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  1. Early threadjack
    Hello ladies;

    This year again, I am going to the annual celebration of independence day at US consulate.
    This year surprisingly, I already know what I will wear to the barbecue.
    I got a cream dress with muted pastel streaks (think discreet animal print) and a delicate white crochet cardigan both from LOFT.
    Dress is more understated and more formal than this :
    I will wear a small wristlet from COACH which looks like this:

    Now to the question:
    I had promised a colleague that I would take him with me this year to the Independence day barbecue.
    I noticed most of the people who come bring their spouse. I am not in a relationship with this person but he would really love to go.
    How do I go about RSVP to the organizers saying I am bringing someone who is not my husband .. do I just not mention his role?

    Dear Mrs. Jones
    Thank you for the invitation.
    It is my pleasure to confirm attendance on XX july 2012.
    I will be accompanied by Mr. “Houda’s Colleague”.

    Best regards
    Houda XX

    • HereThere :

      I think that sounds like a boyfriend/SO. I would say “I will be accompanied by my colleague, Mr. X.”

  2. Corporette, You should bring back the 360 Reviews. Olivia Pope would make a great subject.

    • I was just about to say the same thing… the 360 review of Veronica Palmer was how i found to this blog in the first place :)

    • I’m having a tough time choosing between Olivia Pope and Annie Walker from “Covert Affairs”! Both of those characters are AMAZING, and totally warrant the Ellen-style caps.

  3. engaged but employed :

    The “you might like” box linked me back to Kat’s article on diamond rings at work.

    My fiance is in biglaw and I’m in media. Needless to say, there’s quite a salary differential. He bought me a dream of an engagement ring, which I do wear to work.

    I’m wondering if it squandered my chances for a raise: my formal reviews have been glowing, but when I recently asked for a raise, I was basically told “don’t hold your breath.” Does my boss think I don’t need the money?

    I’m looking for a new position anyway, and won’t be wearing the ring to any interviews, but it makes me wary of how I present myself. Aside from the ring, I do carry quality but not over-the-top handbags (think Brahmin), and wear quality, polished workwear (Ann Taylor, things from Nordstrom’s sale, etc). Should I dress “poorer”?

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