Summer Foot Care: 10 Products to Help with Blisters, Sweat, and More

summer foot careWhile we may be happy to welcome the warmer weather, our feet might not be. To help you tackle cracked, rough heels that remain after winter; painful blisters from shoes you haven’t worn in months; sore feet from high heels; and sweaty feet, we’ve rounded up several foot care products that can help with summer foot care.

FootGloss All-Natural Foot PrepThis balm stick made from all-natural ingredients (and also made in the U.S.) is designed to prevent blisters. Just apply it to your foot where your shoes rub them, and it’ll reduce the friction that leads to blisters forming under those tight spots. FootGloss is free of fragrances, petroleum, and parabens; instead it does the job with castor seed oil, olive fruit oil, beeswax, and more. It’s available for $21.95 (for two tubes) at The Grommet and for $12 (for one o.5-oz. stick) directly from Psst: If you’re plagued with blisters from stiff, unforgiving shoes, check out our Guide to Comfortable Heels.

Band-Aid Friction Block StickHere’s another foot care product that prevents parts of your shoes from chafing and irritating your feet and creating blisters. (This one has a slightly lower price.) The main ingredient is an oil, like FootGloss — hydrogenated vegetable oil in this case — but unlike FootGloss, it’s not fragrance-free. Still, reviewers seem to like how it smells. The stick is still listed on Band-Aid’s site but is now sold out at most online sources, so you may want to buy right away — I have a feeling it’s discontinued. You can buy what looks like an older version of the product at Amazon (free shipping; not Amazon Prime) for $9.99 (.34 oz. stick), Walmart has a couple 2-packs left for $16.20, and some Target and CVS locations still have it in stock. Foot Glide and its predecessor Body Glide are similar products that are also available at Amazon.

O’Keeffe’s for Healthy FeetThis foot care product has an amazing 4,115 customer reviews (!) on Amazon and an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, and for good reason. It will help get your feet ready for summer shoes by making a huge difference on dry, cracked heels. (Worked for me! That is, when I actually bother to use it.) The product website recommends putting the cream on your exfoliated feet after a bath/shower or before you go to bed. It’s available in a lidded container for $8.84 (3.2 oz.) or a lotion bottle for $7.70 (3 oz.) — and O’Keeffe’s offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.

Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions: We’ve all tried to protect blisters by covering them with band-aids — but after being rubbed by your shoes for a while, the band-aids inevitably come off, and the next thing you know you’ve got blood in your shoes. Lovely. These bandages actually stay on, however — even when you’re walking around — so you won’t have to fear grossing out your coworkers. They’re certainly not cheap, but they’re worth it when you need them; I haven’t found anything else that stays on like these things do. They’re available at Amazon — where their rating is 4.5 out of 5 — for $7.05 for a six-pack.

Odor-Control Shoe Liners: We’ve previously recommended Silver Linings Shoe Liners to keep your shoes smelling fresh and clean, but, alas, they seem to no longer be available. A couple of promising substitutes are Foot Petals Sock-Free Saviors (4 stars at Zappos) and Summer Soles (4.2 stars at Amazon). Corporette readers have also recommended Gold Bond Foot Powder, Sperry Sandal and Shoe Refresher, and (if you need serious help) the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer, as well as applying antiperspirant or hand sanitizer gel to your feet to reduce odor.

Still Standing SprayHere’s how this product’s website describes its origin: “After two years obsessed with research on the health of the foot, history and design of shoes, working with the most advanced chemists and overseeing in-depth testing, Lyn [Butler] finally introduced her now famed brainchild.” Still Standing’s directions instruct you to spray the product all over your foot and let it dry for one minute before putting on heels. We haven’t tried it yet, but the website claims it will prevent swelling, pain, and redness for several hours (without numbing your feet) with ingredients like arnica, aloe, menthol, tea tree oil, and Vitamin E. The site’s testimonials sound promising, but I found both positive and negative reviews online. Still, the company offers a refund within 30 days if you’re not satisfied, so it’s worth a try!

