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2018 Update: We still love this gorgeous navy suit from Reiss, but since it’s sold out here are some other options: budget / investment suit / plus size suit! If you’re new here, welcome — take a look at our entire guide to suits for women as well as our guide to comfortable heels — and you may also want to take a look at our most recent roundup of suits for women, from budget choices to splurges.

For busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

The dress is what caught my eye here first — a nice high V with darts, an inset waist, wide shoulders… I love that you can wear it with or without belt.  But the rest of the set is pretty hot as well: the fitted blazer (love those darts in the back!), the tapered ankle-length trousers, the simple skirt (pictured at top). I’ll take it all right now, s’il vous plait.  The blazer (Topaz Blazer) is $425, the dress (Topaz Dress) is $340, the pants (Topaz Trousers) are $230, and the skirt (Topaz Skirt) is $195.  Also note: this is a great example of wearing black with navy.

Here’s a more affordable option, and here’s a plus-size option.

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classic navy skirt suit!


  1. Love the suit, but this jacket would look horrible on me.

    • Me to, Kat–I love the blazer and the dress and the color — YAY Reiss! Right now, I am just a little concerned that my tuchus would stick out a little to much b/c the dress is so form fitting, and in the winter, I realy do NOT get that much exercise from my FITBIT. FOOEY b/c I am out there in cold weather and it SHOULD help tone my tuchus, but so far, me working so many hours result’s in a flat tuchus, but NOT a small tuchus. Myrna think’s I should be out there running, but I am sure that If I ran, I would slip on the ice and wind up with even a BIGGER tuchus!

      Dad told Donald’s dad off about his treatement of me. He said Donald had a lot of nerve sniffing around Myrna in MY apartement, no less. He said that his daughter (ME) is young and beautiful and smart, and proababley way to good for Donald, who does NOT even have an advanced degree like me. He said that I realy deserve the best, and Donald does NOT measure up. YAY DAD! Mabye Donald will finaly leave me alone b/c I am NOT interested in a guy who starts sniffeing after your best friend as soon as you come into my apartement. FOOEY! He even hinted he would have SEX with Myrna, and he did NOT even know her. Thank GOD I did NOT let him touch me or kiss me. I could onley imagine what Donald’s dad would have told him if Donald told him that he was abel to get to 2nd or 3rd base with me. God, I’d feel so cheep! I am glad I have scrupuele’s and do NOT let men grab at my boobie’s or tuchus, or put their hand’s above my knee’s if I am weareing a skirt. When I let men do that in college, they alway’s went for MORE, and in the end I got less. DOUBEL FOOEY on men that think like that and let their winkie’s dicatate what they will try and get away with. From now on, no men get access to my lady part’s until after we date for a MONTH! YAY!!!!

    • Love the tailoring on Reiss, but if I’m reading the size chart correctly, the largest size is equivalent to a US 6? Seriously?

      • la vie en bleu :

        they do carry up to size UK16/US12, but they sell out of the larger sizes quickly, unfortunately. It is annoying.

      • You’re reading it wrong, though they only go up to 10 or 12. Lettered sizes stop at L. Their tailored items are cut very well – I have a winter coat from there that was expensive on sale and it looks very expensive. I find the jackets run a bit narrow through the shoulders, though I haven’t tried sizing up.

      • They make the sizes ‘local’ – when I click through to the UK site the sizes read as 4 through 14. The giveaway is that a size 0 doesn’t exist in UK sizes, and therefore the 0 through 10 has to be US.

        (Incidentally, Reiss are really taking the mickey with their exchange rates!)

        • la vie en bleu :

          ah, interesting, I never noticed that. But then I’ve never been able to actually purchase an item yet. ;o) that’s good to know.

        • So it’s the size chart that’s confusing. When I click on the link, it doesn’t default to US sizes, but UK. I assumed the “10” was a US 6. Thanks for clarifying.

    • Love this, love the jacket. If I had a job that required a suit I’d be considering it. I’ve heard great things about Reiss’s fit and quality.

  2. Anonymous :

    I was just looking at this dress last night. I applied for a new job and if I get it, I think I’m going to treat myself to this dress and jacket.

    • la vie en bleu :

      oo lucky! I’m so jealous, in my imaginary life I wear Reiss dresses and suits all the time ;o)

  3. Love it. Hate my budget,

  4. the freeze :

    what a pretty suit. I like the shape of all of the pieces, but I can’t get behind the pencil leg + ankle length + giant heels. I wish they had more of a trouser cut.

    How is everyone staying warm?
    Today: footless tights under purple skinny jeans, cognac riding boots, off-white wool turtleneck

    I’m not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow. My office is about 64 on a good day, and it is only supposed to be 3 here tomorrow.

    • 3M plastic on the window to cut the draft and slippers on my feet to keep them warm. If my feet are warm, then the rest of me is pretty good too. (I do have regular shoes to wear as needed, and there isn’t a lot of client interaction).

      Oh, and it was -7F today, though I think we’ve warmed up to oF.

    • SuziStockbroker :

      Cashmere crewneck instead of a blouse/shell under my suit. Tights, booties. Hair down (it keeps my neck warm!).
      I haven’t even had to turn my heater under my desk on today.
      Yesterday, I froze even with the heater on and the door closed and a long sleeved silk blouse under my suit jacket.

      We are having a bit of a reprieve today.

      Still well below freezing, but no where near as cold as earlier this week.

  5. Wanderlust :

    Can the jacket and the matching dress be worn together? Would that look weird?

  6. Reiss is often worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, so if you were to buy this there’s a distinct possibility that you could be wearing the exact same thing as her. It’s up to you whether that’s a positive or a negative!

  7. Kat – any chance you found a more affordable option that includes both a sheath dress and a jacket? Thanks!

    • Try BR. They don’t always list the dresses in the suiting category, but the fabric is listed as the same.

  8. Why do they make their women’s suits out of polyester when their men’s suits are wool?

    Edited: Okay, this one is wool blend, but the other suits I was looking at on their site are poly.

  9. Do I need to have a body like this model to look this good in the suit?!?!?!

  10. Anonymous Associate :

    I’m looking to replace my court-appropriate navy suit. Wish they had a skirt.

    It would also help with the model was wearing a jacket that fit her, but it still looks great.

    • Anonapotamus :

      There is a skirt:

      Sorry if I’m enabling.

  11. Great recommendation!

    I own this suit (the blazer and skirt — did not purchase the pants or dress) and love it! IMO, it runs small and narrow in the shoulders (even for REISS standards, which is saying something). The tailoring and material are both excellent.

    The trousers were too fitted and trendy (looked something like skinny jeans) for my usual work items and the dress would have required a fair amount of tailoring (very large in bust for appropriate hip size).

    There are a few Bloomingdales that carry REISS (maybe better for returns/exchanges or loyalty programs)…

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