Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Flutter Sleeve Peplum Blouse

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The below content is about the 2013 Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Halogen Flutter Sleeve Peplum BlouseHooray for Friday! Today I’m liking this cute flutter sleeve peplum blouse, part of Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale (see my sale roundup from last week). I like the pattern, and in general I think it looks really wearable, either by itself, with a belt, or beneath a blazer or cardigan. The blouse is available in both red and black, and I like ’em both.  It was $59, but thanks to the sale it’s marked to $35.40. Halogen Flutter Sleeve Peplum Blouse

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  1. Gorgeous colour but not sure if I’m loving it with the pencil skirt.

    Early TJ: Ikea mattresses, yay or nay? Our current one is slowly killing me (fine for 2 nights, at 3, I’m restless and sore) but someone is gifting us a super fancy / barely used one in 6-12 months, by which time, I’ll hopefully get over the ick factor of used mattresses.

    • I got a mattress at Ikea 4 years ago, and it’s still going strong. Super-comfy and no sagging yet. I don’t recall the model name, but we went with a mid-priced firm mattress with a memory foam topper. No box springs.

      • Awesome, thanks! I wanted something that would be comfy for the guest room / office as well.

        • I LOEV my IKEA mattres! But I got it before there was an IKEA in Brooklynn, and I had to go all the way to Elisabeht, New JERZY to get it! FOOEY!

      • I’ll second the IKEA mattress. I got one for my bed, gosh, it must be seven years ago? and it’s still nice and comfy.

    • We have a “nice” mattress on our bed and it’s already lumpy. The guest room mattress is IKEA, gets regular use because DH or I often sleep on it on call, and it’s still going strong and actually more comfortable than our current mattress. My son has a cheaper IKEA mattress on his bed (he’s 35 lbs, he doesn’t need lumbar support) and its super comfortable as well.

    • My five year olds have the lower end Ikea mattresses on their beds (like EC MD said, children don’t need as much support), and they are super comfy. We are going to be buying a new mattresses post-baby #3 in a few months, and I’m strongly considering going the Ikea route.

    • phillygirlruns :

      i had a very cheap (as in, it came rolled up like a tube) ikea mattress in my old guest room that was fine for occasional use. i used it as my primary mattress for maybe 4-5 months and the relief when i upgraded to a “regular” mattress was huge.

    • When Mr. AIMS and I first got together, he had an ikea mattress. I assume it was a basic one. It was actually great for 2-3 years and then it started to get worse and after about 5.5 years it became unbearable. We replaced it with something nicer, but all in all I don’t think that’s a bad deal for 5 years.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I was given an ikea mattress that was about 1-year old by a friend who was moving out of the city. I was a little freaked out by the used mattress part of it, but after sleeping on a twin bed for over a year, I was so excited to move up to a queen. I don’t know which one it was, but it was pretty firm with a sort of pillow top. It was really really comfortable. I only slept on it for about a year, but it was still great then (at the 2 year mark).

    • I bought an IKEA mattress 6 years ago, still going strong with daily use, no issues whatsoever. I have put a mattress pad on top and I love absolutely love my bed.

    • I have one. It’s a bit over two years old and it has been great so far. I didn’t get the super-cheapest one though.

    • Mattress update: we tried the cheap ones, fell in love with the £500 one and then ended up with the mattress pad. So comfortable, we slept like babies and ended up spending most of the morning just hanging out in our now ridiculously comfortable bed.

  2. regular anon :

    so, yesterday’s discussion got me thinking of getting my legs lasered. are there any ‘r e t t e-approved laser places in the DC area? i looked through yelp and the deal sites, but am a little overwhemled by the options and i trust the opinions here more.

    • No recs, but I want to do this too and would love any recommendations for NYC. I have little tiny red dots on my legs from the hair follicles and my dermatologist told me the only way to get rid of them is laser (no hair follicles –> no dots).. I know I shouldn’t focus on them so much and that odds are no one but me notices them, but they drive me crazy and I hate them. That plus the idea of not shaving every other day is making me think it would be worth the money… But how much money are we talking here to do my legs? $1200 $1500? More? How much more?? Would love any estimates from those who went through the process.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        Did your dermatologist tell you what they were? I have them too but I think mine are KP because they look the same as the KP bumps on the backs of my arms. I’ve been using glytone body scrub and lotion as well as coconut oil for about a week now. I’m hoping it helps them go away.

        • She said that some people have thinner skin/follicles closer to the skin’s surface so that they are more visible. This tends to happen with darker hair more frequently. She said the only way to get rid of them was laser because you basically had to get rid of the hair altogether (but waxing doesn’t seem to solve this problem so I was a little confused by this). But she did say that they weren’t KP – because I have a little bit of that on my upper arms and thighs and she said it wasn’t the same.

          Incidentally, for me, what helps with the little bumps is regular exfoliation. I make my own scrub out of sugar in the raw and olive oil and apply 2-3 times/wk. It helps. Also, dry brushing before each shower. I tried amlactin and it didn’t do much for me and when I put it on my legs, it just stung like h*ll. I’ve heard good things about cocunut oil, so hopefully that works for you – let us know the outcome!

          • Sydney Bristow :

            The hair on my arms and legs is so light that I’ve had many people comment that they’d never noticed it before when I’ve made a comment about not shaving my legs in months. I think that means that laser hair removal wouldn’t work well for me, which I guess is still a good problem to have.

            I’ve heard dry brushing recommended as well so I might add that to my routine. Is only been about a week so I haven’t seen a decrease in the KP bumps, but my skin feels much softer.

          • I have dark leg hair and pale skin, and lasering totally got rid of the red dot issue. Also got rid of the every day 5 o’clock shadow issue on my legs. Best thing I ever did.

            I’m in DC and got mine done at American Laser Center in Rockville. Basically I got a voucher for a free 15-minute session, which they did not give me, but did offer me a lower leg package for about $600-$650. That’s for ALL the sessions, which were about 12-14 over the course of a year and a half. I think I can go back for touch-ups, too. This was insanely cheap because it was at pretty much the lowest point of the 2007-2008 economic crash, so they were desperate for customers. I liked most of the nurses/technicians who did the lasering, I felt confident in their abilities, but the office staff sucked. A couple of times they scheduled me for 8 am appointments but apparently forgot to tell the technicians, so I’d end up waiting until nearly 9 am sometimes.