What are your favorite foot care products for spring and summer? Any tips for breaking in new shoes, or preventing or caring for blisters? What are your favorite summer shoes for work?

the best products for summer foot care


  1. Maddie Ross :

    Anyone else think it’s odd that the title is 10 products, but there are only 6 listed? Am I missing something?

    • Haha, I hadn’t noticed. At first I thought maybe they were including the similar products listed in each item, but those make more than 10.

    • Anonymous :

      There are 10 in the image, maybe that’s what they’re going off of.

    • The “odor control” paragraph has a bunch of products listed, so the post does name-check 10 products.

  2. I just accepted a job offer for an permanent in house position after being laid off from a long term contracting gig last fall!! Thanks to all of the Corporettes who kindly listened to me whine about this situation over the past couple of months!! I am starting this Jon only at the end of the month, so I will get to enjoy summer in DC untill then. Any suggestion for short day trips ect to do with my time??

    • I suggest day trips to Annapolis and Alexandria. A longer trip to Charlottesville. Go to museums you love but never have time for (Air and Space by Dulles, Shakespeare Museum).

    • Yay Kat! I was stuck in Court all day b/c the judge had some kind of digestive issue and had to run out multipel times. The manageing partner think’s he had the run’s from something he ate. FOOEY!

      As for the OP, I agree with Heddie, tho Charlotsville is along way OFF. FOOEY b/c she want’s SHORT trip’s. Therefore I suggest goieng to Arlington National Cemetary and visiting JFK’s Grave and the Tomb of the Unknown Solder. Also, you can take a trip to Tyson’s Corner where there is great shoppeing, or to Pentagon City mall where there is great shoppeing! If you want, you can go to Georgetown and see where I went to school at GW. Plus, you are near the White House, which is where President O’Bama live’s. YAY!!!! I wish I were there now. YAY!!!

    • Kathleen S. Teer :

      I’m not sure how old you are, but some things that I enjoyed are: Longwood gardens, the beach at ocean city, The dupont house, Charlotsville is a long drive, but worth the trip.

  3. Liquid Bandage

    • Meg Murry :

      Yup, this is my go-to. Whenever I break in a new pair of shoes, or switch over to bare feet from socks, I put on the shoes, walk around a little to see where is rubbing, and then those spots get coated with liquid bandage.

      I’ve taken to carrying liquid bandage in my purse to weddings and other occasions where I wear “special occasion” shoes, and it pretty much always gets used by me, and I often wind up loaning it to bridesmaids as well.

      The only thing about it is that it smells awful and stings like crazy if the skin is actually broken – but it hurts less than the blisters the next day. Band-aid used to make a single use liquid bandage (individually wrapped tubes) that didn’t stink and stung way less, but I haven’t been able to find it in years, so I think its discontinued. Anyone else have a source for non-stinky liquid bandage?

    • Does stuff like liquid bandage or stick products like FootGloss stain your shoes? Wouldn’t all the stuff rub off inside your shoe? Or is that fine – a kind of a way to break in the shoe? Sincerely curious!

  4. Thanks to whoever recommended Baby Feet peels. I’ve always been really embarrassed of my feet, to the point I wouldn’t get a pedicure because it was so bad. I did BabyFeet, and my feet look downright normal now!

    Gross, but worth it!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I got mine but haven’t done it yet. Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to do it tonight.

      • Anonymous :

        I looked in to doing them, but then realized it means 2 weeks of not showing my feet when they’re otherwise not THAT bad – maybe this winter for me. Just be forewarned.

        • So to be sure what you’re saying – the Baby Feet peels make your feet look too gross and peel-y to wear sandals for 2 weeks? Was interested in trying but now I’m not.

        • Mine wasn’t nearly so bad! I soaked my feet in hot water every night and pumiced, so I didn’t have the sheets coming off and didn’t have the gross flaking for weeks-phase that so many people post!

