Poll Results: Patterned Tights and You

Falke Micro Stripe TightsLast week we asked whether or not patterned tights were appropriate for professional women. As always, the poll is still open, but the initial results are interesting — the voters were pretty split in terms of what could or couldn’t work.
– 36% of you said that men’s patterns (pinstriped, windowpane) in dark, neutral colors would work
– 33% of you said ANY pattern would work, but only in dark, neutral colors
– 23% said solidly colored tights in neutral colors would work, but to avoid patterns
– 5% of you said any pattern, any color, any day.

Commenters noted that they considered dark gray to be a neutral, as well as a charcoal blue; we completely agree.  We’d also suggest wearing navy tights with a black dress, if you’re more of a funky soul — it feels rebellious but still looks conservative.  (Our $.02 on black and navy: as long as it looks like you’re doing it on purpose, it’s a-ok.  It’s bad if you look like you got dressed in the dark.)

Some great selections in both luxury and lower-priced tights, after the jump…

These are some great high-end tights:

Falke Soft Merino Slim Rib Tights
Available at ShopBop for $65: Falke Soft Merino Slim Rib Tights
Available at Nordstrom’s for $28: SPANX Paisley Pattern Opaque Tights

Great selections in lower-priced tights, also:

Available at Target for $14: ASSETS, by Sara Blakely: Terrific Textured Argyle Tights, Black
Available at Nordstrom’s for $12: Hue Geometric Rose Tights
Women: Ribbed tights - dark heather gray
Available at Gap for $12: Women: Ribbed tights – dark heather gray

Tights at the very top of the post: Falke Micro Stripe Tights, available at ShopBop for $59.


  1. what tights are the blue/black ombre? those are fabulous!

  2. Sorry about that — just added it to the post. They’re Falke — available at ShopBop.

  3. thanks!!

  4. For luxury tights & funky tights for non-work outfits, stockingirl.com is great.

  5. Wow, I never realized tights were so popular. It must be a geographic thing. I’m in Los Angeles, and I rarely see tights in the corporate world. I guess it never gets cold enough here to necessitate tights.

  6. I LOVE FALKE TIGHTS! For me, there are no other options.

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