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  1. how do you remove unwanted hair? :

    off topic but what do you think of this:

    other experiences with products that work better?

    • unwanted weight removal :

      I wanted to see what the hair removal product was and got distracted when I saw the other Groupon for Doctor’s Weight Loss Center and wanted to give a plug for Dr. Heron. I lost a little over 30lbs on his program and have kept it off for for just under two years. I would recommend him to anyone, even without the Groupon!

  2. heatherskib :

    Kinda funny that you listed the name issue. I have a similar problem at work where I am continuously called by another employees name ( an intern 10 years younger than me with no physical or any other resemblance) by my manager. She calls me Allie and her Heather- this has also rubbed off for other people in the office. So now other people in the office e-mail me with tasks for Allie.
    Consistently addressing the problem when it occurs isn’t breaking the patttern. Does anyone have any other advice?

    • is the office lighthearted enough that you could send sort of a funny email? Maybe send an email titled “just to clear things up” and take a photo of you with a name tag “Heather” and her with a name tag “Allie” and then another photo of you with the name tag “Still Heather” and her with “Still Allie” and sign it with something like, “If you have any questions, ask Heather [insert Heather’s photo] or Allie [insert Allie’s photo]”

      It might be silly enough to get people’s attention but to the point enough to stick in their minds

      • if not, you can always just respond to emails for the other by saying, “I think you meant to send this to Allie. -Heather” and not respond to being called the wrong names

        • heatherskib :

          I’ve tried that one too. The result is my boss consistently calling “Allie” louder until she taps me on the shoulder and says “Allie- Did you do this?” At which point I give her a vacant stare until she realizes and apologizes. But it’s back to Allie the next time. Or I respond to every time she mixes our names with the correct name- but the next time she refers to one of us she uses the wrong name again. Same thing with e-mails.
          It’s frustrating because we weren’t hired at the same time and have nothing in common.

  3. hip hop anonymous :

    I tried posting twice in this morning’s thread, but both are still stuck in moderation.

    Are there any Philly corporettes that are into rock climbing? I recently started, and would love to have a female partner to climb with about once per week. I go to the govertical gym.

    • Awesome! I climb three times a week at Go Vertical!! What days do you go? My regular climbing buddy and I are always open to having another person join us.

  4. hip hop anonymous :

    I missed this — I don’t have regular days yet, but would be willing to jump in anytime! Let me know what days you go :) Two partners are better than one!

    • Hey! Do you have a corporette-specific or otherwise anonymous email I can email to? I don’t have one set up since I don’t comment that often. :) I’m climbing tonight but we usually climb Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

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