Coffee Break: Multi Huggie Earrings

rose gold huggie earringsAs I’ve noted before, I’ve always thought huggie earrings were the most comfortable to wear at work — they’re so close to the ear (hence the name) that you sidestep the “is it appropriate for work” issues you sometimes get with dangly earrings, but with more of an interesting look than you often find in stud earrings. These rose gold earrings (with a post closure, alas) look gorgeous, with just a bit of an edge to them. They’re on a great sale, too — they were $495, but are now marked to $346. (Nice! There’s also an almost-sold-out diamond version of this earring for $795.) Pictured: EF Collection Multi Huggie Earrings

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Coffee Break: Mosaic Huggie Hoops

mosaic huggie earringsOooh: I am drooling over most of Nak Armstrong’s jewelry over at Barneys, including these gorgeous mosaic huggie hoops. (He also has some gorgeous little post earrings, and I find myself wishing he made cufflinks too — how great would those be?) I like that these particular hoops could be dressed up or down — wear them to work with an otherwise minimal look; wear them with your hair up and a fanciful dress or top for date night. They’re $1,275. NAK ARMSTRONG Mosaic Huggie Hoops


Coffee Break: Crystal Quartz Huggie Earrings

Rebecca Taylor Crystal Quartz Huggie Earring | CorporetteOooh: I have not really focused on Melissa Joy Manning jewelry before, although I’ve certainly heard her name — but now I’m obsessed. She has a ton of delicate, delicate hoops and huggies, my favorite for work. (My theory: it’s really uncomfortable to talk on a phone with a post earring, and bigger earrings run the risk of being inappropriate for work. If you have a conference call you can plan to take your earring off, but then you run the risk of losing your earring…) Anyhoo: these lovely recycled-metal and crystal “hug hoop earrings” look modern and delicate, perfect for work. They’re $150 at (Pro tip: They often have steep sales with additional discounts offered only to their email list, so if you like Rebecca Taylor or these earrings, consider signing up.) Rebecca Taylor Crystal Quartz Huggie Earrings


Coffee Break: Lila Twirl Earrings

Maria Black Fine Jewelry Lila TwirlI’m intrigued by these cool earrings that curve around your lobe. The brand has a ton of similar earrings; for some reason I like these the best. They seem interesting but effortless, cutting edge but work appropriate, and I think once you got the curved loop figured out, they’d be very comfortable (much like my beloved huggies). (They remind me a bit of these earrings, which were also a solid piece.) They’re $475 at Net-a-Porter. Maria Black Fine Jewelry Lila Twirl Earrings

P.S. Note that Net-a-Porter is a member of the “Responsible Jewellery Council,” which commits to follow a code of practices that addresses “human rights, labour rights, environmental rights, mining practices, product disclosure, and many more important topics in the jewellery supply chain.” Interesting — this is my first time hearing of the group.

P.P.S. Net-a-Porter also has a lower-priced option from Maria Black in gold-plated silver.


Coffee Break: Small Pavé Huggie Hoop Earrings

Nadri Small Pave Huggie HoopsI always love my huggie earrings, and these look like a great, affordable option thanks to the small pavé crystals (instead of diamonds).  As always, I find huggies super comfortable for long phone conversations, unlike post earrings, and they lend a finished look without being distracting when you speak, like a lot of dangling earrings can be.  These are $40 at Bloomingdale’s. Nadri Small Pavé Huggie Hoop Earrings

Coffee Break: Sterling Silver Huggie Earrings

Nancy B Sterling Silver Huggie Earrings | CorporetteI always love a good huggie — and these sterling silver huggie earrings look comfortable, classic, and stylish. They’re $66 at Bloomingdale’s. Nancy B Sterling Silver Huggie Earrings

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