

      I really like to give the Hanna Andersson sleep sacks – my kids use them every day to sleep in and if you get 2 I think that’s around $70 or so. Their PJs are also good, although $$$ and not footed.

      • Costco carries the one-piece HA pajamas for under $20/pair in the store. I think some of the prints may be exclusive to Costco, but they wear like the originals.

    • I think food is always nice after the birth of a child. I favor Harry and David since I think their fruit is nice but you could go another direction as well

      • Anon in NYC :

        I sent a Harry and David basket to my friend after she had her first, and they loved it. It was a combo of fruit, cheese, and healthier snacks. It was perfect for them, and she’s subsequently asked me for the name of the company because she wanted to send one to one of her friends post-baby. I’m going to send her another one after her second is born.

    • In House Lobbyist :

      Amazon Prime is $80 a year and there is a free Amazon Mom program where you get discounts on baby products. I have given it several times as a baby gift. It has seriously changed my life as a working mom.

    • In the Pink :

      “Your Child at Play” series of books

      “Your 1, 2, ….12 Year Old” series of books by the Gesell Institute

      movie certificate/Netflix/amazon downloads for those long sleepless nights? Even a tv series because it is shorter in length

      babysitting and hotel gift card in their area … about 3 months out … when they can and need an adults out night out, not a parents night out – or restaurant certificate or tickets to a show/special event

  6. momentsofabsurdity :

    Yesterday, I witnessed a kid get hit by a car. It was horrible. The kid (he was about 12) ran out into the street near the pedestrian crosswalk (or maybe in it, I didn’t see), and the car was probably going a bit too fast (40 or 45 in a 30mph zone) but nothing extraordinary. He was hit hard, and flew 10-15 feet before landing on concrete.

    It was incredibly jarring and upsetting – I’m looking for news articles now to try to see how he is. He’s a kid who lives in my neighborhood – I see him riding his scooter around sometimes. He was conscious when they put him in the ambulance, so hopefully he only had minor injuries. But he still was a 12 year old hit by a fast-moving car.

    So today, I’m going to be the annoying little bird reminding everyone how dangerous driving really is and how hyper vigilant we all should really be when operating a car – even on roads we’ve driven on a hundred times. I know I’m guilty of tuning out, going on autopilot, or going a bit too fast while I’m driving – but I’m extra aware today that it only takes one second of not paying attention for something huge and terrible to happen.

    • Yikes, how awful. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. That had to be really upsetting to see so be gentle with yourself too.

    • Muddy Buddy :

      How awful. I’m so sorry this happened and that you witnessed it. Do you know where he lives or who his parents are? I don’t know that you’d want to knock on the door just to ask, but maybe a basket of muffins on the porch with a card that they’re in your thoughts?

      Hopefully he’s okay or you would have heard otherwise around the neighborhood or in the news (depending on how large your city is).

      I once actually hit a kid with my car. I was moving <5 mph, and she did not have to be taken away in the ambulance, but it was one of those moments that completely changed my outlook because it showed me just how easily something tragic can happen.

    • When you’re driving you should ALWAYS expect that kids might do something impulsive, unexpected, and dangerous.

      • Agreed. I’m always on the lookout when I’m driving through residential neighborhoods. In my neighborhood, it’s more likely to be cats, dogs, chickens, or a peac*ck than children, but still, I don’t want to hit anything!

      • Actually, expected the unexpected from kids, adults, animals, and other drivers/car. Keep your eyes moving and always leave yourself an out.

    • Miss Behaved :

      That’s awful and scary. Unless I’m mistaken, you’re in the Boston area. If you go to, you can select your town under the Local News section. Maybe the story will be there.

    • I would definitely try to figure out where the kid lives. You were a witness to the incident, and might therefore be a good contact for the family.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      Thanks guys. I did give my witness statement to the police, though I’m not sure how much help I was (as I didn’t actually see if the kid entered the street in the crosswalk or just beyond it) so the police have all my contact info.

      I’m not sure exactly where his family lives – my street is all apartment buildings so I am sure he’s in one of them, since I’ve seen him around pretty often, but I don’t know which one. His dad witnessed the whole thing and ran over (along with me, and about 10-15 other joggers, dog walkers, etc who were out and watched it happen) as soon as he was hit, and was holding him and crying and then I think his brother came out as well, but I’m not sure what building they are in, though I know it’s on my block. One of the officers told me yesterday when I gave my statement that the injuries were “serious but not life threatening” so I really, really hope the kid will be okay.

