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  1. A little gross, but: Can anyone recommend a good spot treatment for minor body breakouts? I have otherwise clear skin, but since I’ve started running longer distances, I’ve been getting stray pimples on my chest & back along my sports bra line. TIA!

    • Gooseberry :

      Not gross at all! Try Neutrogena “Body Clear, Body Scrub.” It’s a body wash, not a spot treatment, but it works well!

    • Neutrogena also has a body spray with salicylic acid. It is fantastic!

    • Thank you!!

      • You may also want to try oxy pads or their equivalent, and/or a prescription body wash (I use brevoxyl [something]% in the shower on chest and back).

        • Maddie Ross :

          I used brevoxyl and was really happy with it, but my insurance plan switched and prescriptions became ungodly expensive. I now use the Clean & Clear with benzoyl peroxide (purple tube, cannot remember specific name). The % of BP was similar to that in brevoxyl, but it’s only $5 at walgreens.

  2. Gooseberry :

    here’s a link:

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