  5. My biggest summer foot issues are blisters and shoe bites. When I’m proactive, good ol’ moleskin prevents both. When I’m not, I swear by Nexcare waterproof bandages to cover, protect, and stay on.

  6. Marhsmallow :

    Not foot-related, but summer skincare-related: what is your favorite moisturizer with SPF? I’ve been using CeraVe but find that I’m feeling kind of dry by the end of the day. I’ve tried layering a facial oil under it but it would be nice to find an SPF cream that’s moisturizing enough so I can ditch the extra step.

    • Shopaholic :

      I bought the Aveeno one. I’ve only used it once or twice but so far, I like it.

      I’ve also used the Origins one with white tea and SPF and it’s really nice.

    • Anonymous :

      I love elta md! I don’t leave the house without it.

  7. Vaseline works just as well as blister block – its a little messier since its not in a stick, but cheaper and you may already have some at home.

  8. Silver Linings are still available via their website – I just stocked up! It does appear that the business is winding down, sadly. I like them much more than Foot Petals, which I found way too thick to fit in any of my flats, which defeats the purpose.

    • Anonymous :

      what is the website? All i get when i search is links to the movie.

      • click SHOP above the video on the homepage — or go to this page directly:

  9. anon-oh-no :

    I used to get blisters on my feel all. the. time. almost every shoe I owned would cause them. Then I started buying quality shoes in the right size and its been a total game changer. it took a little trial and error to find the brands that fit my foot the best (manolo, stuart Weitzman, prada, ferragamo) and the brands that don’t (jimmy choo, Louboutin, Gucci), but once I figured it out, I’ve never had another blister. literally never.

    • Marhsmallow :

      For me it was when I started work and actually bought… shocker… real leather shoes. After that it’s just about fit, which you can get right at a lot of different price points. I realized a few years ago that most shoes that fit you correctly just won’t give you blisters in the first place, so don’t settle.

    • Anonymous :

      Yep, I refuse to compromise on shoes these days. If they hurt, they don’t fit properly.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I just got back from Seoul, Korea and was totally enchanted with the street style I saw there, which featured almost exclusively comfortable, low-heeled shoes including fashionable sneakers and loafers and all kinds of fantastic sandals. And oh my gosh! They all looked so happy and moved around so easily!

      I am seriously considering completely changing my shoe game…

      • Senior Attorney! We missed you around here. How was S. Korea? I’ve been dreaming of traveling there someday…

        • Senior Attorney :

          It was amazing. I loved it! Seoul is possibly the best city I’ve ever been in. It certainly beats the tar out of Los Angeles in pretty much every way I can think of. No crime, great food, great shopping, all kinds of amazing culture, beautiful scenery, lovely people… It was expensive but what big city isn’t? Oh, but CHEAP taxis and no tipping ever.

          Although Lovely Fiance and I agreed that it’s probably all a whole lot easier when the population is completely homogeneous. No diversity problems, but also none of the upsides of a diverse culture. So I guess that’s one category where LA wins hands down.

      • Welcome back, Senior Attorney!
        LOVE the idea of flats, sandals and stylish sneakers instead of heels; wonder if there could be a guest post or series of posts on ways to do this in a professional context….

  10. My favorite trick for blister prevention is antiperspirant. I can’t find the article now, but many years ago I read an article that the US military had done some research on blisters and found that antiperspirant on the feet was the best prevention. I’ve used both spray and stick. Downside of spray is waiting for it to dry. Downside of stick is that it can make your feet a little slippery.

    If I have a spot that is rubbing and likely to become a blister (for me it is due to sweat and/or too loose shoes, not too tight), I use some clear tape from Nexcare / 3M. Sticks better than a regular band-aid and doesn’t change how my shoes fit. And clear, so it isn’t too noticeable.

    I haven’t tried it for this purpose, but anti-chafing gel might help, too. The Monistat one is a good makeup primer, too.