    • I can’t even imagine how upsetting that would be to witness. I really hope the kid is okay and has a speedy recovery. I’m so sorry you had to see something like that.

      I just want to jump on the PSA and remind us all to watch out for cars, too. My husband almost hit a guy this morning because he walked into the crosswalk on the curve of a 45 mph road without looking. Thankfully my husband stopped in time, but he was almost hit by the guy behind him who locked up his brakes and skidded around him (thankfully not into the pedestrian).

    • I’ve actually been hit by a car while running – I was on the sidewalk and the driver came shooting out of a hidden driveway at full speed, without looking. I wasn’t badly hurt (needed some stitches, but didn’t have to go to the hospital), but the driver looked like she was going to pass out from shock.

      Driving is the most dangerous thing we do everyday (both in terms of risk to us, and risk to other people). It’s incredibly important to take it seriously, without looking.

      • …and I’m not sure how that “without looking” got appended there. Not enough coffee in the system yet!

    • A couple of nights ago I saw a guy on a bicycle get hit by a cab turning left. Very scary. We ran over to see if the guy wanted help. He seemed OK and didn’t want us to call the police so everyone just went on their way. It was very unsettling.

    • car accidents... :

      Thank you for posting this, and thank you for staying and giving a witness statement.

      My father was hit by a taxi going too fast, while walking across a simple street. Not much different then this. He is now paralyzed with so many medical problems, and was hospitalized for 6 months. He was awake and in pain after he was hit, but no one knew the extent of his injuries until he got to the hospital. He was alone, and thank goodness a person nearby ran to help and call 911 and stayed to make a witness statement.

      Cars are so so so so so so so so dangerous.

      We hear hours on the news every day about a rare terrorist attack, or an even more rare flu that “might kill you”, or other unfortunate incidents…. but we ignore the numerous people killed and maimed every day by cars.

      People drive after drinking alcohol (many on this site I’m sure…. I have!), while on the cell phone, while texting, while sleep deprived …. and all it takes is a second. Then your life changes forever. We can all be careless. Children are everywhere…

      I’ve had my car accident that almost killed me (hit by a drunk driver)…. have you? You will. Be safe. Wear your seatbelts. Don’t drink and drive. Be alert. Buy the safest car you can afford. And drive like your life depends upon it.

      • This. My Dad was killed by a drunk driver almost 3 years ago. You can bet I get unreasonably angry when I hear of people drinking and driving. If you drink and drive: take your own *stupid* life into your own hands if you please, but don’t endanger others.

      • +24805 to this and momentsofabsurdity’s PSA. In the USA alone, we have over 30,000+ traffic related fatalities per year. That’s an entire football stadium. Every. Year. Not counting major or minor injuries.

    • Oh my gosh! I really hope the little kid is okay! I hate driving, and I think it’s because I’m usually a pedestrian, and I realize how easy it is to miss someone if your attention is diverted for even a second.

  7. springtime :

    I know it’s probably been asked- but Jcrew super 120s and sizing- should I go down? I have some of their suiting stuff (not the 120s) in my regular size from a number of years ago (2009) that’s a bit big on the waist, so I’m thinking of sizing down. Or do I have to buy two sizes and return what doesn’t fit?

    Or should I get my normal size and get the waist taken in?

    • Diana Barry :

      I go down a size in the pants but not in the jacket – my shoulders/bust mean I stick to the regular size. Some of the jackets have too big of a waist on me but I am too lazy to go to the tailor. ;)

      • springtime :

        Yah- bust and shoulders usually mean i don’t size down in jackets. Thanks for the advice!

    • viclawstudent :

      I have to size down in both the jacket and the bottoms for them, but I have really small shoulders and a pretty minimal bust, so that part of the advice may not apply to you. Definitely seems to me that the waists are larger than the listed size.

  8. Personal style brand :

    Longtime lurker here. Someone posted the other day about their personal style aesthetic and sticking to it. I read an article a when back about establishing a personal brand when it comes to clothes and its really helped me purge my closet and avoid unnecessary purchases that dont work in with my wardrobe. I’ve decided I am “sporty chic” (not to be confused with sporty spice). I like to be comfortable and stylish and a little structured. Think lots of skinny jeans, riding boots, sweaters, layers. I’ve mostly stopped buying things like sheath dresses and high heels because I am just not comfortable and they do not feel like “me”. I are lots of other styles but have generally stopped buying items for the person I think I am going to be someday. So here’s the question: if you had to describe your personal style aesthetic in two words, what would they be?