            But ultimately, I’m very, very happy with the results. I guess your best bet is to ask around or do some looking on Yelp or something.

      • hellskitchen :

        I highly recommend Skintology – they have a location in Chelsea and one in midtown. I used to go to the one in Chelsea and my technician Laura was amazing. I reviewed a lot of places and visited a couple and Skintology was the only one where I didn’t feel like they were trying to push a package on me. Plus they are great about appointment flexibility whereas a couple of girlfriends who went to other places were always lamenting about how hard it was to schedule an appointment. When I went, Skintology didn’t have any package deals on Groupon etc. so I ended up buying individual sessions off of Lifebooker since you get a 20% discount and it was cheaper than buying them from the spa itself… but they still gave me great service. I paid about $300 per session and did 5 sessions. I believe they recommended 8 sessions but that may have been because I have thick hair on my legs. You may be able to do with 6. I still have hair growth but I need to shave once a week and the dots have disappeared. It was totally worth it and at some point I plan to go back and get 3 more sessions for legs and also get my underarms lasered. Sign up for their newsletter because they do offer package deals and discounts now but directly to the customer, not through groupon-type sites.

        • Thanks! The midtown location would def. work for me.
          As follow up — so it does work for dots? You had them and they disappeared?

          • hellskitchen :

            Sorry, been busy at work all day. It works depending on how intense they were. Mine were very dark and they lightened significantly. If they are from hair follicles, they will disappear, especially if you exfoliate regularly after finishing all your laser sessions. I still have to shave once a week which means I still have hair growth and ergo still have some dots but they are light enough for me to not be bothered by them

      • I used Beam Laser Spa (near columbus circle) for lower legs, underarms, and bikini and LOVE them! Sometimes they have deals on gilt city, but they usually have some sort of promotion going as well (like 6 sessions for the price of 5). I think I paid about $1,800 for the lower legs, but can’t remember exactly. I can’t say enough good things about Beam – my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner! I see Amanda and she’s fantastic.

      • Oi…I just typed out a long post and then the site crashed when I tried to post. The main point:

        I’ve done all my LHR booking exclusively through Lifebooker, Groupon and Living Social because I am cheap and I was skeptical about it actually working when I first booked the appointments. There are a ton of places in NYC that do laser hair removal and a bunch offer deals frequently – just make sure you read independent reviews first.

        I ultimately paid $250 (through Groupon) for 6 lower leg hair removal sessions at Nuvision. Results have been great. Their office is in Midtown East, so I used to swing by and get my legs done on the way to work.

    • I’ve used various laser places in D.C. through Groupon, Living Social and the like. Most deals are for 2-3 sessions, which is not enough for 100% removal so I’ve just gone to multiple places for the same areas instead of paying 100s more per session. Just stick to the places that have doctors and avoid the deals run out of hair salons.

    • FormerlyinDC :

      I went to Capital Laser in Rosslyn–literally on top of the metro. Okay prices/fast/good scheduling/good results, would go again.

    • Anonymous :

      I had a horrible experience at reveal. Still have the scars to prove it. I’m not sure if it is the location I went to (downtown DC, now closed) or it it was the chain in general, but I had to actually get treated by my doctor for burns because of them. AND they wouldn’t give me a refund for the remaining treatments (they offered me free additional laser treatments instead; like I’d let them touch me after that).

  3. There was discussion a few days ago about the Jockey Bra measuring system, and sure enough, The Times Is On It! (link to follow)


  4. Anon's Poor Credit Card :

    Hello Ladies!
    Is The crew’s cashmere still terrible quality? The colors are divine but their prices are a bit high for a sweater that looks tired after a few wears.

    • Have you checked out Boden? They’ve got last season’s cashmere on clearance. I have several of them and think the quality is good and the colors are pretty.

      • I’ve had some pilling problems on a Boden cashmere cardigan. I have a lot of Lands End cashmere of ancient and recent vintange. It is regularly treated horribly and does not pill at all. And if you wait, they have 30-40% off sales several times a year.

    • Lord & Taylor’s has some of their cashmere on sale right now for $59.99. The cardigans and crew neck sweaters, not the V-neck sweaters.

    • Yes, it’s still terrible. I ordered a cardigan in January and returned it, because it was so incredibly thin as to be see-though. Also absurd vanity sizing.

      • Thank you, Ladies. I’ll resist the lure of The Crew and check out the alternatives.

  5. So the joyous anticipation of my vacation to Rome has turned into fretting about what to pack. I think it’s because I have work clothes and fall /winter casual clothes all figured out, but I have almost no warm-weather casual clothes that I like. I rarely need them, and I feel self conscious in them, so it’s a huge gap in my wardrobe. Well I have sundresses I like, but somehow I don’t see them being practical for urban sightseeing, plus something about the mostly colored prints seems like they’d be out of place in what I picture being a sea of chic black clothing. I don’t want to do shorts, which I tend not to wear generally and wouldn’t want wear around a European city, and capris make me look like Grandma. I’m sure I’m overthinking this, but does anyone have suggestions about what I’ll be so happy to have packed on this trip? I’m fine on shoes, accessories, etc.— just the all-to-crucial clothing part that’s tripping me up!

    • Anon in NYC :

      You are definitely overthinking this. You’re on vacation. Wear comfortable clothing that you can do a lot of walking/sightseeing in. If your sundresses are comfortable, wear those. I don’t think a sundress is impractical for urban sightseeing unless it’s really beachy. I wear a lot of casual dresses when traveling because they’re comfortable, keep me cool, and are slightly more dressy than jeans. I wear them with comfortable flats for a lot of walking. If your sundresses really are not suited to an urban environment, run to Target and pick up some dresses from their Merona line. They’re inexpensive, and some of them look pretty good.

