Comfortable Workwear for Late Nights

Comfortable Workwear for Late Nights at the OfficeReader A wrote in with a great question that we haven’t talked about in a few years: What is the most comfortable workwear for late nights at the office? Here’s her question:

I’m starting my first biglaw job at a business formal law firm in NYC and would love to see a post about “comfortable” workwear, especially for late nights and weekends. For example, I bought the Betabrand dress yoga pants and am a big fan. I’m curious to hear about particular fabrics or brands known for being less constricting/more “cozy”. I would love to hear thoughts as to HOW casual is appropriate for late nights (e.g. can I change into leggings and a cardigan at 1am?)

Great question. We talked about working late and professional clothes before, what comfy clothes to keep at the office, and what to wear for a weekend in the office — but it’s been a while. Readers just had a great threadjack about super comfortable work clothes, as well, so let’s discuss.

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Workwear Hall of Fame: Pleat-Neck V-Neck Top

Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

 Anne Klein Pleat-Neck V-Neck TopAnne Klein has had this top in white and black for a while now (white is marked down to $29 today!) — it’s one of those great basics for layering under suits because it’s got a little bit of pleating at the neckline but is otherwise a simple, basic sleeveless top. The leopard print is fun, particularly coming on the heels of our discussion about your work outfit challenges — a number of people said they never know what to wear with red, and as Selina Meyer showed us, red and leopard look great together. If you’re not really an animal print person, this is very easy to tone down with a buttoned or belted cardigan on top, so only a bit of the leopard print peeks out (or, if you can get the Vs just right, you could also wear it with a V-neck sweater). The tops are $30-$40 at Nordstrom, Amazon (tons of colors and prints as low as $9!), Rue La La, and more. Anne Klein Pleat-Neck V-Neck Top

This top reminds me a bit of this affordable, popular knot-front top that comes in regular, petite, and plus sizes.

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Love this classic pleated V-neck jersey top -- it's perfect for layering under cardigans and blazers for work -- and the affordable price tag doesn't hurt, either.

Work Outfit Challenges – What Do You Get Hung Up On?

work outfit challenges and obstaclesI’ve been hard at work trying to come up with a four-week work outfit challenge for folks (stay tuned — it’ll be done SOON), but as I’m writing it, I thought I’d take a moment to ask you guys: What do you think are your biggest challenges when putting together outfits for work? Is it that you fall into a rut with accessories? That you buy things and then have no idea where they fit with the rest of your wardrobe? (Or that you keep buying the same or similar pieces?) That you wish items were multipurpose (for example, I want to make it part of the challenge that you take the same — or a similar — sheath dress and wear it four different ways)? Or do you think it comes down to planning — you’re running late and grab something basic to get out the door, and before you know it you’ve worn similar iterations of your “easy outfit” for a thousand days in a row? I’m also realizing that I tend to think of outfits as being about colors and textures, and to a large extent, colorblocking with different pieces of your outfit — and less about “wear X necklace with Y dress.” So let’s discuss: When getting dressed for work, what are your biggest challenges in putting together outfits for work, finding ideas for work outfits, and more? 

Pictured: Shutterstock/101 Imges.

The Best Beauty Store Tips and Tricks

The best beauty store tips and tricks -- how to shop the store like a pro!Knowing the best beauty store tips and tricks can save you money, increase your chances of finding products you’ll really like, and even make shopping more fun. What are your favorite tricks for shopping for makeup, perfume, and other beauty products? Do you prefer buying online or in-store?

Before we get into our suggestions — and ask for yours, too — here’s one tip that, while it may be too obvious to include in our list below, could still spark an interesting discussion: Don’t assume that the adage “You get what you pay for” applies to all beauty products — that’s not always the case, as came up in our discussion a few years ago about overrated beauty products. Several years ago, I used to regularly buy Smashbox mascara at Sephora for $25–$30, and while I was happy with it, I now use a $7 mascara from Maybelline that I can just add to our grocery list when I need a new one. It works just as well, if not better, than the Smashbox one that costs four times more. It goes on really smoothly and significantly lengthens my lashes without any clumping. It lasts a long time, too (and I use the non-waterproof kind). I know this because … I’m too lazy/tired to take it off at night. (Oops.) So I know for certain that it still looks good almost 24 hours later.

Here are more beauty store tips and tricks:

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How to Build a Work Wardrobe at… Talbots

how to build a work wardrobe at TalbotsWelcome to our latest installment in our series, How to Build a Work Wardrobe at ___, where we round up a single store’s best-selling, classic items that are loved by Corporette readers for all sorts of office wardrobes.  (You can also check out earlier installments with How to Build a Work Wardrobe at Boden and others!). Today, we’re looking at Talbots, which has really elevated a lot of its workwear of late, including tons of fun colors, styles and cuts at a nice mix of affordable prices and good quality. Note also that for a limited time (through 11:59 p.m. your time on 9/26), you can get free shipping with no minimum purchase.

Some of our favorite pieces for building a work wardrobe at Talbots include:

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Announcing… our new Guide to Business Casual for Women!

Guide to Business Casual for WomenEven though our focus here at Corporette® tends to be on conservative business attire (women’s suits and sheath dresses for the win!), we’ve done a TON of posts over the years offering advice on business casual — so we’re happy to announce our new Guide to Business Casual for Women! We’ve rounded up some of our best posts over the years (and identified a few obvious holes, like reviewing the different “types” of business casual offices women may encounter, from smart casual attire to casual business attire to California professional — stay tuned for that one). Hopefully this will be a great resource for you if you’ve got a business casual conference, an informal interview, or if you transition from a conservative office to a business casual office. We intend this to be a living page that we’ll update regularly, much like our Guide to Comfortable Heels and Wardrobe Essentials for Work.

Some questions for you, ladies, possibly for future posts and additions to our Guide to Business Casual for Women:

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