    • Fitted and classic.

    • Kate & Dolly. The Duchess’s aesthetic, as interpreted by someone with a bust.

    • Mrs. Robinson

    • Diana Barry :

      Tomboy prep.

    • Olivia Pope :

      Olivia Pope (work)

      Simple and flattering (casual)

      Lazy person (home)

    • Polished and tailored.

      • At work anyways (not quite sure anyone would consider the short skirts/dresses I wear out to be either polished or tailored)

    • Classic meets rock-and-roll.

    • DC Association :

      Urban preppy

    • Divaliscious11 :

      Classics with Edge

    • Umm, I have no idea? Maybe that explains my somewhat disjointed closet.

      Maybe someone else can pin me down:
      Common weekend outfits: Chambray shirt or v-neck tee, coloured jeans + boat shoes; dark jeans riding books and sweaters, lululemon leggings and long sweaters; workout clothes; bermuda shorts, v-neck tee, flip flops.

      Gym ouftis: always cute lululemon tops/pants. They’re just so adorable and flattering.

      Common work outfits: Minnie pants + sweater or blazer/blouse; sheath dress with cardigan; pencil skirt+ blouse/cardigan…usually flats, sometimes heels….rarely a suit unless I’m meeting with super high-ups.

      I don’t really do a lot of patterns though I’m trying to. Texture/material is most important to me in my clothes, and I wear a lot of scarves.

      • Audrey Hepburn-like at work?

        I would say the chambray puts you firmly in the chic cowgirl look but I’m not sure how flattering that is (very city appropriate though!)

        • i.e. don’t know if you want to be in the chic cowgirl category! didn’t mean to offend anyone

        • Lol, I don’t love it, but I can accept chic cowgirl, I mean…if I had a big problem with it, I’m definitely in the wrong place.

          Plus, in T-4 weeks (not that I have a countdown or anything…), it will be practically mandatory, particularly as I have rodeo tickets for both Saturdays (not counting all the work/bar association parties), and obviously Nashville North with all my friends will be where we head after hours of watching cowboys wrastle calves. I’m a terrible vegetarian for enjoying rodeo and chucks.

          I like the idea of Audrey Hepburn at work, it’s actually probably pretty accurate, I do love me some ankle pants, and a nice classic black sheath dress is possibly my favourite thing ever.

      • Anonymous :

        J. Crew Catalog. Said with love and a shared sensibility :)

    • Senior Attorney :

      At the risk (certainty!) of outing myself to anybody who reads the other fashion site, I frequent:

      Business Bombshell

      • Senior Attorney :

        Don’t know where that comma came from…

        • i struggle with defining my style – how do i get started?
          i feel like i just wear clothes, not outfits.

    • Until about last year I would have said black & grey but I’m trying to move away from that. Still somewhat boring & basic though.

    • Claire Huxtable.

    • At work- Conservative and Bad*ss (or at least, that’s what I’m going for, I think I really only hit it about 5% of the time)

      Not at work- Lazy (I manage to get this 100% of the time)

    • In the Pink :

      Feminine and Professional …

      I think as we grow older and in our careers, we start to settle in on what we like and what fashion likes us/our bodies.

      To find your style, as others have asked, maybe tear out photos from magazines you like. It works for home renovation and design, why not a closet of personal style?

      I think also, a closet review can show the types of clothes, styles, fabrics, and colors you’re drawn to and purchase most often. I know I have two neutrals (black, grey) and then accent colors (red/pink, purples, blues) and that’s it. If I stick to this (adding in white here and there), then everything “goes” … it also makes me appear to have a style sense/uniform.

    • Monster.


    • Joanna Toews :

      Tailored urbanite

  9. Love the jacket front, hate the back.

  10. I think we have discussed this before, but I don’t know when. My firm is sponsoring a night at a local minor league ball field. We have a VIP box area, and I will be there along with my husband, some of the firm partners and associates and various local dignitaries ( mayor, city manager etc. who we often do work for).