      • Yes, wear the sundresses! And ride a Vespa in your sundresses. You’ll look great.

      • Cute sundresses (TargetTargetTarget, maybe Old Navy or Gap), comfortable shoes (most important) a lightweight cardigan or two, and you’re set. Really, I bet there are plenty of frumpy Romans slouching around, we just tend not to notice them.

    • I just came back from Rome recently. You’re overthinking this! I’d spend more time thinking of all the delicious things you are going to eat, and not worry too much about what to pack :)
      Pack things that will make you comfortable in the heat and will make you feel good as you walk around. For me, that translates a lot of maxi dresses and cute flat sandals with loose, airy scarves for going into churches and the like. Something like this dress would be perfect:

      • Thanks for the suggestion (and reassurance)! Any can’t-miss recommendations from your trip, especially regarding where to get delicious things?

        • Pizzarium for the very best pizza (it’s not far from the vatican so you can go there for lunch after your visit).
          Otherwise I highly recommend leaving the super touristy areas and just getting the Eat Rome app (it’s written by this food writer Elizabeth Mancilli who lives there and really knows what she’s talking about) – every recommendation was pretty great and you can search by proximity to whatever sites you are visiting.
          And I highly recommend eating as much gelato as you can.

        • Eat everything, and especially go into little places with no signage and no tourists in them. I never had a bad meal in Rome.

          And I second AIMS’ recommendation re gelato. Gelato is always the answer.

    • Sundresses not practical for urban sightseeing? You’re going to look at buildings, not climb them. Get some sort of wrap for going into churches, leave a little room in your suitcase and more in your budget for buying 1 or 2 items there, and enjoy!

    • I actually prefer sundresses for travel and you will be much more comfortable in them. I’d also recommend a dark denim skirt that you can wear with casual tops during the day and dress up for the evenings.

    • I would wear whatever makes you feel good, is comfy and breezy and also photographs well – my favourite pictures from my last European vacation are ones where my outfits were particularly cute and well thought out. Rome is very warm so you probably won’t be comfortable in jeans.

      I think there’s nothing wrong with a nice sundress, or cute skirts with nice tops, as long as you’re wearing comfy shoes.

    • You’re going to look that the pictures for a long time to come so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to plan for this. Do you have any light weight light colored pants? Cargo pants or linen pants perhaps.

    • Printed sundresses sound perfect for Rome. In my experience, resident Romans are very open to color, and don’t adhere to the “chic in black” stereotype very much at all. Plus I just love sundresses in general for summer sightseeing, since they’re usually great for staying cool, while at the same time looking nice for any snapshots.

      And of course…so jealous you get to go to Rome! It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. Don’t miss the Borghese Gallery.

      • Oh, and this is the commenter formerly known as “a.”. Leaving Spain + starting a grad program Monday + there’s a new commenter going by “a”, and I don’t want to cause confusion = time for a change.

        • Sydney Bristow :

          Good luck with the new program! I hope Spain was amazing for you!

        • Love your new name! Good luck with the move back home and I am looking forward to hearing all about your new grad program! You must be excited, nervous, and a little sad about leaving Spain, all at the same time…

        • Thanks. I saw there was an “a” and an “A” and remember your kind dialogue recently. Enjoy your last weekend!

  6. Kindle paperwhite? :

    Happy Friday! Does anyone have thoughts/suggestions/warnings for someone thinking of purchasing a kindle paperwhite? I’ve resisted e-readers this far b/c I’m old school and prefer actual pages, but being able to read with no light on and portability are just soooo tempting!! Thoughts?

    • I have a Paperwhite and LOVE it. I had an earlier generation Kindle before this one, so this wasn’t my first foray into e-readers. The Paperwhite is very compact (I find iPads too bulky for long-term reading sessions) and the settings are very easy to customize. My husband has one as well, and it’s great when one of wants to go to sleep. We can just turn of the light and the Kindle is more than sufficiently bright enough.

      The shopping part of me loves the instant gratification of buying a book and being able to read it within seconds. I was a big reader beforehand, but I’d say having an e-reader has increased my reading by at least 25%.

      I’ll also say that I have mine in the leather Amazon case and that’s a great complement to it. It’s slim enough to not add bulk, but makes it easier to hold. And flipping the cover shut puts the Kindle to sleep without me having to worry about turning it off.

    • I was gifted a Kindle (regular, not paperwhite) and these are my thoughts on e-readers in general.

      I love it for reading fiction – romance novels, mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. It’s (kind of great) for checking out library books, depending on the selection available. Some publishers won’t license any e-books for library use, and Kindle/Amazon has the biggest restrictions on what is available. And a lot of times you can get crazy deals on fiction e-books.

      I hate it for reading non-fiction. I honestly don’t know what it is. But, if there is any chance I’m going to want to flip back to that previous page, or check the index, or whatever, I want the actual physical book in my hand. If there are going to be pictures/graphs, I want it on paper, not the Kindle. Shrug.

      • AnonInfinity :

        This is a good point. I don’t like the Kindle when the book involves graphs or pictures or for cookbooks because none of that translates as well on a little screen.

      • I read a lot of library books on my iPad mini, and I agree re: non-fiction. Maybe it’s just my library system’s app (Overdrive), but anything with footnotes is a nightmare.

    • AnonInfinity :


      Like JJ, I had an older Kindle (the K2, which I loved). I got the Paperwhite only because of built-in light, and it’s one of my favorite purchases ever. I have nothing to add that JJ hasn’t already said, but I just want to encourage you to get it. It has definitely increased my reading. My husband got a Kindle a couple of years ago, and it increased his reading dramatically, too.

    • Thanks for your thoughts/suggestions everybody! One more question – what is the difference (other than price) for the one with ads and one without? Is it worth it to get the more expensive one if there aren’t ads? Thanks in advance!!

      • AnonInfinity :

        The only difference is the ads. I believe the ads only appear when the screen saver is on. They might also appear on the home screen when you’re selecting a book.

