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  1. Kat – this reminded me: I was thinking that a regular feature specifically for tops to wear under suits would be great, similar to “Suit of the Week.” For me at least, this is the hardest thing to shop for!

  2. hoping someone will read this in time – i have an interview in a half an hour, and i’m having a hairmergency – is it unprofessional to wear your hair “down” for an interview? I have shoulder length, stick straight hair, and it looks nice enough down, but I’ve usually done a bun or something more “grown up” (im a very young looking 25)…but today, my hair and this bun situation wont cooperate – can i just leave it down?

    • HereThere :

      Leave it down, but be careful not to play with it. I’ve always heard that not playing with it is the reason people say to tie it back for interviews and important meetings.

      Some hair when down does look unprofessional. Based on your description, unless you have a lot of frizzies (which straight hair doesn’t typically), I think you are fine.

      Try tying just the top half back in a hair elastic and then letting it fall naturally (if you are worried about playing with it or it being in your face).

      • HereThere :

        Forgot to say – GOOD LUCK and don’t worry about your hair. It isn’t the important part here!

    • Gooseberry :

      Leaving it down is FINE! Go in there and get that job! GOOD LUCK!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I think it’s fine to leave it down if it looks nice and you don’t play with it. Also, you could try a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. That can look professional on some people.

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