    I am at a loss as to what to wear. It is an evening game in the Deep South in July, so it will be HOT ! I do think that our VIP area will also have an enclosed area with food/drinks/air conditioning. I want to project the casual yet stylish and competent vibe. Thoughts ? I was thinking nice dark wash to the knee denim skirt, cute flats and a simple T shirt style top with a cute belt and jewelry, but I am worried that might be too casual. I don’t want to do the suit or dress thing at a ball park. Other option would be a subtle print pair of ankle pants, flats, and solid neutral top with fun jewelry.

    I am not averse to buying something, just don’t want to buy the wrong thing.

    • AnonInfinity :

      I’d go with the skirt because those are cooler than ankle pants.

      At our firm baseball night, which is also in the South, everyone is casual. I’m talking shorts. No denim, but shorts (usually khaki or linen).

    • Fellow Deep Southerner here. I think either of your outfits will be perfect – bonus points if you have something (top, accent jewelry, etc) in the team color. But no minus points if you don’t.

      • Thanks guys. I was leaning toward Khaki or denim skirt for the heat factor. I just wanted to make sure that I was not too far out of the ballpark, so to speak. :)

  11. Anon for this :

    Regular poster, anon for this. Pregnancy & summer assiciateship TJ. I just found out I’m pregnant and I’m a summer associate at a small-ish big city law firm. My OB’s hours are 10am-4pm and it’s about 25 minutes from my office. How do I handle appointments this summer (and how many will I have?)? Should I find an OB closer to my office and/or with better hours or can I make these during lunch? Thanka all – sorry for the brevity, obviously posting from my phone.

    • My practice has its routine first OB visit at 8 weeks, so it may not be an issue. If you’ve had a + test, you’d probably want to go ahead and call to schedule a first visit.

    • Congratulations!! Assuming you have a normal pregnancy and unless there are reasons for extra monitoring (e.g. previous cervical surgery, history of miscarriages), you will probably only have 2-3 appointments during the summer. The book Expecting 411 lists the various tests/screenings routinely done in the first and second trimesters and when they take place.

    • darjeeling :

      Congrats! I would find an OB closer to the office if I were you (10-4 is really crappy hours!) b/c while the appointments are generally pretty brief you may have to wait a while. That said, in the early days you won’t have to go too often if there are no complications (maybe at 6-7 weeks and then around 12 weeks if memory serves).

      Now you just need to practice your fake-drinking skills! ;)

    • My OB practice has a routine first visit @ 8 weeks, so it may not be an issue or much of one. I’d call and get that scheduled and they can tell you what is normal after that.


    • Never been preg or SA, but gosh those sound like terrible hours. I know it’s important to find an OB you love – but in a big city they should have more hours!

    • I’d find a new OB. Not because I think it’s necessary for work, but because dealing with an office with princess hours would get on my nerves!

      • …and when the baby starts growing and the weight starts tracking up, it’s always nice to have that first-thing-in-the-am appointment (think 7-8 am) so the scale doesn’t remind you how fat you are… :) At least that’s how I fooled myself

    • Diana Barry :

      If you are 4-5 weeks now, assuming low risk, you will have one appt a month, starting next month. So I would just make them for 10 am on those days and say you’ll be in late (by noon?). OR try for a 3 pm appointment on a Friday if it is kosher with your firm to leave early. It should only be 2 or 3 times.


    • What everyone else said. Even if you are higher risk, you might not have that many early on, depending on the nature of the risk. I was slightly higher risk and had a first appointment at 5 weeks, a ultrasound at 7 weeks and an appointment with the perinatalogist at 8 weeks. I then was basically once a month (with an extra visit to the perinatalogist at 18 weeks) until 30 weeks when I went every week. Congrats! I know it seems overwhelming right now scheduling visits, but it will be OK. And I agree those hours suck but if you reeeeeaaaallllly like the office it might be worth it. Can you try to get the last appointment of the day and go in early those days? It really depends on the culture of your firm how well that works though–maybe you can claim you have to meet up with law school classmates for unofficial networking? That might have worked at some of my workplaces, especially if the employee was otherwise working full hours.