        I chose the one without ads even though it is more expensive because I just don’t like looking at ads. The screensavers on my old Kindle were drawings of authors, which I really liked. I was hoping that would be the screensaver on the Paperwhite, so I wanted to be able to see the actual screensaver instead of ads. The screensavers are pictures of pencils and other writing and reading related paraphernalia now, but I still prefer that to ads. I also didn’t want the ads in case one day Amazon decides to start showing the ads at the bottom of the screen while I’m reading. I have no idea if that’s a valid concern, though.

      • I have a very primitive Kindle, with ads. I never notice the ads. They only show when the Kindle is in sleep mode.

        I, too, resisted, because I love books, but now I really, really love the Kindle. The portability is awesome – I can travel with tons of books and it takes up less space than a magazine. Plus, as the old age farsightedness sets in, being able to make the font bigger on the Kindle is really helpful.

        Agree, though, that I would probably not buy too much nonfiction or image-heavy books in ebook form. I’m pretty cheap, so I usually only buy the under $3 Amazon books.

      • I have one with ads at home and I hardly notice it. Occasionally, I see an ad for a book I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. We have a couple of Kindles at work for students and I bought those without ads, just because it seemed more professional.

        By the way, I know I’m jumping in late, but I LOVE my Kindle. I have a touch and would probably buy a paperwhite if I was buying a new one. I got mine the day the touch came out. I recommend getting the wireless built in. If you travel, it’s so easy to buy a book no matter where you are. I use mine a lot when I’m on my treadmill – I don’t have to worry about turning pages. But for reading in bed, I’d love to have a paperwhite.

    • I love my kindle. It’s so comfortable in my hand. I read a lot more than I used to because it’s so easy to buy new books. Get one! You’ll love it. At first I was hesitant because I felt like I needed to buy books from independent brick and mortar stores rather than contribute to an Amazon monopoly, but I gave in. It’s just such a convenient, wonderful, helpful device. I’m glad I got one. I still buy books from indies once in a while, but mostly, I love the whole reading experience on the kindle.

    • SoCalAtty :

      I have the Nook touch, the small one that is still black and white but now has a touchscreen. I really, really like it, but miss the 3G service I had on the original Nook. I think you’ll be happy either way!

  7. Famouscait :

    I’m officially halfway through my 30th year, and I’m noticing some changes I’m less than pleased with…. I’ve always been able to eat what I want and work out 3 – 5 days a week, and my weight and figure will stay within a range I’m comfortable with. However, that is no longer the case, and I’ve decided I need to do something more concerted to combat the chunk. That’s right – I used the C word. Chunk.

    Can anyone recommend a book, website or guide for eating many mini/small meals a day?

    For anyone who already practices this method: are there any meals or tips you can suggest?


    • I’m having the same problem. After I transitioned from “early twenties” to “late twenties” I noticed some chunk I’m not thrilled with.

      It isn’t a book, but tracking my food on MyFitnessPal is very helpful. I also eat a small breakfast, snack at 11am, lunch around noon or 1pm, and a small snack at 3pm. That has helped me.

      Bethenny Frankel’s books helped me too. I guess she is a polarizing figure (like Marx, or Leo Strauss, haha!).

      • I’d second the MyFitnessPal. You can customize it so you actually log 5 meals a day. It’s really hard for me to switch my thinking from 3 meals and 2 snacks, but once you can get past that and start thinking about 5 same size meals it’s much easier.

        I’ve got it pretty much figured out for a regular M-F when I’m in the office, but it’s really hard if I go out for dinner because I want to order an entrée (and EAT.IT.ALL) or on the weekend when there’s no structure to my day.

    • Yay!!!! I love fruegel friday’s but I am with you! Once we are OVER 30, our bodie’s flab out. I have to use the FITBIT every day to make sure that I get alot of exercise in the leg’s and that help’s my TUCHUS too, Dad tells me. He monitor’s my move’s EVERY NITE, b/c I have to go back to my MACBOOK AIR to synk my FITBIT to the Internet, and he can watch exactely how many step’s I am doing and how many caloreies I am burneing. FOOEY! The one thing he does NOT know about is the CRUMBS cupcake’s b/c I pay CASH for these. Otherwise he would see my DEBITT CARD usage. FOOEY on that, but I have him OUTSMARTED! YAY!!!!!!

      This morning I walked past a new DELI that is haveing a special on Pastrami next week. I hope the meat is fresh and clean and NOT old and skeevey. FOOEY! Does any one in the HIVE like Pastrami and know if the place on Madison a little below 42nd (on the left side) is any good? I alway’s am LOOKEING for a good deli, and Pastrami Queen is my fave! Yay!!!!

    • All of Tosca Reno’s books/meal plans are based on eating small meals throughout the day. As far as tips go, I think it’s about shifting your expectation of what a “meal” looks like and how your body feels when it’s satisfied (as opposed to full).

      • Anonymous :

        This. I am 36 and very active, but I find that I simply cannot eat as much as I used to. In order to eat what I want, I cut portions. Yes, sometimes I want to eat more, but I can’t do it and maintain my weight. I try to limit heavy foods, but only because they’re calorically dense. I haven’t eliminated anything. Although sweets make me want more sweets, so I save those for special occasions.

        I also reccomend the Beyhanny Frankel book. She may be polarizing, but she makes sense.

    • Anon in NYC :

      I can’t recommend a book, but I’m in my early 30’s, trying to lose weight and here’s what I do. I aim to eat 1200 calories per day, and try to exercise 4-6 days a week. I count calories. It’s the only thing that I’ve found effective for me.

      I’ve changed a few things about my diet as well. I try to eat as “clean” as possible, meaning very little processed foods (including things like salad dressing). I try to eat as little bread (even wheat/multigrain) as possible, generally avoid starchy foods like potatoes or corn, and generally don’t eat carbs in the evening. I’ve virtually given up pasta (that one was really really hard, but I eventually stopped craving it. I was once the type of person who could eat bowls of pasta every day). I eat whole grains throughout the day, generally farro, brown rice, wheatberries, or quinoa. I eat cheese, but in pretty small quantities. I’ve cut way back on alcohol (which I’m still struggling with).

