Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Shoes for Work

best shoes from nordstrom anniversary sale 2016It’s day two of the excellent Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I’ve rounded up 25 shoes to drool over, whether for work or beyond.  In keeping with the NAS spirit, these are all fall shoes that are temporarily discounted — prices will go back up in a few weeks when the sale ends. Right now the sale is only open to Nordstrom card holders; it’ll open to the general public in about a week.  Shoe shopping online can be a pain in general (I know I’m groaning every time I add three or four similar looking shoes to my shopping bag), but Nordstrom’s free shipping, free returns, and open ended return policy really helps soften the blow.

Ladies, which are your favorite shoes from the 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

(Psst: you can check out all of our coverage of the NAS sale here, or you can click the link at the top of the page.)

Heels from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Almost all of the heels listed below come in a bunch of great colors — if anything came in more than 5 colors I noted it in the description. Also noted in the description: any extended sizes beyond 5-11, extra widths, and — while I’ve heard all of these brands mentioned as comfortable heels, I’ve also added “comfort” in the description for any brand or shoe that I think of as being a comfortable brand or have heard specifically comfortable things about that particular style.

First up: a ton of great heels, priced $69-$109:

comfortable heels from nordstrom anniversary sale

Pictured above: purple spike pump (6 colors, 4-13, M W) / patent block heel (4-13) / blue wedge / black Mary Jane block heels (4-12) / wedge (comfort)

The next batch ranges in price from $159-$254.

nordstrom anniversary sale shoes 2016

Pictured above: block heel (comfort) / pointy toe (comfort, N M) / colorblock pump / d’Orsay pump (comfort) / block heel with bow (5-13, comfort) / pointy block heel (4-12, N M, comfort)

Flats on Sale

There are a ton of great flats in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I’m particularly loving the spike flat ($69!) — in most colorways the heel is not a contrast heel, so the spikes are even more of a subtle detail. One of the trendier shapes I’m seeing and loving is the slipper/skimmer flat (#3 and #5 below) which looks surprisingly cute with dresses.  Old school penny loafers are also coming back in.

The flats below range from $56-$129:

nordstrom anniversary sale flats 2016

Pictured above: berry flat (5-12, comfort) / spike flat (7 colors, sizes 4-13) / perforated flat (4-12, 5 colors) / penny loafer (4-13, M W) / skimmer flat (comfort)


Nordstrom Booties in the NAS

Knee high boots are still being sold, but booties are taking over, and I think, have a much more modern look with everything from skinny jeans to skirts and dresses.  However — do note that booties are not appropriate at every office. Details like peep toes and buckles (particularly clanky ones) may raise eyebrows at work, as well as trends like wearing booties with skirts and the popular no-socks look.  Know your office! 

The pictured booties below range from $79-$259:

nordstrom anniversary sale booties

Pictured above: block heel bootie (4-12, MW, comfort) / stretch bootie / beige perforated bootie (5-13) / khaki bootie (4-11) / mesh peep toe

The next batch of booties range from $259-$349:

nordstrom anniversary sale booties 2016

Pictured above: leather bootie (comfort, waterproof) / block heel bootie (4-13, comfort) / gray suede bootie (5-12, comfort, waterproof) / the classic bootie! / purple boot (4-12, comfort)

Ladies, which shoes have you bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Are you looking to add some trendier pieces to your working wardrobe, or are you on the hunt for more classic styles? 



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks For Workwear

nordstrom anniversary sale picks 2016 - trends for workwearWOW I’m liking the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year — there are SO.MANY.CUTE.DRESSES, many of them with sleeves, and a ton under $100.  I’m going to round up my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks below, but first I’ll shout out some general workwear trends I’m seeing in the NAS sale — I also have a tip for you cardholders if you’re having problems choosing Triple Points on checkout.

Workwear Trends Observed in the NAS Sale

Pictured at top, a few quick workwear trends I observed in the NAS sale: first, evergreen/forest green is BIG for fall.  Second, mock necks and turtlenecks — particularly the sleeveless variety — are also a strong look.  Finally, as you can see in the middle navy dress, there’s also a pretty strong continuation of the trend to combine black and navy together; you can also see it here and here.

Pictured, Row 1: green blazer / green dress / green blouse // (Row2): blue turtleneckshift dress / black mockneck

A Tip for Nordstrom Cardholders Having Problems with Triple Points

A great way to really take advantage of the sale is to choose today as your “triple points day” (if you still have one left for the year).  I’ve already placed one order today, and was having problems at checking choosing the Triple Points option — just as I did during their “personal 10 point day.” I called the number at the top of the screen (there’s also an online chat option) and the customer service rep confirmed that several people were having problems with it because they have a new system of some sort — so she applied it over the phone and then told me to go ahead and check out — she said that was the best option for the moment.  It was only a 3 minute wait or so, so I’m glad I called. Here’s a link to their customer service page if you’re having problems.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks for Workwear

Without further ado, these are some of my top picks for work clothes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Note that within each grouping, the sale picks go in the order of least money to most money. ALSO, where available I’ve tried to note if petite, cusp (14-18), or plus sizes are available, or other points of note (like great reviews or other colors offered). For our full collection of plus size picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, please consider signing up for our CorporettePlus newsletter, or visiting our Plus-Size Workwear page.

