Top Posts of 2017

What were your favorite posts from our past year? We’ve rounded up our favorite suits for women, workwear recommendations, and otherwise done a year in review; today we’re closing it out with a look back at our top posts of 2017.  These were the top read (according to Google Analytics) and some of Kat’s favorites, but we’d love to hear yours as well! According to Google Analytics, these were our top 10 posts and pages of the year:

  1. My Review of One Two Cosmetics’ Magnetic Lashes
  2. Courtroom Attire for Women Lawyers
  3. The Best Tote Bags for Work, Interviews and More
  4. Work-Appropriate Nails: Length, Shape, Color and More!
  5. 6 Resume Rules for 2017 That You May Not Know About
  6. Wardrobe Essentials for Work
  7. When is a Dress Too Short for Work, What’s Modern, What Shoes Work, and How to Deal if You’re Tall or Short
  8. How to End Your Emails (And: Do You Think It Matters?)
  9. Workwear Inspiration from House of Cards: How to Get Claire Underwood’s Style
  10. Four Types of Comfortable Flats Every Professional Should Own — Even if You Hate Ballet Flats

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Of course, every year I have my own favorites, either because I thought they were great discussions, a story I hadn’t seen elsewhere/thought we did a good job with, or just because I really like them.  These are some of my darlings from the past year…

Kat’s Favorite Posts from Corporette in 2017…

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News of Interest to Overachieving Chicks (2017 roundup!)

2016 Career News for Young Working WomenHappy Almost 2018! We realize that many of you may not have time to click on all (or maybe any) of the links in each week’s Weekly News Update, so we’ve gathered some of the most notable or memorable stories that we highlighted during the past year, organized by topic. Readers: Tell us some of your favorite news stories that were relevant to overachieving chicks during 2017 (whether we covered them or not)?

Interesting Stories on Work Fashion

  • The Atlantic took a stab at why workwear went from suits and ties to, well, just about anything as long as there isn’t “too much skin.”
  • The Work Uniform: The Washingtonian talked to Renata Briggman, who adopted a work uniform to avoid having to decide what to wear: “she wears black slacks, black shoes, a grey blazer and a white shirt. Every. Single. Day.” Along similar lines, Business Insider shared how a work uniform can streamline your routine — and Fast Company provided six women’s work uniforms to save time and energy when getting ready in the morning.
  • Bored Panda told the story of 63-year-old Fordham professor Lyn Slater, who was mistaken for a fashion celeb during New York Fashion Week and now works as a model with Elite London. (Love this story!)
  • Racked shared where to find “nude” lingerie for all skintones.
  • Huffington Post shared Chelsea Clinton’s response to comments about her favorite pair of scuffed-up pumps.
  • Here are the 2016 Award Winning Undies as voted by the customers of HerRoom (affiliate link).
  • The Atlantic told the lesser-known history of the little black dress.
  • The Huffington Post reported that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced plans to update the decades-old House dress code after its recent criticisms — and the The New York Times shared readers’ responses to its article about “appropriate” work attire.

Career-Related News of Note

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Our Favorite Suits for Women, 2017

best suits for women 20172017 was a great year for suits for women — these are some of my favorites from our regular feature, “Suit of the Week.” (Each picture links back to the original post… and of course, don’t forget to check out The Corporette Guide to Basic Women’s Suiting (recently updated!).)

Here are links to our favorite women’s suits from 20162015201420132012 and 2010.

Readers, which were your favorite suits we featured this year? Did you buy any great ones you loved? best suits for women 2017

Please note that anything with an asterisk is still available!

Pictured below: January / February / March

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Favorite Accessories for Work, 2017 Edition

Like our workwear recommendations, we recommend one accessory (or desk accessory) appropriate for the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Mondays I try to pick a budget-friendly piece, and the prices rise on Tuesday and Thursday. I generally try to include one shoe and one bag each week, but the third item varies — we’ve done watches, wallets, scarves, hair accessories, office accessories, coats, and more. These were my favorites of 2017 — if you’re curious about older ones, here were my favorites from 20162015,  201420132012, and 2010. (Please note that anything marked with an asterisk is still available!)

Ladies, did we miss any of your favorites? Was there any shoe, bag, necklace or more that you bought in 2017 and loved to wear to work (whether featured by us or not)? the best shoes and bags to wear to work 2017

Pictured below: January / February* / March

the best shoes and bags to wear to work 2017 - Ferragamo, Gigi, DvF

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What to Wear to Work: Our Favorite Workwear Recommendations from 2017

what to wear to work in 2017Every weekday here at Corporette®, I offer one suggestion for an item that I would wear to work. Sometimes readers love the item, and wow do you guys hate it sometimes. Sometimes *I* love it, sometimes it was just the best I could find given the restraints (for those who haven’t noticed, Monday and Tuesday tend to be pricier items, Wednesday is in the $100-$150 price range, Thursday is in the $50-$100 price range, and Friday is in the “under $50” range.) Still, as the end of the year approaches I thought I’d look back over the past year and choose my personal favorites from the things I recommended… each picture is from one month, starting with January in the upper left-hand corner. Please note that anything marked with an asterisk is still available! (Oh: and please feel free to use this post as an open thread today!)

What were your favorite things you bought to wear to work in 2017, ladies? Did we include your favorites from our recommendations for what to wear to work in today’s roundup?what to wear to work in 2017 - favorite work outfit recommendations

If you’re curious, here are links to the similar roundups from 20162015201420132012, and 2010.

Pictured below: January / February* / March*

what to wear to work 2017: favorite recommendations from Corporette - Frame, MM LaFleur, Shabby Apple

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