      My breakfast is usually some form of oatmeal or cereal. I love cereal, but because it’s processed and doesn’t keep me full for more than an hour, I started cooking whole grains with cinnamon and vanilla, and use .75 of a cup of the grain as my cereal base and top it with fruit and almond milk. I find that this keeps me full for about 3 hours.

      For lunch I typically try to eat 1/2 cup of grain, plus 1.5-2 cups of veggies (I usually roast them), and about 2 oz of protein (typically chicken), with a little bit of some sort of sauce that sounds appealing (Chinese brown sauce, Peruvian green sauce, etc.). This typically keeps me full for about 3.5-4.5 hours. If I’m buying lunch that day, and assuming they don’t have whole grains, I typically try to get a salad and add beans to get that carb component. I struggle with work-provided lunches because they don’t typically fit into my eating plan.

      I usually try to keep a piece of fruit or two on hand for the early evening to tide me over to dinner. Depending on how hungry I am, I’ll sometimes add a tablespoon of peanut butter. Other snack suggestions include roasted veggies with hummus, or a tiny lentil or quinoa bowl with some sort of protein and avocado/hummus (they have something like this at Pret A Manger, if you have one near you).

      And for dinner I typically try to do protein and veggies. I do find that this gets a little boring, so I will give myself a little “cheat” to make the meal more fun. Like, adding feta to a salad, or adding a little bit of salad dressing as opposed to just oil and vinegar. Last night my DH and I made tacos — I put the taco meat on a salad with a tiny bit of ranch dressing, a ton of pico de gallo, and avocado. He had his in tortillas, with cheese. We occasionally do something like spaghetti and meatballs, except I just eat the meatballs with sauce and a side of veggies. Something like steak sandwiches – he’ll eat his on a roll with caramelized onions, and I’ll put my steak on a salad with onions and some parmesan.

      Please note – these are all things that I try to do (not always successfully), and may or may not work for everyone. I have found that I lose weight when I consistently eat this way, and when I deviate I tend to gain weight. It took me a long time to acclimate to this way of eating, I still sometimes want to eat the way I used to, and I still don’t execute this perfectly.

      • Anon in NYC :

        Just as a follow up. My eating pattern tends to be 3 meals, 1 snack. I’m just not a big snacker. But part of what was helpful to me in shifting my thinking about food has been thinking about the calories of each meal and how long it should satisfy me before I’m hungry again. I aim to keep each meal between 200-300 calories. Sometimes they’re more, but they’re rarely less than 200. Carbs should satisfy you for about 3 hours, protein (depending on quantity) for around 4 hours. If you’re not hungry after 3-4 hours, perhaps you ate too much at your last meal. If you overeat consistently then your stomach expects more volume, which will just make you hungrier/overeat at your next meal.

        I add bulk to my meals (specifically lunches and dinners) by adding veggies. I feel like I’m stating the obvious, but I was surprised at how much veggies filled me up. Sometimes I have to split the lunch I described into two parts because I cannot actually eat all that food in one sitting.

        Also, the more I eat like this, the more I realize how what I was doing previously was just not working for me. I used to count calories but would often buy breakfast from Starbucks, lunch from Hale and Hearty, and get takeout for dinner. Sure, I’d hit 1200 calories, but because my meals contained so many more calories than my current formulation, I’d overeat (because the meals were larger), and I didn’t have any calories left for a snack so I’d wind up going over the 1200.

        • Yes! I was just going to point out that I have come to realize, through my own detailed and long (he he) personal experience, that I can eat pretty much as much as I want to as long as it is all non-processed and home-cooked, filled with lots and lots of vegetables but also full-fat yogurt and cheese, etc.

          I really think my body is so very happy when I don’t eat any processed foods. My food really does taste better, too, and, well, I can eat pretty much whatever in the world I want and however much of it until I am satisfied. (A lot of trial and error to get to this point.)

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      One option if you find a bunch of tiny meals isn’t working for you is to follow an intermittent fasting diet – basically, you eat all your meals within an 8 hour stretch, and nothing but water outside of that. That helps you with not over snacking, etc, but it also helped me because no matter how many “mini meals” I ate, I *never* felt full and I was constantly hungry. This was easier because I could actually eat regular sized meals (making me feel full), but I ended up overall eating less, because I had a shorter window to do it in.

    • My eating changed significantly around that age. (I will add, though, that it was much easier for me for a variety of reasons: finishing PhD, getting engaged, recuperating from an injury that significantly limited activity…so I won’t pretend this is easy.)

      Overall, I mostly just drastically reduced carbs and increased my protein intake. I didn’t worry too much about fat (e.g. I snacked a lot on nuts and never counted how many), and I never had much of a sweet tooth. The most noticeable change was in what I ate for lunch, which tended to be a salad plus some kind of protein (usually cottage cheese which I really like). Being out of school, I naturally reduced my alcohol consumption a fair bit. For breakfast, I moved away from cereal to things like eggs and turkey sausage or one of those two proteins with whole wheat toast. That definitely kept me full for much longer than the cereal I used to eat. For dinner, the biggest change was eating a lot more variety in vegetables, and overall reducing the carb component of meals (pasta or pizza much less frequently). I used to eat white rice when I ate it, but I switched to brown. Otherwise, I didn’t count calories and I didn’t eat too prescriptive of a diet plan.

      I actually lost weight (I had gained a bit after my injury and while writing my dissertation), but I think it was mostly due to the stress of wedding planning. Since getting married (until recently since I’m now pregnant), I continued to eat similarly and my weight and body have settled to something I’m pretty comfortable with. I occasionally do 3-day detox diets (like once or twice a year) where I focus on high anti-oxidant foods for one day and then only whole foods for the next two…but again, I’m not too regimented about these things (I have a history of eating disorders, so I can’t be without sliding into pretty unhealthy habits). I work out 5-6 days a week with combination of strength training and cardio. I think exercise, and esp. strength training, is important to maintaining a healthy weight and muscle tone…though diet is definitely necessary for losing weight.

