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  1. Great glance back!

  2. I just went through the Crockpot post and saved a bunch of the recipes. Yummy! I can’t wait!

    • Crock pot question: is it worth it to get one if you don’t eat it very much meat (as in virtually none) and don’t like beans? I love the idea but not sure I will love my food options.

      • If you like soup, I think it is definitely worth it. I did a semi-cleanse last year where I ate a bunch of vegetarian soups, and they were delicious. I had asparagus, butternut squash, carrot, all sorts of things. They are obviously super healthy too. You can also do heartier soups with lentils, if you like those. Marinara is really good made in the crock pot, and I’m sure there are other saucy ideas.

        I’m not really sure what else you could do that was vegetarian, though. Maybe others have ideas?

      • Honestly, I was given a crock pot, cook almost entirely vegetarian, and have only used it twice. Once was to make turkey chili for a party my roommate was hosting. I make soup in a big pot on the stove top. YMMV.

      • I don’t eat much meat and don’t like beans, and I believe I’ve used my crockpot twice in 10 years (it was a gift, and one of those uses was for a party where I made a meat and bean stew…). I also live alone, so there’s no need for large portions of things.

  3. karenpadi :

    Looking back at the last link 3 years ago (about the layoffs), I was one of many, many, many people laid off by law firms that day. It was honestly both the best thing and the worst thing that ever happened to me. It was the worst because it really drained my self-esteem to almost nothing for almost two years. It was the best because I was able to leave a bad situation more quickly than planned (even if it wasn’t on my own terms) and pay off my student loan debt using my severance.

    At the time, I remember laughing hysterically in my office with my secretary and my closest colleague about getting a severance package when I was planning to quit within 2 days (conducted salary negotiations not 4 hours earlier in the parking lot). I was most shocked when another colleague confessed that he almost wished he’d been laid-off too because it would force him to leave the hostile environment of that firm.

    • I was laid off that day, too! As a first year associate, only six months out of law school. It was devastating. My silver lining was that because I was unemployed and hanging around the house all day, I was able to crash a friend’s business school lunch one random Thursday, where I met my future husband. So, I guess I can thank my old firm for that. =)

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