Coffee Break – Bamboo Small Pave Hoop Earrings

Bamboo Small Pave Hoop EarringsI’m not normally a fan of posts, but I might make an exception for these gorgeous bamboo hoops with — squee! — tiny blue sapphire pave accents. A small earring, a flash of color near your face… Lovely. They’re $650.  Bamboo Small Pave Hoop Earrings


Coffee Break – Diamond & 18K Yellow Gold Earrings

Georg Jensen Diamond & 18K Yellow Gold Earrings Finding splurge-worthy earrings for the office can be a challenge  beyond your basic pearl/diamond post earrings. You want them to be small enough to be discreet but interesting — beautiful but not distracting. I think these diamond and gold earrings from Georg Jensen fit the bill — they look gorgeous! They’re $1,175 at Saks. Georg Jensen Diamond & 18K Yellow Gold Earrings


Weekend Open Thread

Dean Harris Druzy Agate EarringsSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

I’ve been taken with the look of druzy agate lately — I feel like I’ve seen it in a million “flash” sales and the like. I haven’t seen the perfect piece of jewelry with it yet — but these earrings are a strong contender. I’m a huge fan of Dean Harris jewelry anyway, and these white gold oval drop earrings with a slight leaf detail are lovely. They’re $920 at Barney’s New York. Dean Harris Druzy Agate Earrings


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Coffee Break: Black Agate, Ruby & Diamond Sterling Silver Earrings

20 5/8 Carat Black Agate, Ruby & Diamond Sterling Silver has been on my mind lately,* so I “wandered” over to the site today to check it out — and fell in love with these gorgeous black agate, ruby, and diamond sterling silver earrings. They’re beautiful without being blingy, and — bestill my beating heart! — have a comfortable leverback instead of a post. Regularly $150, they’re $125 today with an extra 20% off deal that is offering. 20 5/8 Carat Black Agate, Ruby & Diamond Sterling Silver Earrings

* I had noticed a Living Social deal for 50% off — which, alas, has ended by now. Congrats to everyone who got it, though!  If you haven’t seen our round-up of the flash sales and group-buying sites, check it out here.


Coffee Break: Double Leaf Earrings

Annette Ferdinandsen Double Leaf Earrings Our Annette Ferdinandsen earrings are some of our favorites — the wires are very comfortable to wear, and her delicate, nature-inspired designs dangle ever so slightly (and we’re normally not fans of dangle earrings for the office).  We like these simple leaves — if we had light-colored hair, we’d get them in the “oxidized oat” (pictured) for contrast; for darker hair we’d get them in the silver.  They’re $80 at Amazon.  Oxidized Oat Double Leaf Earrings by Annette Ferdinandsen


Open Thread: What Jewelry Do You Wear at the Office?

what-jewelry-to-wear-to-workAh, office jewelry… too much and you run the risk of looking like Tess, pre-makeover (from Working Girl). Today’s reader mail:

I adore jewelry, and I can pull of a bit chunkier necklace, but I hate wearing earrings or bracelets at the office. Bracelets always end up hurting my arm when I’m writing, as my watch goes on my left wrist and I’m right handed, and earrings always poke into my head when I’m on the phone. I’ve gotten around it by wearing only necklaces, or taking my earrings off when on the phone much like the ladies on Designing Women, but I’d love a more modern suggestion, and to know what jewelry others are wearing!

Perfect Huggie Hoops in Yellow Gold by Jude FrancesWe totally agree — it can be tricky. For our $.02, we’ve mentioned our dislike of bracelets before: bangles are too noisy and distracting, and even tennis bracelets dig into our wrists while typing. As for earrings, we haaate, hate, hate wearing post earrings for precisely that reason. Our solution has been to wear earrings with what we believe is called a “European” back — far more comfortable! — but it can be hard to find ones that are small enough to be acceptable for the office that are nice yet reasonably priced. We end up wearing a lot of “huggie” earrings (like the ones pictured at right), which hug the earlobe. (At right: Perfect Huggie Hoops in Yellow Gold by Jude Frances, available at for $480.) We would argue that earrings that dangle farther than half an inch from your earlobe are a bit too distracting for work, but maybe that’s us. [Read more…]