    • I’m 10 weeks now. Found out after giving notice at my last firm and before starting the new one- so I feel your pain. The first appointment will typically be at 8 weeks. Expect this appointment to be VERY long. I had an early ultrasound at 6 weeks due to my previous history, but my one at 8 weeks was still 2 1/2 hours. No one really tells you this, but it takes forever. There was very little waiting around- I was actually with a doctor, ultrasound tech, or nurse for the greater part of 2 hours. My office is really close and I tried to do it during lunch and obviously went way over my allotted time.
      I’m thinking the next appointments won’t be as long. My next appointment is scheduled for 12 weeks.
      Also, if you like the dr. stick with her/him. You’ll only be at this job for the summer and the pregnancy is 9+ months. What’s going to be easier for you after the summer?
      Good Luck!

      • Anon for this :

        Oh my god!! Over 2 hours?! Thanks for that info — I was hoping to make it a lunch appt (I typically work 9-7, so even the first/last appts aren’t great) but it sounds like I need to do a friday afternoon. Thanks everyone.

      • Just as a counterpoint, I.think my first was no more than 30 mins long (including waiting room time!) Most of my appts other than the anatomy ultrasound and glucose test (which are both four months or later, if I recall correctly) were 20-45 minutes at most. My pregnancies were uncomplicated, so that helps. Maybe ask the doctor’s office when you call how long they think it will take so you have that guidance?

        In any event, I’d consider switching OBs based on the annoying hours, but if you don’t switch, be very conscious of your office dynamics, realizing that the rules for associates and S.A.s are different. Also, consider telling your mentor or a trusted associate that you have a medical appt (not why) and ask for their opinion as to how best to handle.

        • I’ve been pg 6 times and none of my first dr appts, actually, none of my appts at all, were ever over probably 30 min, excluding waiting room time. Of course, things might be different here in Canada, and all my ultrasounds were not at the dr office but at the ultrasound clinic, and I only got early u/s because I was higher risk with a history of m/c.

          When you book your appt ask how long they think it will take.

    • If you haven’t already, you might consider telling someone in your office (whoever coordinates the summer program) that you have a health issue you’re dealing with and that you may have a few doctor’s appointments over the summer. You might also say that you expect it to be resolved within the next few months (in case they worry that it’s something serious — not that a baby isn’t serious, but it’s generally not life-threatening in the developed world). This makes it clear that you’re not just being flaky and that you didn’t purposefully wait to schedule a bunch of routine appointments right smack during your internship. It may also provide some cover if you feel really [email protected] from time to time. It’s better that they know you’re dealing with something out of the ordinary than to think you’re just lazy.

  12. Love the jacket – on to my Threadjack – is anyone a member of or has been a member of the National Association of Women Lawyers? Is it useful for networking? Did you like/dislike it? Why?

    • I had a free membership from my old firm–which is headquartered in Chicago, while I’m on the east coast. I got thier emails for a couple years, if I recall none of the events that appealed to me were in my local area. So as a starting point I’d take a look at thier calendar of events and see if they are active in your area.

  13. I’m looking for emprire waist shirts – T-shirts as well as tops that can be worn to work. Any suggestions as to where I can find some? I’m at a loss.
    I’ve gained a bunch of weight in my midsection and am small busted – so these are really the most flattering. And I can’t find them anywhere.

    • Have you tried Boden, they usually love empire waist everything.
      Also, anthropologie tends to have some empire waist tops.
      I like this one from Boden:

    • If you have an Ann Taylor outlet near you, I found some cute empire waist dressy t-shirts there a couple of weeks ago. Dressy enough to wear under a suit for work, but also fine with shorts or capris on the weekends.

    • I’m your same shape, normally find empire waist tops to be the most flattering, and I found some great (not empire waist) tops at new york and company that do a good job of hiding my stomach area. Link to follow.

      • I’m wearing this today. I have this top in just plain white and wear it under jackets or sweaters. I don’t see it on the website, but your local store might have it?

      • Ok, I’m an idiot, here it is in white-

  14. in-house interview :

    Hive, I’m interviewing for an in-house position next week. I know why I want to go in-house. But, for the question of “why are you interested in working for THIS COMPANY,” is an appropriate answer that I’m a fan of their products?

    • Not really. You want to work there because it’s a great place to work that has a great work environment, you’ve heard good things about the company and the people there (and the great products they put out – that is where their products might come in), you’ve heard they have good training, you think the type of work (work area or structure of the organization) is something you’d really like to work on and get involved with, and it’s a good location for you. Pick and choose from those as they are appropriate for you. Their great products are perhaps what got you initially interested in exploring them, but it’s not a reason to work there.