    • ilovefood :

      I have a simple eating plan and am pretty cheap so don’t eat out much. When I feel a bit hefty, I just switch to a veggie heavy ‘diet” and add in an extra work out day- normally do 2-3 as well. Otherwise, I eat full meals (was raised that way by immigrant Asian parents- grains/rice, Veggies, meat) and no snack (parents gave us kids free reign on soda and sugar so we never felt deprived and now as adults, we don’t.feel the need to gorge or look at it as temptations). Graduated college a decade ago, same weight. I just might be lucky but I find that ppl who gain weight as they age either move less or eat more or both or eat worse.

    • You’ve received a lot of good advice, but here is something else to keep in mind: our bodies just change over time – it is a fact of life. Yes, you can work out tons and try to eat 1200 calories per day (for me, that is totally unsustainable), etc. But at a certain point, ultimately you do need to accept that it may never be possible to have the figure you had at 23 ever again. I lost my 25-inch waist at the age of 28 and was in denial for years. But I’ve since figured out that I’d much rather be strong and healthy than have that 25-inch waist back (well, honestly, both would be nice, but that isn’t likely to happen ever). Just another perspective to consider.

  8. My favorite blazer (a bird’s eye tweed from BB) has a hole in one of the elbows where the fabric wore through. It’s a few years old, and I wear it all the time in the colder months, so it’s probably fair wear and tear. I’m thinking since it’s tweed though that some form of elbow patch may work? I love the fit of the blazer and don’t want to lose it from my wardrobe. But, I have no idea where to start. Should I call BB? A tailor? What type of elbow patch? Corduroy? Suede? Something else? How can I (relatively) fashionably salvage my blazer?

    • Call BB. My SO sat on a nail and they were able to re-weave his suit where the hole was.
      If that doesn’t work do the elbow patch. Elbow patches are awesome. I would do leather or suede.

    • Take it to a BB store. I’ve had them alter suits that were purchased several years before. I find their tailors to generally be very good and reasonably priced.

    • My husband tore a hole in his winter wool coat (read very expensive) last winter and brought it to a tailor and he brought it to a tailor and they were able to repair it so seamlessly you can’t tell it was there in the first place.

      I don’t know what this dark magic is but I want me some of it. :-)

  9. I have this blouse and love it (although I have it in black).

    • I like this a lot. It’s a subtler peplum, so I don’t think it’s quite as trendy, meaning it’ll probably last longer.

      • I should say, though, that it’s sheer – you have to wear a cami under it. I wear it with a black one and it looks really cute. And you’re right; it’s not overly peplum-y.

  10. Question for other lawyers: how do you handle poor work productbeing tuned in by your peers and those slightly below you in class standing? There is another associate in my group (same class year but generally getting much less autonomous assignments) who is continually not busy and that others are recommending that I delegate work to. The problem: what this person is turning in often completed late and directly contradicts or ignores instructions that were provided with the work. I’m not in a good position to reprimand the behavior and as a result end up looking bad to the partners, redoing the work (which was delegated precisely because I was too busy to do it in the first place) or throwing this person under the bus.

    How far do you let this go before raising it with the partners or more senior associates? It’s unclear to me whether this person is doing bad work because I’m not in a position of supervision (meaning I won’t write her reviews) or she does this with everyone.

    • Also, how do you phrase it when discussing the issue with more senior people?

      • Im not sure how senior you are, but by the time I was a 4th year, if I was faced with the situation you described (and it happens, a lot more than it should), I would talk to the more sr associates or partners from whom you are getting work. Just tell them what you told us — i dont feel comfortable delegating work to this person becuase it comes in late and is of poor quality. one word of warning though, you may wind up having to do the work yourself if there isnt anyone else to whom you can delegate.

        • Yeah, I’m a fifth year and been encountering this problem for around a year. I think there’s a good chance this person is going to be pushed out, but not for another year or two.

          I did call this person today and explained that I wasn’t thrilled they explicity ignored my instructions (without warning me) and then turned it in late, putting me in an awkward position with the client. Much of my work comes directly from clients with very little partner supervision, so there’s no one who would be automatically copied on emails.

    • I’m sorry that you’re experiencing that. I’m sure your mom already told you, but pick your battles. The reason I suggest you tread lightly is bc you, unfortunately, run the risk of a partner being very annoyed that you brought this up or thinking you are a tattle-tale.

      Is the work so awful that it harms your’s, or your colleagues’ ability to get work done? Is there a way to gently say, “Oh, I asked Sally to do X, but she did Y. I’m not sure where our wires got crossed.” Can you CC senior people on emails where you ask Sally to do stuff? Can you gently bring it up to a 3rd or 4th year associate?

    • I thought “throwing someone under the bus” meant unfairly selecting one person to bear the consequences for an entire group who all the same thing wrong together. That’s not the case here–she’d be getting the consequences for her own actions.

      What do others with more experience in this think of responding to suggestions to delegate work to this person with an immediate “oh…that hasn’t gone so well” or some little comment about her general work product?

    • darjeeling :

      When the person sends the work product back to you ask that they CC the more senior person as well; that way they’ll know if it came in late and maybe it will also get your colleague to put more thought into it instead of waiting for you to clean up the work.

      If you do make changes you can include a blackline against the original submitted portion to the partner or whomever as an FYI when you send the final work over.

      My guess, however, is that the senior people already know that this person’s work product is weak or else s/he would be getting more assignments directly.

    • The way I’ve phrased it to the partners in my firm is along the lines of “Oh, person X and I just have really different styles and processes for writing briefs, and it’s really not efficient for us to work together on them.” In my case, that’s the gods-honest truth — the person to whom the partners keep trying to get me to delegate work is a very fine courtroom lawyer, but not a strong writer at ALL, so working together takes about three times as long as doing it myself would. I haven’t gotten them to stop suggesting that person X and I work together, but my refusals are generally accepted without further comment.

