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Suit of the Week: Gianni Bini

Gianni Bini Bela SuitFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

This navy and black suit reminds me of more expensive pieces from The Row and Smythe, but for a muuuch more affordable price. It’s definitely a “fun” suit for a casual day (rather than an interview suit), but I like it, and think both pieces would be nice as separates as well as a suit. The jacket (Gianni Bini Bela Jacket) was $139, now $83.40, and the pants (Gianni Bini Devon Pants) were $99, now $59.40.  It happens to be Cardholder Preview Day, so use your Dillard’s Card for an additional 30% discount on both pieces.
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Tales from the Wallet: Different Money Management Methods for Marriage and Partnerships

Managing Money after Marriage or Partnership | Corporette2018 Update: We’ve still stand by this discussion on married money management methods and have updated links; you may also want to check out some of our more recent discussions about money.

We’ve talked about how to keep track of many accounts — but I don’t think we’ve ever talked about which money management method Corporette readers prefer, once married or partnered.  There are a number of different methods that I’ve heard about through the years, and I’m curious to hear from you guys (particularly those of you who are the breadwinners):  what is your family’s method for sharing money?  (Pictured: Cole Haan Parker Exotic Tech Snap Wallet, now sold out.)  There was a great series in Slate a few years ago (now available as a Kindle book) that defined these main types:how to manage your money once you get married -- image of a couple hugging and laughing

  • Common Potters – people who combine all of their money
  • Sometime Sharers – people who have both separate and joint accounts (usually with an automatic percentage going into the joint account)
  • Independent Operators – people who have completely separate accounts

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Wednesday’s TPS Report: Annie Sleeveless Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

LK Bennett Annie Sleeveless TopThis is exactly the kind of t-shirt that I love to wear under suits: simple, but a little fancy. There’s a great mix of silk and jersey, a bright, happy color, and it looks a little bit lux without all the fuss of a blouse. It’s $135 at LK Bennett. (Even more lux, but on sale: a similar chiffon mix top that was $345, now $172.) LK Bennett Annie Sleeveless Top

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Coffee Break: Exotic Embossed Lambskin Flat

Brooks Brothers Exotic Embossed Lambskin FlatThere is a lot to love about this embossed lambskin flat.  Love the green color (although it’s also available in a burgundy, and there are still green versions of two satchels, both on steep discount), and I love the slight point to the toes, the little cutout, buckle, and the fringe detail.  It’s on an amazing sale, too: was $248, now $75 (and lots of sizes left, squee!). Brooks Brothers Exotic Embossed Lambskin Flat

Psst: BB shoes did make readers’ list of the most comfortable shoes — check out the full Guide to Comfortable Heels!

Offensive Clients: How to Deal

Offensive Clients: How to Deal When Your Client Suggests Your Bag Is Too Expensive | CorporetteHow do you deal with men at work making derisive comments about the expense of your bags, shoes, and clothes?  I’ve been thinking about this one ever since she sent it in. Reader O wonders…

After a recent exchange, I’ve been thinking about my preferred strategy for handling inappropriate/sexist comments from male colleagues/clients: making a joke that disarms the offender while sending a message about boundaries and respect. What are your thoughts on this strategy? Here’s my recent example:
Greeting the team pre-meeting, client looks at my shoulder and says “remind me when we’re done – I have a great Louis Vuitton story for you!! Don’t let me forget!!” Post-meeting (where per the usual I am the only woman in the room), client remembers & proceeds to tell this great “story” to me. And the team. “I’d never been in the store before and went to find a purse for my wife. I’m looking at this bag and can’t find the price anywhere, I finally find it – $2500! For a purse! I guess we know where those legal fees are going.” Another male team member seems particularly amused.
Me, looking at their wrists: “So, I see that you’re both wearing Rolexes. This is my Rolex.”

Like I said, I’ve been thinking about this since Reader O sent it in, and I can’t quite pin down my thoughts.  We’ve talked about sexist clients and sexist coworkers, but I’m not sure the advice there totally applies here.  Here’s what I know: I’m pissed on Reader O’s behalf.  But I’m also not sure she handled it well, considering this was a client.  More specifically:

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Tuesday’s TPS Report: Cardigan 12 Ans

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Agnes B. Cardigan 12 AnsI’m not usually a fan of a high crewneck, but the tiny blue dots on this classic snap cardigan from Agnès B. is making me reconsider that. It looks simple but chic, and I like the adjustable side tabs. Génial! It’s $225. Agnès B. Cardigan 12 Ans

Psst: Ooh, a matching cotton shell if you want, for $135.

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