      • I disagree. I think companies like to be flattered and telling them you really like their products is a great way to show that you’re enthusiastic about the company. I would back that up with some more analytical statements about how you admire their business model (with specifics — e.g., you think how they handled the roll-out of the newest product line was good because X, Y, and Z). Then you can say that you’d be excited to help support (because in-house counsel is a support function, remember) all the people who work to get these great products out there. Training, location, work environment, etc. are all about YOU and what YOU get. Interviewers want to know what THEY will get from you. I’d focus on how much you want to help this company succeed.

        • Anon in NYC :

          I agree with this. Enthusiasm about what the company does is important, and I would actually lead with that and then go into some of the stuff that TBK and Anonymous mention. Example of a lead in sentence: “I’m a fan of [Company’s products], and I really like the message that the Company promotes (its products are environmentally safe, promotes low-cost investing so everyone is able to benefit from the market, etc.).”

    • Ask A Manager answered this last year — article title is “Interviewing with a company you’re in awe of” if you want to look at the discussion there. The answer there was it’s fine to express appreciation/enthusiasm, but make it brief and keep the bulk of it realistic and practical. I agree with that — actually using the products gives you a connection to/knowledge of the company that they probably like to hear, but you don’t want to sound like you think the job will be mostly using that product!

  15. I am interviewing soon for a position in the medical field. I never wear a suit ordinarily, and all the suits that I own are a little too big Ann Taylor classics from 10 years ago.

    I have one Theory suit – Heather grey – classic but current style. Can I wear that, or is light Heather grey too informal? Remember, this isn’t big law. This is a hospital. I will also probably be the only woman interviewing.

    • If it is really hot outside, I don’t think it reads too informal, but if you’re in a cooler part of the country I think it does. Most medical professionals I’ve met wear the black/navy uniform for formal settings.

    • I don’t think that light heather gray is too informal (I know which theory suit you’re talking about), especially in the summer, and with conservative shoes and blouse. However, I’d be interested in hearing what others say.

    • In the Pink :

      I think it is just fine! Add in some colorful top and/or shoes. Be sure they’re walking shoes … hospitals can be large … and you want to be practical while executive. Stay away from anything white! I’m a non-MD doctor – from experience, I don’t wear any white solids. You may be the only one in a suit, but starting there is great. Good wishes!

    • Medical can mean a lot of things, can you be more specific? I’ve worked on the business/revenue side of healthcare in NYC for 10+ years, and the way women dress varies a lot by job function. Practice management and operations people are often moderately formal, IT/systems people way less formal, senior administration people more formal.

      I’d wear heather grey (I’m picturing a light grey, btw, so correct me if I’m wrong) to a warm-weather interview for anything except C-suite/VP-level administration, if that’s any help.

      • Thanks guys. I am a doctor in a male dominated field. Heather grey is the light grey, and the weather will be midwestern warm/humid. All the guys will be in blue/charcoal suits with some sort of power tie. Actually, I kind of like the idea of contrasting with them…. a little… as long as I look sleek, professional, and as tall as them in my heels! I’ll probably have conservative black heels, and maybe a pop of color in a silk shell (?saturated blue) or a more conservative black?

        Thank you very much for your feedback. It is really helpful.

  16. I can't quit you -- DVF chain print :

    I am having a *thing* for the DVF chain-print fabric. Right now, it seems to come in the Reina (short dress, non-wrap) and in a wrap dress. I can’t do the wrap dresses and I fear that the Reina will be too short to wear much (or I will have to wait until fall until I can wear it with black tights / leggings). Does anyone know if they do this print a lot (so maybe in another option in the fall with something non-wrap and non-short)? I am owed a splurge item and could pull the trigger on the Reina just to scratch this itch.


  17. Hi ‘rettes! Long time, no post. Boy, do I have tales of woe for you. But that’s not why I’m posting. I’d like to buy a spa gift certificate for my boyfriend, and I need recommendations for a spa in the Baltimore/north suburbs area where a middle-aged black guy who has never been to a spa before would be comfortable and treated well. He’s been caring for me as I’ve been on disability leave and I want to give him a gift to help him relax for a few hours.