      • Don’t do this. That makes it seem like you have problems getting along with/working with people. It’s not throwing her under the bus to let the partners see the poor quality work she’s turning in. To me, “throwing someone under the bus” implies blaming them for something that they couldn’t/shouldn’t have been able to do. That’s not the case here at all. I would absolutely not just vaguely say “Oh we don’t work well together.” They need to know that the problem is with her, not with you. If you’re going to say that you don’t want to work with her you need to give a reason.

        If they ask you to continue delegating work to her, here’s what I’d do. When giving her assignments, copy a partner and give her a specific date to give you something. If she doesn’t give you something by that date, you can reply all asking her where it is and if she doesn’t get something to you, you can ask the partner/more senior associate how they want to proceed. When something comes in that’s poor quality, mark up her draft and turn it into the partner so they can see how much was changed, or let them know how much time you spent redoing her stuff. Don’t be afraid of acting like her superior and not her colleague. If the partners are giving you work and asking you to delegate it to her, they see you as her superior already.

    • I’m a junior partner, so I find myself on both ends of this question. With respect to reporting problems up, the senior partners need to know if someone isn’t performing. You are doing no favors to the other associate, to the team, to the client, or to yourself by covering for them. Ultimately, the client will pay more, or the client and team may get less quality from you because you are already stretched thin. It’s a place of business, not a friendship circle (not trying to be harsh–that’s what my husband told me when I was faced with this issue recently, and it resonated).

      If someone I were supervising came to me with this issue, I would listen and make sure I was observing more closely what each person was doing (i.e., you would be cc:ing me on everything). I’d be grateful to you for bringing the issue to my attention so I could insure that all work was being completed in an appropriate manner, clients are being billed appropriately, etc.

      • I agree with this. Do *not* cover for this person. Disassociate yourself as much as possible. Supervisors want to hear about it.

        Then they get to decide whether it’s something that can be fixed, and how (i.e., training), and do it, or whether the person just won’t advance.

  11. So…if you were asked to do an informational interview and agreed, how long would you wait on the conference bridge?

    I wasn’t sure where I’d be calling in from, so told the interview-ee to call my conference line. He’s now over 5 minutes late, no text or email saying “running late” or “can’t figure out your bridge” or anything…and it’s not an undergrad; it’s someone with 5 years professional experience, so I can’t really give them the “never used a conference bridge before” out…

    • Famouscait :

      15 minutes is my limit. Anything more than that and it should be rescheduled.

    • I would hang up at this point. I wouldn’t wait 15 minutes on a conference line for someone for whom I’m doing a favor.

    • What ended up happening with this?

    • I don’t have any idea what a conference bridge is, and I have been out of undergrad for quite some time.

      I’d wait 5-10 minutes, then email/text him yourself, and after 15, don’t wait any more. And don’t reschedule unless he had a fantastic excuse like a family member in the hospital.

  12. Vacay clothes help :

    Hi ladies, thanks so much for the tips on Berlin. I really appreciate it!

    I realized that I don’t have much in the way of casual clothing, plus I can’t fit into some things post-baby.
    I’m probably a size 6 or 8 right now, and unfortunately I have pretty much no time to shop up till the time we leave for vacation so would like to do some online shopping.

    Can anyone send me specific links to cute skirts, maxi dresses, casual tops, etc. that you love and that are appropriate for vacation?


    • Try old navy. I got some cute dresses there recently. The one I got and really like (stretch jersey tank dress in black and white stripe) only has larger sizes left now, but they have other cute options. E.g.,

    • When do you leave & how long will you be there? Sommerschlussverkauf sales are late July/early Aug.

      I wore lots of black when I lived in Berlin, and cotton sweaters throughout the summer. It’s pretty normal there to wear things several times before washing, so just a few bottoms might get you through.

      Did you see the earlier thread about traveling to Rome?

    • test

    • Orangerie :

      I’ve got my eye on this maxi dress in black:

      Could be dressed up for a nicer dinner or dressed down for sightseeing. It’s 30% through tomorrow, which is a pretty good deal.

      • Orangerie :

        Oops, apparently my reading comprehension is low today. 30% off is only for sale items… but I’m sure they will have a full price promo soon.

  13. Maternity leave to dos :

    I have 2 months of maternity leave left (boo). For those moms out there, what are some things you wished that you had done (either with or without your baby) while on leave? I feel like the time is flying and I want to take advantage of every day. Thanks!

    • Set up a workout routine that will transition to back-to-work
      Kindermusic and swim lessons with the kiddo
      Store up extra breastmilk
      Lots and lots of snuggletime (of course)

    • Maternity leave to dos :

      I should add that I live in Boston, so any Boston specific recs would be great. Am on leave until August.

    • I know it doesn’t feel like it, but two months is a lot of time and such a beautiful time of year in Boston. My recommendations: Take your kiddo down to the Commons and spend an afternoon in the shade lounging and people watching, and get ice cream! Get some great photos of you and the baby that you can take with you back to work. I second the setting-up of a workout routine, even if at this point, it is going for a 30 min. walk three times a week. If you are near Charlestown, there is a great, kid-friendly swimming pool down one of the piers that will open in the next month or so. And don’t forget that a lot of “taking advantage” of your time can be snuggling and naps. About a month out, I would take a day and get your hair cut, check out your wardrobe, and do general getting ready to return to work stuff.

    • Haircut, dentist apptmt, eye apptmt, some new clothes to fit your new shape, figure out your childcare situation and back-up childcare, figure out how/whether you are going to pump (if you decide to do this, I highly recommend buying extra flanges so you don’t need to wash any at work – just pop new ones in and wash them all at home).

      also, and i’ll say it, but maybe look around for a new job if you’re not excited to go back to this one or you’re not happy with your commute, hours, boss, etc.

      find a mom buddy who also works (or will be back at work) with whom you can commiserate while at work. i met two amazing women i would otherwise not know except that we happened to have kids at the same time and are working for the same company. we also shared pumping stories. good luck!

    • Find friends and babysitters and line up your support network. Seriously, even if you have childcare arrangements, the best thing you can do for yourself is line up a list of three people who you could call if you need a last-minute babysitter or something.