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The Best Work Clothes for Different Body Types

best work clothes for different body typesPear… apple… hourglass… triangle… ruler… what’s your body type? More importantly, which are the best work clothes for different body types? Whatever your size or shape, what is your power outfit — the general style/shapes of clothes that make you feel great? Kate and I have studied the comments on our last post on dressing for your body type, and Kate’s rounded up some helpful resources on the topic below, but let’s open it up to you ladies! For the sake of discussion, please note:

  1. your general shape and size
  2. which workwear brands you’ve had luck with and are the first you shop
  3. which workwear brands tend to be misses for you
  4. what your power outfit is for your workweek, OR what the building blocks of your wardrobe are (pants or dress? blazer or cardigan? what shape of dress? what length and type of pant?)

When we last talked about the best brands for your body type, commenters had a lot of notes. (This was from Feb. 2015, so pretty recently, but before the new pants regime at Banana Republic, and also before the lead designer change at Ann Taylor/LOFT.) I’ve tried to be helpful by grouping things below by the classic “body shape” classifications, but looking through comments it seems like people in different groups mentioned the same brands because the waist-to-hip ratios worked for them (so hourglasses and pears mentioned a lot of the same brands, while rulers and apples mentioned a lot of the same brands), as well as for bust-to-waist ratios (so hourglasses and triangles mentioned a lot of the same brands). Obviously bodies come in all shapes and sizes, so the classic “body shape” ideas are a bit of garbage; don’t worry too much if none of the categories (or several) seem to fit.

I found the lists interesting for two reasons. First, a few brands appear on almost every list, namely Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Classiques Entier, and J.Crew — some of that may be because they’re so common that everyone’s found SOMETHING. Also, both AT and BR are known for offering different pants fits, also, which may also explain a lot. The second interesting takeaway: some workwear brands appear on almost no lists. Ladies who love DvF, Rebecca Taylor, and Uniqlo, let’s hear from you!

The brands mentioned by commenters are below — note that brands mentioned most are listed at the top of the list.

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The Hunt: Black Pumps

comfortable heels for workSure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Wow – I don’t think we’ve done a Hunt on basic black pumps in a LONG, long while.  Which are your favorite black pumps right now, ladies? Do you prefer a more modern style like the popular Vince heels or Steve Madden heels featured below — or are you classic all the way, like one of our more traditional Hall of Famers? Do you personally prefer pointier toes or more almond toes (there are a ton of both on the market right now!) If you were looking for a new pump for an interview outfit, what would you buy? It’s great to see so many options in low heels, high heels, and strappy pumps.

(Curious for our previous roundups of black pumps? In addition to the several specific shoes mentioned in our Guide to Comfortable Heels, we also did a 2013 guide to interview pumps and to low heels, a 2012 guide to black pumps under $250, 2008 guide to basic black pumps.

Today’s featured shoes include:

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Tips for Amazon Prime Day

prime day tipsIf you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with Amazon Prime, particularly the substantial savings you can get on Subscribe & Save items, the quick shipping, and great Prime-only shows like the hilarious but dark Catastrophe. I was intrigued by last year’s first-ever Prime Day, Amazon’s huge summer sale event, but ultimately underwhelmed — I just didn’t see much good stuff there to get. There’s a LOT of talk about how this year is going to be bigger and better than ever — and Prime Day starts tomorrow! — so I thought we’d discuss it. Did you get anything last year? What’s your strategy for this year’s sale? (I will note right off the bat that one of the early Prime-only sales is a great deal on the Lumo Lift, which is sort of a fitness tracker that helps with your posture — I like mine but need to be better about wearing it!)

A few tips I’m seeing around the interwebs:

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Sleeved Dresses with Pockets

dresses with sleeves and pockets roundupI was just writing something about the best default thing to wear to a networking event (like a conference) where you don’t know what to wear — and my answer was, if all else failed, wear “a sleeved dress with pockets.”  Sleeves because it looks like a complete look — no need for a cardigan or blazer to forget somewhere — and pockets so you have a place to stash business cards, key cards, and more.  Then, I thought to myself: good luck finding that workwear unicorn!  Despite lots of readers (year after year!) saying how much they love sleeved dresses — and dresses with pockets! — very few companies are granting that mystical request.  So I thought I’d do a mini hunt: FIVE sleeved dresses with pockets. (Psst: here’s an old WSJ article about why so many dresses are sleeveless.)

Let’s start our hunt with some of the top-rated dresses at Nordstrom

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