    • I have no suggestions for you, but I’ve missed your voice. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been on disability leave, and I hope things are looking up. I’m glad to hear that you have someone special to treat you well when you need it most :)

      • Thanks :). I was really busy at work before I was injured and barely had any time for online, and then I tried to avoid shopping sites because clearly I don’t need any work clothes and won’t for a wihle. But I’ve missed the community here too.

    • Divaliscious11 :

      If you will come south of Baltimore (near Columbia) my husband and I used to enjoy The Pearl in Fulton – they had a great couples day, and they also have some men focused treatments

  18. Hi ‘re tt es! Long time, no post. Boy, do I have tales of woe for you. But that’s not why I’m posting. I’d like to buy a spa gift certificate for my boyfriend, and I need recommendations for a spa in the Baltimore/north suburbs area where a middle-aged black guy who has never been to a spa before would be comfortable and treated well. He’s been caring for me as I’ve been on disability leave and I want to give him a gift to help him relax for a few hours.


    • What I’m really looking for is massage and relaxation, btw. So a gym that provides massage services to non-members would be fine too.

  19. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi ladies! Long time, no post. Boy, do I have tales of woe for you. But that’s not why I’m posting. I’d like to buy a spa gift certificate for my boyfriend, and I need recommendations for a spa in the Baltimore/north suburbs area where a middle-aged black guy who has never been to a spa before would be comfortable and treated well. He’s been caring for me as I’ve been on disability leave and I want to give him a gift to help him relax for a few hours.


    • Yikes, I hope you’re on your way to being well.

      I’ve never been to the Red Door in Baltimore, but I’m a fan of all Red Doors and they are very accommodating to men.

  20. Take the hint? :

    A colleague who I’ve worked with passed along a job opening (more senior position) through another coworker (who I’m close with). Basically, said I’m great, doing great work saw this thought of me AND there are a lot of people who work on the issue I work on. I’m a small subset of a large department and my position is not new (I filled a spot when someone left). I’m not sure if this is a hint or if this person is just unfamiliar with my department’s structure. The colleague who passed it along would be in a position to know if there was downsizing, but isn’t top of the food chain and my department director would be the one making the decisions if there was downsizing.

    Is this a hint? Or am I reading too much into it.

    • Diana Barry :

      Wouldn’t it mean they think you should apply for the more senior job?

      • Yeah, I only see this as a good thing. Someone you work with thinks you’re ready for the next step up.

  21. Anon Momma :

    Kid question – my husband and I may need to be out of town at the same time in a few weeks. I would need to leave early in the morning and he wouldn’t get home until later in the evening. We would both be a plane ride away – not in driving distance. I am trying to figure out whether this will work with our one year old. One option is to have her regular babysitter (who is also a nanny for another family) do daycare dropoff and pickup, then watch her until my husband gets home around 8 pm. I would ask another local family to be our backup in case of emergency. Is this crazy? I am afraid to have both of us a plane flight away in case something happens. Grandparents would be ~3 hrs away by car in case they are needed. Thoughts?

    • Can you drop her off for a visit with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days? (like if the trip is a Friday, drop her off Thursday and leave from their place then come back and spend the weekend with the grandparents)?

      Alternatively, I know my parents traveled like that when I was a kid, and I wasn’t scarred or miserable. But because kiddo’s so young, if it were me, I’d be most comfortable leaving her with the grandparents, if they are able to care for her for a day.

    • Enlist the grandparents if it works for them, either to come stay with her or to have her stay with them. I also think your proposed set-up with her current sitter works (assuming that she can work with travel schedule blips.) Leave phone numbers, insurance info and an authorization to seek care in case of a medical situation. She will be just fine and happy to see you when you get back.

    • I’ve done it just the way you’re planning — babysitter handling drop-off and pickup. Grandparents were 3 hours away.

      I didn’t do it often and I just crossed my fingers that everything worked.

      Is the Nanny okay staying late if your dh’s flight gets delayed? I was on a work trip last week and my first leg on my flight out was delayed due to mechanical issues that caused me to miss my connecting flight. On my way back, my first leg was delayed due to the plane being late coming in. Neither were major hassles, but I’d have been way more nervous if I were dealing with a babysitter and a 1 yo.