    • Definitely agree with Hollis about getting your personal appointments out of the way before you return. It will help you avoid needing to take time off during your first month back. I wish I had read more during my leave, but I really didn’t have the mental energy for it. Also, if you have a moms at the movies cinema near you, try it out. Baby yoga was fun for my kiddo and for me.

  14. Does anybody have recommendations for lunch spots and/or local coffee shops in Louisville? We will be staying near the airport but will have a rental car, so driving is okay although closer is always better. Also, any must-see attractions? We’ll just have basically a few hours, so only enough time to do one thing. Thanks, all!

    • Louisville Slugger factory was a lot of fun, even for a non-baseball fan. If time permits, go on a disillery tour. I’ve only been on the Makers’ Mark tour, but it was great.

    • Louisville Slugger factory is fun, and Churchill Downs is great if it will be open then. Granville Inn is not far from Churchill Downs – they have the best burgers ever!

      For a lunch/sightseeing combo, check out Ramsi’s Cafe on the World and walk around Bardstown Road and the Highlands for the afternoon. There are lots of great little shops in that area.

      There is not much to do right around the airport, unfortunately.

    • We ate at Mark’s Feed Store (Highlands area/Bardstown Rd). It is BBQ and is good, but it that’s not your thing, that whole area had a lot of cool looking restaurants.

    • Proof on Main (in the 21c Hotel) is excellent and, I believe, right by the Louisville Slugger Museum. The 21c also has an art gallery in it which is fun to browse pre- or post-meal.

      Hammerhead’s is terrific but kind of a meat-fest. They have several types of game burgers and lamb ribs, if that interests you at all.

      I second the Bardstown Road rec.

      Safier was a good Mediterranean restaurant and is close to the historic Brown Hotel.

    • Preg Anon: Check out the Blind Pig. Ate there last year for lunch, super yums. Second Proof on Main. So delicious.

  15. Good Wife? :

    I know there were links floating around here recently with pictures of all of Kerry Washington’s outfits from Scandal. Does anyone have anything similar for the Good Wife? I love that most of their outfits are actually work appropriate and I’m looking for some inspiration as I start building my work wardrobe!

  16. Suit Jacket ThreadJack! :

    Hi! I’m not tall (5’4″), but I have long legs and arms, so its always hard to find suits that fit. For pants, I can buy long sizes, but any ideas about what to do for jackets? Suit jackets are always an inch or two too short, and I don’t know what to do about that. Thanks!

    • Jcrew’s tall sizes don’t proportionally size things, they only extend the arm length. If you’re just long, they would probably be good to try.

      Gap, Banana, Ann Taylor, JCPenney, and some other stores sell tall blazers.

  17. Kat, the site keeps crashing for me either when I post a comment or when I go back and try to click on today’s post. It says something like 504 TIMEOUT ERROR and cloudflare-nginx.

    • Yep I got this error earlier today too

      • Sigh. I’m making a bunch of tech calls on Monday to start the process to switch some stuff around. These errors have been around way too long and my current “managed” team on my server isn’t helping me at all. Thanks to everyone for your patience.

        • FWIW, these new “errors” are different from earlier ones. I just started seeing them this week. Thanks for all your hard work!

  18. Update on the online personal training! I’ve been shopping, and now I’m corresponding with Franklin, the main sales point of contact at iBodyFit. He seems really knowledgable, and they have plans where you can directly email a trainer for workout plans and check-ins. I may try that for a few months, because really I just need help with a weights routine and accountability.

    Starting next Monday, my plan will be:
    60 minutes of spin M/W/F
    20 minutes of cardio + 40 minutes weights (chest/arms/back/abs one day and quads/hamstrings/calves/abs the other day)
    Off on the weekends.

    Right now I’m at 35% body fat, and my goal is 25%. Maybe I should just update on here for accountability!!

    • I’ll be interested to hear how it goes. I’ve always needed someone standing over me to keep myself working hard.

    • Ugh, by all means post about your progress, but please do not tell us your body fat %. In fact, keep it to yourself in real life too unless you’re talking to your trainer or your doctor.

    • Anonymous :

      Nope you shouldn’t. By all means share how it’s going, but specific weight and body fat % is a) braggy, and b) a trigger for those who may be susceptible to disordered eating patterns.

    • SoCalAtty :

      Oh. I had no idea. It’s very specific to the person…for example, you can be really skinny and have a high % number, or be really fit and not tiny and have a very low % number. I don’t think I would post a specific weight, but I thought speaking in percentages would be ok.

      I agree it’s braggy, but we do lots of that on here (promotions, new jobs, goals reached, having kids, etc.) so that didn’t bother me all that much. That was the point, because my current personal trainer is getting me great results (7% down in 7 weeks) but I didn’t want to continue the insane expense (continued from an earlier thread). That’s how the whole update came about.

      But whatever, I agree no one on here cares about my %. Will post reviews on iBodyFit as I use it!

      • saacnmama :

        Wow, I had totally the opposite reaction to the bodyfat % idea! To me, that’s the best measure of if you’re in shape or not–neither too high nor too low is healthy. I really don’t see how you can post about “how it’s going” without saying anything about results.

      • Join myfitnesspal and friend me (my name on here plus the dreaded *tte). I’m happy to hear about your fitness progress and spur you on to greatness! There is also a [this site] group on myfitnesspal but it isn’t really active.

      • momentsofabsurdity :

        I didn’t think the body fat thing was at all braggy -it was just information. Training suggestions might change based on where you were starting from or where you wanted to go – for example, if you said, “I’m at 10% BF and wanted to get down to 6%” the suggestions for how do to that would be *radically* different than “I’m at 35% and want to get down to 25%.”

        I think this site (with its many conversations about dieting, weight and fitness) might be triggering in general to someone with eating disorders, but I don’t think your comment was egregious.

        Congrats on the weight loss and BF loss!

        • ilovefood :

          Ditto. There’s been tons of discussion here on food and fitness which would be triggers for anyone with food issues. She’s talking about how she’s getting fit in a heathy way, through a trainer. I think it’s bad at all!

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