Poll – You’ve Kept Your Job, But How to Handle Your Colleagues Who Didn’t?

Layoff Etiquette: You're OK But Your Coworker Got Laid Off | CorporetteWe live in scary times. Every day there are thousands of people laid off, from law firms and banks and every company imaginable. The Wall Street Journal tells us that young women are more vulnerable to layoffs. If you’re slightly lucky, your company is ‘fessing up to the fact that the layoffs are economy based, and not performance-based firings. If you’re VERY lucky (or perhaps indispensable to your company) you’ve survived the layoffs and cuts — for now, at least. Our question today is one we’ve never even had to consider before — what is the appropriate way to deal with the colleagues who didn’t survive this round of cuts? (And by colleagues, we mean someone who never rose to the level of “friend” with you — you never hung out with them on a one-on-one basis, but you were friendly with them in the office and would acknowledge them with a happy wave if you saw them across the room at a public event, but not necessarily go over to say hi.) They may be the “walking dead” — allowed to keep their jobs for 3 months, ostensibly, to look for another job — or they may already be out the door but still coming to social events with other co-workers, like baby showers — but in both cases you’re still seeing these people. How do you handle? What do you say?

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Can a basic black suit be found for under $200?

cheap black women suitsCan a basic black suit be found for under $200? We love reader mail — and this reader wonders about budget black suits!

Hi folks – love your blog! I’m in a bind, hoping you might have some advice. I’m currently an at-home mom but I’m also an adjunct instructor at the university, and I do some occasional consulting. I got rid of most of my suits when I left corporate 6 years ago.

I have a funeral to attend in two weeks, and don’t have much in the form of a black or navy skirt suit. I’d like to find something reasonable, conservative but hip and somewhat fitted that I can wear for future client meetings or teaching. I’d need to go to a store to try things on. I live near several malls – any suggestions on where to go? We have a Macy’s, Nordstroms, Banana Republic, etc. but looking on their websites, I haven’t seen much in my price range (about $200). Thanks so much!!

First: we’re so sorry for your loss! Second, though, congrats on your position — so many people would dream of that trio of things: the flexibility to be with your child(ren), the status and intellectual challenge of a teaching position, and the option for income with consulting. Well done! [Read more…]

Weekly Roundup

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sexy businesswoman– The Financial Times explores the myth of the sexy stiletto-heeled businesswoman, so common on television shows like Lipstick Jungle: it’s fictional! <gasp!> [FT via Jezebel]

– Schools are doing their best to draw more women to executive MBA programs. [WSJ]

– How to dress like a French woman: simple, chic. [Forbes Woman] (In fact, it’s a bit hard to find on their website but they have an entire quarterly issue devoted to women in business — check out this link for all the articles.)

– Check out the jewelry sale going on at Erin Gallagher (through Jan. 25) — especially great if you have any loved ones with an odd birthstone, like garnet (January). [Erin Gallagher]

– Finally — if you could come vote for us in the 2009 Bloggies, we’ll be your best friend forever! [2009 Bloggies]

Poll Results – Hair Accessories

professional hair accessoriesAbout a week ago, we asked what kind of hair accessories were appropriate for the office. As always, the poll is still open, but the preliminary results are in — roughly 50% of you said that as long as the ‘do and the accessory was conservative, anything was ok as long as it worked for you, including jeweled elastic bands, claws, headbands, and more. Another 34% of you thought that “fanciful minimal” best described it — simple, hair-colored type accessories from J.Crew. 13% of you thought bare minimal was best for the office — to the point that the elastic holding your hair back should match your hair color. Only 3% said that anything went, including the feathered headband we’d used to illustrate the quiz. [Read more…]

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Suit of the Week: Semantiks Mélange Suit

We really like this black and white combo suit from Semantiks, available at Nordstrom.  The piping on the jacket is interesting without being distracting, and the cut of the suit is feminine without being frou-frou.  The Semantiks Mélange Jacket is $138, and the Semantiks ‘Moonlit’ Mélange Trousers are $88.   There’s a coordinating Semantiks ‘Moonlit’ Mélange Pencil Skirt, also, priced at $68.

gray pantsuit with black piping

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