  22. just Karen :

    I need wardrobing advice for a weekend meeting in Denver. It will actually be a day and a half of meetings with other attorneys working in the same are of law as me, and will be held at a law firm. It is a still-developing area of law that I am very excited about, but just breaking into. I need some help on what would be appropriate – I feel confident I don’t need a suit, but I don’t think I want to wear jeans. Would these in-between options be okay?
    option 1: Dark grey slacks with an untucked chambray shirt and heels
    option 2: grey or black pants with a mint green cowl neck t-shirt, with maybe open-toed wedges
    option 3: a long maxi dress (link posted below) with a navy cotton pique blazer
    option 4: ??????
    Obviously, I need two days worth of outfits…any input would be most appreciated!

    • just Karen :

    • I don’t think that either the chambray shirt or the maxi dress is appropriate, given that you’re at a law firm. I’d wear either dress pants or a pencil skirt and casual top or sweater. Your option #2 sounds fine, just do that same kind of thing for the second day.

    • I would go with option 1 or a dress or pencil skirt and top with a blazer. While the maxi dress is cute, it isn’t considered very businesslike attire and men don’t get maxi dresses.

    • I like option 2 – while it’s the weekend, it’s still a full day of meetings in the law firm’s offices, not a brief weekend meeting in a Starbucks. I think chambray and a maxi dress would both be too informal, as opposed to option 2 which is still dressy but summery.

    • I can’t imagine any law firm gathering where chambray is appropriate other than maybe on the bus back from the company picnic.

    • Business casual. Option 1 and 3 are casual causal.

    • just Karen :

      Thank you for the feedback, I will go back to more normal workweek attire. I think the meeting is more casual than I conveyed, but I also recognize it is always to be overdressed than under, especially for anything work-related. Thanks for veering me back on track!

  23. Boston Blonde :

    Do any of you ladies know when anthropology tends to have sales, or if they ever give coupons? I have been desperately stalking a couple things. I’m unfamiliar with the store, and I haven’t had any luck!! There was no discount for Memorial Day Weekend, unfortunately. Thanks.

    • If you sign up for their loyalty program (not a CC), you get a 15% discount on one purchase in your birthday month. So, theoretically, you could sign up and say your bday is in July and whatever you buy then will be 15% off…

      They also have fairly regular sales. I buy a lot of stuff there and 75% of it is on sale. I use shopping notes to alert me to price changes. They also have a really tremendous return policy – basically with a receipt you can return an unworn item any time, even years later. So if you really love something, you can buy it and then return it if it goes on sale. They also do price adjustments but I think the window is like 1-2 weeks.

      In addition to the sales, they occasionally (without much rhyme or reason) will have really big discounts where e.g., the entire sales section is an extra 30% or 50% off. There’s always one of those after xmas but I am not sure about the other times except that I’ve experienced it once or twice very randomly. Or sometimes, it will just be like “all full price dresses 30% off” — these tend to happen on weekends. There’s a fan website devoted to Anthro similar to the JCrew aficionada site, I think it’s called Effortless Anthropologie and that might have some additional helpful info or alert you to any deals that pop up. But seriously, most of their stuff will eventually all go on sale. The question is only whether your size will still be available. Out of curiosity, what are you stalking? ;)

      • Boston Blonde :

        Wow, thanks!! Very helpful, exactly what I was looking for. I broke down and bought two of the items for a weekend trip, full price which I never do out of principle, so I’m now stalking for a price adjustment. Can’t link right this second but one item is a striped waisted maxi dress that they do not have online, and the other is the cream moto jacket. I am also on the hunt for a discount on the anas maxi, I’m trying to resist buying it yet. I also really like the taranas maxi.

    • Unless my info is outdated (I’ve been on a shopping ban for a while), Anthro moves items to sale on Tuesday mornings. Almost everything in Anthro eventually makes it to sale, although sales items can sell out quickly on Tuesdays. In my experience, their store associates are also extremely helpful in finding sizes in other stores that are no longer available online. Anthro occasionally has additional promotions like free shipping or, once or twice a year, an additional 30% off. But you’re stalking something and you really like it, don’t wait around for an additional % off promotion. Do keep checking if what you bought received a further discount, because Anthro will do price adjustments – I believe within 2 weeks.

      • As I was typing this, I remembered why I’ve been on a casual-clothes shopping ban for two years. Way too much damage the summer I was studying for the bar :)

        • Boston Blonde :

          I’m in the same boat, studying for the bar, too funny!!!! I have been a bit shopping crazy lately from my parents being in town for graduation and now being desperate for any distraction.

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